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Sunday, 13 March 2011

UKIP: Nigel's Spivboy News & Wolfman McGough

Sycophant Update

Greetings little people, Spivboy speaking. I'm designing to speak to you today to tell you about a wonderful new self promotion scam to be called 'Spivboy News'!

'Spivboy News' will be packed with information about Me, what I've done, where I've been to, you know, the usual stuff. Plus lots of goodies for the poor dears to buy - it'll make a mint!

But I need you to tell the geriatric brigade in the branches that they need to order lots and lots of these wonderful newsletters (don't worry, you'll get your reward) so that they can run themselves ragged promoting ME. Remember, keep using the buzz word 'Wonderful'. It'll help the city oiks and country bumpkins to keep believing I'm wonderful as well.

OK, of course all you sycophants know different, but if you want to have a chance of getting rich as an MEP, or keep your place at the trough, if you're already an MEP, you'll remain beholden to Me!

For those of you who can't be MEP's, remember, I've also got lots and lots of other EU jobs to give away. These posts can also make you a lorra, lorra, cash, so don't forget - promote Me shamelessly if you want to have one of them!

The first edition will be ready for distribution shortly so get ready by spreading the word far and wide!

Important: Don't pass this information on to the likes of the Junius creep, that Edwards creature, GLW or anyone else for that matter!

With thanks to AE

Wolfman McGough

Readers of the blog will know that Mike ‘Wolfman’ McGough is the not very bright member of UKIP’s NEC. His main claim to fame is not being the PPC for Harlow. He can also boast numerous failed relationships with women due to his immaturity - no surprise there - and a rather unsuccessful career as an accountant.

He also gained his position on the NEC due to a rigged vote. Farage needed another nodding donkey. See: LINK

Mike McGough is one of those sad individuals that deserve our pity rather than our contempt. That he is in need of urgent medical help (we suggest a facility for the mentally ill) is sadly illustrated by his recent thread on the British Democracy Forum. Spelling and punctuation as the original:

DISGUSTING---email smears forum contributors
I am in receipt of a most disgusting email suggesting all manor of depravities between Tim and Nemesis.Worse it suggests they are blood relatives making the accusations ,if true,appalling.As a libertarian I would normally shrug my shoulders but I draw the line where animals,in this case gerbils, are concerned.I gather Juniarse is preparing a story on this linking it with another story ,that Germany has legalised paedophilia.Apparently the pony tailed homophobe is in the clear as he's impotent ,although he has been known to groom young men to sit in front of PCs.

The Wolfman also attacked Richard Allen – a UKIPPER in the West Midlands - on the same forum in January. LINK. Spelling and punctuation as the original:

1. What do we know about Richard Allen ?
Sometime treasurer of UKIP Hodge Hill and Yardley,a two constituency branch and forum moderator.Appears to be more anti UKIP than pro and is close to Nikki.Prone to closing threads .

Mr Allen spoke for the majority of UKIPPERS when he replied:

1. That you, as a member of UKIP's National Executive Committee should attack me in public as being "more anti UKIP than pro" only shows how pathetic you are and how utterly undeserving you are to hold a position of responsibility in the party.

Nuff said!

For more on the Wolfman: LINK & LINK

You can also contact McGough on:

07920 771 458

Why not tell him what you think of his willingness to support corruption in Farage's UKIP?

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