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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

UKIP's David Bannerman: Your local MEP?

I note that David Bannerman - UKIP’s very own serial liar - has yet to move into the region he is supposed to represent.

In UKIP’s official email database he is still listed as:

Mr David Campbell Bannerman
West London

I wonder how many of the Eastern Region electorate were aware that he did not live in their region? He certainly did not mention it in his election address.

But should we be surprised at Bannerman’s lack of openness?

He has lied about being related to a former prime minister. He does not even seem sure about his surname. Sometimes he refers to himself as David Bannerman, David Campbell-Bannerman or David Campbell Bannerman. He claims to be a script writer but has anyone ever seen ANY of his scripts? He has been accused of attempted bribery. There are questions about his sexuality. And his involvement in Northern Ireland’s so-called peace process has been greatly exaggerated. Indeed, to hear Bannerman talk you would think that he was personally responsible for it!

Bannerman is a fraud and a liar. His only desire was to join the EU Gravy Train. He used the electorate. Sadly, they voted for a man without principles or decency. However, they will soon come to regret their foolishness.

Monday, 29 June 2009

UKIP: David Bannerman and allegations of bribery

To celebrate UKIP’s recent Euro victory a party was recently held at James Carver’s house in Nayland, Suffolk.

Both of UKIP’s Eastern Region MEP’s - Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman - refused to fund the event. This is despite the fact that both will earn over £80,000 a year as MEPs. And this figure does not include their expenses! Many UKIPPERS were less impressed after being told by Mr Carver that they had to bring their own food!

Many other members were also slightly miffed that they had been left off the guest list. UKIP South Essex members were certainly not welcome.

Unfortunately, UKIP South Essex forever blotted its copy book after complaining about UKIP’s corrupt MEP selection process.

Here is one such example:

Mrs Janet L Davies
75 Barrymore Walk

19th June 2008

FAO Christopher Gill
UKIP Head Office

Dear Christopher

I wish to lodge a complaint regarding the interviewing of the prospective MEP candidates in the Eastern Counties. It has come to my attention that the true democratic process has possibly been violated. I was present at the last National Conference and was invited by Jeffrey Titford to attend a drinks session and witnessed (along with all present) Jeffrey announcing Stuart Gulleford as his successor? I was then and am now appalled he said that. I am aware that he did sit in at some of these interviews did he please sit in at Stuart’s. If this is in fact the case that was a conflict of interests and it should never have been the case.

I have also been told that Peter Reeve was one of the interviewers and I have been told that David Campbell-Bannerman said that if he was chosen then he would keep Peter as RO? This could be looked upon as Bribery!

I have been told that a man who cost our Party £18,000 due to neglect on his part as Party Treasurer has gone through. Indeed, if the Electoral Commission gets their way this amount will rise and that will be a major financial catastrophe for our Party.

I understand that John West and Alison West have failed to go through even though this couple have already proved that they are more than capable of doing a sterling job through research and organisation. In fact these two were our most popular choice among our branch and I believe also in other branches around the six-counties.

I would like to fully support the final choice of candidates but only if I think they got there by fair means.

Would you please report to me on whether I am correct that these interviews have not been conducted fairly? I would hate to think our Party is becoming corrupted.

I understand that the setting up of this Interview panel was far from democratic?

Yours truly,

Janet Davies

Secretary South Essex Branch

I understand that Gill never even acknowledged the letter.

It may also interest you to note that Bannerman is to open a Cambridge Office, keep open the Chelmsford Office and has promised to employ both Reeve and Gulleford. I also understand that he is to employ Reeve’s lover - one Lisa duffy.

Clearly Bannerman’s promise to employ Reeve WAS bribery. It is no wonder that Reeve - a member of the MEP selection interview panel - was so keen to get him onto the list. Failure to do so could have resulted in the loss of his job as Regional Organiser - a job which earns him over £30,000 per annum. It would have also cost Scruffy Duffy - and would someone please tell her that washing yourself at least once a day is not an offence - a well paid job with Bannerman.

It should also be noted that Stuart Agnew - another UKIP Eastern region MEP - has openly boasted that he bought his way onto the MEP list by making large donations to UKIP.

And UKIP has the nerve to claim to be the Party of Probity!

Friday, 26 June 2009

UKIP: Glenn Tingle WAS a member of the National Front

It has now emerged that Glenn Tingle - UKIP PPC for Norwich North - was a member of the National Front for a brief period as a teenager.

