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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

UKIP's Annabelle Fuller on Diane James, Lisa Duffy and Steve Crowther

'An utter bitch'. Annabelle Fuller on Diane James

How Miss Fuller will regret the day that was indiscreet enough to send some rather nasty emails about UKIP's Star of Eastleigh, Diane James. And how she will regret mentioning Nigel's desire to give Ms James the order of the boot!

Ms Fuller has long been a liability to UKIP. She's been sacked from various jobs, loses videos in Morocco, exposed in the media as a collector of blackberry phones 'borrowed' from an MP, laughed at across the web and generally regarded - even by Farage himself - as a bloody millsone round the Fuhrer's neck.

But Farage can't ditch her because she knows too much ......doesn't she, Nigel! A national newspaper even offered her a substantial sum to kiss and tell. Sadly, she told the Great Leader and he offered her more to keep quiet! Why do you think she's back on the UKIP payroll as Nigel's 'PA'. And we do mean personal!

Anyway, we at Team Junius, along with GLW,  have been reading with interest a series of emails sent by Ms Fuller to certain people - including our old friend Wolfman McGough - regarding Lisa Duffy, Steve Crowther and Diane James.

We have the screen shots, as does GLW, but we will both be holding these back until the weekend. This is being done as certain other interested parties may wish to give them a wider audience.

But here are the transcripts to wet your appetite!

Email dated 10/2/13. Sent to Sean Howlett, Steven Woolfe, Wolfman McGough and David Coburn.

I understand from the man who knows best we've been lumbered with an utter bitch who is Marta Mk 2.

It's down to you chaps to stop us having to work with an idiot and getting a bad result in this election....

Second email. Dated 10/3. Sent by Sean Howlett. Replying to Ms Fuller:

Just call Mick and say you are coming to him expressing your concerns etc, etc. I can't ask him as I've really taken the piss with favours from him lately.

Fuller replied on the same day with:

I don't know him well enough. Nigel says we'll have more of a problem if we kick her off at this stage as she got 90% of the vote.

Have written to will, crowther and Lisa asking why the fuck she was even put forward as a candidate to the branch. Yet another easily avoidable fuck up leads me to believe that this again is a deliberate sabotage by Crowther and Duffy.

Sean Howlett replied again on the same day:

Ok, you need to chase up Mick McGough on this as well!

Fuller replied:

Nigel Jones, not been in the party so long, lives in Lewes, which is not that close. At all.

Other lady is called Diane, she's on the council in Waveley where she is an INDEPENDENT COUNCILLOR and has not even bothered to represent the party.

 Junius and GLW, I curse you!

So there you have a selection of emails from the wonderful Ms Fuller. How we laughed at her attacks on Duffy and Crowther! But we don't suppose that either Lisa or Steve will be sharing those laughs with the Junius Team!

So how Nigel possibly defend her now? She's attacked a candidate selected by the party. Plus, she's attacked two senior figures in the party. Nigel is really in a pickle! But he can't abandon her to the wolves because she may go to the papers in revenge.

Nigel's 'intimacy' with Ms Fuller is hardly a secret but she knows much, much more .... things that Nigel would certainly not want an increasingly interested media made aware of!

But, as we said before, how can he possible defend an employee who has attacked a lady tipped as UKIP's next leader?

But, of course, that's why Nigel wants Ms James out! He knows that senior UKIPPERS have been suggesting that Nigel's time as leader should be brought to a swift end. He also knows that they want Ms James to succeed him. And you can imagine how Nigel feels about that! No more appearances on Question Time, Daily Politics, quotes in the press, etc, etc! His fragile little ego just couldn't cope! Pity poor Nigel! And it looks like Annabelle will be soon be collecting her cards and looking for a new job!

Also see: LINK

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

UKIP: With friends like these .....

Nigel's Far-Right friends!

And these are the sort of people who Nigel wanted at his SW conference!

The Fuller emails will be published here tomorrow. And how we laughed at the pathetic claims that Chris Pain is behind the Junius cartoons used on this site! The cartoons in question are the work of an ex-UKIPPER who specialises in sending out mass emails on corruption in UKIP. Many of these cartoons even feature the artist's signature in the corner! And no, it's not CP!

From New Europe:

The archly Eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) is reaching out to its EU neighbours.

The party, currently experiencing a bounce in the polls, is holding its spring conference this weekend (23 March) in its south-west heartland. The keynote speaker will be Slavi Binev, an MEP and new member of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group (EFD), the parliamentary group that Ukip is affiliated with in the European Parliament. He is also a former taekwando champion in his native Bulgaria.

Yes; that’s Bulgaria, where Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, has been having a few public relations problems of late, and whose latter pronouncements on the country and its natives, have seen the party draw criticisms from politicians and citizens alike. Two open letters to the press published recently, one by Bulgarian, Ralitsa Behar, the other by British ex-pat Jonathan Taylor, have both sought to take the Ukip leader to task.

“You achieve nothing by your racist xenophobic comments other than to further isolate what was a great nation into a ‘backwater has been,’ wrote Taylor, who suggested that “in protest at your remarks I was going to organise a boycott of British goods but sadly I couldn't find any to boycott.”

Indeed the ongoing spat has been threatening to get out of hand. So much so that a recent visit to Sofia by Ukip MEP Paul Nuttall, on the invitation of Binev, saw the party’s deputy leader attempt to quell local anger about comments by Farage that seemed to suggest Bulgarian citizens are unnaturally eager to come to Britain to exploit its work and welfare system. A press conference given by Nuttall and Binev descended into argument, when members of the far-right nationalist Ataka party, including its leader, Volen Siderov, interjected, accusing Ukip of bigotry and hypocrisy.

