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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chorley UKIP candidate withdraws from election after allegations of racism. So what about Bloom?

Godfrey Bloom compares a black man to a baboon and Farage and his EFD colleagues remain silent. See: LINK

In the form of a contribution to the Conclusions of the European Council Meeting (24-25 March 2011), Bloom condemned the EU leaders - correctly - for their conduct towards Libya and Gaddafi, mentioning oil interests as one reason. He then stated that the EU had taken no interest in the affairs of Zimbabwe, which, incredibly, he said, was run, "by a homicidal baboon".

For clearly, after removing the word 'homicidal' this comment from Bloom cannot be taken any other way than a derogatory reference to a black man's physical features.

So do Bloom's colleagues agree with comparing a black man to a baboon? Yes or no? And if they do not, why no action?

Will Bloom face suspension from the party after making these remarks? He has clearly brought the party into disrepute.

Will the NEC at their next meeting on the 11th of April suspend Bloom and order a full investigation into his conduct? Any failure to do so must mean that they also agree with Bloom’s contempt for black people.

After all, can you imagine the outrage if Nick Griffin had said this!

We would URGE all our readers to contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission and demand that they take action against Bloom. They can be contacted at:LINK

Now compare the lack of action taken against Bloom with this......

From The Citizen

A CANDIDATE has withdrawn from upcoming council elections after claims he used innappropriate language’ in a Chorley pub.

Colin Denby, 72, who was set to represent the UK Independence Party, has withdrawn from the fight for Chorley North East ward in the May 5 ballot.

Mr Denby appeared on Chorley Council’s list of candidate nominations finalised on Monday, but just hours later withdrew after a disagreement, which took place in the
Parkers Arms, Chorley, in the early evening.

Mr Denby has now left the party. Nick Hogan, secretary of Chorley UKIP, who was present, along with other party candidates at the Parkers, said he had witnessed
‘language and behaviour which was not befitting of a candidate for the party’.

The allegations came after a group conversation about the recent Blackburn EDL demonstration and immigration.

He added:
“UKIP has very strong values on equality and freedom.”

Mr Denby, a former soldier, said
: “I have my views, but I’m certainly not racist. This was a jovial and private conversation.

"This country fought wars against tyranny to preserve freedom of speech and I intend to exercise it.”

To see the original: LINK

We trust that Nick Hogan will demand the removal of Godfrey Bloom because he also used "language and behaviour which was not befitting of a candidate for the party".

Any failure to do so must result in Mr Hogan being accused of hypocrisy.

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Richard T said...

The problem for UKIP does I suggest lie in the nature of its support and local officers. To a very large extent, UKIP is the political wing of the suburban saloon bar and golf club and as a consequence the views of candidates and indeed MEPs and councillors have an unfortunate tendency to reflect that. Add in the dubious ethics of a number of its MEPs and I'm afraid that in some lights, the party can look a little like a respectable BNP.