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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Trevor Colman. It's official.

It's official. Taken from the EU website:


Non-attached Members

Member United Kingdom

United Kingdom Independence Party

Born on 27 August 1941, St. Breward

To view the original: LINK

UKIP: Spivolytes

Nigel 'Spivboy' Farage is a total charlatan; who surrounds himself with a host of acolytes who wilfully ignore his duplicity. The majority of them are (or have been) of course beholden on him for their positions. Additionally, the CV's of many of Nigel's close associates, leave an awful lot to be desired. Certainly none of them can be described as top flight political operators.

Below are but a few examples of those Farage surrounds himself with.

Annabelly Spreadum: Farage’s long-term mistress. Was a UKIP press officer, but that was before a previous UKIP chairman demanded her dismissal for actions that cost UKIP dear in the courts. Spivboy, her lover, has now brought her back onto the UKIP payroll. Ran Farage's leadership election campaign. See: LINK

Hermann Kelly: Appointed EFD group media officer by Farage, Hermann Kelly, is a known republican sympathiser and friend of the IRA. See: LINK

Michael McGough: Member of UKIP's NEC, McGough claims to have been UKIP's PPC for Harlow - he wasn't - and now he willingly smears anyone who appears to be a threat to his Master. He does these things, safe in the knowledge that as long as he remains loyal to Farage he is untouchable!

Faces removal from CIB after gloating on a public forum that GLW's cancer had returned. One member has already resigned from the CIB in protest at McGough's continued presence on the committee. See: LINK

Andrew (Steve) Reed: Depends on Farage for his salary and has sold out his principals to retain his income from the EU!

Malcolm Wood: An avowed Tory who has taken the EU shilling. Highly duplicitous, he exists to perpetuate the reign of UKIP's leaders. Whether through loyalty or because of Danegeld is a moot point!

Mark Wadsworth: As UKIP Treasurer, Wadsworth did absolutely nothing to deal with the many unexplained financial skeletons in UKIP's finances!

Mark Croucho Marx: Left-wing trade unionist who worked closely with 'Searchlight' to vet applications for UKIP membership. Has always been quick to accuse critics of being fascist, though now he's strangely silent over the very real fascist links of all bar three of UKIP's MEP's. Appears to have vanished from Brussels at the moment. Lost court case to GLW and has still to pay his costs of some £10,000. See: LINK

Michael Zuckerman: A lawyer who would do anything and everything to ensure that Farage remains as the UKIP controller. He supported the removal of NEC members who were concerned about financial irregularities, including the removal of Nikki Sinclaire - because she refused to sit with anti-Semites in the EFD. Some might find the latter very strange, for Mr Zukkerman is Jewish????

Note: Zuckerman didn't see anything wrong in his acting as Returning Officer for the UKIP leadership election. This is despite his being known as a Farage sycophant! See: LINK

The odious Paul Nuttall: Owes everything to Farage. Prior to joining UKIP his only paid employment in the UK was as a lecturer at a Liverpool Poly - sorry, University!. So, he's eminently qualified to feed at the EU trough, don't you think?

Note: Man management is not one of Nuttall's strong points (5 PPC's in UKIP North West resigned after clashing with Nuttall over his dictatorial attitude). Despite this, Farage appointed him UKIP Chairman, and then Deputy Leader! See: LINK

Kevin Mahoney: One of UKIP's new breed of 'political advisor' - no political experience! Mahoney is a gas engineer by trade, and a voluntary president of one of South Wales' largest branches of the GMB union.

Aurelie Laloux: Despite being a paid employee of the EFD group, Laloux also received payment from an MEP from the GUE group (home to Sinn Fein in Europarl). Despite being ideologically opposed to UKIP, and despite widespread belief that she is the source of many leaks from within the EFD, Laloux remains in post. Could it be because she has been bedded (allegedly) by both Farage, and the odious Nuttall? See: LINK

Gawain Towler: Once a gay officer of a student union (strange therefore that he has been so silent over the abuse inflicted upon Nikki Sinclaire), openly admits to cannabis use. He was told by UKIP’s South West Committee to ‘reconsider’ his future as a UKIP MEP candidate after certain allegations were allegedly made by Mrs Towler on the family blog. He had a few days in which to resign or face de-selection. Towler appealed to Farage and the decision to remove him was overturned. Farage later appointed him to a very lucrative post in Brussels. See: LINK & LINK

Peter Reeve: UKIP's spokesman on local government (he first became a councillor in 2009). Since being elected, Mr Reeve is reported to have resisted at least two attempts to undergo a full CRB check (possibly because of the rumours indicating that he has a conviction for assault?) A UKIP MEP has admitted that though Reeve is paid £50k by the EU, he does next to no EU related work, because of he works full time for UKIP. Reeve clearly has the right moral values to work for Farage!

Under investigation by OLAF, along with Bannerman and Agnew. See: LINK

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UKIP: Derek has a dream

It's a fair cop!

Poor Derek! The Den Dover business has been giving Dippy Derek a few sleepless nights.

You will recall that Mr Dover may have to pay back large sums of money falsely claimed during his time as an MEP. See: LINK

Now who does that remind you of?

Here is a big clue! Derek has been under investigation by OLAF after being accused of misusing his own MEP allowances. Naughty!

For more information on our favourite UKIP MEP: LINK

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

UKIP: Farage is furious

Poor Nigel! He is simply furious with Trevor for doing the decent thing and walking away from the fascist EFD.

Farage is now down to 28 members in the group. To lose four MEPs in the space of 15 months could be considered rather unfortunate!

Farage is now busy courting far-right parties in Austria and elsewhere in a desperate attempt to save the EFD from further collapse. You can expect the EFD to become even more extremist if the likes of the Austrian Freedom Party join Farage's ranks.

As we said before, yet another UKIP MEP is considering following Trevor out of the group. Farage will lose funding for the group if the number of members falls below 25.

A statement from Trevor Colman will follow in due course.

Monday, 28 March 2011

UKIP: Farage suffers another hammer blow. Trevor Colman leaves the EFD!

So Trevor joins Nikki and Mike by leaving the EFD. Farage has yet again suffered a hammer blow as ANOTHER UKIP MEP leaves the racist and fascist EFD group.

Who will be next? We already have Marta Andreasen looking for a new political home while David Bannerman has been unsuccessfully courting the Tories with the offer to 'dish the dirt' on Farage and UKIP if offered a 'safe' Euro or Westminster seat to contest at the next election.

We can confirm that a least one more UKIP MEP is thinking of leaving the EFD. However, we have promised not to publish their name as we want to keep Nigel guessing!

More information on Trevor's resignation as we get it!

UKIP: Not long now & Mike Nattrass cleared by OLAF of any wrongdoing

As we said yesterday, you can expect some very exciting news regarding Farage's racist EFD group in the very near future! The letter has been sent. Farage won't have a very good day we can ASSURE YOU!