Binev came to Ukip’s defence. He was first elected to the European Parliament in 2009 as a member of Ataka, before being a member of the Conservative Party Movement of Success (GORD).

Aside from his links to a party whose political affiliations include the Front National in France, the Austrian Freedom Party, and other right-wing parties in Belgium, Romania and Italy (through the short-lived Identity, Sovereignty and Tradition group), Binev has also been cited in a US State department cable, subsequently released by WikiLeaks, that links the MEP to “criminal activities including prostitution, narcotics and trafficking in stolen automobiles”. Binev has said, as recently as a 7 March article in the New York Times, that all he was doing was aiding Bulgaria in its transition from communism to “blossoming” capitalism.

Of course, suggesting that Bulgarians are a race of criminals waiting to exploit any weak-willed and gullible welfare system is a ridiculous stereotype, not worthy of grown-up political discussion. Unfortunately, the stereotypes remain. Like those expressed by one MEP during a debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 13 March.

“Bulgaria and Romania are rapt with corruption and organised crime,” the diatribe went. “They should never have been allowed to join the European Union. We do not believe it is right and fair to have total open borders for unlimited numbers of people from those countries to come to Britain to work, but also, if they want, to claim benefits. We should not be in a political union with Romania and Bulgaria.”

And the speaker of those sensitive words? Stand up, Mr Farage.

To read the original: LINK

Monday, 25 March 2013

Annabelle Fuller seeks to undermine UKIP's New Star

Sources via GLW have confimed that the 'Tart without a Heart' has been seeking to undermine UKIP's newest 'star' in some rather nasty emails.

Watch this space for the emails!

UKIP: Roger Helmer is unfit for purpose!

Roger Helmer sleeping in the EU Parliament. And this chump claims to be 'Battling for Britain'. Kick him out now!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013

UKIP: Open letter to Nigel Farage

From the Sofia News Agency:

Dear Mr Farage,

I read with great interest the open letter to you of Ralitsa Behar, a Bulgarian woman whom having studied in the UK has now returned to her home country. I wish to inform you that as a British man living in Bulgaria I must strongly disagree with her. I do not disagree in any way with her comments and statements and totally support her. But I must disagree with Ralitsa on one fundamental point that she raises - Ralitsa openly invites you to come to Bulgaria and to meet with her and her family. I write to ask you not to come. Personally as a British man I find you remarks so offensive that I would have you stopped at the border. Sadly under European Law I can no longer have you shot in front of your family!

The UK has 78 representatives in the European parliament. UKIP itself has 11 MEPs in the European Parliament. One of which, Roger Helmer was elected as a Conservative MEP but defected to UKIP in March 2012. If we wish to talk about representative percentages, UKIP only has the electoral support of 7.8 percent of British opinion. If we take into consideration the dishonest election of Roher Helmer, call it 'corrupt' shall we? A word you like to use in reference to the Bulgarian Parliament - then of that 7.8% of UKIP representation 0.90% are dishonest (That's one in ten as near as damn it.)

You're anti- Bulgarian comments have caused great insult so I think what is needed here is to explain to Bulgaria that you most certainly do not represent the political will of the British people. And you most certainly and categorically do not represent me.

During your recent visit to Sofia – accompanied by the tabloid press (the gutter press as they are known) with their average reading age ability of just 11 years you deliberately posed for photographs in the poorest and most impoverished area of the city. The area you chose to focus on in no way represents the reality of this wonderful capital city. You deliberately misrepresented Bulgaria for your own political gain. Without doubt if the Bulgarian press had acted in the same manner, focusing only on the deprivation of British inner-cities – You, Yes you Mr Farage would be most outraged. Let's take a closer look a Britain, a place where there are 3.6 million British children living in poverty today. That's 27 per cent of our own children, or more than one in four. Bulgaria's official poverty statistic 'for all' equates to what we have just for children!

And of Bulgarian political corruption, other than of course your own elected MP lying to his electorate and switching party afterward. Have we really and conveniently already forgotten that on 20th May 2009, Harriet Harman announced the creation of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, this intended to manage Members' expenses ending the historical self-policing by MPs of their expenses.

Below just some examples of British parliamentary corruption that I'm sure the Bulgarian population will find most amusing:

The Crown Prosecution Service announced on 19 May 2010 that Labour MP Eric Illsley would be charged with three counts of false accounting; he was also suspended from the Labour Party. It was revealed Lord Taylor of Warwick, a Conservative peer, had been charged with six counts of false accounting. On 13 October 2010 it was also announced that former Labour MP Margaret Moran would also be charged with false accounting, while on 14 October 2010 former Minister of State for Europe and Labour MP Denis MacShane was also referred to the Police - as a consequence of which he was also suspended from the Labour Party. Three Labour Peers were suspended on 18 October 2010 due to their expenses claims: Lord Bhatia was suspended from the House of Lords for eight months and told to repay GBP 27,446; Lord Paul suspended from the House of Lords for four months and ordered to pay back GBP 41,982 and Baroness Uddin faced a police investigation for alleged fraud for claiming at least GBP 180,000 in expenses by designating an empty flat, and previously an allegedly non existent property as her main residence. She was suspended from the House of Lords until the end of 2012 and required to repay GBP 125,349.

