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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP: UKIP will be lucky to get 4% in the General Election

Ipsos Mori has conducted an opinion poll in order to find out how people intend to vote in the General Election.

Here are the results:

Conservative 36% (down 7% on last month)

Liberal ‘Democrats’ 25% (up 8% on last month)

Labour 24% (down 2% on last month)


( other parties less than 4%)

This is extremely bad news for UKIP. If we stay at 4% our candidates won’t even keep their deposits.

In the 2005 General Election UKIP got just under 3% of the vote. A 1% increase is risible.

So much for Farage’s leadership and so much for our MEPs raising UKIP's profile in the UK!

I would suggest that in future our MEPs spend a little less time living the high life on the EU Gravy Train and a little more time campaigning in the UK.

If they had done that we may have actually got somewhere by now.

UKIP has had MEPs for over 10 years and yet we are still no closer to leaving the EU. We are still not seen as a credible alternative to the old party system. We are still seen as just another anti-EU pressure group that happens to get a share of the anti-EU protest vote every five years.

It is time to wake up and face facts. UKIP is going nowhere under the Farage clique. UKIP now exists to keep Farage and his sycophants on the EU Gravy Train. They have a vested interest in keeping the EU afloat. And turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!

Unless we kick them out UKIP will eventually sink without trace.

It’s up to you.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Irish Referendum: Friday is D Day for the Irish people

The Irish people have until Friday before they can reject the Lisbon Treaty and thereby protect what's left of their independence.

For more information on this crucial vote see: LINK

UKIP leadership election: Daniel Baldwin's election statement

Daniel Baldwin’s election statement. The spelling and punctuation are as Daniel published it.

my name is daniel baldwin
I am 30years old
I suffer from cerebral palsy
But I don't let that stand in my way
I joined last year because the labour goverment dissapointed people by not trusting uk people or electorate on the lisbon treaty and one thing i would do if i became leader, i would want to listen to peoples opinions and members of ukip and work with nigel farage and members of the nec
On a United front to keep ukip united for the general election
From daniel baldwin

End of statement

He is also looking for supporters:

hi all I am looking for a proposers and a secoonders and 50asccentors
Would anyone support me please
Thanks daniel baldwin

Taken from the UKIP members forum. Spelling and spacing as the original.

His web page can be found at: LINK

I applaud his courage.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

UKIP: Whatever happened to Young Independence?

I am not surprised that Yasin Akgun - former Vice-Chairman of Young Independence - walked away from UKIP and joined the Tories.

Young Independence is dead in the water. My dead parrot is currently more active than YI’s leadership.

Lisa Duffy - also known as Scruffy Duffy and head of YI- promised Farage hundreds of new members by the end of 2008. She failed to keep her promise.

The YI five-a-side football matches also failed to materialise.

The YI newsletter - supposedly a regular publication- appears with as much frequency as Halley’s Comet.

The YI website is about as informative as listening to David Bannerman’s maiden speech as an MEP. How about a few INTERESTING articles for a change?

And if you manage to spot any YI stalls at university fresher fairs do please let me know. At the moment you have a better chance of meeting Lord Lucan at your local university!

YI lacks intelligent leadership and ANY cohesive plan of action. Lisa Duffy and Michael Heaver are about as much use as a couple of chocolate teapots. They would be far better employed as musical doormats that play “See the Conquering Hero Comes” whenever Farage and the odious Nuttall wipe their feet on them.

Since the departure of Del Young UKIP’s youth wing has stagnated and is now simply waiting for someone with the courage to put it out of its misery.

Any offers? Will Andrew Gray - 15 year old candidate for YI Vice-Chairman - do the decent thing and consign YI to the dustbin?

Friday, 25 September 2009

Godfrey Bloom: UKIP's resident idiot MEP

I see that Godfrey Bloom is still committed to bringing UKIP into disrepute.

At Tuesday's Mansion House dinner Bloom rather overdid the booze - as usual - and started heckling Lord Turner over Financial Services Authority bonuses.

Lord Turner is quoted as saying:

"I don't know who this chap is, but could you go back and start handing out your pamphlets outside this room and stop interrupting."

And UKIP’s leadership still wonder why they are not taken seriously by the electorate or the media?

Getting drunk and heckling a speaker is not clever. It simply illustrates the heckler’s stupidity and boorishness - all classic Bloom traits.

And I would suggest that Bloom is the last person to take the moral high ground when it comes to finances.

I would be far more impressed with Bloom if he had the courage to heckle Farage over the £2 million expenses he claimed as an MEP.

Will Bloom do the decent thing and demand to know where the money went?

And how about heckling your other UKIP colleagues over their expenses?

Or even heckling yourself over employing a relative? Something you said you didn’t do!

For more on the idiot Bloom see: LINK & LINK
And also see Eric Edmond's blog : LINK

Thursday, 24 September 2009

UKIP leadership election: Daniel Baldwin

I note that Daniel Baldwin has thrown his hat into the ring. He is 30 years old and joined UKIP a year ago after becoming thoroughly disillusioned with Labour.

He intends to listen to the concerns of members, Farage and the NEC - thereby showing himself to be a consensus leader.

Daniel does not see severe cerebral palsy as an obstacle to his political ambitions.

I will post more information as I get it - his announcement on the UKIP members forum being rather brief.

UKIP's new treasurer

I am not surprised that UKIP’s new treasurer - pictured above - looks unhappy. Would you really want to be lumbered with UKIP’s finances? Or has he already noticed a few irregularities?

Mr Wadsworth is described as a chartered certified accountant working in an international tax practice.

I have a few questions for Mr Wadsworth:

Who appointed you UKIP treasurer and when?

What is your salary?

Will you get expenses?

What exactly are your professional qualifications?

At which institute are you a member?

Will you be undertaking a FULL audit of ALL UKIP’s finances - including MEPs? If you do you will find some VERY interesting payments!

I note that UKIP’s leadership are already evading these questions.

Not that I am surprised!

Monday, 21 September 2009

UKIP: Gregg Beaman speaks out!

Readers of this blog will be aware that Gregg Beaman - pictured above - resigned from UKIP in disgust after Farage and the odious Nuttall tried to get him removed as lead UKIP MEP candidate in the North West.

It was recently brought to my attention that Farage’s sycophants are STILL trying to promote the lie that Gregg Beaman was forced to resign because he had used his position as Regional Organiser to promote himself at the expense of other candidates.

One such useful idiot - known as Skeptyk - recently posted the following on the British Democracy Forum:

As I understand it, Beaman allegedly broke the rules and resigned rather than face the consequences. So all the prattle about how he got the most votes means very little if he stood down - so as far as ELIGIBLE candidates go, Nuttall got the most votes and is now one of UKIPs MEPs.

This allegation had also been previously published by the ‘sceptical’ Mark Croucher on his Common Man blog. This blog was written by Croucher and a certain Ms A. Fuller. Farage gave it his personal seal of approval. See: Link

Here is Mr Beaman’s response to their lies.

Interestingly Nuttall's 'complaint' was withdrawn, by Nuttall, before I resigned. He was advised by Piers Merchant that it would be thrown out as 'frivolous', so there was actually no case to answer.