It comes as no surprise that Mike McGough - NEC member - has no idea what is about to occur. He has been blindly speculating as to what will happen on the British Democracy Forum:

I GET THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS ABOUT RICHARD,pray tell us.I infer that some party or MEPs are about to leave the EFD and that you know this by being close tp Nikki etc.

This what Richard Allen - UKIPPER in the West Midlands - had to say:

Oh dear Mick, what a sad existence you lead. You assume that everybody has the same low levels of professionalism and integrity as you. If something is about to happen, and if Nikki is aware of it, she has not shared this information with me and I would not expect her to share such information with me. Unlike certain senior members of UKIP Nikki does know how to behave in a professional manner.

Of course if something is about to happen I may well have heard about it from other sources. I might not have the most extensive list of contacts within the party but I am not without resources. Then again I could just be making this up.

I would have thought however that as a well connected member of the NEC you would know far more than a humble branch officer such as me. Maybe you could shed some light on whether or not something significant is about to occur?

Ouch! To see the original: LINK

Mike Nattrass

We are happy to confirm that Mike Nattrass has been FULLY cleared of any wrongdoing by OLAF. May we offer our own congratulations after hearing this good news from our various sources.

May Mike -along with Nikki - long continue to battle for British independence and freedom in the belly of the beast that is Brussels!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

UKIP: EFD to be rocked by more bad news, John Bufton returns to work and more on Marta

Farage’s EFD Group to be hit by more bad news!

We can confirm that Farage will be less than pleased with a certain letter. It should arrive on his desk within 24 hours. More news as we get it!

John Bufton

We are pleased to note that John Bufton has recovered sufficiently from his stroke to return to work as UKIP’s MEP for Wales. However, we would caution Mr Bufton that such strokes should be regarded as a warning that the stress of your current job may be too much for you.

We were amused to note that certain Farage sycophants were claiming that we had mocked Bufton over his illness. More lies. We actually said: "We would like to wish John Bufton a speedy recovery after suffering a recent stroke". See: LINK

It is tragic that Mr Bufton is such a bloody useless MEP. He has done very little for UKIP Wales. He promised before being elected to donate thousands to UKIP Wales if elected as an MEP. He failed to keep that promise. It later emerged that Bufton had donated just £900 to UKIP Wales during his first year as an MEP.

The UKIP Wales website was a joke. It failed to even mention the fact that Wales was facing a referendum on giving more powers to the Welsh Assembly. However, we are pleased to note that our recent criticism – along with GLW - of the site in question has led to it being revamped. We can make a difference!

You may recall how Mr Bufton was recently caught out by the Daily Mail and Channel Four. It concerned a little scam that he had been involved in ever since becoming a UKIP MEP. John had been turning up to the EU Parliament every Friday morning to collect his £260 daily allowance. No crime in that but you would expect him to stay for the day rather than quickly scuttling out of the building as soon as he has signed in!

Mr Bufton defence was rather lame to say the least! "That's our system".

Bufton is less than happy with membership of Farage's EFD group but till now has sadly lacked the guts to follow Nikki and Mike's example. We have confirmed before that Farage was rather 'helpful' when it came to that Channel Four programme. That Bufton was targeted came as no surprise to us or Nigel. You p*ss off Farage and face the consequences!

Marta Andreasen

Congratulations to Marta for gaining control of her EU 4000 budget. Farage was less than pleased to relinquish control of that extra cash but still hopes that this gesture will prevent her leaving the EFD. Fat chance, Nigel!

We can confirm that Marta has been approaching various parties in the hope that they will offer her a new political home. Her relationship with Farage and certain UKIP colleagues has become somewhat strained - remember her spat with Paul Nuttall? - and she is eager to jump ship at the earliest opportunity. See: LINK

You may recall that Anna Rosbach - Marta's Danish chum - resigned from the EFD group earlier this year. She joined the Tory ECR group. Her intentions came to light some time ago - in November she was in discussion with Tory MEPs Martin Calannan and Charles Tannock, but her decision was delayed due to problems with the leadership of the ECR group.

Rosbach has been critical of her Danish colleague Morten Messerschmidt, a convicted racist, mainly over his financial activities - it appears he has quickly perfected the art a la Farage, of milking his budgets ruthlessly. There were also problems of incompatibility between Rosbach and some of the more extreme elements of the Danish People's Party, and of the EFD group.

For more on Andreasen: LINK & LINK Also see: LINK & LINK

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Former MEP Den Dover faces prospect of paying back parliamentary allowances

We trust that Mr Clark - pictured above - is watching this case. He has also been under investigation by OLAF after it was alleged that he was also misusing his EU allowances. See: LINK

And we also trust that Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman are keeping a close eye on the case. Agnew admitted on video that both he and Bannerman were illegally paying Peter Reeve - UKIP RO - out of their EU allowances. See: LINK

And let us not forget Farage who pays his wife over 30,000 a year for allegedly doing his office paperwork. And what about the £2 million he admitted claiming in expenses since becoming an MEP? He has consistently refused to say where the money went. He has also refused to provide a full audit of his MEP accounts and expenses. And don't forget the Ashford Call Centre scam. Even Bannerman admitted that only 15% of the money raised by that centre actually went to UKIP! And what happened to the £211,000 that vanished from UKIP's SE accounts? Was it just coincidence that Farage later paid a similar amount into a private bank account?

The truth will out!

From Paliament.com:

Former UK MEP Den Dover will go to court later this week to contest a decision that he should repay part of his parliamentary expenses.

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is expected to give its ruling on the case on Thursday.

Parliament says that between 1999 and 2008 it paid a total of just over €1m to a company called MP Holdings Ltd which listed as its directors Den Dover's wife and daughter.

The money came from the allowance intended to pay the salaries and costs of a MEPs' staff and Dover's company was supposed to administer it independently.

Questions about the arrangements started to be asked in 2006 but it was not until 2008 that parliament's secretary general suggested that there was a conflict of interest and asked for details of the actual expenditure.

In October, the secretary general ruled that for the period August 1999 to June 2008 only €482,000 could be justified as having been paid in salaries, national insurance and legitimate staff travel expenses.

On Tuesday, a parliament spokesman told this website, "We will wait for the decision of the court. If the court supports parliament's position, then parliament will continue steps to recover the funds from the former MEP.

"However, parliament has no powers to prosecute anyone."

UK Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies has campaigned for more transparency in MEPs' pay and allowances and has taken a particular interest in the Dover case.

Davies said, "I hope that most people elected to parliament know the difference between right and wrong, honourable and dishonourable behaviour, without having to have it laid down by law. But the fact is that some do not - as recent 'cash for amendments' - revelations suggest."

He said the scale of abuse that "seems to have become common practice" amongst some MEPs was revealed in a secret report by parliament's internal auditor in June 2008.

Davies said, "I was one of the few MEPs who had the chance, as a member of the budgetary control committee, to read the report in a sealed room.

"The report led to changes which have very significantly curbed the abuse of the secretarial allowance payments, but disgracefully, parliament is still requesting that the Court of Justice keeps the auditor's report secret. This is ridiculous given that it can be found on the internet.

