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Sunday, 17 April 2011

UKIP: Colin Denby Speaks out

Readers of this blog - and EUKIP v UKIP - will be aware that Colin Denby was removed as a UKIP candidate after allegedly making racist comments in a pub. That it took just one phone call from Nick Hogan to Farage to ensure Mr Denby's removal proves that UKIP is a dictatorship. Mr Denby was not even given the chance to defend himself. And yet, nothing is done when Bloom compares a black to an ape in the EU Parliament. Most strange! See: LINK

This is what Mr Denby has to say about his treatment at the hands of Farage and Hogan. Anyone thinking of voting UKIP on 5th should read on:

From: Colin Denby [mailto:REDACTED] Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2011 To: Greg Lance-Watkins Subject: Hogan & Co. my letter.

Ladies & Gentlemen of Chorley.

You may have read in various local newspapers recently, that whilst in The Parkers Arms, Park Road, Chorley, on the 4th. April (there to collect leaflets for the election, not drinking the night away). I allegedly used a word that is deemed Politically Incorrect and allegedly racist regarding the recent EDL, meeting in Blackburn.

For the past few days I have been pondering whether to take this matter further. After much deliberation and consultation (208 people have either telephoned me, e-mailed me, written to me or stopped me in the street, so far!) I have finally decided on the following:

To all the people in Chorley who have known me over many years locally, I rest my case and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions based on the facts!

To all the people in Chorley who know, or have had commercial dealings with or have read about Mr. Hogan in the last year or two, I rest my case and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions based on the facts! With regards to racial prejudice, when I stood as a PPC for UKIP in the General Election for Rochdale last May, as I was about to leave the stage in the early hours of the morning when, to my surprise, abuse was hurled at me by a group of Pakistani men. Cries of "go home white UKIP trash," "go home UKIP bastard," these words of endearment were repeated several times! Whilst this tirade was taking place, two Police Officers at the back of the hall did a smart about turn and vacated the room, leaving me to face the 'mob' which of course I did, with a perfectly clear conscience never having had any racist beliefs in my life from my early years in the Army to retirement and on to today! The powers that be at UKIP did not pursue the matter? At the time I wondered why ........ Now I believe I understand why!

Intrigued? ...... Then log onto http://ukip-vseukip.blogspot.com/

and http://juniusonukip.blogspot.com/ .......... you will be amazed at the facts presented all annotated and cross referenced and backed with proof. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites are used to establish the reliable nature of the facts presented!

To all of you thinking of voting for UKIP on May 5th. ..... in the light of the facts you may wish to think again!

Colin Denby

We can confirm that many UKIPPERS are disgusted with Mr Denby's treatment at the hands of UKIP's bent leadership. Here is just one example:

From: REDACTED To: REDACTED Sent: REDACTED Subject: Re: Nick Hogan & UKIP

Colin, I have seen in the paper today that you have withdrawn your nomination for Chorley Candidate, And I am shocked and disturbed that you have been forced into this repast I have know you for a number of years now and have always found you to be forth right and honest.

You have strong opinions which many of your supporters agree with and never once would I have ever classed you as racist.

You have fought for this country and the freedom that it represents.

You have my sincerest support and hope you can use this endorsement in some way to repair the damage that "Nick Hogan" has achieved. Perhaps the UKIP Party should look more closely at him and his ties to other organisations which hold extreme views.

Also while there at it what about his criminal background as well - I always said all politicians were crooks and this just proves my Point!!

Best wishes


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