The letter referred to by Nuttall was merely an invitation sent to members by me, late spring early summer, inviting them to a series of county-wide meetings to hear Phil Griffiths, NW Chairman, explain the new regional structure. Interestingly it was Griffiths who urged me to stay on but resign from UKIP if elected to sit as an independent MEP. Griffiths was also standing for the North West list but no 'complaint' was made against him, the subject of the letter.

From despising him to the point of even refusing to accept a drink from Nuttall in August 2008, Griffiths was proposed for the NEC by him earlier this year. But that's life, or so it seems life in UKIP is. The new regional structure, one representative per county, had only been put in place so that Farage could rid himself of a couple of 'troublesome' regional committee members in other regions. It destroyed a solid democratic structure that we in the North West had been building since 2004.

Anybody looking at your blog can see why I got out. Anybody reading it should be aware that I, after almost 10 years in UKIP, have seen nothing untrue in anything you have written.

Please feel free to use this comment as you see fit.

Best wishes and keep up the good work.


So there you have it.

Mr Beaman resigned from UKIP because he was no longer prepared to be associated with Nuttall, Farage or their corrupt associates. See: Link & LINK

More from Mr Beaman:

Of course, there are always those who prefer their own convenient version of a story to the reality. Quite simply, I had enough.

It seems there are those in UKIP who think I should have just carried on for the cash, or at least wonder how I could walk away from all that cash, and if you are one of those then you'll never understand, or accept, why I did leave.

Instead of listening to rumour I can be contacted via:

Mr Beaman puts his principles before personal gain. This is an example that sadly many UKIP MEPs and their associates fail to follow.

I would like to thank Mr Beaman for contacting me about his resignation and for allowing me to publish his response.

I wish him the very best of luck and hope that he finds a position in politics worthy of his undoubted talents.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP: More dire election results

The odious Paul Nuttall - pictured above - still claims that UKIP will win seats in next year’s General Election.

Someone should tell him that UKIP’s share of the vote has collapsed since the Euro elections as clearly he is too stupid to understand the facts.

UKIP now can't even beat the pro-EU Lib Dems!

Amersham, Bucks CC, 17th Sept
Conservative 1,840
Liberal Democrat 1,768
UKIP 140
Labour 106
Green 95

Redcar B.C (South Bank Ward) 17th Sept
Labour 442
Lib Dem 354
Independent 102
Conservative 47

Does anyone - apart from Nuttall and other members of the Farage clique- still believe that UKIP will get ANY MPs next year?

UKIP’s vote has collapsed. We are now back to pre-Euro election levels. The sleaze factor has clearly worn off.

We will be lucky if our candidates manage to keep their deposits!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP! Marta Andreasen MEP

My sources tell me that Marta Andreasen’s time in UKIP is drawing to a close.

I can confirm that more than one party has approached Marta - pictured here with UKIP's Honey Monster- with offers of a new political home.

I will post more news as I get it.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

UKIP leadership election: Is Lord Pearson UKIP's last chance?

Petrina Holdsworth - former UKIP national chairman - has posted an interesting article on the British Democracy Forum. It concerns Lord Pearson and his bid for the leadership.

Her views are well worth considering:

In terms of a leader ;

1 Preferably a leader who is not a serving MEP , one who is not at the beck and call of the UKIP MEPs (who are simply over there to make as much nuisance as possible and bring back useful info not to be the management of the party) and one who makes his decisions based solely on the urgent need for the party to grow and to fulfill its declared aim of ridding us of the EU.

2. A leader who is capable of surrounding himself with people of high calibre and intelligence because he firmly believes that such people are necessary to the proper running of the party.

3. A leader who is prepared to overlook personal differences and bring in as many eurosceptics from all parties together to fight for the cause.

4. A leader who has the humility and foresight to look ahead to when he is gone and allow a number of possible contenders to the leadership to grow their skills in readiness for when their own time comes.

5. A leader who has sufficient leadership skills to awaken the general public to the true facts of our impending serfdom and the ability to engender in them the overwhelming desire to do something about it-and then importantly to have a plan to use that support to do just that.

"He" of course includes "she" in this context.

Has Pearson got those qualities ? Well from what I’ve seen of the man he just may have.

If he can bring back people like Congdon, extend the hand of friendship to eurosceptics everywhere in this country ( but not people like the Italians that UKIP has got itself enmeshed with in the EU ) then he may get there.

He has run a successful large business, therefore he should be well versed in getting the best out of people and have a good grasp on how organisations run.

If he gets the job we will have to see whether he is puppet or king, whether this is just a "fill -in job" or one to which he can give adequate time and effort in order to shift the political spectrum sufficiently to make a real difference to the cause.

End of article.

So will Lord Pearson stand up to Farage? Will he have the courage to reform UKIP and weed out ALL the corrupt elements? Will he sack the NEC and call new elections? Will he launch an investigation into UKIP’s corrupt MEP selection process, Ashford, the You Tube incident and the UKIP lottery? Will he sack Nuttall as chairman? Will he extend the hand of friendship to ex-UKIPPERS? Will he force ALL UKIP MEPs to publish a full list of their expenses? Will he sever ALL links with the Lega Nord?

Any failure to do so and UKIP is certainly doomed.

UKIP: Mark Croucher is exposed on the British Democracy Forum

Mark Croucher - failed publican and serial idiot - has been suffering recently.

He has been banned from the British Democracy Forum for crass stupidity.

He lost his legal action against the BNP. This concerned his attempt to abuse the legal system by claiming thousands of pounds in copyright fees after the BNP used one of his awful Farage photos on their website.

He also tried to seize a BNP vehicle - the Truth Truck - which is used in BNP election campaigns.

Rather stupidly he had previously boasted on the BDF that he intended to give a large amount of his expected win to the far-left, extremist and pro-EU Searchlight magazine.

Sadly for Croucher the Judge ruled in the BNP’s favour. He also criticised Croucher for bringing the case to court and ordered him to pay costs of £1000.

Croucher also made himself extremely foolish by claiming on the BDF that Piers Merchant was Junius. When he failed to provide evidence to substantiate his story he changed his tune and accused Mr Merchant of being the main source for this blog. Again, he failed to provide plausible evidence to support his lies. See: LINK

Mr Merchant is terminally ill with cancer. Croucher knew this but was still happy to publicly attack him. What a despicable man!

Readers of this blog will be aware that I - and GLW - confirmed that Croucher was the brains - and I use that word VERY loosely - behind the ‘Common Man' blog.

His blog specialised in attacking opponents of Farage by claiming that they were working for the BNP. Those accused of being BNP members or supporters included: David Abbott, John West, Martin Haslam, Eric Edmond and Greg Lance-Watkins.

It also posted lies about John West’s legal action against UKIP and even went as far to attribute comments to a judge that was not even there on the day of the hearing. So much for Croucher's sources! See: LINK

It has now been confirmed by Anthony Butcher - owner of the British Democracy Forum - that Croucher is the Common Man.

"Just to clarify, the Common Man is Mark Croucher”

Mr Butcher is an expert in IT. No doubt he was able to trace Croucher’s identity through his ISP.

So Croucher has now been exposed for all to see - a sordid liar, a Farage sycophant and a fool.

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

For more on this idiot see: LINK & LINK

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP! More on Paul Nuttall

It seems that I am not the only one unimpressed by the odious Paul Nuttall!