"So Den Dover might well feel very hard done by to have been fingered and chased by parliament when so many others seem to have got away with it.

"Indeed, I think he could have got away with it himself if he hadn't tried to be clever and make payments through an 'independent' company.

"My interpretation of the rules that applied at the time is that he could have legitimately paid the entire allowance to his wife in her capacity as his secretary. She could have been the best paid secretary in the world but the payments wouldn't have been challenged."

He went on, "On Thursday we find out whether the court agrees that the financial abuse was flagrant and the money must be repaid.

"Alternatively, the court could just agree that the parliamentary rules were so lax for years that it would not be fair to demand retrospective repayments now."

The case before the ECJ is administrative not criminal, but if Den Dover is required to repay the money does it end there?

"In Britain, MPs have gone to jail for wrongly claiming €22,000. What length of imprisonment would be justified by false claims for €573,000?"

To see the original: LINK

Thursday, 24 March 2011

UKIP: Marta Andreasen & Stuart Agnew go native

Controversial MEP for Barcelona, Marta Andreason, has authored a rather interesting report for the European Parliament.

In this published "opinion", she discusses the current economic crisis, and speculates on ways to avoid such catastrophes in the future. Marta's solution? More EU laws.

Marta believes that establishment of new basis for supervision based on an EU framework, will "eliminate deficiencies that were exposed during the financial crisis".

Increasingly, some UKIP MEPs are now not only supporting, but actually calling for, new EU legislation.

Stuart Agnew is also going off at a tangent, and is particularly keen on the highly expensive taxpayer-funded farming subsidies that make the CAP such a burden. On his blog he regularly writes in support of subsidies, but with the proviso that they go to farmers like himself


Agnew is not very keen on subsidies for organic farmers, however, but then he is not an organic farmer himself of course.

The Common Agricultural Policy is anathema to UKIP's core policy of national sovereignty and withdrawal from the EU. That Agnew is allowed to behave in this hypocritical and selfish way is a disgrace.

Agnew was once famously described by Farage as being "as thick as sh*t but he has money". See: LINK

Agnew is currently the subject of an OLAF investigation - along with Bannerman and Reeve - after he admitted on video that he was illegally paying Peter Reeve - a UKIP RO - out of his EU allowances. See: LINK

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire and more on Mike McGough

Nikki Sinclaire

You will recall that both Mike Nattrass and Nikki Sinclaire left Farage’s EFD group after becoming disgusted with the racist and fascist elements within the group.

Nikki was later banned by Farage’s corrupt sycophants from standing as a UKIP candidate. However, they failed to do the same to Mike which proves that their actions against Nikki were motivated by Farage’s personal hatred of the woman.

Nikki took UKIP to a tribunal and won. UKIP appealed. Nikki then offered the hand of friendship to UKIP to see if anything could be salvaged from the whole sorry mess. See: LINK & LINK

Steve Crowther – UKIP Executive Chairman – is now involved in an attempt to reconcile the two. However, don’t hold your breath as Farage has the final say on whether she can return to the UKIP fold.

Mike McGough

McGough crawls out of the gutter to publish more idiotic ramblings on the BDF

We are happy to report that there are plans to call for the removal of McGough from the committee of the CIB. This follows his disgusting comments about GLW's cancer which were published on the British Democracy Forum. See: LINK

It is felt that such a man can only bring the CIB into disrepute if he is allowed to remain on the committee.

We doubt that UKIP’s NEC will follow suit. Sadly, the majority of their members belong in the gutter with the Wolfman.

Here is another comment from the thread which McGough started in order to mock GLW over the return of his cancer. It is a response to McGough from a disgusted potential UKIP voter:

Jim Franklin

I am not defending GLW, I think he is an odious person who makes UK politics look even more foolish than the BNP does, BUT the man has a terminal illness, and regardless of private thoughts on the person, people should have enough self-respect and common decency to not mock the man for the illness. That is simply immoral and to be totally honest, were I inclined to vote UKIP, you would certainly have put me off and I will actively ensure anyone I know goes nowhere near the party whilst you are involved with it. No-one with your morals should be anywhere near a ballot box or especially the NEC of a political party.

To read the original: LINK

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Another UKIP Round Up

Guess who hasn't signed the 'People's Pledge'?

Yes, you've guessed .... it's the one and only 'Spivboy Farage'!!!

But why hasn't 'Spivboy' not signed it?

Could it be that only 'He' must be in control of the anti-EU movement and any alternative can only be seen as competing with 'His' activities and must therefore be opposed - unless 'He' leads it.

Then there is the possibility that it might just work, in which case 'Spivboy' would find his Eukip party would be stripped of its central aim: To leave the EU!

Shock, horror, that would never do; for the spiv needs the EU as much as he needs the BNP. The former gives him his living and the latter, so long as it exists, means the media will not target him.

Without those twin supports Farage would cease to be invited onto QT more frequently than government ministers. Worse, the Beeb might even start to expose his hidden secrets to public scrutiny.

Make no mistake about it, and despite the rhetoric to the contrary, 'Spivboy Farage' no more wishes Britain to leave the EU than, José Manuel Durão Barroso. His ego wouldn't be able to stand the loss!!!


Peter Reeve and Andrew Monk

We reproduce below a rather interesting article from a fellow blogger:

As I said a year ago, Andrew Monk, representing Ramsey, is a political tramp who is now turning up for the minimum. Andrew was elected as a Conservative in Ramsey only to go Independent and then join with Peter Reeve to make the UKIP group. As with Mandy Thomas, Andrew shows little inclination to do much for his pay than the legal minimum. His last Council meeting was 3/11/10. As his term ends on 5/5/11 he will no longer be a Councillor on 3/5/11 two days before the local elections

Andy was UKIP Parliamentary for South East Cambridgeshire. On a Youtube vid at about 1 minute 50 seconds in Andy is caught saying UKIP wants to get the best value from your local councils.

Obviously not. As Andy seems to have no intention of turning up to another meeting why the hell are council taxpayers still paying his allowances. If Andy resigned now that would be best value for the council taxpayer!

Maybe this seat will turn to the Conservatives once Andrews attendance record is displayed for everyone to see.

To see the original: LINK

Peter Reeve is currently the subject of an OLAF investigation - along with Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman - after it emerged that he was being illegally paid by Agnew and Bannerman out of their EU allowances. He was also heavily involved in the rigging of the MEP selection process.

For more on Reeve: LINK & LINK & LINK

The hypocrisy of Farage

Farage is always attacking the BNP for being racist. Yet he is more than happy to sit with fascists and racists in the EFD group.

Timo Soini - an EFD MEP and leader of the True Fins - is one of Farage's close friends in the group. Indeed, Farage has described him as a "great personal friend".

