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Monday, 25 April 2011

UKIP: The Leicester campaign and more on Douglas Denny

The anger felt by many UKIPPERS over the selection of Ms Invisible Anderson continues. Even the UKIP Leicester branch was not informed that she was standing as the mayoral candidate. And how we laughed when we heard that Scruffy Duffy - she who needs a damn good wash - was picked to oversee the campaign. Now that is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. She has no talent and has about as much brains as your average cocker spaniel but at least she can be counted on to do Nigel's bidding!

We also note that Derek Clark's popularity in the East Midlands continues to plummet. Branches are far from amused that Mr Clark would rather spend his time in Brussels sleeping in his office or attending his beloved EU committees. The local election campaign is not very high on Derek's list of priorities. But was it ever?

We do hope that he turns up in Leicester tomorrow as Nigel himself will be there to campaign with the mayoral and by-election candidates. Come on Derek, it's only 30 minutes away! We would really hate you to blot your copy book with the Fuhrer. You really need to make the effort. To say that even Nigel is far from pleased with your lack of activity is an understatement. Failure to show won't help your case!

No wonder Peter Reeve feels bitter!

And can we send out a message of sympathy to our old friend Don Ransome. Being sidelined in favour of Lisa Duffy is probably the worst humiliation that any UKIPPER can take. But at least he can count himself lucky that he doesn't have to sleep with her. No wonder Peter Reeve is so bitter!

And can we ask Don a simple question? Just why did you and Derek spend two whole days destroying documents in the Nottingham office after you first heard of OLAF's interest in your boss?

10,000 E-mails were viewed and deleted. Several interesting documents were taken back to Clark's home. Don, what happened to them? And we are fully aware that OLAF officials interviewed you and others about certain financial matters.

Douglas Denny

So Douglas has finally seen the light! We have been made privy to an interesting series of emails between Douglas and Fuhrer Farage. Mr Denny is far from pleased that Farage failed to keep the NEC fully informed of certain details surrounding the EFD group. He is also deeply unhappy about Nigel's failure to account for large sums of money. Ouch! Nigel wrote back telling Douglas to basically get stuffed. It is expected that the emails will be published after May 5th.

Let us not forget that Mr Denny was SE regional treasurer at the time that £211,000'vanished' from the South East accounts. A similar sum was later payed into Nigel's bank account. What a coincidence! Time to do the decent thing, Douglas, and report Nigel to the nearest Police Station!

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