Documentary evidence of this comes, ironically, in the form of his resignation letter from the National Front. In it Mr Tingle says that he plans to enlist in the Army and that he has been informed that membership of the NF could threaten his chances of being accepted.

This handwritten letter, nearly 30 years old, still exists and is now in the possession of another political party.

The party in question may make this letter public once nominations close in an attempt to embarrass UKIP.

I would very much like to know if UKIP’s leadership were aware of this fact? Did Tingle deny his former NF membership when he applied to become a UKIP candidate. Is former membership of the NF acceptable to Farage? After all, he seems obsessed with the BNP and UKFP - both of which are proscribed parties according to UKIP's joke constitution. Indeed, Farage has been busily accusing various UKIPPERS of being in the BNP for the last few months. And even admitting to being a former member of the BNP means that you are denied membership of UKIP. So why is the NF different? Is it because his father is alleged to have been a member? Or is it because one of his former RO's used to be a member?

And what will UKIP left-wing extremist Mark Croucher say when he finds out?

Oh dear!

UKIP: Ind Dem

Interesting that the Ind Dems last "event" was in 2006. What have they been doing for the last two and half years?

Thursday, 25 June 2009

UKIP: More from Nigel Farage's photo album

Nigel Farage reacts badly to the news that Petrina Holdsworth, John West, Niall Warry, Del Young, David Abbott, Eric Edmond and Gregg Beaman have asked Paul Nuttall if they can form a ‘Friends of UKIP’ discussion group.

UKIP: Is Nigel Farage moonlighting?

Has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance between Nigel Farage and Tony Gordon of Coronation Street? But it does not stop there!

Mr Gordon is currently the Street’s resident love rat and villain while Nigel Farage is currently UKIP’s resident love rat and villain - has Nigel taken up acting in order to make a bit of extra cash for his old age? Or is it needed to cover all those 'secret payments' to Annabelle?

Makes you think!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

UKIP: Was Glenn Tingle a member of the National Front?

UKIP’s leadership has yet to deny the allegation that Glenn Tingle - UKIP’s Norwich North PPC - was in his younger days a member of the National Front.

Why the silence? If this allegation is just malicious gossip then why has both Nuttall and Tingle declined to issue a denial?

Makes you think!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

UKIP: Another terrible election result

So much for Farage's claim that UKIP has finally made the big breakthrough. Within two weeks of the Euros and UKIP's vote has already plummeted!

Ingleby Barwick West, Stockton-on-Tees 19/6/09

Result Ingleby Barwick

Independent Society 1,011

Conservative 303

Labour 163

UK Independence Party 82

Liberal Democrat 54

UKIP Share of the vote 5.1%

Monday, 22 June 2009

UKIP: Openness and transparency?

So UKIP is to contest the Norwich by-election on a platform of openness and transparency.

A touch hypocritical methinks!

Nigel Farage MEP - and his accounts

1. Farage Allowances - unpublished

2. UKIP MEP Allowances - unpublished

3. Farage Expenses - unpublished

4. Farage's SE Regional Accounts - £200,000 unaccounted 'other costs' - unpublished

5. Ashford - £1m expenses - unpublished

Friday, 19 June 2009

UKIP is just another Tory pressure group: Farage betrays UKIP's membership

Nigel Farage has approached David Cameron with a very interesting offer.

In exchange for an agreement to hold a referendum on EU membership Farage has promised not to field ANY UKIP candidates in the next General Election.

The Tory leadership is said to be considering the offer as UKIP could cost the Tories many crucial Westminster seats.

What is reprehensible about this offer is the fact that branches were not even consulted before Farage contacted the Tories. UKIP's membership is held in contempt by the Farage cabal. While Farage was promising to raise money for the GE he was secretly promising the Tories not to contest it!

Many UKIPPERS want UKIP to become a viable alternative to the old party system. They certainly don't want it to become an extension of the Tory Party.

Farage will try to sell this betrayal as a sign of UKIP’s strength. That he has persuaded the Tory leader to consider a referendum on EU membership will be hailed as a great victory for the Euro-realist cause. But the membership should realise that if Cameron accepts Farage’s offer it will mean the end of UKIP as a political party. It will prove that UKIP is nothing more than a Tory pressure group. Many members - who hate the Tories - will undoubtedly resign in disgust at this shoddy betrayal but will Farage care?

