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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

UKIP: More on John Bufton & Derek Clark still fails to show in Barnsley

UKIP Wales is a waste of space

Did you know that there is a Welsh referendum this Thursday? The Welsh people have been asked to vote on whether they wish to give the Welsh Assembly more powers.

So what is UKIP Wales doing? The answer is ZERO! There has been NOTHING new on the website since December.

So what is John Bufton’s position on the referendum? You tell us! There is nothing on the UKIP Wales website to enlighten us.

Bufton costs the taxpayer £2.59 million a year And let us not forget that he earns a salary of around £80,000, plus £280 a day just to sign in.

Of course, John was caught abusing that particular scheme. He used to sign in on a Friday and then go home. Naughty!

Mr Bufton also receives £76,000 under the 4000 budget (controlled by Farage) AND thousands for travel via the 6000 budget (also controlled by Farage).

His staff allowance is £211,000. So why not employ some staff to run a decent website that actually keeps Welsh UKIPPERS informed of current events? Is that too much to ask?

John Bufton is still incapacitated by a stroke and we wish him a swift recovery.

But we cannot help but wonder of what use he is to UKIP?

And why has Farage done nothing to ensure that someone is covering for Bufton in Wales? He seems far more interested in jollies to Finland than the collapse of UKIP Wales.

And why has UKIP declined to inform UKIPPERS of the fact that Bufton is too ill to perform his duties as an MEP?

Mr Bufton should do himself a big favour and resign.

As GLW has said:

May I suggest that he puts his ambition and greed behind him and takes a long hard look in the mirror and asks himself two questions:

01. Why am I doing this when it is clear I am utterly incompetent to acquit my duty to the electorate?

02. Will the money buy me a better view in the cemetery?

To see more on Bufton: LINK & LINK

Derek Clark still fails to show

Nigel Farage is far from happy with Dippy Derek’s refusal to pound the streets of Barnsley. Nigel has also berated certain UKIP RO’s over their failure to persuade UKIPPERS from other areas to help out.

So why didn’t Farage oversee the campaign himself? If he is that concerned why didn't he cancel his jolly to Finland and pound the streets of Barnsley himself? Or does he find it hard to pull himself away from freebies and the tart without a heart – Annabelle Fuller?

Clark cites ill-health and a recent leg injury as the reasons behind his failure to do a bit of street walking. However, he could have easily stayed in the campaign office, take calls and answered questions from voters.

But should we be so surprised at Clark’s lack of interest? He can’t even be bothered with his own backyard. Branches in the East Midlands have collapsed and the membership is now below 500.

In Brussels, Clark can often be seen sound asleep at his desk. At that’s at 10 in the morning!

But at least one pensioner has managed to make it to Barnsley. Pity they couldn’t hold their peace. And at least they don't pee in hotels like Bloomers! See: LINK

From the Barnsley Chronicle:

An election candidate who is campaigning for cleaner streets has been left embarrassed after a party activist was spotted peeing on a residential street.

The man was wearing a UKIP rosette when he was caught short and relieved himself on Lane Head Close, Staincross.

He was one of a team which had been delivering leaflets on behalf of candidate Jane Collins who is standing for UKIP in the Barnsley Central by-election.

Shop owner Imran Razak, 36, lives on the street and was shocked when he saw the man urinating. He says he was not discreet.

"I was shocked, especially when he turned around and had a rosette on. I approached him and he said he really needed to go. That's all he kept saying.

"When you're representing a political party you don't want to be seen doing things like that. If that's what they think to Barnsley then they have no right to be part of the election.

"I have a daughter who's 11. The last thing I want her to see is a grown man in the street urinating."

Mr Razak, who runs an off-licence on Derwent Road, Athersley South, said he contacted UKIP about the incident and he informed the police. Officers have spoken to Mrs Collins about the incident.

Lisa Duffy is UKIP campaign manager and admitted the incident was an embarrassment and said she had apologised profusely to Mr Razak.

She said the man, who is in his 80s and has a bladder complaint, tried to conceal himself between two van doors. Other activists washed away his urine, she said.

"We have asked him not to campaign again unless in the vicinity of public toilets. It's something Jane is very upset about. It's completely embarrassing. He wanted to support the campaign. she added.

"We weren't aware he had a medical condition. It's terribly unfortunate and Jane is mortified. "It's really quite distressing."

As part of her manifesto Mrs Collins promises to keep the streets cleaner.

To see the original: LINK

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