Taken from the General Election blog:

Nobody seems prepared, or maybe capable, of following UKIP fuhrer Nigel Farage. Let's face it he was no great shakes. But what about the man he pushed forward, Paul Nuttall?

Widely seen as a conman and spiv, pretty much in the mould of his master himself, Nuttall has driven away big hitters since he became chairman, most recently Marta Andreasen, alleged whistle blower now UKIP MEP who many now seem to have also lost faith in. There is a pattern isn't there?

Anyway, to see how incompetent Farage's heir apparent actually is, not to mention insincere and downright bizarre, follow the following link:

Would you buy a secondhand smarmy smile off this schmoozer? Thought not.

End of article. To view the original: LINK

And here are Dr Edmond’s views on the shaven headed one:

Paul Nuttall was talked about as the next leader of UKIP. I suggest anyone still harbouring such thoughts click on the link below to see yesterday's North West Politics Show interview with Nuttall. The interview starts 54:00 mins into the BBC clip so if you unless you want to listen to a load of TUC waffle slide the cursor along to the 54 min mark.

Nuttall, Farage's nominee as chairman, was clearly nervous, not listening to the questions and just spouting a pre-prepared line and generally giving a poor performance. The interviewer was asking about what UKIP was going to do at the General Election next year in 2010 and Nuttall spent a lot of time rabbitting on about the 2014 European Election, five years away. When she finally managed to drag Nuttall back on topic he stated that Bootle would be a UKIP target seat. The interviewer gaped at him and said but at the last general election when you stood you got 4% of the vote and Labour got 75%. She could have quoted the McEnroe comment, 'You cannot be serious'. Unfortunately Nuttall was, and looked very stupid when he then tried to go on about his good District Election result in Bootle.

The naughty BBC then showed a clip from an Andreasen interview about her resignation. She was relaxed and made her points well. She wanted a party with more mature experienced professional and business people running it. Nuttall, she said, did not think this important and wanted Youf as the Beeb call it. Andreasen then finished with a telling smirk of the cat who has got the cream.

Cut back to Nuttall whose answers re Andreasen's interview points were even worse than the non-answer to UKIP's GE ideas. He parrotted the Farage line re she would be very busy clearing up UK corruption and her resignation as UKIP Treasurer was a minor matter and they were all going to work together like happy bunnies etc, etc. Clearly baloney.

Watch it for yourself and form your own judgement. What emerges clearly is the paucity of talent at the top of UKIP and that Andreasen, and I hate to say this, is correct in her interview points. The problem is all the mature people with solid business and professional experience, doctors, barristers, bankers, accountants, businessmen with sound independent judgement have been purged from UKIP and its NEC by the Cabal. Nuttall is typical of what is left on UKIP's NEC. It is not an encouraging prospect.

End of article. To view the original: LINK

Paul Nuttall is one of the most obnoxious members of Farage’s inner clique. That he could even believe for one minute that he EVER stood a chance of becoming leader is simply amazing. He is far too tainted by EUKIP corruption to be trusted with the leadership now or in the future.

His sickening support for Farage instigated witch-hunts, attempts to give the chairman dictatorial powers and his involvement in fabricating complaints against Gregg Beaman will not be forgotten.

And why am I not surprised that Nuttall was more interested in telling the interviewer about the next Euro elections? Another term on the EU Gravy Train beckons!

Nuttall lacks all those qualities needed in a leader - honesty, integrity, intelligence and charisma. His pathetic performance on the Politics Show confirms that he has NONE of those qualities.

And to hear him parrot the Farage line was nauseating.

Nuttall is like a musical doormat which plays “See the Conquering Hero Comes” whenever Farage condescends to wipe his shoes upon him.

And for the latest on the leadership race see: LINK

UKIP leadership contest: Peter Lucas

We now have David Bannerman, Nikki Sinclaire, Lord Pearson and Peter Lucas as declared candidates for the leadership of UKIP.

The odious Paul Nuttall decided against standing after realising that he had no chance of winning.

Peter Lucas is the youngest of the candidates and is largely unknown to the majority of UKIP members.

I applaud his dedication to the Euro-realist cause. I also commend his brave stand against EUKIP corruption and his pledge to restore democracy and accountable to UKIP.

Sadly his youth and lack of life experience will count against him. However, I wish him the best of luck.

Click here to view his website: LINK

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

UKIP in Crisis! Paul Nuttall makes a wise decision

I note that the odious Paul Nuttall has decided against standing for the leadership.

A VERY wise decision!

And would Nuttall please spare us the nonsense about wanting to concentrate on winning the Bootle constituency in 2010!

You know full well that you haven’t a chance! Labour got 75.5% of the vote in Bootle at the 2005 General Election. And what did UKIP get? The answer is 4.1 %.

Clearly the man is deluded if he thinks he can win Bootle for UKIP.

Here are the real reasons why Nuttall is not standing for the leadership:

He lacks the honesty, decency, intelligence, gravitas, charisma, leadership skills and the integrity to EVER be considered as the leader of ANY political party.

He is thoroughly tainted by EUKIP corruption.

He lacks sufficient support to defeat the other candidates. Indeed, his supporters were quite shocked to find that the average UKIPPER does not hold Nuttall in very high regard!

Marta Andreasen’s criticism of him in The Times and on the BBC badly damaged what little standing he had in the party.

He feels that as party chairman he can weld power more effectively. Perhaps someone should tell him that the chairman can be sacked by the next leader!

For more on the odious Nuttall see: LINK

Crisis in UKIP! More dire election results

Leicester C.C (Castle Ward) - 10th Sept

Labour 611
Green 519
Conservative 435
Lib Dems 292
Liberal 31

Stockport B.C (Cheadle Ward) - 10th Sept

Lib Dems 2,625
Conservative 2,005
Labour 143
Green 91

UKIP’s vote has collapsed and returned to pre-Euro election levels. A vote for UKIP is still considered by the electorate as a protest vote. They are STILL not regarded as a serious alternative to the old party system because UKIP's leaders are only interested in the EU Gravy Train and the perks that go with it.

And yet the odious Paul Nuttall still claims that UKIP is set to win seats in the General Election!

But should we be so surprised at his stupidity and ignorance? His recent appearance on The Politics Show was laughable. To say he was out of his depth would be an understatement!

Monday, 14 September 2009

UKIP: Hypothetical questions

Would you vote for a man accused of assaulting a women in a bar?

And what if he happens to be an MEP and has aspirations to lead a political party?

Sunday, 13 September 2009

UKIP: Why Douglas Denny is now UKIP's greatest living idiot

I would like to nominate Douglas Denny - pictured above - as UKIP's greatest living idiot.

Bob Feal-Martinez was the previous holder of this coveted title. His resignation from UKIP now leaves the post open.

Mr Denny deserves the title for his extreme stupidity, sycophancy, colluding in EUKIP corruption, his insistence on posting drivel on the British Democracy Forum - he was recently banned from the BDF for insulting Dr Eric Edmond - and for his paranoia.

Denny sadly believes that MI5 are watching his every move, monitoring his phone and opening his emails.

He has yet to explain why MI5 would even take the slightest interest in one of Britain’s most insignificant and foolish UKIPPERS.