In reference to these 'Bulgarian Hordes' whom you claim will swamp our country. In actual fact more people are leaving than arriving and within this number I include myself. I have left Britain and have no intention of ever returning. I would not trade in my new life here in Bulgaria for anything Britain could now offer. It doesn't have anything to offer. The only jobs that the majority of immigrant EU workers do are the worst and lowest paid on offer – the jobs that the British themselves will not do. The same jobs that you and your right of centre buddies like to claim do not exist - but are now somehow suddenly found and stolen by 'foreigners'.

Britain is a much greater country because of the historical and essential input of our ethnic minorities and foreign labour. Since Bulgaria's EU membership in 2006 over 30,000 British nationals have purchased property in Bulgaria – Sorry to contradict you but actually we're all leaving Britain - and I left because of people like you.

Bulgaria is an amazing country, it is full of the most welcoming and beautiful people that I have ever met and you clearly know nothing about it. We 'The West' throughout the Cold War undermined Bulgaria and other socialist countries at every opportunity and now that the wall has fallen it is not without just cause (as one of the so called 'richest countries' in the world) that we help its people to build a better brighter future.

In protest at your remarks I was going to organise a boycott of British goods but sadly I couldn't find any to boycott.

But I will say this: You achieve nothing by your racist xenophobic comments other than to further isolate what was a great nation into a 'backwater has been.' We need Europe and we need immigrant labour, without which many British industries would and will economically fail. I am a Federalist, I would like to see a borderless and united Europe built upon firm Socialist principles and monetary union.

We agree on one thing, this that you and I could not be further apart on the political spectrum. Please stop claiming that you represent the 'will' of the British people – you do not.

Jonathan Taylor
To see the original: LINK

Thursday, 14 March 2013

UKIP: Farage's less than golden touch!

From the Mail:

When Nigel's golden touch let him down

The MEP, whose previous career was in the City as a trader of commodities such as tin and cocoa, has run into trouble with a company called Farage Ltd.

Six weeks before the Revenue lodged a High Court petition to wind up the firm, Mr Farage resigned as company secretary.
Not such a Midas touch: MEP Nigel Farage, whose previous career was in the City as a trader of commodities such as tin and cocoa, has run into trouble with a company called Farage Ltd
Not such a Midas touch: MEP Nigel Farage, whose previous career was in the City as a trader of commodities such as tin and cocoa, has run into trouble with a company called Farage Ltd

His son, Andrew, remains the sole director of the business, which is the subject of a ‘voluntary order’, which is one step from bankruptcy.

The company has liabilities of £135,677 and the taxman is the biggest creditor. It has also failed to file its annual return and accounts on time, which will lead to automatic financial penalties of thousands of pounds.

In his party’s recent by-election address in Eastleigh, Farage explained that UKIP wanted to ‘reduce everyone’s taxes, reintroduce free student grants, increase the size of the military and the police, put more people in prison, and enhance pensions’.

Such policies would cost the State a handsome sum and UKIP’s promises are unrealistic at the best of times — but they depend on all companies paying their taxes.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2291210/When-Ukip-leader-Nigel-Farages-golden-touch-let-down.html#ixzz2NYhj7VOz

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

UKIP's Roger Helmer sleeps on the job .... what will Ms Swann say?

'I'm working too hard', says MEP Roger Helmer after being snapped snoozing at the European Parliament

AS Israeli president Shimon Peres urges Europe to step up pressure on Iran, East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer sinks into his chair to enjoy a nap.

The 69-year-old laughed off the embarrassing gaffe and even posted the image – taken at the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday – on his own Twitter account.

          ​East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer pictured having a nap during a speech by Israeli President Shimon Peres in the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday.
East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer pictured having a nap during a speech by Israeli President Shimon Peres in the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday.

Alongside the picture, Mr Helmer told his 3,815 followers: "This is what comes from working too hard!"

He later told the Derby Telegraph he thought the speech was "great" and that he joined in a standing ovation at the end.

Mr Helmer was ridiculed by rival MEPs and some constituents back in the UK insisted he should quit.

"We're not paying you to sleep. If you're too old and can't hack it, resign," tweeted one constituent.

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph from Brussels, Mr Helmer insisted the only person to whom he owed an apology was the Israeli president.

He said: "In my defence, I was in the office at 8am and I expect to leave at 10pm tonight – I will have worked a 14-hour day.

"I also blame the BBC for keeping me up late so I can join them reviewing the next morning's papers."

He added: "Shimon Peres received a warm welcome and I'm pleased to say I was awake to join in standing ovations both at the start and end of the speech.

"It was a 40-minute speech and I'm sad to say I did doze off a little bit towards the end. Being an elderly person, I make no apology other than to Mr Peres himself."

Asked about what he thought of calls for him to resign, Mr Helmer said: "Perhaps the person who tweeted that should try working the hours that I do.

"People might not think MEPs work hard or do a good job, but apart from junior doctors we work longer hours than most."

Liberal Democrat MEP Bill Newton Dunn said the image was being sent around parliament in Strasbourg and that Mr Helmer was the butt of jokes.

He said: "It's being sent around parliament and is causing much amusement.

"The fact he is lying back with his hands joined together on his lap suggests the camera didn't just catch him blinking."

It is not the first time Mr Helmer has sparked controversy. In September, 2010, he angered Catholics when he drew a link between the Church and paedophiles.

And in January 2011 he Tweeted: "Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to "turn" a consenting homosexual?"