The answer is no. He never cared about UKIP. It was ALWAYS a means to an end. It was ALWAYS about Farage. He has been elected to the EU Gravy Train for another five years where he will continue to con the taxpayer out of millions in expenses.

There has also been talk of a secret deal between Farage and Cameron. Don’t be surprised if Farage becomes a Tory MEP, is offered a safe Tory seat in the General Election or even a place in the House of Lords.

That is his price for betraying UKIP. Farage's ONLY loyalty is to himself.

You were fooled. You only have yourself to blame!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

More lies from Nigel Farage

It seems that Farage is still obsessed with the BNP.

He has now accused Gary Cartwright - a researcher in Brussels - of agreeing to work for the BNP!

I am sure that both Mr Cartwright and Mr Griffin will be surprised to hear that!

You will recall that Farage also claimed that Mr Cartwright was Junius and even warned staff in Brussels not to speak to him!

He later changed his mind and accused Piers Merchant of being Junius!

Farage is so used to telling lies that he now finds it hard to tell fact from fiction.

You only have to recall his claim that Tom Wise was thrown out of UKIP after it was revealed to him that the Eastern Region MEP was under investigation for fraud.

Documentary evidence proves that Mr Wise only resigned from UKIP in March of this year.

Despite this Farage still tells reporters that he threw him out ages ago!

Farage, you really are pathetic!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Shameful! UKIP use memorial to murdered women as a mount for election billboard

A BEACONSFIELD schoolgirl has branded a political party “moronic” and “beyond insensitive” after they used a memorial to a murdered woman to mount a promotional sign.

Morgana Welsh, a 16-year-old Beaconsfield High School pupil, ripped the UKIP election billboard down in disgust after seeing it displayed on a memorial psalm to Sinead Healy.

The party then put another, larger, stand-alone sign obscuring the memorial. UKIP has today apologised for the sighting of the signs.

The 26-year-old's body was found buried in a layby by the A40 in March 2001. Her fiancée, Kenneth Lynch, was later convicted of the murder.

Miss Welsh, who lives in High Wycombe, said: “We drive past the spot quite often and I remembered the case quite clearly from seeing it in the press.

“It is beyond insensitive, and an outrageous lack of respect for the poor girl's family. Anyone capable of doing this is either pig ignorant or deliberately malicious.”

UKIP came second in the South Bucks district in Thursday's European Parliament poll, ahead of Labour and the Lib Dems.

However, Miss Welsh said her anger was compounded when she drove past the sign a week later and saw UKIP had not removed the tape from the psalm, and erected a huge billboard in front of it.

She added: “I can only assume people had not realised what they had done, or I'm sure they would not have voted for them.”

It is the second problem UKIP has had with their signs in the High Wycombe area. Last month someone covered the face of Winston Churchill on a West Wycombe Road billboard promoting immigration restrictions with a sign reading “Hidden In Shame. Winston Churchill was better than this.”

Steve Harris a spokesman for the party, admitted the sign was insensitive, and promised to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

He added: “All I can really say is obviously we are very, very sorry. People get a bit overenthusiastic about it sometimes, and we can only apologise for it.”

End of article.

Who is Harris trying to kid? They only expressed regret after being shamed by the press.

To view the original: Beaconsfield schoolgirl slams UKIP for sign placement (From This Is Local London)

Thursday, 11 June 2009

UKIP: So what has been achieved?

Prior to the expenses scandal UKIP was set to implode. Even Farage was privately admitting that UKIP would be lucky to get 5 seats.

The expenses scandal saved UKIP’s bacon. UKIP did not win 13 seats because of Nigel Farage appearing on the TV or because of their policies. They won seats because voters were foolish enough to believe that UKIP was different.

It was a protest vote. Nothing more, nothing less.

And yet despite this UKIP still did quite badly.

Britain is facing the worst economic crisis in decades, people are losing their jobs and their homes. Public dissatisfaction with the main political parties has NEVER been higher. And yet UKIP still only managed to gain a pathetic 0.3 % increase in the share of the vote!

The promised 26 MEPs never materialised and in the local elections UKIP only managed to gain a handful of council seats. They also lost one MEP in the East Midlands.

