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Friday, 1 April 2011

UKIP: Nigel Farage seeking far-right support & who is Alex Bejamin?

Farage Looks To The Far Right For Support

Nigel Farage, who is struggling to keep his EFD group together following two resignations in the month of March, is again looking to the far-right for help. Austrian lawyer Ewald Stadler is set to become an MEP in January, when the Lisbon Treaty comes into force and new MEPs will take their seats. Stadler, who is a member of the Austrian BZO party is currently negotiating with Farage over his possible membership of the EFD group.

The BZO was founded by Jörg Haider, who would have been no stranger to Stadler, as he himself is a former member of the Austrian Freedom Party, Haider's pro-SS nationalist party.

The BZO has some interesting policies: like another far-right Austrian politician, they appear to have what might be best described as a 'Nazi' manifesto. They want German taught in schools, and a limit on numbers of non-speaking children. (What they do with the surplus is anybody's guess - they came up with a pretty horrific solution in the last century). They advocate forced tuition in German for immigrants.

They also want to nationalise agriculture, in a nod towards the Nazi policy of 'Blood & Soil' agrarianism, and are also in favour of increased taxation. As well as favouring a flat-rate tax - something that Farage himself flirted with a few years ago - they want to introduce a new 'Business tax' of 25%, and also favour the so-called 'Tobin Tax'. The latter really gives Stadler's game away, as the Tobin tax is a tax on international currency transactions which, in the small minds of the Neo-Nazis, will negate the influence of the 'Jewish Usurer'.

Nice one Nigel, now you are seeking favours from Nazis - the filthiest scum in the universe. But as we know, like attracts like!

Alex Benjamin

Have you ever heard the name of Alex Benjamin? Probably not. He reads this blog and has even posted a comment on a previous post. (LINK) He was a press officer with the Conservative Party in Brussels, but he was not particularly good, so they sacked him. He was certainly not popular within the Tory ECR group! A skinhead type, with a passing resemblance to the comedian Alexi Sayle, he was always regarded as a bit of a comic himself.

But he is lucky. In Brussels there is a sanctuary for useless and failed conservatives. It is called 'Farage's UKIP'. And so Benjamin will now work alongside the Republican Herman O'Kelly in the EFD press office.

Benjamin is understood to be less than happy about this, but he needs the work. And if he cuts the mustard, he can always take the job with a certain portly Tory MEP that he has been provisionally promised next year! A deal which, by the way, Farage is aware of.

Isn't politics great?


Chris Palmer said...

What a tit you are. You do realise they speak German in Austria - therefore teaching German in their schools makes a lot of sense, as does teaching immigrants in German.

Richard T said...

It's interesting, is it not, that in yesterday's Times, Nigel Farage wrote to proclaim the anti racist nature of UKIP. I rather thought that he should be judged by his friends in the European Parliament who number quite a few exotic birds from the farther fringes of European life