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Friday, 29 November 2013

> UKIP & the EDL - Update


Farage with UKIP candidate and former EDL member Chris Scotton

We are delighted to note that the Telegraph has picked up on our recent story about UKIP chairman Cliff Dixon and his association with the far-right EDL.


Interesting to note that UKIP has not expelled him because all this happened before he was a party member. The UKIP rulebook actually excludes from party membership anybody who is, or has been, a member of the BNP, NF, or EDL. Check your own rulebook, Nigel!

We have actually found ourselves being used as a source more often recently. Andrew Neil's hostile questioning of Nigel Farage over his links with Marine Le Pen came just days after our revelations were posted. In fact, his questions so closely followed what we disclosed that we felt like scriptwriters for a day!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

> Your Turn Now Aggers!


Stuart Agnew, MEP for the National Farmers Union, on the piss.

From UKIP's point of view, this is probably not the best time to have an internal war. Its probably not the best time to relieve a relatively sound press officer of his duties, either, but it would appear that the internal war is press office lead.

UKIP Norfolk Councillor Matthew Smith, who is under investigation by the police for 'electoral malpractice', has launched a bit of an attack on Eastern region MEP Stuart Agnew. He tweeted "Disappointed in UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew, am certain his comments aren't the norm, we've seen what happens when Bloom went down a similar path".

Bad form for him to be attacking his own party's MEP, but he is entitled to his opinion, at least theoretically. But is it his own opinion, or is it Agnew's turn to be stabbed in the back by the party leadership?

The latter seems quite possible, as the criticism was retweeted in the early hours of this morning by Annabelle Fuller, winner of the battle of the press office. Highly irregular for a press officer to publicly repeat an attack on one of the MEPs she is supposed to be working for.

Watch your back, Aggers. They are coming for you now!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

> Ripping Off Paul Sykes!


Stuart Wheeler once offered to match any donation of £10k made by an MEP pound for pound. We understand that he has never had to pay out, because neither have they!

This one made us laugh. UKIP has a website for its MEPs. There is a page marked 'donations'. This, presumably, is to show the world how sincere the MEPs are in supporting the much vaunted 'cause'. But when one clicks on this link, do we learn all about the £££££££s that Farage, Batten, Nuttall, Clarke et al have donated?


What we see is an error message, telling us that the page (like the donations themselves) simply does not exist.

They simply do not make donations. If the page was set up in order to encourage donations, it clearly did not work. (Incidentally - the UKIP leadership reacts to Junius, so we can expect to see this page taken down and buried quite quickly).

But why should they put their hands in their pockets? Farage has been promising for some time that he will pull in a mug to pay the bills.

Enjoy signing those cheques, Mr Sykes. But you will be alone.....

Monday, 25 November 2013

> Luvverly Jubbely!!


We love this:  'Nigel Farage has admitted that he also might have been investigated for diverting EU money'.

View the original article here.

He 'might' have misused' EU funds. He 'might' even have been investigated by OLAF, the EU's anti-fraud agency, but apparently he did, in his words, 'nothing wrong'.

The arrogance of this man is astounding - he truly believes that the truth is what he says it is, and that he can personally do no wrong. He even believes, as we have known for a long time, that he should be a member of the House of Lords.

This little man of deceit and lies, who damns the EU as being corrupt, whilst employing both his wife and his 'alleged' mistress at taxpayer's expense. This little man who has already had to pay back money from his allowances that were incorrectly claimed.

Perhaps he would be better as an EU Commissioner - a post that brings massive taxpayer funded largesse - because make no mistake, he would jump at the chance!

Friday, 22 November 2013

> UKIP Official Cliff Dixon and the EDL


Cliff Dixon, a former member of the increasingly extremist English Democrats, is associated with the EDL.

Why should that interest us?

Because Dixon is chairman of UKIP's Hillingdon branch.

On his blog, in September 2011 he admitted to taking part in an EDL march in East London.

In our photo, Dixon can be seen posing with EDL co-founder Kevin Carroll and various other EDL & BNP hobgoblins.

The UKIP leadership has known about this for some time, but remains strangely unwilling to expel this vile extremist.

> UKIP F*ck Up Yet Again!


UKIP MEPs Heading For The Voting Chamber in Strasbourg.
UKIP's voting cock-ups are becoming a regular subject for discussion and mockery.

This week in Strasbourg saw the few of them that bothered to turn up for work failing to vote in favour of scrapping the European Parliament's expensive monthly trips to Strasbourg.

Annabelle Fuller/Gawain Towler defended the cock-up in Derek Clark's name by saying that "This resolution from the European Parliament is not worth the paper it is written on". Clark, who has taken to falling asleep at his desk, was probably unaware of what he was voting on, and is also probably equally unaware that a statement was issued in his name.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

> We're All Going To Die!


During a recent debate on the matter of voting age in the House of Lords, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon made this telling comment:

"On the issue of how to vote, there was a salutary example during the local elections earlier this year when a UKIP candidate standing for election went to the polling station and had to ask the council official present how to vote."

The behaviour of UKIP members at polling stations is always a point of interest for psephologists and social anthropologists alike. My own favourite was a rather disturbed looking gentleman outside a polling station during an English by election who insisted on yelling at everybody "The EU is illegal because of Magna Carta".

Still, at least he turned up, unlike UKIP candidate Dave 'Nazi salute' Watson, who was 6,000 miles away on polling day having abandoned his wife on family (presumably to find replacements!)

Sometimes, of course, UKIP candidate's behaviour at the polls can lead them to court.