Even staunch UKIP supporters such as Brendon Padmore are uneasy with UKIP’s poor performace:

I don't mean to **** on UKIPs parade especially as I am a member and campaigned for the party but if we are going to move forward we have to face some realities. UKIPs vote would have collapsed if it wasn't for the MPs expenses scandal (IMHO) so whilst I am more than happy with the result I am not kidding myself that this was due to UKIPS performance.

A gain of one MEP when the main political parties are at there lowest ebb in history is very poor. What I would like to see in the next few weeks is the leadership giving us direction and momentum to carry the fight on-wards with a concentration on domestic issues and no mention of the EU.

So what will happen now?

The answer is not a lot! You can expect a few more silly stunts in Brussels, a more authoritarian leadership and the expulsion of the last of the so-called malcontents. Niall Warry, Eric Edmond and Geoffrey Collier are just three of many to face the chop!

Farage is secure for the moment. However, several newspapers are believed to be conducting investigations into UKIP. Several UKIP MEPs are under investigation by OLAF and David Bannerman has designs on the leadership.

Also, several UKIP MEPs are unhappy with Farage’s leadership and would like to see him resign at the earliest opportunity. These include Colman, Bufton, Sinclaire, Batten and Dartmouth.

Farage position as leader is hardly secure in the long-term!

Congratulations to UK First!

Considering UK First was only formed a few weeks ago they have done really well.

They outpolled both Libertas and the Jury Team across England.

In the South East they polled over 15,000 votes WITHOUT a leaflet!

In East Anglia they polled over 38,000 votes and helped deny the odious and corrupt Andrew Smith of UKIP a seat in Brussels.

And in the East Midlands they polled over 20,000 votes.

Also, Peter Cole beat both Labour and the Lib Dems in a local election.

Predictably Nigel Farage’s useful idiots have crawled out from the rotting woodwork in order to attack UKFP.

Matt Davies - who appears to have succeeded Bob Feal-Martinez as the Democracy Forum’s resident idiot - claimed that UK First had helped the BNP win two seats. Perhaps someone should tell him that the BNP won their seats in the NW and Yorkshire. UK First did not contest EITHER seat!

However, I suggest you tell him VERY slowly as he is of clearly very limited intelligence!

Here is UK First’s official statement:

Petrina Holdsworth, The United Kingdom First Party’s lead European Parliamentary candidate in the South East Region said today that she is very pleased with UK First’s performance in the European elections. "Despite standing in only three regions, we were able to outpoll many better-established, better-funded parties. More impressive still, UK First outpolled both Libertas and the Jury Team across England and Wales, despite the fact that those two parties stood more regions, were better funded, and each had the benefit of a party political broadcast," said Holdsworth.

"For a small party that has only existed for only a few months this is an excellent result. Clearly voters are attracted to our message, and this result is an excellent base on which to build our party."

In the Eastern Region, UK First and its lead candidate Robin Page polled 38,185 votes, placing 7th of 15 parties In the East Midlands, UK First came 8th overall, polling 20,561. In the South East Region, UK First polled 15,261, beating Jury Team.

United Kingdom First’s cumulative vote was 74,007, more than Libertas which stood in every English region, and within 5000 votes of Jury Team which stood in every region in the United Kingdom with the exception of Northern Ireland.

In addition, Peter Cole, UK First’s candidate in candidate in the Dunstable Downs Ward in Central Bedfordshire polled 856 beating both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

UK First websites can be viewed at: http://www.ukfp.org/ & http://www.ukfirstparty.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Steve Allison resigns as UKIP Regional Organiser & Campaign Director

Steve Allison has resigned as a UKIP Regional Organiser and Campaign Director.

In his resignation letter he claims that he wants to spend more time with his family. Now where have we heard that before? That there is more to this story than meets the eye is obvious.

In recent months Allison - pictured above - has become increasingly disillusioned with UKIP's leadership. He was also extremely unhappy with Farage's decision to bring in Ken Irvine to oversee UKIP's Euro campaign.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

UKIP Election results

EU election blog is always worth a read:

Nigel Farage admits to taking £2,000,000 in expenses, or 'allowances', in 10 years as an MEP.

He claims to have used that to promote UKIP in the UK.

3 UKIP MEPs were elected in 1999, when Farage was first elected. In five years, to 2004, they must have then made £600,000 per year in allowances.

Making £3,000,000 from 1999 to 2004.

