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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Another UKIP Round Up

Guess who hasn't signed the 'People's Pledge'?

Yes, you've guessed .... it's the one and only 'Spivboy Farage'!!!

But why hasn't 'Spivboy' not signed it?

Could it be that only 'He' must be in control of the anti-EU movement and any alternative can only be seen as competing with 'His' activities and must therefore be opposed - unless 'He' leads it.

Then there is the possibility that it might just work, in which case 'Spivboy' would find his Eukip party would be stripped of its central aim: To leave the EU!

Shock, horror, that would never do; for the spiv needs the EU as much as he needs the BNP. The former gives him his living and the latter, so long as it exists, means the media will not target him.

Without those twin supports Farage would cease to be invited onto QT more frequently than government ministers. Worse, the Beeb might even start to expose his hidden secrets to public scrutiny.

Make no mistake about it, and despite the rhetoric to the contrary, 'Spivboy Farage' no more wishes Britain to leave the EU than, José Manuel Durão Barroso. His ego wouldn't be able to stand the loss!!!


Peter Reeve and Andrew Monk

We reproduce below a rather interesting article from a fellow blogger:

As I said a year ago, Andrew Monk, representing Ramsey, is a political tramp who is now turning up for the minimum. Andrew was elected as a Conservative in Ramsey only to go Independent and then join with Peter Reeve to make the UKIP group. As with Mandy Thomas, Andrew shows little inclination to do much for his pay than the legal minimum. His last Council meeting was 3/11/10. As his term ends on 5/5/11 he will no longer be a Councillor on 3/5/11 two days before the local elections

Andy was UKIP Parliamentary for South East Cambridgeshire. On a Youtube vid at about 1 minute 50 seconds in Andy is caught saying UKIP wants to get the best value from your local councils.

Obviously not. As Andy seems to have no intention of turning up to another meeting why the hell are council taxpayers still paying his allowances. If Andy resigned now that would be best value for the council taxpayer!

Maybe this seat will turn to the Conservatives once Andrews attendance record is displayed for everyone to see.

To see the original: LINK

Peter Reeve is currently the subject of an OLAF investigation - along with Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman - after it emerged that he was being illegally paid by Agnew and Bannerman out of their EU allowances. He was also heavily involved in the rigging of the MEP selection process.

For more on Reeve: LINK & LINK & LINK

The hypocrisy of Farage

Farage is always attacking the BNP for being racist. Yet he is more than happy to sit with fascists and racists in the EFD group.

Timo Soini - an EFD MEP and leader of the True Fins - is one of Farage's close friends in the group. Indeed, Farage has described him as a "great personal friend".

It is interesting to note that in April 2009, all of Finland's political leaders signed a declaration condemning racism. Only Soini refused to sign. See: LINK

That Farage and his fellow UKIP MEPs are happy with Soini's stance is obvious. None are prepared to condemn the man and ALL are more than willing to sit alongside him.

So please spare us Farage's pathetic condemnation of the BNP. Soini and the True Finns make the BNP look like a bunch of liberals but Nigel has no problem with that!

Why not email UKIP's staff in Brussels and demand to know why UKIP MEPs are happy to sit and work with fascists and homophobes? Don't forget that both Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass left the EFD because due to the racism of several fellow MEPs.

Here are some UKIP/EFD staff emails:










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