It is interesting to note that in April 2009, all of Finland's political leaders signed a declaration condemning racism. Only Soini refused to sign. See: LINK

That Farage and his fellow UKIP MEPs are happy with Soini's stance is obvious. None are prepared to condemn the man and ALL are more than willing to sit alongside him.

So please spare us Farage's pathetic condemnation of the BNP. Soini and the True Finns make the BNP look like a bunch of liberals but Nigel has no problem with that!

Why not email UKIP's staff in Brussels and demand to know why UKIP MEPs are happy to sit and work with fascists and homophobes? Don't forget that both Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass left the EFD because due to the racism of several fellow MEPs.

Here are some UKIP/EFD staff emails:










Monday, 21 March 2011

UKIP: McGough and Denny sink even further into the sewers

Michael 'Wolfman' McGough: UKIP NEC member, liar and serial failure. Despised by the majority of UKIPPERS.

Readers will be aware that GLW is to undergo new treatment for his cancer.

This is what Michael 'Wolfman' McGough - UKIP NEC member and serial idiot - had to say about it on the British Democracy Forum. Spacing and punctuation as the original:

Collection for anti UKIP Greg
I have been reading that Greg hasn't been able to peddle his untruths for some days due to illness and medical treatment.This will obviously have an impact on his ability to earn his living attacking UKIP.Will the Major step up to the plate and organise a collection ?
Do all send him get well emails or phone him,he loves early morning calls.

End of statement.

Richard Allen - UKIPPER in the West Midlands - replied:

I am so glad we have people of Mick McGough's calibre on the NEC.

McGough was sadly too stupid to realise that Mr Allen was being sarcastic:

Thanks Richard.

Geoffrey Collier and Tim spoke for many in their replies to McGough's ramblings:

mick mcgough: This posting must have reached the nadir of uncivilised communication. It matters not about whom we are speaking, acceptetable conduct dictates that the civilised rules of protocol are observed. This seems unknown to you, and you lack an instinctive reflex to guide you. As a NEC member, do you really feel that your standards are representative of the general membership? Are you a sentinel for the multitude, or merely a unique failure in your own right?

Well said!!!!! MM is a disgrace to UKIP and should be removed from any position of authority in the party. The man belongs in the gutter.

To see the original thread: LINK

McGough's main claim to fame is not being the PPC for Harlow. He can also boast numerous failed relationships with women due to his immaturity - no surprise there - and a rather unsuccessful career as an accountant.

He also gained his position on the NEC due to a rigged vote. Farage needed another nodding donkey. See: LINK

Mike McGough is one of those sad individuals that deserve our pity rather than our contempt. That he is in need of urgent medical help (we suggest a facility for the mentally ill) is sadly illustrated by his comments on the British Democracy Forum.

You can contact McGough on:

07920 771 458

Why not tell him what you think of his contributions to the BDF and his eagerness to support corruption in Farage's UKIP?

Which brings us to Douglas 'Himmler' Denny....

Douglas 'Himmler' Denny: UKIP NEC member, liar and supporter of UKIP leadership corruption

Readers will remember that Geoffrey Kingscott died recently. See: LINK

Messages of sympathy were posted on the BDF by various UKIPPERS. But Denny just couldn't resist attacking the man:

All this eulogistic syrupy drivel about Geoffrrey Kingscott in this thread is sickening enough in its own right as he was not a God, and it's not as if he had any great influence in UKIP.

It became so bad that his more abusive comments had to be removed or moved to a new thread by Anthony Butcher - BDF moderator.

Denny was less than amused!

This is despicable.

It is totally unacceptable to me. I will not be a part of a set-up which manipulates history.

I have threatened in the past to leave for reasons of censorship but the situations then had been resolved reasonably. This time I mean it. After many years of posting here this is the last.

You can s0d-off! Tony Blue-Pencil Butcher!

End of comments.

To see the original thread: LINK

That Denny and McGough are allowed to remain members of UKIP's NEC after posting such filth on a public forum tells you all you need to know about the integrity of UKIP's leadership. In any decent organisation they would have both been kicked out years ago.

Also see: LINK

Greg Lance-Watkins

The Junius Team wish to send our best wishes to Greg who is set to undergo further treatment for cancer.

This is what Greg had to say in a recent email:

Thursday last I received the far from pleasant news that Cancer, which I have been fighting for 13 years, is back with a vengeance.

I have tumours in my lower abdomen including necrotic cancerous lymph tumour!

I have a bone scan on 31st. then specialist at Velindra (Cardiff) 6th. to see how we fight it this time.

End of quote.

Greg is both a staunch patriot and an opponent of the EU. He is hated by the corrupt leadership of UKIP due to his tireless efforts to expose the dishonesty and hypocrisy of Farage and his disgusting sycophants. And even his illness will not prevent him from continuing to do this good work.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

UKIP: Nigel, Kirsten & Annabelle Fuller

Annabelle does a runner after being confronted by Mrs Kirsten Farage

Many UKIPPERS were amused to read about Annabelle 'Bury Me in a Y-Shaped Coffin' Fuller's 'altercation' with Mrs Farage during the Scarborough UKIP relaunce conference. Full details here: LINK

Nigel and Kirsten have a very strange and stormy relationship. It hardly helps that Farage commits adultery on a regular basis, Annabelle Fuller being one of his 'regulars'. However, his recent plane crash did somewhat dampen her passion for the opposite sex!

Farage's relationship with his wife has been described by one UKIP MEP “as a series of battles punctuated by the occasional truce”. Is that why Nigel is so interested in First World War battles? Do they remind him of wife and home?

But getting 30,000 a year 'working' for Nigel as his 'assistant' does ease Kirsten's pain. Not that any of Nigel's fellow MEPs have a clue what she actually does for all that money. But perish the thought - as some have suggested - that Nigel is buying the silence of 'her-indoors' and thus avoiding an embarrassing scandal in the papers!

However, we hear that Mrs Farage may demand an increase in pay after the 'incident' in that Scarborough hotel!

For more on Fuller: LINK & LINK

Thursday, 17 March 2011

UKIP: They can't all be wrong!

The duplicity and corruption of Farage has led to countless men and women leaving or being thrown out of UKIP. The reason is always being the same - Nigel 'Spivboy' Farage and his odious sycophants!

Each one was a talented, dedicated, individual who had seen through the public persona of 'Spivboy' and realised that UKIP was led by a Con Artist!

And their place we now have such notable intellects as Derek 'I Want my Slippers' Clark, Paul ' Odious Sycophant' Nuttall, Godfrey 'Drunkalot' Bloom, David 'I'm not Gay' Bannerman, Marta 'Reform the EU' Andreasen and Lisa 'Needs a Wash' Duffy. If this is political progress then the Earth is flat and the Pope's a Protestant!

Dr Edmond has described his numerous problems with Farage and his odious cronies on the NEC:

My fall out with Farage's UKIP

Someone by the nom de plume of Gillig posted a comment on this blog asking for the history of my 'fall out with UKIP. As there may be others unfamiliar with this history I give my posted reply to Gillig below. I make no apology for recounting these facts. UKIP septic sycophants frequently recount their lies so a bit of truth might redress the balance.