In 2004 12 were elected. They lost 1 immediately (Ashley Mote), 1 (Kilroy Silk) left soon after. So assume the 10, Tom Wise was never expelled, each made £200,000 each year in allowances.

UKIP MEPs then, supposedly, made £2,000,000 per year over five years in allowances. Making £10,000,000 over the last five years to promote the party.

After these county council elections:

UKIP have gained 6 county councillors.
English Democrats have 1 elected mayor.
BNP have gained 2 county councillors.
Greens have gained 6 county councillors.

As UKIP say, those using taxpayers' money usually waste it. Perhaps they should practice what they preach, because that looks like a poor return to me.

Or perhaps UKIP gravy train passengers just couldn't survive in the business world.

Or they actually haven't been promoting their party with their allowances after all.

Very curious.

To see the original: LINK

And let us not forget that before the MP expenses scandal UKIP was set to do very badly. They have not gained votes due to their policies, MEPs or Farage. They have gained support because voters naively think that UKIP is different.

Voters will soon come to realise their mistake. UKIP is just as corrupt as the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

UKIP is getting really paranoid

Taken from UKIP's website:

UKIP is being inundated with calls from voters complaining that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.Voting has only been going on for three hours and already hundreds are calling the UK Independence Party to complain that they were not able to vote for the party.

The problem is that Returning Officers have been folding the ballot papers. They have been folding them so that the last two, three or four parties in alphabetical order are hidden when the first fold of the paper is opened. It thus appears that UKIP is not on the ballot paper.

UKIP has already contacted both the Electoral Commission and the Returning Officers on this matter.

So is UKIP suggesting that the voters are too stupid to unfold a voting slip?

Clearly UKIP is making a fuss as there are already signs that they are not going to do as well as Farage and his sycophants previously claimed. The folded ballot papers will be used as the excuse for a bad election result.

UKIP has been exposed time and time again as a party led by cheats, liars and crooks.

UKIP has been criticised by Open Europe for refusing to publish details of their expense claims, several UKIP MEPs are under investigation by OLAF and Farage has refused to say where his £2 million expenses went.

There was a rigged MEP selection process, the lies of Godfrey Bloom and David Bannerman, the removal of democratically elected NEC members, attempts to give Nuttall dictatorial powers and Farage sanctioned BNP smears against decent members.

The list is endless!

That UKIP - under it’s present leadership - is corrupt is obvious.

Don’t waste your time or your vote on this dishonest bunch!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

UKIP: The stupidity and hypocrisy of Mark Croucher

The mentally challenged Mark Croucher - like Farage - is still busily trying to promote the idea that UKIP has been infiltrated by the BNP.

Despite frequent requests to name the infiltrators they have both declined to do so. Surely if they possess a list of names why don't they publish them?

But of course they can’t because they are lying. They use the BNP smear story in order to silence any who dare criticise Farage’s leadership. Dr Eric Edmond made the following observation on his blog:

This is what I fell out with him 10 minutes into my first NEC meeting. I made it clear to him then that I would not rubber stamp any of his ridiculous tirades and smears without seeing independent evidence to support his claims. To the best of my knowledge Farage has never produced any evidence of BNP moles/infiltrators or whatever in UKIP”.

Although Croucher is happy to denounce others as being far-right he has himself been more than happy to submit articles to a magazine whose editor has been accused of being a supporter of the far-right. The magazine in question - Right Now - was often accused by far-left groups of being fascist in outlook.

As ‘Barboo’ has pointed out on the British Democracy Forum:

“It would have been difficult to get much closer to the BNP than Mark Croucher did when he submitted an article to Right Now! magazine, published in October/November 2003.

Editor Derek Turner, said to have described himself as a 'neighbourhood Nazi', wrote: "To commemorate the magazine's tenth anniversary, issue 42 contains a unique series of articles on the British 'Right'". The contents list included:

The Freedom Party - No change, no chance by Cllr Mrs Sharron Edwards

United Kingdom Independence Party - Who governs Britain? by Mark Croucher

British National Party - Is the BNP about to become mainstream? by John Bean

Having an article appear sandwiched between one by the former deputy leader of the BNP, and another by the editor of the BNP magazine 'Identity', is just the sort of link which would have Mark Croucher screaming 'fascist' and 'nazi' if the author had been anyone who had fallen out of favour with the UKIP leadership!”