Here are Dr Edmond's views on Denny:

Denny has been banned from Democracy Forum for posting 'unwarranted insults' about me. Croucher had previously been banned for posting allegations about me that he had no evidence to back. Croucher has insufficient assets to be worth suing and is reported as recently losing a court case to the BNP with costs awarded against him so what is the point. Denny is similarly a person who is not worth pursuing legally although I believe David Abbott did with some success.

People like Denny & Croucher are very useful tools for the ruling UKIP Cabal. They have insufficient funds to be worth mounting a legal action against them for their allegations. The Cabal can thus hide behind them and safeguard their assets at the same time as having their views promulagated by Denny and Croucher damaging the reputation of those who oppose the Cabal.

UKIP footsoldiers who have not had to deal with the Cabal have no conception of how different these people are from the ordinary decent UKIP members. Denny's posts give some idea of what David Abbott, Del Young and I had to put up with on the NEC.

Here are a couple of quotes from Denny about me that gives the flavour of the rancid bile he threw at us.

"Ok you piece of sheiss. you have goaded me into a response - happy now?

I knew you were a nasty piece of work from the very moment you came into the NEC for the first time and opened your nasty mouth. It was one of the better decisions made in all my experience for the NEC to throw you out on your ear. You were totally disruptive to the point of anarchy. The most unpleasant person I have met in politics without a doubt. Have you practiced for years? or are you just naturally like that?

You are also full of lies and invective."

"I will not be accused, however, by that lump of excrement of giving misleading information"

After that last comment he was banned for one week. Unfortunately on the UKIP NEC the Cabal regard their tools using that sort of language to attack their critics as acceptable. David Abbott, Del Young and I never descended to their level. We kept on asking questions and were all kicked off the NEC or thrown out of UKIP.

The whole thread gives a window into how UKIP operates at the highest level. Click on link below to see the full thread:

Is a good read and I recommend reading the whole 9 pages or so. I use the nom de plume SomersetYokel on the forum. Mathematicians are fond of doing this. Charles Dodgson was probably the best known but only by his nom de plume Lewis Carrol!

To view the original see: LINK

And also see: LINK

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP: Nigel Farage lies to the BBC .... again!

I love this one!

Taken from the BBC News website:

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) can not afford a bitter leadership contest, a senior party member has warned.

South East England MEP Marta Andreasen resigned as the Eurosceptic party's treasurer after a disagreement with party chairman Paul Nuttall.

But she has said she remains loyal to the party, and has called for unity during the leadership contest to replace fellow MEP Nigel Farage.

She told BBC News: "I have a commitment to the people who voted me in." Mrs Andreasen was fired as Chief Accountant of the EU after blowing the whistle on what she claims was corruption and fraud.

She was elected an MEP in June for UKIP, with a record share of the vote in the South East of England.

But she announced her resignation as party treasurer saying the the party was wasting money and needed "people who are more mature and professional, both in an organisational and political way".

A major party donor, spread betting millionaire Stuart Wheeler has now backed her comments.

He told The Politics Show: "She's a strong minded lady, and she has very strict standards which is a good thing. If she's found deficiencies I'm sure that notice will be taken."

Mr Wheeler said he had assurances from former leader Nigel Farage that his resignation was not connected to the disagreement.

And Mr Farage has also assured members that Andreasen's resignation was only "an internal tiff".

"I wouldn't have handed over the leadership now if I thought we had a party that was split, if I thought we had a party that had problems.

"She's made an immeasurable improvement to the party - but her parting shot is that there's still a long way to go - I don't disagree with that."

To view the original: LINK

Part of this article was posted on the British Democracy Forum by UKIPSW. It was interesting to note that the poster left out Farage’s comments. I think I can guess why!

So Nigel is SO out of touch with the membership that he didn’t even notice that UKIP was falling apart under his leadership?

So where has he been for the last few years? Did he suddenly go deaf during all those stormy NEC meetings? Did he ever read Piers Merchant’s report on the MEP selection process? Did he ever read Lynnda Robson’s complaint to the court? And what about Tom Wise's court case, Roger Knapman's criticism of his leadership, Elcom, the £2 million expenses scandal, the OLAF and police investigations, the numerous resignations, kangaroo courts and the Newmarket and Ugley meetings?

Shall I go on? So he was oblivious to all that?

Does Farage really think we are that stupid.

When will Nigel ever learn? Lying to the BBC is STILL not a very good idea!

Friday, 11 September 2009

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire to stand in leadership election

It has now been officially confirmed that Nikki Sinclaire is to stand in UKIP’s leadership election.

This follows her decision to donate a third of her MEP’s salary to UKIP.

Ms Sinclaire dislikes Farage - one point in her favour - and has no desire to see David ‘ give them a slap’ Bannerman lead UKIP to disaster at the General Election - another point in her favour!

The odious Paul Nuttall has yet to decide if he is foolish enough to throw his Farage cap into the ring.

Crisis In UKIP! And now UKIP's resident genius resigns in a huff

I was shocked to learn that Bob Feal-Martinez - Swindon’s greatest living idiot and Farage's greatest living sycophant - has resigned as UKIP's Swindon PPC and chairman.

Here is the terrible news:

Feal-Martinez stands down as UKIP chairman

10th September 2009

By James Wallin

HEALTH problems and concerns over political direction have led the leader of Swindon’s UK Independence Party to stand down.

Robert Feal-Martinez has resigned as chairman of the Swindon UKIP group and as prospective parliamentary candidate for South Swindon.

Local Conservatives have admitted they would welcome discussions with Mr Feal-Martinez if he decided to change parties.

The landlord of South Marston pub, the Carpenters Arms, had an operation on his eye last year and has also recently been diagnosed as having diabetes.

He said his resignation had sparked feelings both of relief and sadness.

“I am disappointed to have to step down but with my health problems I had to make a decision on where my energies should be best directed,” he said.

“I have to put my business first, especially in this difficult time for the economy.” Mr Feal-Martinez admitted he disagreed with certain decisions by UKIP nationally.

He said: “The party is still committed to leaving Europe but there seems to be an opinion that if we could do a deal to achieve that then fine.

“Essentially if someone like Justin Tomlinson (Tory candidate for Swindon North) or Robert Buckland (Tory candidate for Swindon South) supported an ‘out’ vote we would not stand in their way.

“I do not agree that our own members should be sidelined in that way.”

Coun Justin Tomlinson said Mr Feal-Martinez’s resignation would be a huge blow to UKIP and that he would be a welcome addition to the Conservative Party.

He said: “Bob is someone I have worked with over a number of years and, while I don’t agree with him 100 per cent of the time, I think he has much to offer.”

South Swindon MP Anne Snelgrove said: “This just goes to show that UKIP is in real trouble in Swindon and I’m not surprised that Robert has found it necessary to stand down.

“I wish him well in recovering from his health problems and I’m sure he will continue to be a big presence in Swindon, particularly in the blogosphere.”

Mr Feal-Martinez confirmed that he would continue to comment regularly on the Swindon Advertiser’s website.

He said: “I’m sure I will get some stick on the comments but I have my say and I can handle criticism.”

If you have got a view, then please leave your comment below. However, the Swindon Advertiser would caution all posters to be aware of the terms and conditions of the website which states that users must not post material which is defamatory, offensive, or of an obscene or menacing character.We welcome constructive and informed debate, and we will take action against any poster who abuses these terms. The poster will be liable for any legal claim from a third party.

