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Thursday, 3 March 2011

UKIP: Nigel Farage, Annabelle Fuller, Stephen Sobey and Athena PR

How many UKIPPERS have heard of Athena PR? And were they aware that this media company was hired by Farage to ‘mastermind’ his bid for UKIP’s leadership election?

Here is the relevant extract from the Athena website:

UKIP Leadership Campaign for Nigel Farage MEP

The high profile MEP Nigel Farage chose Athena PR to help him win the leadership of the UK Independence Party. Working with our favourite suppliers and his campaign team, we authored the copy for the website, wrote and designed leaflets for mass distribution to party members, produced and directed a campaign film and ran the media campaign, including social media on facebook and twitter.

End of extract. To see original: LINK

So who 'runs' this company? The answer is one Annabelle Fuller! Yes, Farage hired his lover (one of many) to oversee his campaign.

Here is another extract from the website in question:

Annabelle Fuller

Founder and Managing Director

With six years experience in public and media relations Annabelle brings with her an excellent understanding of the communications industry. Having worked with the Armed Forces, charities and European and domestic politics, she understands what makes a story come to life.

Whether it's a quick reaction to a news story, an eye catching launch or a hard hitting campaign, she brings an extensive network and a fresh approach to projects. Her innovative approach to new ventures has resulted in national and international coverage in print, television, radio and digital media.

An advocate of social media to reach alternative demographics, she has produced videos, written websites and developed social media strategies in order to reach out to new audiences.

"Mass contacts lists and generic press releases is lazy PR. Modern strategies should realise the needs of both the organisation and the journalist. I work with different media outlets to achieve the best results for my clients, engaging with all parties to ensure their aims are met, be that increased awareness, fundraising or reputation management."

Annabelle holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Economics from the University of London. In her spare time she likes to raise money for her favourite causes with activities such as sky diving and abseiling blindfolded down buildings.

End of extract. To view the original: LINK

No mention of being sacked from UKIP after leaking a candidate's video to the internet. And no mention of being sacked from the British Legion after they became aware of her sordid background.

And this:

Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party and MEP for South East England

'I have no hesitation in giving a reference to Annabelle Fuller and the dealings I had with her as Defence Editor of The Sun. Annabelle is clearly well known and well liked by other defence journalists. I found her professional and interesting with a clear passion for her work and a determination to improve its profile in the media.'

End of quote. To see the original: LINK

No mention that Nigel is shagging it as well!

Fuller in tasteless pose with brain damaged soldier

The amateur nature of the website and the fact that it features various tasteless pictures of Fuller is of no surprise to us. She is even prepared to use a brain damaged soldier in her desperate bid for tasteless publicity. A truly disgusting woman!

So how much was Fuller paid by Farage for her ‘services’? And why were UKIPPERS kept in the dark over this?

The other people involved in the company are Michael Fuller – Annabelle’s father – and one Stephen Sobey!

Mr Sobey has a very interesting past! He came over to UKIP from the Tories in 2005. He called himself ‘The Hon Stephen Sobey-Nevill’ and was quickly appointed a UKIP Press officer.

However, Sobey was not all he seemed. Concerns were quickly brought to the attention of Roger Knapman and Nigel Farage by GLW and others. It soon became apparent that Sobey was as much of a fantasist as David Bannerman.

Sobey claimed to have gone to Eton. He also claimed to be the son of a peer. A quick check proved these to be lies. Farage was also informed that Sobey was a Tory plant from Central Office. And yet Farage did nothing. Sobey left UKIP after being sussed. His time in the party was quietly airbrushed out of the official history. Shades of 1984!

That Farage, Mark Croucher and Annabelle Fuller were instrumental in bringing Sobey to UKIP is a proven fact. So why weren't Farage, Fuller and Croucher brought before the NEC and ordered to explain themselves?

And just how much private information was Sobey able to pass to the Tories during his time as a UKIP PO?

We find it rather strange that Farage is happy to use a PR company that has a proven liar and former Tory plant as a consultant. That Fuller is prepared to use Sobey speaks volumes! Let us not forget that Fuller is now back in the UKIP press office. So is she passing on anything to Stephen? Must seem like old times!

And what does Farage’s wife think about the whole sordid affair? Using your lover to oversee your election bid must be a bit of a smack in the teeth!

We can assure you that there is much more to this particular story and we will be returning to it in the very near future!

For more on this: LINK


J Streicher said...

These are the ravings of a madman. Farage is brillant as an MEP. End of Story. Half of Harold Wilsons cabinet were shagging a pornstar called Mary Millington. Wilson was shagging his secretary. Edward Heath was shagging small boys. There were stories about Margaret Thatcher. John Major was shagging EDwina Currie. Tony Blair was shagging Wendi Dong. Cameron was shagging a certain female MP. JFK shagged everbody and Clinton shagged the rest - this is supposed to be a POLITICAL PARTY with the aim of AGITATING TO LEAVE THE EU not a Methodist Church.

J Streicher said...

It is a political party agitating for the UK to leave the EU, not a branch of the Methodist Curch
FAarage is the finest speaker in the Eurpean Parliament. End of Story.