In the same thread John West replied:

"Funny how Croucher has declined to comment on this. Perhaps someone should tell searchshite they have a fascist in their midst".

Although Croucher is already in the pay of Farage you can expect Croucher to become an official full-time employee of UKIP after June 4th.

His willingness to lie for his master will be well rewarded.

For more on Croucher: LINK

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Piers Merchant - UKIP's own returning officer - on the invalidity of the Eastern Region selection process



I was officially appointed as Returning Officer for the UKIP internal elections which were to decide on the regional list candidates for the 2009 European Elections.

My duties were not clearly defined but included supervision of the election campaign and of the subsequent count.

I was appointed after the shortlisting process and therefore took no part in that. However, it was not entirely clear to what extent my remit extended to scrutinising the validity of the shortlisted candidates. Returning Officers normally have some responsibility for ensuring candidates are correctly nominated.

During the course of the election campaign I received complaints on almost a daily basis. Many of these were about the validity of the candidates and often about the process of shortlisting . I formed a view that something had gone wrong in various regions and in some it was sufficient to tarnish the election process itself.

I was placed in a practical position where I had to rule at various times in the campaign whether or not a candidate was a valid candidate because of a chorus of complaints and questions.
I was very keen to try not to disrupt the complex voting process once it had started and so where there were complaints that looked credible I said I would make a final ruling after the count. I could then take an overall view and also give parties a chance to re-consider their position in the light of the results.

In my official report to the National Executive Council ( which I can make available), I stated that I considered the overall position in both the Eastern and London untenable. As far as the Eastern region was concerned I formally recommended that a special sub-committee be set up with a remit to investigate all the complaints and determine how to resolve them.

To my surprise the NEC rejected this recommendation after a very brief discussion which I believe was quite inadequate and, furthermore, decided to take no action at all.

Given the complete failure to even investigate the serious and continuing complaints and given all my original concerns, it is my considered view as Returning Officer that the results of the internal election in the Eastern Region are unsafe and invalid and that the entire process should be re-run.

Piers Merchant
12 February 2009

UKIP's leadership can't even conduct an internal election without it becoming corrupted.

As you can see NONE of the UKIP's Eastern Region candidates should be standing as the whole Eastern Region selection process is invalid.

If you live in the Eastern Region don't vote for UKIP on June 4th!

Gerard Batten & Roger Knapman on Derek Clark's betrayal of the British people

Derek Clark is one of UKIP’s more obnoxious MEPs.

He is under investigation for fraud:

The OLAF investigation into allegations that Clark misused his EU allowance is certainly gathering momentum with the likelihood that Northampton Police will be asked to launch a full investigation into Clark’s financial activities.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-D2008.A1/7133/OF/2008/0240

He is a supporter of the EU:

Clark went to Bucharest - at the behest of Farage - and signed a declaration espousing the principle of "subsidiarity". Prior to this UKIP has always been in favour of total withdrawal from the EU. By accepting the principle of subsidiarity UKIP was now accepting the authority of the union to take decisions which are not devolved to national or regional government.

At the same time Clark also signed up to the principle of "reforming" the Common Agricultural Policy, something which UKIP had previously refused to recognise at all.


Here is an internal memo sent by Roger Knapman to his fellow MEPs. It concerns Clark’s willingness to betray the British people:

Memo to UKIP MEPs

I am afraid I cannot in any way allow myself to be associated with the joint declaration with the Romanian Party PIN.

I hope you will agree with me.

The declaration contains statements with which we should not possibly agree and which are against the principles upon which we were elected.

May I draw your attention in particular to paragraphs 3 and 6. We are not in favour of the EU concept of subsidiarity which presupposes basic authority is centralised at EU level; we are certainly not in favour of the CAP and farming subsidies.

I am uneasy about paragraph 8 which implies that sovereignty is negotiable in areas other than fiscal policy. Paragraph 7 is vacuous and its meaning unclear.

We should not allow UKIP to be linked with this dubious initiative under any circumstances. Nor should we become involved in internal elections in other countries.

I also hope no UKIP MEP will become involved in the junket in Romania. We agreed in the group at the beginning of this Parliament that we would not allow ourselves to be seduced into the free international trips circuit. We should stick to our resolve. Nothing is to be gained by slap up dinners in Bucharest or bus tours round the countryside.