To view the original: CLICK HERE

Will Swindon ever be the same again? Should I nominate Bob for a peerage? How will UKIP cope without this living genius? Should we all go into mourning? Will Junius ever get over the shock? And are Swindon's Tories just plain crazy?

For more on this see: LINK

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP: The rats start falling out!

The last few days have been very entertaining but also sadly predictable.

1. During an NEC meeting Marta Andreasen has a hissy fit and resigns as treasurer. She leaves the UKIP conference in disgust at her treatment at the hands of the NEC.

2. But Douglas Denny - UKIP NEC member, idiot and Himmler lookalike - denies this on the British Democracy Forum:

"As I understand it she had another meeting to attend (in London?) to give a speech for the Fri. Hence not possible to attend conference. No 'contempt' involved, just practicalities of not being in two places at once or chasing up and down the country. No need to extrapolate unwarranted erroneous prejudices".

3. The Times article appears. Marta attacks the odious Nuttall and confirms her resignation as treasurer:

“I resigned because I disagree with how the party is being managed at the level of the chairmanship”.

“There have been certain breaches in the procedures that I have implemented, therefore I warned the NEC [National Executive Committee] this is not the way I want to handle the finances of the party.

“I do not want to see funds being wasted, and the management of this party needs to wake up."

4. Nigel Farage speaks to the BBC. He gives them a different story:

“She is on the budget control committee here in the European Parliament - and that's the last place the European institutions want her to be.”

"That job was always going to take priority over her being treasurer. As I have learnt myself, I have found being the leader of the group in the Parliament and party leader in the UK and I have found it too much.”

"Similarly Marta has a big job here and in the UK and that's really why she's gone."

5. And finally Rachel Oxley - UKIP NEC member, useful idiot and close friend of John Whittaker - attacks Marta on the BDF:

“ Marta chose her words very carefully and deliberately. She was not terribly pleased about the proposed loss of her £30K salary, plus her £17k expenses, which seems to be eminently sensible as she now has her MEPs salary. Many of our pensioner members donate money that they can ill afford to party funds - we have a responsibility to use the funds appropriately.”

Oh dear! I do hope that she got Nigel’s permission before saying that! I bet she now feels VERY stupid for backing Marta's bid to become an MEP candidate!

And I really do wish that they would get their stories right. So now we have several different reasons given for her departure!

Can I suggest that they all pick just one story and stick to it? It would make them look less stupid!

But one thing is certain - Marta Andreasen is about to jump ship. And she is not going to be the only one leaving SS UKIP!

She NEVER intended to stay in UKIP. She simply used the NEC to become an MEP. They were warned about her long before she was selected as an MEP candidate. But they ignored ALL the warnings. They only have themselves to blame.

One can only hope that UKIP’s new leader sacks them all and calls for fresh elections. Will Trevor Colman or John Bufton care to answer the call and clean up UKIP?

For more on this running sore see: LINK & LINK

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

UKIP: A creeping coup?

A VERY interesting article taken from the EU Reporter. Is Farage taking his fellow UKIPPERS for a ride? Can we expect our Nigel to seek pastures new?

There will be more to follow so keep watching this space!

The clear statement by UKIP leader Nigel Farage that most Conservatives share his party’s view on Europe may go some way to explaining recent events in the European Parliament that have been puzzling observers.

To understand the full implications of this statement, it is necessary to be aware of the close relationship between Nigel Farage and Conservative right-winger Daniel Hannan.

Both men dine regularly together in Brussels and Dan Hannan, as he is known, has in the past been a guest at UKIP dinners and party events in Strasbourg. The Tory has regularly lauded UKIP in his Telegraph blog, and as recently as July he attacked the BBC for its anti-UKIP bias.

Embittered pro-Europeans in the new European Consevative and Reformist Group in the European Parliament freely describe Dan Hannan as "UKIP in all but name".

The key question is: to what extent does the Conservative leadership in London share Dan Hannan’s views? The answer appears apparent from the European perspective.

William Hague, as Conservative Shadow Foreign Minister, and Conservative leader David Cameron solidly backed withdrawal from the European People’s Party (EPP) to which the Conservative MEPs were attached in the last parliament. A significant number of the 26 MEPs returned in the June election, including, it is said, Timothy Kirkhope, openly favoured remaining in the EPP.

A right-wing grouping within the party, commonly known as ‘The H Block’, which before the June elections proposed withdrawal from the EPP, has since successfully forced its agenda on those MEPs who advocated remaining.

In order to form their multi-national parliamentary group, which has a fragile influence on parliamentary business, the Conservatives allied themselves to the Polish Law and Justice Party led by Michael Kaminski, a former member of the vehemently racist National Revival Party (NOP). Mr Kaminski has spent years reinventing his image, to distance himself from allegations of far-right tendencies. In an interview with the Polish press in October 2005, Kaminski stated:

"I have to change my image...I know that I am seen as aggressive and radical".

Conservative loyalist and former Conservative leader in the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott made a stand against his new group's composition by opposing Kaminski for the post of European Parliament Vice President.

On June 25, the day after McMillan-Scott told an ECR meeting that he was not comfortable with Kaminski’s background, someone by the username 'Strasbourg' amended the Wikipedia page on Kaminski to remove the reference to the Polish MEP’s membership of the notorious National Revival Party.

British delegation leader, now Deputy Leader of the group, Timothy Kirkhope, withdrew the Conservative whip from McMillan-Scott on instructions from Conservative Central Office in London. Kirkhope had, however, been overheard in a corridor of the European Parliament assuring McMillan-Scott that he was the ECR candidate for Vice President of the European Parliament.

In a brutal letter to McMillan-Scott, distributed to party chairmen in the MEP’s constituency, and published on the website ConservativeHome, shadow foreign minister William Hague appears to reflect views expressed in a vicious article published by the Daily Telegraph, of which Dan Hannan is an executive and columnist.

According to one source, the MEP has consulted lawyers. Depending on the outcome, Mr Hague could find his legs metaphorically cut from under him. It is hard to believe that Dan Hannan was not aware or even actively behind the Telegraph article although the Telegraph executive may well be able to say he knew nothing of it.

But the suspicion will remain that McMillan-Scott, who dared to challenge Hannan’s political friend Kaminski, is being made an scapegoat in order to dissuade a number of his pro-European colleagues from defecting back to the EPP, which, according to our sources, is a real possibility.

In his blog Dan Hannan has heaped praise on Michael Kaminski with whom he has been a close political friend for many years. Hannan has also recently praised Enoch Powell on a US talk show, and stated on British television, when asked why he did not join UKIP because of his views on Europe, that the Conservatives will soon be in government, and thus will allow him to achieve his aims.

UKIP campaign on absolute withdrawal from the EU. In August 2008, writing in the Telegraph, Hannan stated “The question is not whether UKIP is on to something: it plainly is. The question, rather, is whether the Conservative party can establish such ownership of the independence agenda…”

While these events were unfolding, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was marshalling his UKIP members into a parliamentary group, Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD), including the Danish People's Party, declared by a Danish court in 2003 to be a "racist party".

