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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

UKIP: Gerard Batten is again the subject of a smear campaign

Now who could be behind the latest attempt to smear Batten?

UKIP's dirty tricks department is back in action.

Journalists and bloggers yesterday received an e-mail containing vile smears against London MEP Gerard Batten. This is not the first time such a thing has happened - some years ago Annabelle Fuller, presumably acting on her boyfriend's instructions, placed an offensive story in a Brussels rag claiming that Batten was a secret "nazi". Interestingly, the magazine concerned, The Sprout, was co-founded and edited by another Faragista, the controversial Gawain Towler.

Why the cabal should turn against Batten at this moment is unclear - possibly this is revenge for his support of Tim Congdon's leadership bid.

A source in Brussels told Junius "I know Gerard well, and this is nonsense. Its just the kind of filthy stunt I would expect from such lowlifes."

Sorry, Mein Fuhrer, your plan just nosedived! When will they learn? Derek Evans tried a similar stunt in the East Midlands. He made various allegations against Batten which were completely untrue. And the result? He was forced to resign from the party after members in the East Midlands complained about him. See: LINK

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


it is sad to see the pond life that support UKIP who are too ashamed to identify themselves on Anthony Butcher's squalid little UKIP contolled forum such that Independent UK for instance could not even differentiate between the type of smears from Farage's Press Office, leadership team & staff akin to this recent attack on Gerard Batten

& the statements of fact in my own name that I am happy to substantiate:

Let us not rehearse the corrupt and dishonest behaviour, yet again, of people like:
Douglas Denny, Andrew Smith, Derek Clark MEP, Gerard Batten MEP, Marta Andreasen MEP, Godfrey Bloom, MEP, Mark Croucher, Trevor Coleman MEP, Paul Nuttall MEP, Gawain Towler, John Ison, Peter Reeve, Lisa Duffy, Clive Page, David Lott, George Curtis, David Bannerman MEP, Malcolm Wood, Hugh Williams etc.They really are scum - no more than political flotasam and jetsome on the make and the take!

Liars, dissemblers, corrupt, incompetent fantasists - self seeking and self serving without morality.

You will find much more detail about these 'slimes' and low lifes who have so betrayed our Country for their gain if you use either the >SEARCH< box in the right hand sidebar or the hot links supplied below it.<<

Of being dishonest I note the slime who hide in anonymity - I do NOT support anonymity as usually it is the territory of the liar, the cheat and the coward however I do turn a blind eye to those on Junius knowing who they are and why.

At least Junius like I have NEVER been proven to have deliberately misled ANYONE nor told a consequential untruth.

Would that the same could be said of the liars with Anthony Butcher!