There is merit in us being part of a loose grouping, but with minimal policies in view of our unique position as withdrawalists. Group and bureau meetings should therefore be limited in nature and take place in Brussels or Strasbourg or we are bound to face justifiable criticism for “going native.”


Gerard Batten also spoke out against Clark’s betrayal:

From: gerard.batten@btinternet.com

To: alanbown@btinternet.com; bryanukip1@aol.com; davidfabbott@btinternet.com; partychairman@ukip.org; del1young@yahoo.co.uk; douglas.denny@btopenworld.com; emb@westanstey.fsnet.co.uk; gerard.batten@btinternet.com; percyguest@onetel.com; mazukerman@bensonmazure.co.uk; ukipse@ukip.org; rjoxley@lineone.net; dclark@ukip.org; ukipse1@keme.co.uk; gbloom@ukip.org; mrgrahambooth@aol.com; jtitford@ukip.org; jwhittaker@ukip.org; mikenattrass@hotmail.com; rknapman@ukip.org; tomwise@ukip.org

Subject: FW: Message from RogerDate: Wed, 16 May 2007 13:17:01 +0100

Dear All,

IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE TO UKIP NEC MEMBERS AND MEPS ONLY. I have just received a copy of this letter from Roger to the NEC. I agree with its contents.


It is a pity that Gerard is now too cowardly to speak out. In private he is more than willing to attack Farage and his sycophants but in public he is one of the first to praise them. I am sickened by his spinelessness!

Is Derek Clark - a man accused of fraud - the sort of person you want representing Great Britain for another five years?

Don’t waste your vote on this odious man. He is a traitor to his people and his country!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Nigel Farage makes a fool of himself on Sky News

Taken from Sky News:

ADAM BOULTON: It’s the European Parliamentary elections this week and if you are in the UK and you are not too keen on Europe and you don’t like the Conservatives then two parties are actually focusing on the whole question of Europe from a sceptical angle. There is Libertas and I’m joined now from Mullingar in County Westmeath in Ireland by their founder, Declan Ganley, who is actually standing in Ireland although he has candidates in many countries in these 27 nation European elections and also I am also joined here in the studio by the UK Independence Party’s leader, Nigel Farage, MEP. Why you rather than Libertas, Nigel?

NIGEL FARAGE: Libertas, I mean look, well done Declan Ganley for fighting the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland and the referendum, that’s good and I wish him well in his seat but the big difference is Declan Ganley believes in the EU and believes in membership of the EU, thinks it can be reformed and changed but that this treaty doesn’t take it in quite the right direction. That position is pretty much identical to that of David Cameron’s. Our position in UKIP is look, we want to trade with Europe, be friendly in Europe, co-operate with our next door neighbours but not be part of a political union and we are the only party offering that option.

ADAM BOULTON: Declan Ganley, you are pretty much the same as David Cameron only obviously less well known.

DECLAN GANLEY: Well we are very different to David Cameron and the Labour party. What Nigel is saying insofar as we are not against the European Union is correct, we’re not. The European Union needs dramatic reform, it needs it now. The fact is that the expense scandal that is going on in Brussels dwarfs that that is going on in the UK. In fact Nigel’s own party has had around a quarter of its members either investigated or indeed having been convicted of fraud and various other misdemeanours that are expense related. The fact is …

ADAM BOULTON: Whereas you … carry on.

DECLAN GANLEY: The fact is, is that Europe needs to be reformed, it needs to be reformed now. We have successfully defeated the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, UKIP, the Tories, Labour, none of them have executed successful reform in the European Parliament. They talk about it, they talk a good game but they cannot deliver. We are running candidates across most of the member states of the European Union precisely because this is a numbers game, you need a significant number of seats in the European Parliament to be able to put the pressure on the Commission, which is ridiculously the only place that laws and regulations can be initiated. The fact is that the majority of the laws and regulations in the UK now come from Brussels, that now has to stop.

NIGEL FARAGE: Declan is right about the Commission … Declan is right about the Commission, it is the un-elected bureaucrats that make the laws.

ADAM BOULTON: The problem is you have been there with your colleagues in the European Parliament for five years, what have you achieved?

NIGEL FARAGE: Public opinion when I was first elected showed 25-30% of Britons thought we should be outside of the Union and have a simple trade deal. It is now 55-60% and what UKIP has done is to lead that argument, lead that debate and move the …

ADAM BOULTON: What have you actually done in Europe with a job and the money and the expenses that you’ve had?