The group, some of whose members take extreme views also includes the Lega Nord. A leading member, Matteo Salvini, called for racial segregation on Milan's trains and buses earlier this year. Salvini, formerly an MEP in the last parliament’s Independence and Democracy group (IND/DEM), which included UKIP, was subsequently forced to resign from the Italian parliament.

Salvini has now returned to the European Parliament and is currently an MEP sitting in the EFD alongside UKIP.

With the Conservatives' new European Conservative and Reform Group (ECR) led by Michael Kaminski, who denies being an extremist but who has himself acknowledged the need to reform his image, the concept of coincidence is now being stretched.

That most of the Conservative Eurosceptics in the European Parliament hold ambitions to win Westminster seats is an accepted fact in Brussels. Most say they plan to move on. Former 'H-Block' MEP Chris Heaton Harris did not stand in this year's European elections because he has been nominated for a safe seat.

Now Nigel Farage has resigned the UKIP leadership to concentrate on winning Buckinghamshire from the current and controversial Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, whom he described on the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme as "not a Conservative but very close to New Labour". His additional comment that "most Conservatives share UKIP's views" may be particularly significant in assessing his chances of winning Buckinghamshire.

Normally one would speculate that he could not do so if actively opposed by the Conservative leadership. So thereby lies another question; since he has a 13,000 majority. Will Conservative voters being encouraged to support the UKIP candidate?

Opposing the Speaker and breaking with a Commons tradition is something that might well be imagined coming up as a topic at one of Hannan and Farage’s regular meals at the Porto Fino opposite the European Parliament in Brussels.

According to our sources, H-Block members defend Michal Kaminski saying that “people change”. They also say privately that political attitudes in Poland are “25 years behind us”.

The most pressing question facing the electorate now must be: just who exactly is in charge of Conservative Party policy and where is it going?

To view the original see: LINK

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Crisis in UKIP! And now Nigel Farage lies to the BBC!

It just gets worse for UKIP.

Taken from the BBC’s website:

The treasurer of the UK Independence Party has resigned following a disagreement with a colleague. Marta Andreasen, who in 2002 was sacked as European Commission chief accountant after criticising its practices, has run UKIP's finances for two years.

Ms Andreasen, who became a Euro MP this year, fell out with party chairman Paul Nuttall over an internal staffing issue, the BBC's Chris Mason said.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage announced last week that he was standing down. He said he needed to devote his time to running for the UK Parliament at the next general election, where he hopes to unseat Commons Speaker John Bercow, the MP for Buckingham.

Ms Andreasen was elected as a UKIP MEP for the South East of England in June. Her resignation will be seen as a distraction for the party as it campaigns for a "No" vote in the forthcoming referendum in Ireland on the European Union's Lisbon Treaty.

But Mr Farage told the BBC he had not expected "Marta to stay on very long as party treasurer anyway, as she is now an MEP and busting EU fraud is a full-time job".

He added: "She is on the budget control committee here in the European Parliament - and that's the last place the European institutions want her to be. That job was always going to take priority over her being treasurer. As I have learnt myself, I have found being the leader of the group in the Parliament and party leader in the UK and I have found it too much".

"Similarly Marta has a big job here and in the UK and that's really why she's gone."UKIP, which wants the UK to withdraw from the EU, came second in June's European elections, taking 13 seats.

Ms Andreasen was unavailable for comment when contacted by the BBC.

End of article. To see original: LINK

Does Farage REALLY think we are that stupid?

Marta Andreasen has already publicly stated her reasons for resigning. Perhaps someone should tell Nigel that lying to the BBC is not exactly a very wise move!

I can confirm that moral in UKIP’s leadership is now at a very low ebb. More than one UKIP MEP is extremely angry with Andreasen over The Times article and they blame Farage for letting her become an MEP candidate despite their misgivings. Nuttall’s supporters are particularly despondent following Marta’s criticism of their hero. It is even rumoured that he may now decide against running for the leadership.

Bannerman - another leadership contender - was said to be over the moon upon hearing this and now feels that the leadership is his for the taking.

What a fool Bannerman is! Doesn’t he realise that Farage is setting him up for a very big fall?

Does he really want to carry the can for all the scandals yet to break? Does the Tom Wise court case ring a bell? And what about OLAF and Elcom?

Anthony Butcher - via the British Democracy Forum - spoke for many when he said:

I did begin to wonder whether UKIP would be able to grasp the undeserved second chance it was gifted via the expenses scandal... sadly it appears not.

UKIP in crisis! Marta Andreasen resigns!

Marta Andreasen has finally resigned as Party Treasurer.

Here is the full article as published in The Times:

The high-profile Brussels whistleblower who became the treasurer of UKIP has stormed out of her new post and blown the whistle again — over the anti-EU party’s financial decisions.

Marta Andreasen, who achieved notoriety when she was sacked as chief accountant of the European Commission for exposing the appalling state of EU accounts, was appointed treasurer of UKIP in 2007 to “restore faith” in the party’s finances.

Her appointment was seen as a huge coup for the party, but her resignation is likely to unsettle donors, not least Stuart Wheeler the gambling millionaire, who was expelled by the Conservatives for giving UKIP £100,000 for the European elections. He cited Mrs Andreasen as a key reason for his switching allegiance.

Mrs Andreasen told party leaders she was quitting during an executive meeting where she pointed the finger at Paul Nuttall, the party chairman, for pushing through decisions she could not support. “I resigned because I disagree with how the party is being managed at the level of the chairmanship,” Mrs Andreasen told The Times.

“There have been certain breaches in the procedures that I have implemented, therefore I warned the NEC [National Executive Committee] this is not the way I want to handle the finances of the party.

“I do not want to see funds being wasted, and the management of this party needs to wake up,” she added.

Her departure comes as an embarrassment for UKIP as it enjoys a wave of support with 13 MEPs, including Mrs Andreasen, returned during the European elections in June. The party came second, ahead of Labour.

It also exposes deep internal tensions as the party embarks upon a leadership campaign to replace Nigel Farage. The charismatic figurehead is stepping down to concentrate on Brussels and his own general election challenge to John Bercow, the Speaker of the Commons, in Buckingham.

Mr Nuttall, an MEP in the North West, is seen as a possible replacement for Mr Farage. However, Mrs Andreasen said that the last straw came when Mr Nuttall wanted to double the salary of an official without her approval.

Mr Nuttall said last night that the salary decision had the full backing of the NEC. He admitted that he had a different working style to Mrs Andreasen but insisted that they would continue to work together for the benefit of the party.

“Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. I am the party chairman. I get paid to make decisions,” he said. “If those decisions do not work then it is my head on the chopping block.

“Marta and I have different methods of working, however I do not have a problem with Marta and Marta does not have a problem with me.”

Mr Nuttall said that he was still considering whether to run for party leader.

Mr Wheeler said in March that “as the unimpeachable Marta Andreasen, the EU’s chief accountant, sacked for exposing incompetence and fraud in the EU, has pointed out, our own scandal here [Westminster MPs’ expenses] is nothing compared to the EU gravy train. She is now the treasurer of UKIP, and one of many reasons for voting for them.”

Mrs Andreasen, who will remain a UKIP MEP in the South East, was sacked by the European Commission in 2004 after revealing her concerns about accounting standards.

