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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Say No to AV!

It comes as no surprise that Farage, Dartmouth and the usual sycophants support AV. Click HERE to read what Dartmouth had to say on the subject.

One has to wonder whether Dartmouth has fully understood what 'AV' is all about? We doubt it. Dartmouth has never been regarded as the sharpest knife in the box and that is why Farage is happy to promote such people. They are never going to threaten your lead position on the EU Gravy Train or question where the money is going to end up.

Can we point out that AV is NOT about the first step to proportional representation. It's all about a political fix by corrupt politicians. And does Dartmouth really believe that voters will be given another referendum on voting reform? Come on! Dartmouth should really stop talking rubbish and read the following:

"Our current tried and tested voting system gives everyone one vote and delivers clear outcomes. The Alternative Vote is a complicated, expensive and unfair system that gives some people more votes than others. It might sound like a small change but the danger is in the detail – it's a politicians' fix.

Governments would be selected through backroom deals and people would have no control over where their vote goes. It should be voters that decide who the best candidate is, not the voting system. Defend one person, one vote. Vote NO to AV on 5 May."

Read the full detail here: http://www.no2av.org/

Not enough for your Lordship? Then how about the comments by Daniel Hannan?


Ignore Farage and his useful idiots and say NO to AV on May 5th!


Greg_L-W. said...


The Fool
William Dartmouth says AV will put an end to tactical voting

Does this spoilt upper class twit with his tiny tantrums and sell out to EU aims and policies understand ANY of the words put in his mouth?

AV is the epitome of TACTICAL VOTING where to keep out a candidate you do NOT want one merely votes for The Monster Raving Loonie Party, The BNP, UKIP or some other fringe extremist party in PLACE ONE.

You then list the candidate of your choice in PLCE TWO

and then put the odious and duplicitous Lib.Dim. Clegg clowns in last place.

Do remember which Party leaders have Marxist Routes and are thus pro EU and those paid salaries as ex-MEPs and lick spittles of The EU.

Try to catch up Wee Willie or ask acid Raine if you can have some money to go for lunch for the rest of her life!


Little wonder the Tories didn't want this dummy just as they rejected the liars David Bannerman and Marta Andreassen!

Junius said...