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Monday, 18 April 2011

UKIP's Annabelle Fuller: Farage's mistress back on the UKIP payroll as his 'assistant'

Members Assistants: Farage Nigel
Finch Raymond
Fuller Annabelle

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It has been revealed that Annabelle 'the tart without a heart' Fuller is back on the Farage payroll. She is currently being paid as an MEP's assistant along with 3 others. One is Steve Harris, who is undoubtedly a key man in UKIP, and one of the few trustworthy people to be found in Farage's company, one is Chris Adams.

What Farage's wife thinks about the whole new 'arrangement' is unprintable! We note that she is no longer listed as Nigel's assistant on the official EU website.

GLW has made the following interesting point: If lobbyists or PR companies such as Athena-PR receive money from ANY department of The EU as I read the rules, surely that precludes a member of their staff even a director from employment by The EU in any separate capacity yet we KNOW that Farage employed Athena-PR to promote and manage his leadership election.

Who is the fourth of Farage's assistants? This is where it gets interesting. Step Forward Ray Finch who shares his ISP address with a certain 'Skeptyk'. Mr Finch rather stupidly sent an email to an acquaintance of ours in his own name. A quick check revealed that the ISP matched the ISP of the pro-corruption, pro-Farage blog.

Draw your own conclusions!

Also see: LINK And for more on Fuller see: LINK

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