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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

UKIP: Nigel Farage’s future job options. Who can help him out?

Sadly, Nigel has still not got over Trevor Colman’s departure from the EFD group. As expected, we have been treated to the usual hissy fits and tantrums.

At times like these, Nigel usually threatens to resign in order to silence his critics. He did it when Lord Pearson wanted to keep Nikki Sinclaire on board. Of course, Nigel had no intention of going but Pearson fell for the bluff and so gave Nikki the old heave ho.

But we can confirm that Nigel would like a job in the media when his time in UKIP finally shudders to a halt. He could NEVER go back to the City because his reputation stinks in the hallowed Square Mile.

In the past, Nigel has expressed an interest in.......

Working for a major company as their media representative.

Writing a weekly column for a national newspaper.

Presenting a radio show.

We can offer Nigel some advice when it comes to the last option. Maybe, just maybe, he should contact John West and ask him if can have a 10 minute slot on the ex-UKIPPER’s weekly 3 hour radio show. They could then reminisce about their time in the Wonderful World of UKIP. Now that would make for interesting listening!

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