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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

UKIP: EFD MEP on campaign trail with the National Front

Farage's controversial far-right group in the European Parliament is struggling to survive. Now we learn of another scandal that will have UKIP members hopping mad.

The convicted racist and child abuser, Mario Borghezio, is one of the most prominent, and nastiest, of the EFD's Italian delegation, Lega Nord. This is a party whose members espouse racial segregation on public transport, and whose chaplain is a notorious holocaust denier. We learn that Borghezio has been on the campaign trail recently with none other than French Front Nationale leader Marine le Pen.

Le Pen and Borghezio arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa, and declared that Europe risked being swamped by North African boat people. "Europe can't welcome everyone . . . We would be pleased to take them all in our boat, but it's not big enough. We'll all go to the bottom. We would be adding one misery to another," she said.

They were welcomed on Lampedusa by the island's mayor, Bernardino De Rubeis, who represents an Italian affiliate of the Northern League.

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The EFD group is unlikely to survive the year, and Farage knows this. This is why he is so desperate to take UKIP into a pan-EU political party, even against the wishes of the party membership. This would mean UKIP betraying its core values, and accepting the priciples of the EU, but that is irellevant to Farage, who cares only about the extra money he can make. He is also banking on using a pan-EU party as a vehicle to ensure that he can spend the rest of his career in the EU parliament.