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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A UKIP Round Up: Jane Collins in Barnsley, John Bufton & Sue Ransome

Barnsley By-election

• Dan Jarvis (Lab) 14,724 60.8%
Jane Collins (UKIP) 2,953 12.2%
• James Hockney (C) 1,999 8.3%
• Enis Dalton (BNP) 1,463 6.0%
• Tony Devoy (Ind) 1,266 5.2%
• Dominic Carman (LD) 1,012 4.2%
• Kevin Riddiough (Eng Dem) 544 2.2%
• Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 198 0.8%
• Michael Val Davies (Ind) 60 0.2%

Lab maj 11,771: Turnout 36.5%

So Labour win with a comfortable majority. And this is after years of Labour incompetence and misrule in government. A party that handed over more powers to the EU, presided over the economic meltdown of the UK and pursued an open door immigration policy!

Much has been made of UKIP’s showing in this election. They came second with 2,953 votes. However, UKIP benefited from a low voter turnout. And being over 11, 700 votes behind the winning candidate can be hardly considered a triumph!

However, Ms Collins was a strong candidate on the doorstep and was extremely popular with UKIPPERS in the area. We can only hope that she has the courage to stand up to Farage and his sycophants. Does she really want to represent a party that is led by crooks and liars? Does she really want to represent a party that happily sits with fascists and homophobes in UKIP’s EFD group? We shall see.

The Welsh Referendum

On Thursday, a referendum was held in Wales. The electorate was asked if they wanted more powers to be given to the Welsh Assembly.

The final result saw 517,132 vote Yes, and 297,380 say No - a 63.5% to 36.5% winning margin.

The vote will give the assembly direct law-making power in 20 devolved areas, such as health and education.

UKIP Wales were conspicuous in their absence. There was no mention of the referendum on the official UKIP Wales website nor was there a statement from John Bufton, UKIP MEP for Wales. Indeed, UKIP Wales has not even bothered to publish the final result on their website! See: LINK

John Bufton: UKIP MEP and a Waste of Space. Is he really worth an £80, 000 salary?

The usual Farage sycophants desperately tried to defend Bufton by claiming that UKIP’s opposition to a yes vote had been mentioned on Twitter!

Sadly, they failed to explain why Bufton or the UKIP Wales website had totally ignored the referendum campaign.

The people of Wales have voted for stronger devolved powers for their assembly. This sounds the death knell for UKIP's current devolution policy. So what now? But don’t expect John Bufton or the UKIP Wales website to give you an answer.

More from UKIP East Midlands

It just gets worse in UKIP East Midlands!

Things have now got so bad that Sue Ransome – wife of Don Ransome – has been appointed Treasurer for the region. Sue’s qualifications for the job are most impressive! Working as a checkout girl in Tesco appears to have been the clincher!

Sue has a reputation of shouting and abusing members at meetings, especially when they ask questions of a financial nature. One member has described her to a member of Junius as nothing but a common fishwife.

Sue Ransome, wife of Don Ransome and ex-Tesco checkout 'girl'

She has even threatened members with legal action when they dare to question the whereabouts of UKIP money!

Will Sue order a full audit of UKIP finances in the East Midlands? For instance, what happened to the first year subscriptions from new members? Just where did that money go? And what of Don Ransome’s travel expenses? And let us not forget the allegations that Clark has been misappropriating UKIP money. We await her full report with much interest!

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