NIGEL FARAGE: Oh goodness me, I exposed Commissioner Barrot as being a convicted embezzler, I am the only person in that parliament in the last ten years who has been able to get the entire commission on a motion of censure before the Parliament.

ADAM BOULTON: We heard David Cameron earlier saying you had voted to let Spanish fishermen into our waters.

NIGEL FARAGE: Amazing. Mr Cameron should check his facts. What the Tory party voted for was for 60% of the fish of the Shetland box to be caught by the French and Spanish fleets.

ADAM BOULTON: And how did you vote?

NIGEL FARAGE: We voted against it, we believe that 100% of the fish of the Shetland box should be caught by British fisherman and it is a bit rich for Mr Cameron, who turned his back on a CFP policy, to criticise us on fishing.

ADAM BOULTON: You did take part in a vote which allowed them in didn’t you?

NIGEL FARAGE: No, no, they were already in, it was a question of what allocation the British got and we thought that 40% in our territorial waters was not good enough.

ADAM BOULTON: Mr Ganley was also making the point there about politics as usual or possibly even worse as far as your MEPs are concerned. Two suspended, one …

NIGEL FARAGE: On expenses, on expenses, one. On expenses, one, who when it …

ADAM BOULTON: Mr Wise and Mr Mote.

NIGEL FARAGE: No, Mr Mote was an entirely separate issue. On expenses one and that person, even though when he was found to have done wrong he paid all the money back, we got rid of him immediately.

ADAM BOULTON: And you’ve got another one, Godfrey Bloom, who says he is Mr Clean, doesn’t employ his family, it turns out he employs his niece.

NIGEL FARAGE: Extraordinary, here is Godfrey Bloom who was given £20,000 of his daily allowances to charities, I don't think anyone is going to put a finger on him.

ADAM BOULTON: So why did he say he didn’t employ anyone from his family?

NIGEL FARAGE: He doesn’t employ his wife, he doesn’t employ his children, he employs a niece.

ADAM BOULTON: He employs a niece, okay. He also says anyone who employs a woman of child bearing age needs their head examined and he actually employs two women in their 20s.

NIGEL FARAGE: Well under, under the rules – and Alan Sugar agrees with that now too.

ADAM BOULTON: Let’s go back to Mr Ganley. Mr Ganley, how would you, if you do get into the European Parliament, would you take your expenses?

DECLAN GANLEY: We are going to publish our expenses on a quarterly basis online with full detailed receipted expenses. The fact is, is that it seems that many MEPs from the Labour party, from the Tory party, from UKIP, from the Liberals, seem to be in politics for money and not to serve the people. The fact is that right across Europe and very much in the UK, we want to ensure that the people of Britain get the opportunity to go in and vote for change and effective change delivered for the British people.

NIGEL FARAGE: They are all talking about change, they are all talking reform, we’ve had thirty years of talking about reform, it’s time we cut our links and got back to governing our own country.

DECLAN GANLEY: But the fact is that …

ADAM BOULTON: We are going to have to leave it there, thank you both very much indeed.

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Godfrey Bloom: Don't waste your vote on this sordid individual

Bloom has admitted visiting brothels. He has been most insensitive about the plight of trafficked women. He might have something to say about the time, in 2005, that he was picked up by Brussels police after he ran out of a brothel near Gare du Nord without paying for his champagne.... You might also ask him about the black lady who took him to a cashpoint that same night....

Given his attacks in bars on Richard Corbett and Ferdinand Koenig, Bloom's "biog" on Twitter is ironic:

"Urbane, witty, well informed and sensitive, even as he punches your lights out."

Here, Annabelle Fuller (Bellatrix) refers to the flat in Brussels owned by Bloom's company, and used by Farage. So both stay in one flat, and both claim full expenses....?


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Don't talk rot. Farage and Godfrey rent out the flat which costs more than staying in cheap hotels.Just because you don't like Nigel doesn't mean he's breaking the rules.Tom Wise is not a UKIP MEP.

Here we see Bloom drunk "on duty". He boasts about his supremacy over east Europeans in the area of hedge funds. That would be the same hedge funds that contributed to the present economic crisis......... and the same hedge funds that contributed to Bloom's company being heavily criticised and fined by the FSA....