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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

UKIP: The Invisible Woman finally speaks while Nigel prepares to throw away at least £30,000 in order to avoid paying £750 in court damages!

So at last Ms Anderson condescends to speak!

This summer I have been studying at home for my A-Levels like most students in my situation. But unlike most students I am also a candidate for the position of Mayor of Leicester, writes 18-year-old Regine Anderson.

There may be people asking why I put myself forward for such a position if I couldn't make the time to canvass. It's certainly not from a lack of respect for the position but because I am standing to highlight an issue which will affect thousands of young people all over the country.

I'm studying inside whilst the sun is shining outside because I want to go to university. But because of the ill educated decisions by the previous and current administrations this will cost me £27,000 in tuition fees alone for a three year course.

That is why I decided to be the candidate for UKIP: I'm standing for the only party that would do something different, something radical, about the funding of higher education in this country and the mountainous, ever-increasing debts that are being loaded onto the shoulders of young people, like me, who want a university education.

This issue is blighting the lives of the younger generation and needs to be addressed not with violence on the streets but by ordinary people calling for a change via the ballot box. By standing in this election I am giving people an opportunity to consider this terrible, and worsening, situation and express their concern.

UKIP is the only party that wants to abolish tuition fees and bring back student grants. It wants this because education benefits society as a whole, but only if it is addressed properly.

It's simply ridiculous that 50% of students should go to university. All that happens when you do that is you lower the value of degrees and leave a dearth of other skills which used to be successful options for many schoolleavers.

We should be looking at a proper system of education in this country: multi-faceted education, with degrees for the academic and proper respect for the value of vocational, technical education and apprenticeships.

People need the chance to succeed at what they're good at, and what the country needs, rather than be forced into a one-size-bankrupts-all straitjacket of ever-devaluing university education.

Only UKIP is offering this – which is why I am the Party's candidate for Mayor, even if I do so from the depths of my revision notes.

What a crass statement! So she decided to say nothing until now because she wanted to make a protest about education? Laughable! It's almost as laughable as putting Scuffy Duffy in charge of the campaign! And what of the fact that the Leicester Branch was not even informed of Ms Anderson's selection? Another pathetic example of Farage's dictatorship!

Alan Hardy

Remember Alan Hardy? He was the UKIPPER who was unlawfully banned from attending UKIP meetings. They also tried to expel him from the party. In response, Mr Hardy took them to court. UKIP foolishly relied on Lisa Duffy to argue their case in court. And the result? UKIP lost. See: LINK & LINK

It has now emerged that UKIP has been given leave to appeal. And their likely costs will be at least £30,000! And even if they win Mr Hardy will not be liable for UKIP's costs!

The actual appeal to overturn the original judgement will be heard before three judges - one of whom MAY be a judge of the High Court - so you can imagine UKIP's final legal bill!

So UKIP's leadership is willing to waste thousands contesting the original decision of the court rather than pay out a paltry £750! So will Stuart Wheeler be expected to foot the bill? And will Farage even tell him what the money is for? And what does the membership think? Are they happy that the party is willing to spend at least £30,000 in order to avoid paying Mr Hardy £750 in damages?

Farage really needs his head looking at. That crash must have affected his mind more than we originally thought. Spending at least £30,000 to avoid writing a cheque for £750 doesn't sound like the wisest of moves! No wonder Douglas Denny is getting disillusioned with the whole UKIP thing!

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