Read more: http://www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/m-working-hard-says-MEP-Roger-Helmer-snapped/story-18400001-detail/story.html#ixzz2NSjOdQgX

UKIP leader Nigel Farage accused of making threats in bid to win funding

UKIP is now attracting more media interest following the 'victory' and 'earthquake' in Eastleigh. Farage is basking in the limelight and has been boring numerous UKIPPERS with boasts about how famous he's become! But be careful what you wish for! The media are now finally beginning to take note of UKIP's less savoury aspects.

Here is a recent example:

From The Guardian:

Nigel Farage faces accusations from former Ukip MEPs.
Nigel Farage has been accused of putting pressure on two MEPs to break European rules as he sought to gain tens of thousands of pounds in taxpayers’ money for the UK Independence party.

Nikki Sinclaire, MEP for the West Midlands, told the Guardian the Ukip leader told her the party would not be able to gain access to extra funds meant for a new political grouping without her support.

If she failed to support the group, Farage said he would destroy her political reputation, she alleges. Sinclaire left Ukip in 2010 after clashing with the leadership.

A second MEP claims she was asked by Farage to secure an assistant for his 2010 general election campaign using money from Brussels, in breach of strict EU regulations. Marta Andreasen, who also left Ukip – joining the Conservatives last month – says Farage told her women of childbearing age should not work because they are “a burden to their companies”.

Friends of Farage said Sinclaire had been a “thorn in his side” for many years and had an axe to grind. A Ukip spokesman told the Guardian: “We do not respond to vexatious allegations of this kind from our political opponents.”

Andreasen and Farage have clashed publicly before – after she quit Ukip, the party leader said: “Having left the OECD, the European commission and Ukip in unpleasant circumstances, the Conservative party deserve what is coming to them. The woman is impossible.”

Farage and his party argue that the EU is a waste of money and call for Britain’s withdrawal. Over the last 10 years, Ukip has raised £6.2m, according to the Electoral Commission, with hundreds of thousands of pounds coming from its MEPs, whose salaries and expenses are met by European taxpayers.

Ukip ran the Lib Dems a close second last week in the Eastleigh byelection. All three main parties are now wrestling with how to respond to the rise of the Eurosceptic party, which is to field about 2,000 candidates in the May council elections.

Both accusers are the only female MEPs ever elected by Ukip and both left the party, claiming there is a sexist attitude at the top of the organisation.

Sinclaire, a close associate of Farage for 14 years, said she was “intimidated and bullied” by him as he sought to establish the European Freedom and Democracy group in the European parliament.

In July 2009, he had secured 29 MEPs from a number of countries to support the establishment of the group. Sinclaire alleges that he told her he needed a 30th MEP to ensure that he secured additional funds. When she replied that she was unsure because of homophobic and antisemitic comments by Italian politicians who were part of the grouping, he responded by threatening her, she said.

“He said to me that unless I signed up to this group by 10am the following morning then it would cost the party half a million pounds and it would be all my fault,” she said. “If I didn’t sign up, he said he would make sure that everyone knew it was my fault and damage my standing in the party.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that he was seeking these funds for the political party, not for the new group,” she said. “His main objective was to get the party to gain access to more money, and he was prepared to bully me to get it.”

EU sources said if a grouping increased the number of MEPs from 29 to 30, its funding would be increased by about €50,000. EU rules state money for groupings should not be used for party political purposes, but Sinclaire said the funds were supposed to be sent instead to Ukip and filtered through to London. Sinclaire eventually joined the group, but regretted doing so, she said. She left it in 2010 and is now an independent MEP.

Andreasen is an MEP for South East England and a former Ukip treasurer who defected to the Conservative party last month. She said Farage instructed her to recruit an assistant on the party’s publicly funded Brussels payroll, despite rules that MEPs’ assistants must work for at least part of their time on European parliament business.

“I had a specific situation where I was asked to recruit someone for the southeast region [where she and Farage are MEPs],” she said. “I realised he was only going to work on the general election in 2010 with Nigel Farage, who was standing in Buckingham.

“He [Farage] told me to draw up the contract for him and he would give me a staff member from the group in Brussels. He wanted me to recruit someone who would work in an office in the northern part of the south-east constituency, close to Buckingham.”

Andreasen said the contract would have been for an assistant earning around £40,000 a year pro-rata and they got as far as identifying the assistant Farage wanted, but she realised Farage was asking her to use an MEP’s allowance solely for his UK political campaigning. She said she decided it would have breached parliamentary regulations and declined.

EU rules state: “The provided allowances are only eligible when spent on activities and objects which are directly linked to the office of a member of the European parliament.”

A Ukip MEP has been found to have misused taxpayer-funded allowances following a crackdown by Olaf, Europe‘s anti-fraud watchdog. Derek Clark, an MEP for the East Midlands, had successfully applied for money from the EU to pay for two assistants in 2004 and 2005. But instead of working for Clark, the inquiry found they worked almost exclusively for Ukip from Britain.

Clark, who has given more than £190,000 to the party in the past 10 years, said last year that he began paying political workers with EU money only after being asked to do so by an adviser to the party, whom he refused to name.

Andreasen said Farage and others were “very dismissive and disrespectful” when discussing legislation that affects women.

“The general attitude was that we would never support anything that was in favour of women. He told me that his attitude was that women who are at the age of being able to give birth to children should not be employed because they are a burden to their companies. It is a very extreme position.

“He dismisses you as if you were not a proper interlocuter. He does not discuss with you, because you are a lower-level human being. I could not respond or be angry about each thing that would happen,” she said.

