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Monday, 11 April 2011

UKIP: That NEC meeting

Today’s NEC Meeting

Mike Nattrass has been summoned to the NEC to explain why he is not prepared to sit with assorted fascists, racist and homophobes on Farage’s EFD. Should prove interesting!

NEC member faces Room 101 after failing to follow Nigel's 'advice' regarding Mike and Nikki. Peter Reeve - on the right - waits with the cattle prod

Of course, UKIP is in a no win situation. Kick out Mike and they will have to kick out Trevor Colman and face a mass revolt in the South West.

Let Mike stay and Nikki can use their decision as an example of their bias and hostility towards her.

Steve Crowther – who was left to negotiate with Nikki over her possible return to UKIP – has really drawn the short straw. It soon became obvious that he didn’t have all the facts concerning Nikki’s decision to leave the EFD. And nor was he aware that Mike Nattrass had left the EFD! Who briefed him? Lisa Duffy's mum?

Farage, as usual, will get others to do his dirty work today. He can then blame the nodding donkeys on the NEC when it all goes tits up! And what bright spark suggested that Agnew and Clark should be there to pass judgment on Mike and Nikki?

Agnew and Clark. What a joke. Two discredited MEPs, both under investigation by OLAF for misusing their EU allowances! Their opinions are worthless. They shouldn't be allowed to pass judgement on anyone. They are tainted by the stink of corruption. But then again, so is the rest of the NEC!

Finally, here are some interesting comments from the British Democracy Forum on this very subject:


Tomorrow's NEC Hopefully Steve Crowther has a lawyer at his elbow tomorrow and resists the efforts of Farage and Nuttall to push Crowther into the mess they are trying to offload onto him. No wonder Crowther is keen to bring back Nikki Sinclaire into full standing with the party.

Meanwhile Batten and AN other is coming under pressure to leave the Farage group which would finish him off. Stuart Wheeler is pressing for all MEPs to make a contribution to the party out of their recently increased salaries. If Nuttall and Farage keep playing games with Wheeler, he will chuck it.

charlie endell

Ha Ha ex-member! Farage will totally dominate the partially evolved idiots he has appointed to the NEC. But of course Farage himself is a Fecking Ijeet. He may find himself screaming for financial help to fight his legal nightmares - as usual

Richard Allen

The idiotic party leadership truly are in a complete mess on this issue. If they had any sense what so ever they would be looking for a face saving retreat but no doubt they will keep on digging.

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