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Sunday, 3 April 2011

UKIP: Farage's sycophants try to muddy the waters over MEP document

We note with increasing amusement the attempts by Farage’s sycophants to claim that Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman have betrayed UKIP by leaving the EFD.

On the contrary, they did the decent thing by leaving the fascist EFD.

The sycophants also claim that the document the trio signed prior to taking their seats is morally binding. It isn’t.

Here it is.....

Our MEPs will be expected to maximise the use of their positions to fulfil the mandate for which they were elected, which is to promote UKIP's objectives as set out in the party constitution and manifestos. Our successful candidates must be a credit to the party throughout their 5 year term.

Our MEPs will be expected to

1. take up their seats in the European Parliament

2. set up an office in their region, funded from their parliamentary general allowances

3. give full support at all times to the branches in their region

4. be available for media appearances 7 days a week, often at short notice, antisocial hours and inconvenient places

5. submit to oversight and act on advice from the party regarding the use of parliamentary allowances and expenses, in order to pay scrupulous attention to the rules and to ensure that allowances are used in an appropriate manner

6. agree to pooling of group funds allocated to the UKIP group of MEPs from the parliamentary information budget (budget line 4000) in order to make the best use of these funds

7. remain as members of UKIP for the full 5 year term or otherwise retire from the parliament

8. provide substantial financial support to the central party out of income

9. work as a team with the other UKIP MEPs

Each MEP will decide the extent to which he/she will attend Parliamentary Committees, an important criterion for this judgement being the media coverage which this activity may not help to bring. While MEPs will attend most of the plenary sessions of the Parliament they will also be expected to spend a substantial proportion of their time in the UK.

April 2008

We doubt that Nikki, Mike and Trevor will be losing any sleep over this worthless piece of paper. In fact, it was Farage who betrayed them by aligning UKIP’s MEP with some of the worst fascist elements in the European Parliament. There was no mention of that in Point 6 of the document!

Would you sign a blank cheque and then allow Farage to fill in the amount?

And let us not forget that none of UKIP’s MEPs have yet abided by all 9 points.

Point 8 in one example. So when did Nigel ‘provide substantial financial support to the central party out of income’? The answer is he has not.

And what about Point 5? Bannerman, Agnew and Clark hardly used their allowances in ‘an appropriate manner’. Just ask OLAF!

And just ask UKIPPERS in Wales, the South East, East Anglia, Yorkshire, the North West and the East Midlands if their MEPs have provided ‘full support at all times to the branches in their region’!

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