Sinclaire said Meanwhile Rupert Murdoch said that he had invited Farage to his London flat for dinner. The News International chairman told his followers on Twitter that Farage was “reflecting opinion” at the dinner. “Few days in UK, Italy. Politics both places very fluid, economies going nowhere. New leaders emerging on distant horizon,” he tweeted. “Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, few excellent, frustrated ministers. Farage reflecting opinion. Florence mayor Renzi brilliant young Italian.”

Sinclaire she had faced many years of sexism from the party. Ukip used to hold national executive meetings in men-only gentlemen’s clubs in central London such as the Caledonian Club. “I was allowed to attend the actual meeting but could not join the rest of the NEC in the bar, where the eventual decisions were actually made,” she added.

Additional reporting by Flora MacQueen

To view the article CLICK HERE

Thursday, 7 March 2013

UKIP: The Fall and Rise of Mike Read?

How we laughed when told that Mike Read - former BBC DJ and TV presenter - had been approached about standing as an MEP candidate in the Eastern Region!
Nigel is so desparate for a celeb to stand. Unfortunately, UKIP can't attract any big names and so they had to resort to the Z-list!
Mr Read used to be a children's TV presenter in the 80's. He also presented shows for Radio One before getting the push in 1991.
His TV career quickly fizzled out in the 80's, although he did try to revive it by appearing on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!. Sadly, his stay was short-lived — he was the first 'celebrity' to be evicted by the viewing public!
Another joke candidate for a joke party!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

UKIP: Questions that Godfrey Bloom needs to answer!

Godfrey Bloom and the £2000 a month climate researcher!

Several months on and the lack of financial transparency still continues.

See - LINK - for the full story!

UKIP racism exposed

Ukip Bristol Chairman Phillip Collins Insists ‘Put All Illegal Immigrants In Holding Centres

The chairman of Ukip in Bristol has backed controversial removal centres for illegal immigrants saying there should be “one in every town.” He also appeared to suggest that those entering the country illegally should be sent to prison.

Phillip Collins stressed that holding centres should not be the same as prisons, but added: “If they were to go to prison, really I would say a six month prison term for coming over here, using our facilities and using our services would be right for breaking the law.”

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK he said families should be broken up if one member is here illegally and other members aren’t.

He said: “They would be treated humanely and fairly and properly but would not be allowed into the wider community. If one member of a family is illegal and the others aren’t well, the illegal one would have to be put into the holding community. If the mother is illegal and the father is not, they should be separated.

“If they are ill then they can go to hospital but they should be escorted to hospital like prisoners. They should be held in the holding centre until they find papers for them. At the moment the police let them go but then they disappear and then they stay here forever.

“These holding centres would be like prisons with unlocked doors, then after they’ve all been used and we’ve got rid of all the immigrants then we could turn them into actual prisons.

Collins made the comments after an interview with VICE in which he insisted all Eastern European immigrants should leave the UK, and that this country, “within three or four generations will be a Muslim country.”

He told the magazine “Unless we do something about it, we’ll be the ones on the street begging for change.”

He also told their reporter that there should be two or three holding centres in every city.

Collins said these were his personal views are not the views of Ukip. “I’m not sure what official Ukip policy is,” he told the Huffington Post UK.

“There are two million illegal immigrants in the UK and there should be as many holding centres as necessary to keep all of them in,” he added.

“It sounds like a lot of money up front but it would create jobs. There are as many as two million illegal immigrants using all our services and facilities. “

Britain’s prison population stands at 84,000 with a maximum capacity of 88,000. The last formal study of irregular (illegal) immigrants in 2007 put the number between 417,000 and 863,000, according to the migration observatory.

Currently the UK has 12 immigration removal centres, with a capacity of 4055, which exist to house foreign nationals awaiting decisions on their asylum claims or awaiting deportation following a failed application. Of the twelve centres, half are devoted to purely male detainees.

The removal centres have proved controversial since their inception with opponents saying it is wrong to imprison people who are fleeing persecution and who have committed no crime.

A spokesperson for Migrants’ Rights Network told the Huffington Post UK there were significant problems with removal centres as “there’s no limitation for how long people can be held.”

“It’s a huge human rights and personal liberty issue. Individuals can spend years in detention while the UK Border Agency tries to remove them.”

Detention Action, which supports and campaigns with people held in detention centres, told the Huffington Post UK Collins was guilty of “wild exaggerations” about migration.

Campaigner Kate Blagojevic told the Huffington Post UK “There are a lot of myths and misinformation peddled about migration in the UK and Phillip Collins is repeating them word for word plus a few wild exaggerations, for example, saying that there are 2 million people are living in the UK without documentation is simply a lie.

“However, worryingly a lot of his suggestions are already in practice – people are escorted and handcuffed in hospitals; families are already broken up; and people are already held in prison like centres for months or even years.”

She said the current removal centres are “expensive, unnecessary and unfair,” saying that to hold someone for one day costs around £120 and added “people who are held for a year are more likely to be released than removed.”

Countering Collins’ claims she said: “We are one of the countries in Europe that detains people without any time limit and detain people as soon as they claim asylum.

“I speak to people daily in pubs and restaurants as well – they think that the UK had a duty to protect people who a seeking safely; to uphold a tradition of welcoming refugees; who believe that families should not be ripped apart; who believe that children shouldn’t grow up without parents; who believe that the UK should have an immigration system based on fairness not force.”

Detention Centre Rules insist that safety and security is to be maintained but “with no more restriction than is required for safe custody and well ordered community life.”

However there have been a number of disturbances at centres, shining a spotlight on the controversial practice.

At Morton Hall in Lincolnshire, three prisoners threatened to commit suicide in the past year, there have been riots and a group of 18 asylum seekers from Afghanistan going on hunger strike.