Lord Kinnock, who was then the Commission’s vice-president, accused her of “disloyalty and breach of trust” for telling MEPs her concerns.

She added: “I have increased the trust of the [UKIP] donors and this can be seen in the financial position of the party today which is the best it has been for years. I am committed to the party but I think that the party needs to understand that it has to be a more mature organisation.

“We do not have the funds that the Conservatives or Labour have so we need to make very good use of the funds we do have.”

End of article. To see the original: LINK

Readers of this blog will be aware that even before the Euro elections she had already told a British MEP that she intended to leave UKIP if elected to Brussels. See: LINK

And before the story broke in The Times this blog published details of her recent disagreements with the NEC. See: LINK

I am afraid that the odious Nuttall can spin this as much as he likes but the fact remains that her resignation so soon after her election is a terrible blow to UKIP’s leadership.

Her comments in The Times and her criticism of Nuttall will not be quickly forgotten. His leadership bid has undoubtedly been badly damaged by her revelations.

There was widespread discontent in UKIP after it was announced that Andreasen was to become an MEP candidate. It was pointed out by Lynnda Robson, Victor Webb and others that she should not be considered as a candidate because of her EU reformist views and her status as a non-UK resident. They were all ignored by Farage and the NEC. See: Link

Piers Merchant - UKIP’s Returning Officer - also expressed doubts about her eligibility to stand as an MEP candidate. His report was also ignored by Farage and the NEC.

Her actions were SO predictable but Farage and his useful idiots on the NEC - excluding Del Young, Eric Edmond and David Abbott - decided to ignore all the facts.

1. She is a supporter of the EU. She believes it can be reformed. She has never been a supporter of British withdrawal from the EU.

2. She approached three other parties - all pro-EU - seeking nomination as an MEP candidate. They all turned her down.

3. She only became interested in UKIP after being rejected by those parties.

4. Before the Euro elections she told a British MEP that she would leave UKIP if elected to Brussels. Farage was made aware of her comments but contemptuously ignored them.

The farce proves that both Farage and the NEC are not fit to represent us in ANY capacity. Their determination to have her as an MEP candidate illustrates both their total lack of judgement and their contempt for the membership.

They allowed a pro-EU, foreign national to stand as a British MEP. They ignored all UKIP’s rules so she could become an MEP candidate. They ignored all those members - including three members of the NEC - who raised serious questions about her background, her ignorance of British affairs and her lack of commitment to UKIP’s policies.

Farage, Nuttall and the NEC will reap the whirlwind for their foolishness. She used UKIP to become an MEP and they fell for it. Idiots!

For more on this see: LINK & LINK & LINK

Monday, 7 September 2009

UKIP: Marta Andreasen - the start of the divorce?

Many UKIPPERS are starting to ask why Marta Andreasen failed to put in an appearance at the conference? I, myself, did not see her on either the Friday or the Saturday. And nor did any of my colleagues.

It should be remembered that Andreasen had been campaigning in Ireland against the Lisbon Treaty. Many were therefore expecting her to tell the conference about her involvement in this crucial campaign. Her failure to do so was noted and commented on by several members.

But clearly she is above such things now that she has her snout firmly back in the EU trough.

Or did her non-appearance have something to do with Thursday’s NEC meeting?

My sources inform me that all was not sweetness and light. It appears that during the meeting Marta had a hissy fit and has now made it known that she cannot work with certain people in UKIP’s hierarchy.

She has, however, agreed to sort out the accounts to the end of the election returns. But after that ……

Oh dear!

So is this the beginning of the end for Marta? Will she seek pastures new? It appears so.

It should be remembered that Andreasen - prior to the Euro elections - told a British MEP that her relationship with Farage was ‘difficult’ and that her views on reforming the EU had not changed since joining UKIP.

She also said that if she is lucky enough to be elected in June she intended to leave UKIP at the earliest available opportunity. See LINK

It now appears that she is going to keep her promise and seek a divorce.

It may also interest you to know that Douglas Denny - via the British Democracy Forum - has confirmed that Andreasen was not at the conference on either the Friday or the Saturday:

“She was there on the first day”.

The first day being the Thursday - the day of the NEC meeting.

I must admit that I also failed to see Denny at the conference, but then again Denny has always been pretty insignificant. Perhaps he left the conference to buy himself another pair of high heeled boots or even some Himmler style glasses to go with that leather coat of his.

Friday, 4 September 2009

UKIP: Nigel Farage quits as leader

What a wonderful day! Farage quits as leader and the vile Mark Croucher loses his legal action against the BNP!

Farage cites overwork and the need to concentrate on campaigning against John Bercow as the reasons behind his decision to resign.

In a statement he said:

I think I am better to the party doing fewer jobs better."

He said he wanted to continue as an MEP and leading the party in Brussels and Strasbourg, but added:

"I simply can not take on the job of planning and executing a national general election campaign on top of all these things."

Come off it Nigel! Do you really expect us to believe this nonsense?

There has been widespread discontent with your leadership for a long time.

Your dictatorial attitude, with-hunts, very recent disagreements with the NEC and your fellow MEPs, joining forces with the fascist Lega Nord, the OLAF and Police investigations, the £2 million expenses scandal, the Ashford Call Centre fund raising scandal and the Elcom case finally proved too much for even your staunchest supporters.

And your BBC TV interview this morning was laughable. Your attempt to evade questions about the £2 million expenses you claimed as an MEP was truly pathetic and your refusal to say where the money went proves that you have something to hide.

You were very wise to jump before you were pushed. And what a good idea to allow a new leader to carry the can for a wipe-out in the General Election!

Let us not forget that earlier this year even one of your most senior supporters called on you to go.

Here is the letter:

Harold James


Mr Nigel Farage MEP
c/o ASP7H 146
Rue Wiertz 601047

13th February 2009

Dear Nigel

As already advised, I went along to the UK Renewal Association Limited meeting in Swindon on the 7th February.

I attach a copy of the programme to which there were very minor - but not significant - amendments.

I told Bruce Lawson that I would like to have an opportunity to speak. That I would be pressing for any action to be delayed until after the 4th June because, otherwise, there would be very severe damage to the UKIP image before the electorate and therefore the end result. That so far as the public are concerned, we have already have a leader who is recognised.

Including the panel there were about 50 people present and I found myself a lone voice.

I did not pull my punches or mince my words.

It was very evident that there was a great deal of animosity towards you personally. This ran from absolute hatred down to total mistrust. From the programme and the speakers, you can no doubt readily identify the worst offenders.

I said that at the Exeter Hustings I had assured you of my total support, that I would go through hell and high water for you but always retain the right to take issue with you on any matter.

That this had happened. That I had always received the utmost courtesy from you and that I had no problem with you. Perhaps the difference between me and the antagonists on the panel (and within the hall generally) is that there was no need for you to look over your shoulder at what I may be up to.

I am very pleased to say that at the end of the meeting I seemed to have won over all the dissenters and there was a commitment from everybody to use their best endeavours to further the cause of UKIP in the European Parliamentary Elections and with a view to securing the best possible result.

On the issue of yourself as leader I did state that a leader needed to be a good orator, charismatic and inspirational and from what I heard from the panel to the point of time when I spoke, I had seen none of these qualities displayed.