Part of the problem, of course, is the demographics. Now we are not saying that the average UKIP member is elderly and poorly educated, but YouGov seem to be doing so in a recent poll:

"Demographically, UKIP voters attract men slightly more than women – and the party draws its support disproportionately from older people with fewer qualifications. Whereas 46% of all voters are over 50, and 38% under 40, the figures for UKIP are 71% and 15% respectively. And just 13% of UKIP supporters have university degrees – half the national average."

Stuart Wheeler, of course confirmed the problem back in November 2011.

“The average age of a Ukip member is 72,” the former Conservative Party treasurer says at a party in the City. “Thousands of us are going to die every year..."
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

> New Political Group Forming in Brussels.


We can reveal the state of negotiations over the proposed far-right political group in the next period of the European Parliament.

Lega Nord, the racist Italian party that shares the presidency of UKIP's present group, the EFD, has declared that it will join with Front National, the Dutch Freedom Party, Vlaams Belang, and the particularly vile Sweden Democrats, as well as others after the 2014 Euro elections.

The sticking point is UKIP, which has been put into a corner and forced to deny taking part in any negotiations.

The Hungarian fascist party Jobbick is keen to join, but they have been put on hold until UKIP makes up his mind. A group including Jobbick would be unacceptable to UKIP, and Le Pen and Wilders would rather have UKIP anyway. Realistically they can take or leave Jobbick.

It is also the case that Farage would be unhappy playing second fiddle to Le Pen, as previously reported. However, a Murdoch/Sykes influenced victory in the Euros would give him a political boost, and redress the balance.

We all know how quickly the wind can change direction when Farage's personal interests are concerned, and he knows that the members of his cult will accept anything he says.
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

> Follow The Money!


Why does Nigel Farage put up with Christopher Monckton? Many people have asked the question. Monckton is a largely discredited fantasist, so why does he remain in the upper echelons of UKIP? Let us speculate...

Monckton is an'expert' for the Heartland Institute, a US based lobbying group that presents itself as think tank. Climate change denial is one of the institute's specialities, although it's so-called experts concentrate their efforts on questioning legitimate science without presenting anything of their own.

There is, of course, big money behind the Heartland Institute - oil company money.

 Heartland received $736,500 from Exxon Mobil between 1998 and 2006, although it no longer discloses funding details largely due to negative attention fron the press. The institute's own figures suggest that other oil, gas, and energy companies donated $260,000 in 2007.

So now we may have a clue as to why Farage puts up with Monckton. Is largesse the motive for UKIP MEP's climate change denial speeches and articles?

Another Heartland Institute 'expert' is Chris Horner, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), which is another recipient of Exxon Mobil funding. Horner's involvement with CEI's euro-offshoot, the European Enterprise, brought UKIP MEPs and saffers into his orbit. Horner was a guest speaker at a climate change denial conference in the European Parliament hosted by Roger Helmer. Helmer has spoken alongside Horner at other events.

Iain Murray is also to be found at the CEI. It was Murray who wrote UKIP's statement rebbuting the IPCC. In 2004, the only year for which information is available, the CEI paid Murray $65,000. Let us be clear about this: this is oil industry money, being paid to an 'expert' to write policy statements for poltical parties. None of this is illegal, of course, but it certainly brings into serious question the integrity of those policies.

The Heartland Institute and the CEI have another common policy interest, tobacco. Philip Morris have been major donors to CEI over the years. In 1994 one of their 'experts' wrote "Perhaps, in the fine tradition of civil disobedience championed by Thoreau, we should even think of smoking as a civic duty,".

If that sounds strange, a paper published by the Heartland Institute yesterday (Nov 11th)  states:
"Nicotine’s beneficial effects include correcting problems with concentration, attention and memory, as well as improving symptoms of mood impairments. Keeping such disabilities at bay right now can be much stronger motivation to continue using nicotine than any threats of diseases that may strike years and years in the future."

Guess what? Philip Morris have also been pumping big bucks into the Heartland Institute!

A few years ago, UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom was ordered to cancel a conference questioning the detrimental effects of passive smoking in the European Parliament after allegations that tobacco industry money was behind the event.

We could go into more detail here, but that is for investigative journalists to do.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

> Did Farage Lie To The Press About His Business Interests?


It was a huge embarrassment to Nigel Farage when his off-shore tax avoidance scheme was exposed by the press. He had of course recently criticised such schemes in the European Parliament. But of course, if it is him, it is different. He can do anything he wants.

Questions were also asked about his business interests, and his tax affairs. With regard to the latter, we understand that questions are still being asked.

In his own defence Farage claimed that, amongst other things, he had no business interests.  ‘I packed up business completely in 2004.’ he told the press.

This was not entirely true, as he was at that time director and sole shareholder of Thorn in the side ltd.

Now we note that he has revised his declaration of financial interests to the European Parliament.

He acknowledges that he is paid by the company a sum between 1001 - 5000 euros per month.

The question is, was he receiving an income at the time he told the press that he had  ‘ packed up business completely in 2004.’?

Investigative journalists might want to take a close look at this, we are reliably informed.
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Monday, 4 November 2013

> A UKIP Leadership Coup?


"It's an utter shambles. We've no organisation, Mike Scott-Hayward is nowhere to be seen, no-one's heard from Christopher (Lord) Monckton (Ukip Scottish president) and it's really not like any political party I've ever heard of. Communications disappear into a black hole, there's brewing friction and internal politics has taken over. Every party has divisions but there's no structures here to deal with it. It's all very demoralising."  - Senior UKIP source.

The Herald in Scotland reports on a possible UKIP leadership coup north of the border. We think it would be a coup indeed if they could find any leadership at all up there!

The serial liar and conspiracy theorist, Monckton, has always been (theoretically) leader of UKIP Scotland. It is a shame he never made more use of his office, its the only one he claims that really exists. His humiliation in the US a few years ago was a delight to watch.
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