A Nigerian man scaled the roof in protest over his prolonged detention in August, while one Palestinian and one Malaysian protested at the the ‘disrespectful’ and ‘inhumane’ treatment at the hands of the guards. Allegations of racism and violence were also made by one anonymous whistleblower.

“The problem we have is these people feel they are treated like criminals when their crimes are simply fleeing their own country for whatever reason,” Iman Sajid from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants said at the time.

Additionally, detainees at a Dover immigration removal centre who claimed they had been tortured were treated dismissively, prisons inspectors said in August.

In February an 84-year-old Canadian man died after becoming ill at an immigration removal centre near Heathrow airport. The Guardian reported that Alois Dvorzac was “extremely distressed” the day he was rushed to hospital with chest pains.

Ukip MEP Gerard Batten said Collins,’ idea was “superficially attractive” but impractical. In a statement to the Huffington Post UK he said: “We would expect all illegal immigrants to register as such with the authorities, in an advertised time period.

“If they do not, and the authorities become aware of their presence, then they open themselves to automatic deportation, as illegal immigrants.”

“It may be superficially attractive to think that all illegals should be processed though these centres, but given that there are only 4000 places in them when there are anything up to 1 million illegal immigrants in the country, it is neither humane nor practical to do so”.

Ukip was accused by David Cameron of being a party of “fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists” in 2006, a description that has cast a shadow over the party ever since, despite fervent denials by Ukip.

However the founder and former leader of Ukip, Professor Alan Sked, says the party he launched in 1993 has become “extraordinarily right-wing” and is now devoted to “creating a fuss, via Islam and immigrants.” He told the Huffington Post UK in November “They’re not an intellectually serious party. Their views on immigrants and on [banning] the burqa are morally dodgy.”

However Collins says he represents the views of the majority, saying: “I speak to people daily in pubs and restaurants and on the street and all the British people feel this way. The other EU countries don’t abide by these rules, we’re the only country stupid enough to do this . There are A LOT of people who feel this way, the vast majority. The British people are being taken the p**s out of. “

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

UKIP exposed

From the Independent:

Suddenly, the UK Independence Party is the wild card of British politics. It left the Conservative Party bruised and traumatised by beating it in the Eastleigh by-election. It is tipped to win a large share of the vote in next year's European elections, may well cost David Cameron's party victory at the next general election, and is the force whose electoral magnetism many say will pull the Tories ever rightward. It is also the party – its programme and personalities – that has so far escaped scrutiny. Until now.

If Ukip had a name that truly reflected its priorities, it might be called the UK Immigrationphobe Party. Ostensibly the anti-EU party, an obsession with immigration and exit from Europe as a means to close Britain's doors is its prevailing motive. The word immigration runs through its policy statements like red lettering in seaside rock, and its proposed five-year ban on entries to the UK is the message it rams home on every doorstep.

That is far from all. It is deeply sceptical of global warming, wants to abolish inheritance tax, employers' National Insurance contributions, aims to partially reverse the recent hunting and smoking bans, and would increase defence spending by some 40 per cent. It is, in thought if not yet in personnel, the extreme right-wing of the Conservative Party in exile; a party run in the main by self-made businessmen with an agenda to match. And it has a record of defections, internecine squabbles and acrimony, plus scandals that have led two of its former MEPs to jail.

Founded in 1991 as the Anti-Federalist League by Dr Alan Sked of the London School of Economics (it became Ukip two years later), it has had, in the past 20 years, no fewer than eight leaders. And the upper reaches of its 22,000 members are fed – and depleted – at regular intervals by defectors coming in and going out, among them its founder. Two of the people elected as Ukip MEPs have since defected to the Conservative Party, and Nikki Sinclaire, elected a Ukip MEP in 2009, was expelled from Ukip for refusing to be part of the right-wing Europe of Freedom and Democracy grouping in the European Parliament.

On the other side of the account, two of its three peers sitting in the Lords were defections from the Conservative Party; its one Member of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland is David McNarry, who was expelled from the Ulster Unionists; and the only person ever to represent the party in the Commons was Robert Spink, who defected from the Conservatives in 2008.

All these comings and goings mean its headquarters must at times resemble a tourist hotel at the height of the season. The party is, in fact, run out of an office on a business park in Newton Abbot, Devon. Its latest available accounts, for 2011, reveal it has 12 employees, made up of four party officers and eight administrative staff – four fewer than in the previous year. The Ukip leadership has managed to turn around an £18,000 deficit and posted a profit of almost £100,000.

Its MEPs have been criticised for a less-than-stellar attendance record at the European Parliament. The latest data from Votewatch.eu says that Nigel Farage's attendance in plenary has been 141 days out of 196, placing him 708 out of 754 MEPs, and his deputy Paul Nuttall managed 123 days out of 195, ranking him 742nd. More embarrassing for the party was the jailing of two of its former MEPs. In 2007, Ashley Mote, who represented South-east England, was jailed on 21 counts of benefit fraud, totalling £65,000. In 2009, Tom Wise, former MEP for East of England, was jailed for two years after falsely claiming thousands in expenses.

Mr Farage has carved out a niche for himself as a political maverick who, with a nice line in good humour, plays well on Question Time. Insiders, however, say he is somewhat shy when it comes to detail. One former Ukip member said the party had attempted to put together a co-ordinated policy platform before the last election with 18 separate policy groups charged with contributing to the Ukip manifesto. But he added: "The whole thing was eventually binned. The Ukip leadership doesn't seem to be interested in details; it's a very successful single-issue pressure group. Nigel was very uncomfortable with a manifesto which stated that 'A Ukip government would do this or that'."

