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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pan-European UKIP, Crowther's email & Gerard needs to make a decision

More on Farage's plan to turn UKIP into a pan-European party

A series of countrywide meetings are being planned to convert the membership of UKIP into accepting a new pan-European party. This will culminate in a conference where UKIPPERS will be asked to ignore a previous conference vote which rejected Farage's call for a pan-European alliance.

This is what Prof Congdon said at the time:

At the Torquay party conference in September I supported the motion, proposed by Steph McWilliam, that the party membership must be consuulted on the question of UKIP's involvement in a pan-European political party. As is well-known in party circles, Nigel Farage opposed the motion. The motion was in fact carried overwhelmingly. In my view, the party membership must be consulted on a possible development of this kind, which is basic to the purpose and definition of the UK Independence Party, and even in fact to its very name.


Farage was famously heard to complain after losing the motion:

"They have just lost me 1 million Euros over this!"

Please note the word ‘ME’. See: LINK

We can confirm that a well-known and prominent member of UKIP will be spearheading the No Campaign. And you can expect all the leading Farage sycophants to be arguing for a pan-European alliance. However, we don’t blame them for taking this line. Their future careers in UKIP depend on keeping Nigel happy!

If Nigel wins the vote, you can expect the selection process for pan-European MEP candidates to begin in early 2012.

Steve Crowther admits that there isn’t really a UKIP Rule Book

Amusing email and a rather surprising admission from Nigel’s placeman! But then again, it's not too surprising as Nigel makes up the rules as he goes along!

Date: 2011 Subject: Rule Book From: sjcrowther@btinternet.com

To: michael.greaves@europarl.europa.eu

Dear Mr REDACTED With reference to your letter of 23 March, may I apologise for my delay in replying to your earlier enquiry.

The answer to your question is that the Disciplinary Rules are a standalone document, which were headed with the ‘Rule Book’ titling to put them in context. The party has the capacity to create a Rule Book, but at the moment simply creates Rules for specific purposes, such as Discipline, the conduct of elections etc as they are required. So, there is not a unified Rule Book at present, though the concept of a Rule Book exists.

As our Constitutional arrangements are currently under review, I imagine that the Rule Book will be a more substantial entity in the future (subject to the agreement of the members).

I note your position regarding the disciplinary complaint against REDACTED and REDACTED, ie that you will not pursue this until the outcome of the hearing on REDACTED.

Yours, --

Stephen Crowther, Executive Chairman, UK Independence Party Lexdrum House, PO Box 408, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 9BG

Gerard, it’s time to do the decent thing!

As Herr Oberst Farage prepares to welcome the likes of Ewald Stadler into the EFD, Gerard must be feeling increasingly lonely in the EFD!

There is not much love lost between Nigel and Gerard. Indeed, Farage has never forgiven Gerard for standing against him and then later supporting Tim Congdon in the leadership election. That Nigel would attempt to smear Gerard in a vicious email campaign came as no surprise to the Junius Team. See: LINK

The good news, Gerard, is that the gates are not locked. So why not walk through them, and join Mike, Trevor, and Nicki, in the fresh air of freedom? And why not bring those other lonely souls out with you?

Remember that the only thing you really have to fear is fear itself!

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