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Friday, 29 April 2011

UKIP: More Ms Anderson

Shouldn't there should be a law against middle aged politicians using impressionable young girls, for their own slimy purposes, Nigel?

The more you think about the bizarre saga of UKIP standing a young girl as their Mayoral candidate, in Leicester, the more unsavoury it becomes. This unfortunate 'A' level student has become the focus of an untold number of media reports about her candidacy; the pressure of which will not have helped her in her studies one iota!

It also goes without saying that the poor girl is utterly unsuitable to be considered for such a high profile political post. Paper candidate or not!

So, who was it who persuaded her to be a candidate in the first place? UKIP's local officials seem to be in the dark over it all! So just who was it who sanctioned what, IMHO, amounts to as clear case of crass manipulation for political ends as you can get. Nigel, was it you?

Surely you have a squalid enough pedigree already without adding to it by permitting this young lady to be used in the way that she has?


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