"UKIP's leading lights all have a lot of 'previous'. I fell out with Farage at my first NEC by making it clear I wanted to see evidence to support his fatuous allegations before I voted for any actions like barring branches or UKIP members. As an elected member of the NEC I had joint and several liability for party debts. I therefore demanded to see party accounts so I could be sure UKIP was not insolvent. I was of course never shown these accounts.

After the first NEC meeting I went to I heard Farage in the corridor outside shouting at his nodding donkeys about me, 'I want him off'. At a later meeting the late Piers Merchant told me he heard Farage and his sycophants orchestrating an NEC vote to remove me. This involved various dirty tricks like Nuttall cancelling a NEC meeting at very short notice when he found they did not have a majority. NEC member David Abbott had arranged to fly back from the US at his own expense from the hospital he worked at as a Doctor to support me at that meeting. I was voted off at a subsequent meeting David could not attend. Then with me off David was voted off.

The last opposition on the NEC, Del Young was kicked out of UKIP entirely by chairman Nuttall on the completely untrue grounds that Del was a member of UKF. Of course no evidence was produced to support this action. I can state categorically Del was never a member of UKF. I hope this gives you some of the background you requested.

The fundamental problem is the culture on UKIP's NEC is that of a cult with Farage as leader. Rules and proper procedure are ignored as is fairness and natural justice. It works and smells just like the EU! It is full of weak, untalented Farage sycophants most eager to get their noses in the EU trough.

When I stood to get on the UKIP SW MEP list I pledged that if elected I would give my entire MEP salary to UKIP. I was removed from the SW MEP list by a vote of Farage sycophants on the NEC to this effect so I am sorry I did not get the opportunity to fulfil my pledge. UKIP has lost out by £100k so far!"

More distressing was that the SW regional committee democratically voted for Gawain Towler, a long time Farage associate, to be taken off the MEP list for sound electoral reasons. Their local democratic decision was reversed by the Farage controlled NEC. Mr Towler was invited to defend himself at the NEC and sympathetically questioned by Mr Farage. This courtesy was not extended to me but then I am not a friend of Mr Farage. I just heard second hand I had been removed from the SW list that I had been democraticaly voted on to! I was then subject to the usual smears and innuendos from the usual anonymous sources.

I note on today's Junius blog this sordid practice still continues with Gerard Batten , not for the first time, the target of anonymous smears.

UKIP can never succeed electorally when it kicks out talented people like Del Young who was a huge asset for UKIP, and fiddles the MEP selection process to keep high profile talented media candidates like Robin Page off the MEP Eastern region short list that members are allowed to vote on. It is the EU approach, interpret the rules sympathetically for your friends and apply them rigorously to those who are not.

To read the original: LINK

And see: LINK

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

UKIP: Annabelle Fuller v Mrs Farage Part 2

The first known picture of 'Spivboy' during the altercation with his better half - allegedly this followed Ms Spreadum's mistake of knocking on the Farage's Scarborough hotel bedroom door - reveals that Annabelly was lucky to escape .... on this occasion! The same can't be said for 'Spivboy' though!!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

UKIP: Derek Clark, UKIP councillors, Fuller v Mrs Farage and Steve Allison

Clark's letter

Published in This is Leicestershire

Why Ukip's success in by-election was largely ignored

I'm sure people know of the Barnsley by-election result where Ukip came second, with Labour comfortably holding the seat.

However, the political commentators of our wretched national media gave deliberately misleading political assessments of the result.

The Express apart, none noted how Ukip came storming up into second place, on 30 per cent more than the Tories. With just 58 more votes we would have had more than the Tories and Lib-Dems put together!

To express their disapproval at the ruling coalition Barnsley people chose Ukip. We are now the party of opposition and if you want to know why we were ignored by the media it is simply explained.

They do not give us proper coverage because we upset their cosy little threesome with the "big boys". They do not understand us in the political order, so they smear us as "little Englanders", or worse.

And they fear us because these national media barons sold out to the EU godfathers long ago, but now they know that increasing numbers of British people do not agree and that Ukip is speaking for them.

Derek Clark, Ukip MEP for Leicestershire.

How laudable! But Clark conveniently forgets that he declined to campaign during the Barnsley by-election. UKIP also hardly ‘came storming up into second place'. They were over 12,000 votes behind the winning candidate. Some storming! And how can UKIP be considered the ‘party of opposition’? They don’t even have a single MP!

And please spare us that nonsense about the people of Barnsley choosing UKIP. They chose Labour!

And let us not forget that the voter turnout in Barnsley was 36.5%. Now compare this to UKIP’s position on the result of the Welsh Assembly referendum. The voter turnout was 35.2% and yet UKIP claimed that the "extremely low turnout" gave no mandate for changes to take place!

Indeed, David Bevan, UKIP’s lead candidate for South West Wales at this May's Welsh Assembly elections said, "This was a pathetic turnout". More double standards from UKIP's leadership!

Clark is the last person who should be speaking for the British people. This is the man who betrayed everything UKIP stood for by signing an agreement in Bucharest endorsing subsidiarity and the Common Agricultural Policy. Subsidiarity is an EU doctrine which assumes EU sovereignty. Accepting subsidiarity accepts ultimate EU sovereignty.

Nuff said!

To read Clark's original letter: LINK

UKIP councillors

We are less than impressed with the handful of councillors who have recently jumped ship to UKIP. We have always stated that any elected official who changes party during a term of office should immediately seek re-election in order to give the electorate the chance to endorse their change of allegiance. And that also applies to Farage, Bloom, Clark, the odious Nuttall, Andreasen, Dartmouth, Batten, Colman, Agnew and Bannerman. All have abandoned UKIP to embrace the fascist pan-European EFD.

Predictably, UKIP’s corrupt leaders have been keen to crow about these defections to the UKIP flag.

However, they are less accommodating when it happens to them!

Remember the UKIP councillor who became an independent? See: LINK. This is what UKIP said at the time:

Dave Pascoe, press officer for North East Ukip, said: "If he has acted out of principle, then he should stand down so we can have a by-election to give people the opportunity to see if they endorse his change of allegiances from Ukip".

UKIP really needs to practice what it preaches.

And please be minded that after almost 18 years UKIP currently has less than 18 councillors elected. And out of some 19,500 elected offices available in Britain they have less than 30 elected to office!

Annabelle Fuller V Mrs Farage

We were aware that Annabelle and Mrs Farage had an altercation at the recent UKIP re-launch conference. However, we declined to publish until we obtained further details. We now have those further details....

Annabelle was expecting to spend some bedroom time with Nigel in his hotel room after a busy day at conference. The silly girl assumed that Kirsten had left for home. Big mistake! Annabelle was witnessed knocking on Nigel’s hotel door in a state of dress that left little to the imagination. Imagine her surprise when Kirsten Farage opened the door!

You can guess what happened next!