Marta Andreasen, the former Ukip MEP who joined the Conservatives during the Eastleigh by-election campaign, said the party was, in effect, a pressure group. "Ukip says it has policies on things other than Europe, but none of them have been properly costed. It is very easy to use immigration as a threat to the population of this country, because people are losing their jobs and the welfare state is being reduced. I agree that there should be proper controls on immigration, but Ukip's position on this – warning that millions of Bulgarians and Romanians would come to this country – was one of the things that contributed to my leaving the party. We were coming too close to the BNP. We were on the margins of the racists."

To the accusations that his party is covertly racist, Mr Farage highlights the fact that the Ukip candidate in the Croydon North by-election was the Jamaican-born former boxer Winston McKenzie. However, Mr McKenzie provoked protests when he claimed that allowing gay couples to adopt was "unhealthy".

Ukip's deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, uses his blog to vent his spleen against political correctness. In one post, he supported the Bristol hoteliers who faced court action after refusing to let a gay couple sleep in the same bed, and the football pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys, sacked by Sky over their "sexist" remarks about a female referee's assistant. He wrote: "Firstly, Christian hoteliers Peter and Rosemary Bull lost a court case in Bristol, which was brought by two homosexual men who took exception because the couple refused to allow them to sleep in the same bed. What a complete joke. Aren't people allowed to live by their religious beliefs in the country any more? … Gray was partaking in something we call 'banter' in football circles … It's not as if he said it live on air, but, then again, so what if he had?"

A Ukip spokesman denied the party was obsessed with migration and insisted that it had a policy platform which "reflected all the real concerns of the British people". He added: "We have policies on the economy, public services, Europe … everything. During the Eastleigh campaign, we expected to talk a lot about Europe, but when we knocked on doors people wanted to ask about immigration. Other people have analysed the election since and said immigration was the main concern of 55 per cent of the people who voted, so we were very much in touch with the people of that area. Ukip, of course, repudiates all types of racism and sectarianism. BNP former members are barred from joining Ukip."

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Monday, 4 March 2013

UKIP and the National Front

Marine Le Pen admits to links with UKIP's leaders. UKIP's links with far-right parties across the EU is an established fact.
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen claimed to be in “regular contact” with UKIP, she told The Times after speaking at the Cambridge Union yesterday.
Mrs Le Pen, an MEP and president of the right-wing Front National party in France, denied that her party felt an affinity with the British National Party and added: “I am in regular contact with UKIP. If I felt my options were closer to the BNP I would be in contact with the BNP, but I am in contact with UKIP.”

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Farage has stated in a lame defence that "I very much doubt she has met an official from UKIP in her life"

So has he forgotten that Godfrey Bloom has sat with her in the Pan-EU European Alliance for Freedom? Indeed, Bloom was more than just a member! LINK and LINK.

 Sorry Nigel, but your lies won't save you this time!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eastleigh: A reality check for UKIP

It is gratifying to learn that other political commentators haven't been taken in by UKIP's claim of a 'victory' in Eastleigh. Being defeated by a pro-EU party is not something that we would wish to celebrate!

Here are a few words of wisdom from Richard North:

More than usual hyperventilation has attended this by-election, with some pretty bizarre predictions, even by the rather low standards of British political commentary. For what it is worth, my (private) prediction was that the Lib-dims would romp home, the Tories would come a poor second, Labour third and UKIP would keep their deposit with about seven percent of the vote … all on a very low turnout of 40 percent.

But then, I was certainly wrong on the turnout, as early reports put the it at 52 percent. This is higher than I expected although low in contrast to the 69.3 percent cast in the 2010 general election. All the same, no one at the beginning of the count was expecting the earlier tosh about UKIP winning to materialise, although there was still some expectation that UKIP might make second place.
As always though, the postal votes were set to play a crucial part, with 14,000 issued, and the Lib-Dems expected to take the lion’s share. Given that most of these votes were in before the latest groping controversy, that vote was expected to be fairly solid.

UKIP had to beat Ray Finch’s 2010 performance, when he took 1,933 votes, taking 3.6 percent of the votes cast, losing his deposit. In the 1997 election, the Referendum Party fronted Victor Eldridge and took 2,013, also coming in with 3.6 percent of the votes. Thirteen years had not delivered any appreciable enhancement in eurosceptic sentiment in Eastleigh.
The talk though is of UKIP becoming the reservoir of the protest vote, and in particular capitalising on concerns about immigration.
And, at just after 2.30 am, the result came through. The Lib-Dems did indeed romp home, coming in with 13,342 votes, against the second comer at 11,571 votes – UKIP. Second place for Farage’s party, nearly a thousand ahead of the Conservatives at 10,599. Labour trails at 4,088 votes. So much for my powers of prediction.
Mike Thornton’s vote of 13,342 votes compares with Chris Huhne’s 24,966 in 2010, yet Thornton talks of a Lib-Dem “mandate”, having dragged in a pitiful 32 percent of the votes cast, and 17 percent of the electorate of 78,313. UKIP’s great victory amounts to 28 percent of the votes cast, or 14.8 percent of the electorate.
This is a victory of sorts – bald men fighting over a comb, squabbling over a diminishing quantum, where an MP goes to parliament with a “mandate” of 17 percent of the electorate. It never was democracy. Now, it isn’t even representative.
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The media are glibly talking of the “humiliation” variously of David Cameron (Independent) and the Conservatives (Telegraph), completely unconscious of the fact that the by-election result represented a humiliating defeat for the political class as a whole.