My endorsement and support for you was held up to ridicule. Why. My answer very simple. You had been democratically elected as Leader of the Party. I believe strongly in democracy and until such time as you were replaced democratically, that would continue. That I could not see anyone else on the horizon who could remotely take your place within the Party and become, to the people at large, Mr UKIP. Reference was made to the fact you seemed to be very reluctant for any of our other members to have a public image.

Much comment was made, which I heartily endorsed - the Country comes before Party. I would add that the Party becomes before the leader and by the same token the Party also comes before any other individual or groups of individuals.

There was strong reference to the need to have the Party fully represented in this Country. Heavy questions as to whether we needed MEPs. I put a strong case for needing the MEPs and drew attention to what they had achieved and particular as regards the Irish Referendum. However, I found myself in sympathy with - and can certainly endorse - the idea of the strong representation in Brussels and also this Country.

For some time I have been advocating that MEPs should not have any voting rights on the NEC but would be entitled to attend and be present as individuals but with no voting rights. I stand by this and would like to see the two tier structure of the Party - in Europe and in this Country.

It is obvious that you do not command the support of a lot of the senior people in the Party.

After the meeting I did speak to some of the leading antagonists and I said that I would write to you in the following terms:-

That I thought the time had come for you to make preparation to retire as leader of UKIP. That this was KEPT UNDER WRAPS until after 4th June.

That the announcement was made in advance of the 2009 Annual Conference or perhaps even at the Conference but that you may find this very difficult.

That there would be a strong case for having a new leader elected, recognised - in both the Party and the Country - in advance of the next Annual Conference.

There had been a lot of criticism of you personally, linked to certain happenings and events. Also against other MEPs, with John Whittaker and Godfrey Bloom particularly mentioned.

I personally will always value the opportunity to have supported you. Thanking you for the tremendous amount of work you have done both for the Party and the country and I would hope that the passage of time will enable even your strongest antagonists to reflect and appreciate this point.

I am sure that you will take this letter in the spirit in which it is written and that we will retain our very good relationship.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Bruce Lawson. I believe in total openness. I have always considered that what people see of me is what I am and I dare to believe that the decision by everyone present to fully support the 4th June Campaign resulted from my total openness and frankness.

Perhaps I can consider that I have saved the party’s European campaign. Who knows, I may be able to claim - if you accept my recommendations regarding your retirement as leader - to have also saved the Party.

Yours very sincerely
Harold James

End of letter.

As you can see Farage finally decided to follow his advice.

But don't be surprised if Nigel - like Napoleon - is recalled from Elba to save UKIP after his successor leads UKIP to disaster at the General Election. Farage can be very Machiavellian when he wants to be!

I can also confirm that Gerard Batten and Trevor Colman have been unhappy with Farage’s leadership for sometime. Both are very relieved that he has finally decided to go.

Gerard Batten is unlikely to stand for the leadership as he regards it as a “poisoned chalice”. Nuttall is Farage’s favoured successor and has already indicated he wants the job. Bannerman also wants the leadership.

Both would be a disaster. Both have actively colluded with Farage to turn UKIP into a centralised dictatorship and both are thoroughly tainted by EUKIP corruption.

Only Trevor Colman or John Bufton can be considered fit to lead UKIP. Many UKIPPERS hope that they will throw their hats into the ring - Junius included.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

UKIP: Nigel Farage to stand against John Bercow

It has been announced that Nigel Farage is to stand against John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker, at the General Election.

Farage is quoted as saying that Bercow “represents all that is wrong with British politics today. He was embroiled in the expenses saga and he presides over a Parliament that virtually does nothing”.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Nigel, your hypocrisy is absolutely amazing!

So what about the £2 million expenses you claimed as an MEP? And what about your refusal to say where it went?

And what about the money raised by the Ashford Call Centre? Where did that go?

And why did UKIP continue to accept donations from Alan Bown? Despite being made aware that he was not on the electoral roll UKIP continued to take his money. Why?

So don’t you regard your criticism of Bercow as slightly hypocritical? You are literally the last person who should be claiming the moral high ground!

You also ‘lead’ a party that has had MEPs for over 10 years. And yet we are still no closer to seeing Britain free herself from the EU.

Your presence in Brussels has achieved absolutely nothing and yet you presume to condemn Westminster politicians for the same inaction?

And I wonder how Dave Fowler feels about your decision? He had already been selected by his branch to fight the seat on behalf of UKIP.

But since when did the wishes of the membership ever concern you or the cabal?

Dr Edmond - a former UKIP NEC member - spoke for many when he said:

It smacks of Farage's announcement at the last conference that Nuttall was to be the new chairman. Was that run past the NEC beforehand? No it was not!

Farage has no respect for ordinary members, the NEC or other MEPs and it will be his eventual downfall.

Nuff said!

UKIP Conference 2009

It’s THAT time of year again.

UKIPPERS from all over the country will be travelling to Southport in order to pay homage at the feet of our beloved and incorruptible leader.

Let's hope that this year they manage to beat Miss Fuller who is usually the first in line when it comes to abasing herself before Nigel!

Speeches will be made, ovations given, half baked policies unveiled, vast amounts of alcohol consumed and very cheap medals presented to the good and not so good.

I particularly look forward to hearing how Nuttall falsified complaints against Gregg Beaman, why David Bannerman likes hanging around seedy clubs at three in the morning, why Farage is happy to have a foreign EU reformist as a British MEP, what it's like sitting with Lega Nord fascists and how the OLAF investigations against Clark, Nattrass, Farage, Titford and Booth are coming along?

And let's hope that Farage and the other MEPs remember to thank the members for helping them become EU millionaire's at the taxpayers expense!

Greg Lance-Watkins has suggested that medals be given to all those MPs who were responsible for UKIP’s election success in June. What a good idea!

The Most Expensive MPs 2007/8

Total Expenses Claimed

Eric Joyce £187,3342

Michael Connarty £183,4663

Alistair Carmichael £176,1904

Ben Wallace £175,5235

Mohammad Sarwar £174,8826

Charles Kennedy £174,2327

Janet Anderson £173,5568

David S Borrow £172,7069

Jim McGovern £171,98910

Fabian Hamilton £171,824

But for them UKIP was heading for electoral disaster. Even Farage has admitted to his sycophants that UKIP would have been lucky to get even a couple of MEPs elected if the expenses scandal had not broke.

But sadly the British public in their ignorance voted UKIP in the misguided belief that the party was different.

That UKIP is just as corrupt as the so-called mainstream parties is obvious.

The MEP selection process was rigged, Farage claimed millions in expenses and yet refused to say where the money went, money raised by the Ashford call centre vanished, democratically elected NEC members were removed from that body after challenging Farage about corruption, free speech is suppressed and members are subjected to witch-hunts, smeared and finally thrown out by kangaroo courts.

Sadly the list is endless.

But at long last the storm clouds are finally gathering over Farage and his supporters.

As I have said before, OLAF officials are investigating several UKIP MEPs for allegedly misusing their EU allowances. The Alan Bown/Elcom case could cost UKIP millions and the Police are investigating several complaints made by former UKIPPERS. These complaints include allegations of forging a signature to obtain money, computer spamming and making a false declaration on an election address.

It's about time Farage took a big fall. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later!

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