Annabelle fled down the corridor with Kirsten hurling some choice insults in her direction. The words “whore” and “f*cking tart” were just a few of the “comments” heard!

And what of Nigel? He was cowering in the hotel room. Priceless!

Steve Allison

We have often been asked about Steve Allison’s rapid promotion in UKIP. For instance, why would Farage want to promote a man who ran the leadership campaign for Tim Congdon?

So has Nigel turned over a new leaf? Can he finally accept that not everyone out there thinks that the sun shines out of his backside? Not on your life!

Mr Allison was simply rewarded for keeping an eye on Mr Congdon. Indeed, Nigel knew what Congdon was doing before Congdon did!

We can confirm that Mr Allison, despite requests from UKIPPERS, declined to contact the media to promote Mr Congdon. One UKIPPER was told:

“What’s the point? The media will contact me if they want any information on Tim”.

Some campaign manager! Someone should have told Steve that it is the duty of any campaign manager to promote their candidate in every possible way. And that includes contacting the media!

We can also confirm that numerous UKIPPERS contacted Mr Congdon with their concerns about Allison’s ‘commitment’ to his leadership bid. Even Roger Knapman was warned about Allison being double loaded.

Let us not forget that Mr Allison is very keen to become an MEP. He currently has his beady eye on the East Midlands. He hopes to push Chris Pain aside (the current number 2 MEP candidate) and take the lead position when Clark steps down.

So do you really think that Mr Allison would risk his place on the Brussels Gravy Train by p*ssing off Nigel?

Allison got his reward for derailing Congdon’s campaign. That’s why he was made Vice Chairman of UKIP. Next stop, Brussels and a place at Nigel’s feet

Monday, 14 March 2011

Goodbye UKIP, Hello EFD!

The move to turn UKIP into a pan-European party continues.

And any doubters should simply read today's email from the Chelmsford office:

To: ukipeastadmin@intamail.com
Cc: dcbdcbuk@yahoo.co.uk ; stuart.agnew@btconnect.com
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: Eastern Counties Newsletter

In a message dated 14/03/2011 10:18:45 GMT Standard Time, ukipeastadmin@intamail.com writes:

Dear All

Due to European Parliamentary rules the Eastern Counties Newsletter will now have a new format. The colour newsletter will include articles about the work of the MEPs and about the EU itself. We can no longer include party material in the actual newsletter.

However, a separate black and white risographed page will be included for branch events. If you would like any notices of meetings or branch events included in the next edition, can you please ensure that they are sent to my email address, lisabuckle@ukip.org, or by post to the Chelmsford office, by Friday 1st April 2011.

Many thanks,

Lisa Buckle

UK Independence Party
145 New London Road

And this is what Martin Harvey - a leading UKIPPER in the East - had to say in his email response to Buckle:

I am amazed to find the East in such a state that it cannot fund a newsletter to its members who have put so much effort into campaigning to get two MEP'S elected, and also to have had such great success at last years General Election, and are already campaigning for local elections. If you go ahead and publish a newsletter confined ONLY to EU matters, all it will do would be to brainwash some members into thinking 'Ever closer to the EU IDEAL'.

please scrap the idea and come up with something that is to do with UKIP as a National UK Party, but even more important something to do with the forthcoming Local Elections,

regards Martin Harvey.

P.S. Since when did UKIP have a MANIFESTO that committed us to follow EU Parliamentary Rules ?

End of emails.

Now you know why Agnew has been placing EFD adverts in the East Anglian press. See: LINK

UKIP could have easily continued to publish an Eastern Counties newsletter. The funds are available. Agnew and Bannerman have more than enough money to finance one! Their combined salaries are more than enough!

To blame EU rules is a pathetic excuse. Do they really expect UKIPPERS to fall for that? Mr Harvey has every right to be angry in his email. UKIP is slowly morphing into a new pan-European party as per Farage's instructions. So why bother with boring local branch matters?

And let us not forget that Nikki Sinclaire is to shortly publish a lengthy newsletter out of her own salary. We don't hear that EU rules prevented that!

And thanks to Ms Buckle for confirming that UKIP is committed to obeying EU rules! We must have missed that bit in the UKIP manifesto!

Also see: LINK

Sunday, 13 March 2011

UKIP: Nigel's Spivboy News & Wolfman McGough

Sycophant Update

Greetings little people, Spivboy speaking. I'm designing to speak to you today to tell you about a wonderful new self promotion scam to be called 'Spivboy News'!

'Spivboy News' will be packed with information about Me, what I've done, where I've been to, you know, the usual stuff. Plus lots of goodies for the poor dears to buy - it'll make a mint!

But I need you to tell the geriatric brigade in the branches that they need to order lots and lots of these wonderful newsletters (don't worry, you'll get your reward) so that they can run themselves ragged promoting ME. Remember, keep using the buzz word 'Wonderful'. It'll help the city oiks and country bumpkins to keep believing I'm wonderful as well.

OK, of course all you sycophants know different, but if you want to have a chance of getting rich as an MEP, or keep your place at the trough, if you're already an MEP, you'll remain beholden to Me!

For those of you who can't be MEP's, remember, I've also got lots and lots of other EU jobs to give away. These posts can also make you a lorra, lorra, cash, so don't forget - promote Me shamelessly if you want to have one of them!

The first edition will be ready for distribution shortly so get ready by spreading the word far and wide!

Important: Don't pass this information on to the likes of the Junius creep, that Edwards creature, GLW or anyone else for that matter!

With thanks to AE

Wolfman McGough

Readers of the blog will know that Mike ‘Wolfman’ McGough is the not very bright member of UKIP’s NEC. His main claim to fame is not being the PPC for Harlow. He can also boast numerous failed relationships with women due to his immaturity - no surprise there - and a rather unsuccessful career as an accountant.

He also gained his position on the NEC due to a rigged vote. Farage needed another nodding donkey. See: LINK

Mike McGough is one of those sad individuals that deserve our pity rather than our contempt. That he is in need of urgent medical help (we suggest a facility for the mentally ill) is sadly illustrated by his recent thread on the British Democracy Forum. Spelling and punctuation as the original:

DISGUSTING---email smears forum contributors
I am in receipt of a most disgusting email suggesting all manor of depravities between Tim and Nemesis.Worse it suggests they are blood relatives making the accusations ,if true,appalling.As a libertarian I would normally shrug my shoulders but I draw the line where animals,in this case gerbils, are concerned.I gather Juniarse is preparing a story on this linking it with another story ,that Germany has legalised paedophilia.Apparently the pony tailed homophobe is in the clear as he's impotent ,although he has been known to groom young men to sit in front of PCs.

The Wolfman also attacked Richard Allen – a UKIPPER in the West Midlands - on the same forum in January. LINK. Spelling and punctuation as the original:

1. What do we know about Richard Allen ?
Sometime treasurer of UKIP Hodge Hill and Yardley,a two constituency branch and forum moderator.Appears to be more anti UKIP than pro and is close to Nikki.Prone to closing threads .

