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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Another UKIP News Round Up

The NEC meeting

Mike Nattrass went to face the music. Jill Seymour was not there and nor was Farage. Jill claimed a prior appointment and Nigel was in court to give evidence at the trial of the pilot who is alleged to have threatened to kill him. See: LINK

The meeting was reasonably polite with Mike telling the nodding donkeys a few home truths about the EFD and their treatment of Nikki. He now awaits their judgement! More soon.

Martin Harvey’s UKIP Eastern Region meeting

Not much to report. 40 people attended. All elderly. Their combined age would take us back to the Iron Age! Robin Page - a surprise guest - spoke on population growth and farming. Gerard can't have been happy with that. He hates Robin. It's a long story! We note with amusement Martin Harvey’s claim that Nigel Farage can be ‘reformed’. He would have a better chance converting the Devil to Christianity! The naivety of some people is simply astounding! For more details: LINK

Stuart Wheeler throws down the gauntlet

Mr Wheeler – UKIP’s main donor- has made it quite clear that he will only donate £10,000 per MEP IF the MEP matches the amount. For less than £10,000 he will only put in 50% of the amount the MEP donates to UKIP. Ouch!

He clearly has doubts regarding the generosity of certain MEPs! Now just how much has Nigel donated to UKIP over the last few years?

This is what Mike Nattrass has said:

Do you know how much money Nigel has contributed to this party...next to nothing.See: LINK

More bad publicity for UKIP

Paul Clarke, UKIP Candidate, found guilty of breach of the public trust. He blames UKIP for forcing him to stand.

“This defendant is someone who never stood in an election before, he has no qualifications and isn’t the greatest reader as we have seen in the trial.”

We had no idea Nigel was there as well! And this comment could sadly apply to SO many of UKIP's candidates.

In a previous report, Mr Clarke blamed UKIP for putting pressure on him to stand:

He said he was pressed by local UKIP officials to let his name go forward as a candidate.

But he said no one in the party had alerted him that a suspended sentence was a bar to standing for election.

"Everyone knew of my conviction. Plenty of people from UKIP were at the Crown Court hearing. I wasn't trying to hide anything,"
he said. See: LINK

From Get Surrey

UKIP candidate 'breached the public trust'

A FORMER soldier who stood for election despite being disqualified from doing so has been accused of 'a serious breach of the public trust'.

At Guildford Crown Court on Friday (April 8) Paul Clarke, 28, was given a six-month community order, a three-month curfew and must pay £300 costs after failing to declare previous convictions on candidate papers for last year’s Reigate & Banstead Borough Council local elections.

In 2009 he was famously handed a 12-month suspended sentence after taking a discarded shotgun into a police station. He was backed during his trial by UK Independence Party members including party leader Nigel Farage.

Clarke stood as a UKIP candidate for his home village of Merstham, receiving 236 votes and finishing fourth out of five candidates.

Lionel Blackman, Clarke’s defence barrister, himself stood as a Lib Dem candidate for Esher during the last general election, coming second to Dominic Raab.

He said: “The defendant had no prospect of winning the election, that was made clear by the party chairman.

“This means the expense of having to hold a costly by-election to choose a new candidate was not likely to happen in this case.

“This defendant is someone who never stood in an election before, he has no qualifications and isn’t the greatest reader as we have seen in the trial.”

Mr Blackman added that his client suffers from a long-term back injury, which prevented him from working but has become heavily involved in part-time voluntary work for a charity.

However Judge Susan Matthews stressed that Clarke’s offence was considered a breach of the public trust.

She said: “You were proposing yourself to represent people in your community and asking them to impart their trust.

“I accept that your colleagues at UKIP knew about your previous convictions for possessing a shotgun.

“I am quite satisfied that you should be punished.”

Clarke, of Nailsworth Crescent, Merstham, denied one count of knowingly making a false statement on an electoral document

To see the original: LINK

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