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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UKIP: More from Mad Monckton & Hermann Kelly

Stem cell research is a highly sensitive issue. UKIP is in favour of such research: "there is no reason why Britain should not play a leading part in stem cell research." said Christopher Monckton (Guardian 27 Apr 2010). This support might be seen as slightly flawed, as Monckton was rightly described by the same newspaper as having "no scientific credibility".

We also see a characteristically UKIPish inconsistency creeping in here. Whilst Monckton may be enthusiastic, UKIP's press spokesman in the European Parliament, Hermann Kelly, has described stem cell research as "morally barbaric, scientifically unnecessary and culturally toxic" (Daily Mail, 24 April 2008). Kelly also went on to question the integrity of the Irish Council for Bioethics (ICB), which had recently published a report on the issue. Here, it would seem, he follows the UKIP tradition of questioning all scientific evidence, despite having absolutely no scientific grounding of his own - just like Monckton, and the increasingly obsessive anti-wind energy but pro oil company Godfrey Bloom. Kelly, unlike others, is not motivated in his beliefs by money, however, but by his catholic ideals. In 2007 he wrote in the Daily Mail that homosexuality is a sin (although ironically he was referring to an incident involving a gay catholic priest), and in the Irish Times he has expressed his hostility towards the concept of sex education for children.

On science and health, as has been commented elsewhere, "UKIP is dire, with no credibility in the scientific community and candidates who have a demonstrably poor grasp of basic scientific principles, which perhaps explains its general disarray and flip-flopping in areas such as health".

Remember it was UKIP that published an article claiming that wind turbines are bad, as they adversely affect the Earth's rotation. This is, apparently, as good as it gets.

It is also worth noting that apart from the BNP, UKIP is the only political party still espousing global warming denial. In fact, William Dartmouth recently told a Conservative MEP that "Nick Griffin is the only one who is speaking sense on climate change"!

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John Page said...

apart from the BNP, UKIP is the only political party still espousing global warming denial

UKIP's denial of AGW is one of its few good points.