Mr Allen spoke for the majority of UKIPPERS when he replied:

1. That you, as a member of UKIP's National Executive Committee should attack me in public as being "more anti UKIP than pro" only shows how pathetic you are and how utterly undeserving you are to hold a position of responsibility in the party.

Nuff said!

For more on the Wolfman: LINK & LINK

You can also contact McGough on:

07920 771 458

Why not tell him what you think of his willingness to support corruption in Farage's UKIP?

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire & Mike Nattrass in the Press

Free from the fascist EFD and Farage's control freakery, Nikki and Mike continue to gain fantastic publicity for the Euro-realist cause.

"How dare you leave the EFD! I demand that you come back and worship me as the one and only true Messiah!"

From The Telegraph:

European Parliament spends £600,000 on body scanners that have never been used

The European Parliament spent £600,000 on six body scanners that were never used because MEPs argued it would be an infringement of privacy.

The body scanners, bought in 2005 at a cost of £100,000 each, are "rotting" in the basement of the building in Brussels and have never been used.

When the scanners, which create an image of a person's nude body, were eventually delivered to the Parliament in the autumn of 2005 MEPs objected to them being used in the building on privacy grounds.

Nikki Sinclaire, a British independent MEP, said the Parliament tried to sell the machines but failed to do so.

They are now so old that they are considered to be technically out of date and may be scrapped altogether.

"These machines have been left to rot on pallets in a disused garage in the depths of the parliament building," she said. "They were ordered in haste and now the Parliament doesn't know what to do with them.

"This is another example of the waste and mismanagement in the European Union, indeed, taxpayer subsidised bureaucracy. This is only a small portion of the £50 million a day the UK gives the EU but it is endemic of how the EU is fundamentally flawed. It beggars belief that these unelected bureaucrats purchased the most expensive machines available at the time. They seem impervious to economic realities."

MEPs led the campaign to stop the use of the scanners in the Parliament yet they are in use in 70 airports across Europe, including Manchester and London Heathrow.

Security in the Parliament is currently a cause for concern following three robberies in a many years and after a French journalist recently managed to smuggle in a toy gun and stand yards away from Prince Charles on his recent visit.

Access to the building is currently controlled by airport-style X-ray machines although there have been calls for improved security measures.

A Parliament spokesman said, "We do not comment on security issues."

End of article. To see the original: LINK

From the Mail On Sunday:

EU's Mr Lightbulb does bit to save energy by leaving on the lamps outside his luxury home day and night for weeks on end

He is the man behind the European Union’s ban on the traditional lightbulb that has caused anger and confusion in the UK’s shops and households.

But it appears that for Latvian Andris Piebalgs energy saving doesn’t start at home.

For Mr Piebalgs, the former European Commissioner for Energy, has left the outside lights burning day and night on his £1.25 million luxury home despite neighbours claiming he has not been seen there for weeks.

Now former communist Mr Piebalgs has been accused of double standards. In 2005 he told this newspaper in an interview that ‘we can all do our bit’ to save electricity.

Nikki Sinclaire, the independent MEP for the West Midlands, said: ‘This is a classic example of hypocrisy. Here you have someone championing environment law and then disregarding it himself.’

Mr Piebalgs, 53, earned £1.4 million in salary and perks as the EU Energy Commissioner during his six-year tenure in the job which ended last year as he became EU Development Commissioner.

A Mail on Sunday survey has revealed UK shoppers are bewildered by the vast array of replacement low-energy bulbs of different shapes and sizes, power and prices as a result of Mr Piebalgs’s diktat.

The problems for consumers include many of the low-energy alternatives being far too large to fit into a traditional reading lamp.

And toxic mercury contained in the most common version means councils will not pick them up from the doorstep because of their concerns over the health risk to binmen.

Mr Piebalgs’s modern home is a short distance from the capital Riga in a pleasant village which was a former Soviet summer playground and is now the preserve of Latvia’s wealthy set.

Two hours before dusk yesterday, six lamps were alight on the external walls of the property.

One neighbour said: ‘The half- dozen or so external lights are on day and night.’

Another said: ‘There hasn’t been anyone living there for several weeks.’

According to Mr Piebalgs’s official diary, he has spent the past two weeks 7,000 miles away from his home approving future EU development programmes in the Pacific Islands of New Caledonia, Vanuatu and East Timor.

He was scheduled to return from the trip last Friday. On his official European Commission CV Mr Piebalgs does not mention his Communist Party membership.

At the time he may well have seen it as advantageous to advance his career as a head teacher and education administrator when Latvia was under the Soviet yoke.

Accounts vary over how long he belonged to a party now seen as the main vehicle of oppression of the Baltic country, but one local source said it was ‘at least six years’ in the Eighties.

But his Red past did not stop his career flourishing in the post-Soviet era when he went from being education and finance minister to an eventual senior post in the Riga Foreign Ministry.

He then took a job as a senior bureaucrat in Brussels before becoming Energy Commissioner in 2004 after his tiny state joined the EU.

He was not Latvia’s first choice and his emergence was greeted by some with disapproval.

Even Latvians are angered by his ban on the traditional bulbs, which will not be on sale from next year.

The manager of one electrical shop said the old-fashioned 60W bulb had sold out in Latvia because of frustrations with the new bulbs.

The supply and importation of pearl bulbs used in the UK was banned two years ago. A spokesman for Mr Piebalgs declined to comment.

However, it is understood the lights are a security measure.

End of article. To see the original: LINK

This is Lichfield:

Protesters welcome Whitehall HS2 inquiry

CAMPAIGNERS against the controversial proposed high-speed rail link have welcomed a forthcoming inquiry into its merits by an influential Parliamentary committee.

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has agreed to hold hearings in public into the economic arguments for and against HS2.

A spokesman for campaign group Stop HS2 said the organisation is "pleased" the committee will be investigating the project and "looks orward to collaborating with experts when submitting evidence".

The group also passed comment on the Transport Select Committee's report on the completed inquiry into Transport and the Economy, for which Stop HS2 provided both written and oral evidence.

"The government talks about HS2 being transformational, and having the "potential to enhance economic growth"," said Stop HS2 director Penny Gaines.

"However, as the TSC report points out, the Government has not provided the evidence of how they expect HS2 to achieve this growth.

"When he was giving evidence to the Transport Select Committee, Professor Henry Overman said that many projects are promoted on the grounds that they will be transformational but, in actuality, many of these claims do not materialise.

"Stop HS2 does not believe that HS2 will be transformational or that it will provide enough economic benefits to the north to justify the £34 billion price tag.

"Instead it is likely that areas away from the few high speed stations will lose out significantly and that London will benefit disproportionately."

Although not binding on Government, the Secretary of State is obliged to comment – in writing – on the findings of a select committee.

Transcripts of the forthcoming hearings will be available on the Parliamentary website.

Meanwhile, fears have been raised that taxpayers could be required to help foot the £17 billion bill for HS2.