As Your Freedom and Ours points out, people are not turning out to vote for any of the candidates in any numbers. But, when the lead candidate goes to Westminster on the back of 17 percent of the electorate – not even one in five of the voters – that represents a crashing failure of the political class to take the people with them.

But then, when we see Clegg stand alongside the new MP and proclaim “we overcame the odds”, while The Times talks of a “stunning” victory, the nature of the problem becomes apparent.

The great divide then yawns into a chasm when Lib-Dem party president, Tim Farron, claims: “This is a staggering result … it will be a turning point in this parliament and that we are in a position to win this seat completely changes the narrative of the parliament”.

And while the voters delivered a majority of 1,771 for the Lib-Dems, it is interesting to note that aside from the Lib-Lab-Con-UK matrix, there were ten other parties in the field, including the Monster Raving Loony Party, which collectively polled 2,056 votes.

Farage talks glibly about the Conservatives “splitting the UKIP vote”, and also hails UKIP’s “strong showing” as a sign of “revulsion” at the three main parties across Britain. But there were over two thousand voters who thought more of the likes of the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party than they did of his offer. Those votes were sufficient to deprive his candidate of a seat in Parliament.

What is thus very, very clear from this result is that the politicians simply haven’t got the message – any more than has the media. They are regarded, collectively, with a mixture of indifference and contempt. Party politics and voting in this country have become a minority preoccupation.

The result today, therefore, is not a disaster, per se for Cameron and his Conservatives, as some would have it. It is a disaster for the flawed experiment in representative democracy, another nail in the coffin of a failed system.

As for UKIP, the picture remains muddy. Your Freedom and Ours observes that their plan to become the third party after the Lib-Dims has fallen by the wayside by the latter’s victory in Eastleigh.

They cannot pretend that they are the second party in the country with no MPs and very few councillors. So, despite the undoubted rejoicing in the UKIP ranks and despite the nauseating plaudits that will be heaped on the Dear Leader, the fact remains: after 20 years and in the most propitious circumstances they remain in no-man’s land.

Increasingly though, this is becoming the “no-electors’ land” – a wasteland of democracy. And the politicians can’t even bring themselves to admit it.

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

UKIP: More on Eastleigh

UKIP: Still without a single MP

And yet still Nigel's useful idiots claim that Eastleigh was a victory! So losing is now a victory according to the UKIP dictionary!

Consider these facts, facts that the sycophants and useful idiots would rather ignore:

UKIP lost to the pro-EU candidate of a pro-EU party. So much for Farage's claim that UKIP had replaced the Lib-Dems as Britiain's third party!

The vote in Eastleigh was 69.3% at the last General Election. This had dropped to 52.8% on Thursday. So much for UKIP's claim to appeal to those who feel let down by the main party system!!

There were ten other smaller parties standing, including Elvis Loves Pets and the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party, which collectively claimed 2,056 votes. So that's over 2000 voters who declined to take up Nigel's offer to trust UKIP and reject the rest.

The Lib-Dems got 13,342 votes. That's just 17% of the electorate in Eastleigh. UKIP managed to persuade just 14.8 of the electorate to back them on Thursday. Hardly a mandate!

After 20 years, UKIP still remains in the political wasteland thanks to the incompetence of Nigel Farage. A 'great victory' for UKIP? Don't make us laugh!

Friday, 1 March 2013

UKIP: There are no prizes for coming second!

Farage's 'leadership' is saved following UKIP's defeat in Eastleigh
We said UKIP wouldn't win and they didn't. They were beaten into second place by a pro-EU candidate representing a pro-EU party. And let us not forget that the Lib-Dems have been exposed as corrupt, untrustworthy and sleeze ridden. And yet UKIP still couldn't capture the seat! Need we say more?
The usual sycophants were predicting a massive win for UKIP. And we had been that they were looking forward to mocking this blog and GLW after we both stated that UKIP would be defeated. It was priceless to see their faces when told that UKIP had lost again!
UKIP's campaign was shambolic when compared to the other parties. But what can you expect when the likes of Liss Duffy and Steve Crowther are involved?
And let us by quite clear regarding our position when it comes to UKIP - GLW and this blog are not anti-UKIP. We are anti-Farage's EUKIP. Get rid of Farage, clean up the party and remove the sycophants and we will happily support the party.
UKIP exists solely as a means for Farage and his cronies to stay on the EU Gray Train. Talent has been kicked out and critics silenced because they committed the crime of questioning Farage's judgement. For example, look at Farage's promotion of the disgraced Neil Hamilton! He is now being used as a UKIP spokesman on national TV. God help us!

Farage has no real campaign strategy and no one competent enough to manage it! Nigel is too busy living the good life in Brussels to worry about that!
It is quite ironic that Ms James defeat saved Farage's bacon. More than one UKIPPER has told the Junius Team that her election to Westminster would have resulted in calls for her to become UKIP leader. As one UKIPPERS has said:
"We want a leader based in Westminster if we have MPs . How much longer can we expect to put up with being led from Brussels or Strasbourg?"
Rest assured that UKIP is not set to storm the House of Commons. Smaller parties always do better in by-elections thanks to mid-term voter discontent with the government and official opposition. They wanted to give all the major parties a bloody nose. The next General Election will see UKIP's vote collapse and the electorate return to their usual political allegiances.
See GLW's tweets for more on this: LINK