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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

UKIP: More on Farage's EFD group

Those good ol' boys in the Nigel Farage's EFD group are at it again - promoting the EU and calling for the reinforcement of its "jurisdiction" in matters of foreign relations.

Bas Belder, the Dutch Calvinist, has tabled a parliamentary report on relations with Iran.

Belder is asking the European Commission to come up with a proposal for a regulation on a new licensing system for the export of communications and other equipment to Iran, and also calls on the Commission to ban the export of other products.

He wants the lamentable Cathy Ashton to take charge of the situation, and to open a new EU 'delegation' in Tehran - delegation is EU-speak for 'embassy'. Rather bizarrely, he also seeks greater Iranian involvement in Afghanistan, where British troops are currently in action.

Ironically, when discussing the international response to the Iranian nuclear programme Belder praises Turkey and Brazil - non EU states, of course - for their work in seeking to contain and control the situation. A shame then that when discussing Europe's response, he calls for Ashton to "assess all mechanisms for enforcing implementation of the EU common position".

It is beyond question that the EFD group is actively pro-EU, pro-integration, and has nothing in common with UKIP's stated aim of withdrawal from the EU.

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