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass was among those pointing out that the public consultation document published by the Government last week states:

"Significant numbers of individuals and organisations would stand to benefit from the construction of new high speed rail lines.

"The government expects that such parties would therefore make a contribution to the cost of those links."

Lichfield District Council has already officially declared its total objection to HS2.

This week, Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said: "As far as I know, there are not, nor ever were, any plans for local councils to fund HS2.

"But just in case someone down in London now gets a bright idea about this as this story is running, let me be clear: I will totally oppose it.

"Local residents cannot be expected to make any contribution to HS2 – especially as it won't even stop in Staffordshire."

As well as linking Birmingham with London, the line boasts a spur which carries on north of the country's second city, cutting into Lichfield district from the direction of Hints.

After slicing through Whittington Heath Golf Club it crosses the A38 on the outskirts of Streethay, eventually joining the West Coast Main Line.

Construction could begin in 2018, with the first high speed trains then planned to run in 2025.

End of article. To see the original: LINK

Saturday, 12 March 2011

UKIP: More Derek Clark & the Snooty Git Award goes to Bloom & Farage

Derek Clark: In it for the money and nothing else!

We note that Clark attended the UKIP conference. And there was us thinking that he was far too ill to attend such functions. After all, he declined to support the UKIP candidate in the recent Barnsley by-election on the grounds of ill-health and old age. Even Farage was unhappy with Derek over that excuse!

We also note that Derek Clark failed to attend the funeral of Geoffrey Kingscott. Working as Dippy Clark’s regional organiser and helping the man get elected to Brussels obviously counted for nothing in Clark’s book. Clark is a disgrace to the whole Euro-realist cause!

We received a copy of this email from one of our contacts. We feel that it deserves a wider circulation.

David Abbott was a member of UKIP’s NEC. He was thrown off it after trying to raise concerns about corruption in the party.

David Abbott on Geoffrey Kinscott

Subject: Geoffrey Kingscott
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 22:26:12 +0000 (GMT)


Today I went to the funeral of Geoffrey Kingscott. Last summer I went to the funeral of Piers Merchant. With the demise of these two friends, the withdrawalist movement, and UKIP in particular, have lost their two most scholarly, intelligent, eloquent, truthful and capable men.

Both had been major players in UKIP before the party began to devour its own for the benefit of the leadership cabal.

Geoffrey had been UKIP's most effective Party Secretary. He was reappointed by the NEC, but using trickery the cabal nullified this vote. Instead it had a person, judged incompetent by many, inserted into the position.

Geoffrey had published a number of books. A superb translator, master of six languages, he had established several successful translation companies. His Language Atlas is a Bible in the industry today. He was in high demand as a conference chair because he was a fair and just facilitator who could summarize complex issues superbly. He was also an outdoors man and a wonderful family man with a great sense of fun who was adored by his wife, children and grandchildren.

Among the mourners today were a former treasurer of UKIP, two former members of the NEC, and two branch chairmen.

Geoffrey was a patriot and loved his country. His book on the Shires of England will appear later this year and will become another part of his legacy.

Inspired by his own patriotism and by his belief that UKIP was not doing what it ought to be doing, Geoffrey once organized a conference in Somerset which drew hundreds of concerned UKIP members together.

We hope it will not be too long before a man with courage, integrity, competence and farsightedness which approaches that of Geoffrey's will emerge to help UKIP out of its doldrums.

David F Abbott MRCP

The Snooty Git Award for February

For refusing to support campaigners lobbying for a change in European law that would force all new trucks to be fitted with the latest blind-spot equipment.

See this link for details:


The Evening Standard has also covered the story, and one of it's journalists tells us that they hope to do a follow-up article on UKIP's lack of support.

An appalled UKIP employee working in Brussels has said that the reason UKIP's MEPs were not prepared to sign any motion asking the Commission to act was because this would involve a recognition of the Commission's authority.

A somewhat ridiculous position to take, given that the Commission initiates legislation, on which UKIP actually votes in the plenary sessions - but only when the majority of them can be bothered to turn up!

To add insult to injury, the BNP representatives spoke with members of the group when they visited Strasbourg and gave them their full support.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

More UKIP News: EFD Group hit by resignation, the cost of Oldham, more from UKIP Wales, Julia Reid & Harry Aldridge

EFD group hit by resignation

Farage's EFD group suffered a blow this week when one of its most prominent members, Anna Rosbach, resigned from the group. She has joined the Tory ECR group. Her intentions came to light some time ago - in November she was in discussion with Tory MEPs Martin Calannan and Charles Tannock, but her decision was delayed due to problems with the leadership of the ECR group.

Rosbach has been critical of her Danish colleague Morten Messerschmidt, a convicted racist, mainly over his financial activities - it appears he has quickly perfected the art a la Farage, of milking his budgets ruthlessly. There have also been problems of incompatibility between Rosbach and some of the more extreme elements of the Danish People's Party, and of the EFD group.

For more on this: LINK

The cost of Oldham

Here are some interesting facts and figures about the recent Oldham by-election:

Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election result, 13th January 2011
Debbie Abrahams Labour 14,718 42.1%
Elwyn Watkins Liberal Democrat 11,160 31.9%
Kashif Ali Conservative 4,481 12.8%
The odious Paul Nuttal UKIP 2,029 5.8%
Derek Adams British National Party 1,560 4.5%

Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election expenditure
UKIP £43,855
Conservative £39,432
British National Party £3,850

Cost Per Vote
UKIP £21.61
Conservative £8.80
Liberal Democrat £8.47
Labour £6.60
British National Party £2.47

Undoubtedly, the figures for the Barnsley by-election will show further OTT expenditure. And all just to be ahead of the BNP in the poll!

Stuart Wheeler might have deep pockets, but honestly, £43,855 to gain 2,029 votes doesn't seem much of a return on his investment to us!

UKIP Wales still fail to impress

This was the headline following UKIP’s 2nd place in the Barnsley by-election, where the voter turnout was 36.5%:

Now compare this to UKIP’s position on the result of the Welsh Assembly referendum! The voter turnout was 35.2% and yet UKIP claimed that the "extremely low turnout" gave no mandate for changes to take place! More double standards!

Indeed, David Bevan, UKIP’s lead candidate for South West Wales at this May's Welsh Assembly elections said, "This was a pathetic turnout"!

As was Bufton’s lack of input into the campaign! We trust that Mr Bevan - pictured above - will agree! And they can’t even be bothered to put the result of the referendum on the UKIP Wales website!


Julia Reid

We note that Julia Reid has resigned from the NEC. We are not surprised. The foul stench of corruption that emanates from that body finally proved too much for the lass.

Such is UKIP’s professionalism that they can’t even be bothered to remove her name and picture from UKIP’s official website.

Harry Aldridge

And so another Farage sycophant is wheeled out as the new chairman of Young Independence. As one wag has told us:

“Harry’s nose is so far up Nigel’s arse, I can't tell where he ends and where Nigel begins".