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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

> UKIP & Le Pen: The links & what they mean.


There was an interesting moment on Sunday when Andrew Neil asked Paul Nuttall about alleged links with Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front.

Nuttall stated that he had never met her.

As recently as the early part of this year reports from Brussels referred to meetings between UKIP and Front Nationale figures to discuss the formation of a political group in the European Parliament after next May's european elections. Godfrey Bloom, of course, was co-founder of the European Alliance for Freedom, a far-right pan-European political party. The photo shows the UKIP logo side by side with the EAF one.

This is from a statement issued by Front Nationale last year:

‘Marine Le Pen joined the European Alliance for Freedom last October. This pan-European platform was founded at the end of 2010 and despite its opposition to the European Union such as it is organised at present, has been recognised by the European Parliament. The members of this Alliance have come from the ranks of those movements engaged in the patriotic and sovereignty struggles of our time. They include for example the Austrian FPÖ of Heinz-Christian Strache, the British UKIP of Nigel Farage..."

Mme. Le Pen is in the ascendency, and is probably the most prominent populist politician in Europe. Farage is said to be seething about this.

Pan-European parties will be able to contest 'virtual' constituencies. To be top of the candidates list in one of these parties is a guarantee of a job for life, which is what Farage craves. He knows that a seat in Westminster will never be his, and a Tory peerage is dependent on his patrons toppling Cameron and replacing him with one of their own, David Davies, most likely.

However, The EAF is now very much Le Pen's vehicle, and she is steering it well. The will be no political space for a second far-right party. Farage has missed the boat and he probably knows it.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

> Steve Crowther Should 'Count the Paperclips'!


In the political context, UKIP often refer to the issue of the EU as 'The elephant in the room'.

Now, in the context of UKIP, its constant internal strife, and litany of incompetence, an MEP has raised the matter of another elephant in the room. Disgraced (at least for the moment) Godfrey Bloom has turned his fire on Party Secretary Steve Crowther.

The independent MEP, who is still a UKIP member, and who contrary to what the press were told here in the UK is still a member of the far-right EFD group in the European Parliament, said he felt there was "no future for me" in Ukip after the party chairman, Steve Crowther, publicly criticised him for advocating "radical" policies.

"Clearly there's no future for me in the party when the chairman, an ex-LibDem who believes he should have an interest in policy and not count the paperclips which is what he was employed to do, now feels he is entitled to criticise me when I talk about radical or libertarian policies, it's something I simply don't tolerate."

Crowther has repeatedly demonstrated his total lack of political acumen, and an absence of any ability in the field of policy. Some might argue that this makes him perfect for the job, as he will fit in alongside so many others posessing similar ineptitude.

Described by one MEP recently as a "nauseating little shit", Crowther has one quality that ensures that he has at least a temporary future in UKIP - a brown nose.

Read the original here.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

> UKIP's Partners Want New EU Legislation To Send Unwanted People To Us.


Everybody's favourite fascists, & UKIP's partners in the European Parliament, Lega Nord, have come up with a great idea.

Lorenzo Fontana, one of their MEPs, is calling on the European Commission to produce legislation to "ensure an equal distribution among the 28 member states of immigrants arriving at the coasts of southern Europe and across the EU border with Turkey, in accordance with the principle of solidarity and burden sharing".

Basically, this means passing immigrants and refugees our way.

Or to paraphrase the famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless,
Tempest-tossed to me,

And we will send them all to Kent.

So, we have new EU legislation, the passing on of unwanted human beings, and recognition of the 'solidarity' of the EU.

Nice company Nigel Farage keeps.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

> More Hypocrisy From The UKIP Fuhrer.


The following is taken directly from UKIP's 2010 manifesto. It appears in the transport section.

"Invest in three new 200mph plus high-speed rail lines including a new line between London and Newcastle with a spur to Manchester, a London-Bristol-Exeter line and a linking route via Birmingham."

Note please the words new, high-speed, and link.

So that would be HS2, then.

But now, of course, that others have taken the lead and roused opposition, it becomes prudent for the little man in the silly suit to pretend that he was against it all along. In fact, he has even claimed that UKIP is the only party to have opposed HS2.

Calling for it in a recent manifesto is a funny way to oppose it!

Or perhaps they thought that nobody would notice!