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Sunday, 31 May 2009

The lies of Nigel Farage

Taken from Dr Eric Edmond's UKIP blog.

Mr Edmond was a member of UKIP's NEC. He was also an MEP candidate in the South West. He was removed from the NEC and deselected as an MEP candidate after criticising Farage and his sycophants about the lack of democracy in UKIP.

One of Nigel's frequent assertions to our ill briefed media is that, "UKIP is the most democratic party in UK politics". He then goes on to cite how sitting MEPs get preference in other parties but not in UKIP. Tell it to the marines Mr F! Look at the resources UKIP MEPs can deploy to secure their re-selection compared to other activist member candidates. Who gets the media slots - the sitting MEPs. Who gets featured in Independence News - Farage and friends!

I was democratically elected on to UKIP NEC. I was kicked off by Farage's NEC cabal. They claimed what they did was within the rules. Now where have we heard that recently? Like the corrupt MPs UKIP NEC have no moral standards and do not know right from wrong. I can remember Ken Livingstone disagreeing vehemently with the Labour leadership in the 80s and 90s. Was he kicked out? No! Was Enoch Powell kicked out of the Tory party for disagreeing with Heath . No he was not! He eventually left the Tories but of his own choice.

I was democratically elected on to the South West MEP list. I was then deselected by the Farage NEC cabal. The reason they gave was they were acting within the rules. The same reason as given by the corrupt MPs Farage is so vociferoous in condeming. No other party ignores democracy as UKIP does under Farage. UKIP under Farage is a Fascist party that is worse than the EU in ignoring its members democratic will and follows the Dr Goebel's big lie school of propaganda.

What other party allows its members to be expelled at the whim of an unelected chairman? None! Does any one believe such an undemocratic party can free us from the EU? UKIP's ordinary decent members must take back their party from Farage's self serving cabal before it is to late. UKIP is currently part of the chains keeping us in the EU and not part of the fight for our freedom. UKIP with the tacit support of the British media establishment blocks those who genuinely want to free our country from EU rule by denying the real freedom fighters the chance to put their case to the British public in the national media. UKIP can never help free us from EU rule until its current leadership is ejected lock stock and barrel. They have gone native in the bars of Brussels and are controlled by their EU paymasters and the LibLabCon pro EU Establishment.

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

UKIP: A wasted vote

From the Telegraph:

On Thursday, the British public goes to the polls. One thing is for sure: voters are in a mood to punish MPs from all the main parties for their venality, arrogance and, in some cases, dishonesty. Inconveniently, however, these are not Westminster elections. The candidates are standing for the European Parliament or local councils. Their expense claims are not yet a major issue and, in theory, the scandals uncovered by this newspaper have only limited bearing on the elections.

But let us be realistic. The European Union and local government will not be uppermost in many people's minds as they reach for the pencil in the polling booth. For staring out at them will be the names of the main political parties to which greedy MPs belong. After weeks of eye-popping revelations about a system of expenses which was disgracefully lax, even when it was not being abused, how can we expect voters not to react in some way?

One strong temptation will be to vote for one of a range of minority parties, some of which are sinister or silly, while others have fresh and thought-provoking ideas. In normal circumstances, some Eurosceptics might be tempted to vote Ukip, while libertarians might plump for the (also Eurosceptic) multinational party Libertas. Middle-class environmentalists might decide to desert the Liberal Democrats in favour of the Greens, newly endorsed by Joanna Lumley.

But we do not live in normal times. The executive and legislature of the United Kingdom are effectively paralysed by revelations of shabby behaviour, on a scale that has shocked all but the most diehard cynics. The European and local elections offer an opportunity for a protest vote, a vote that expresses disgust at the moral collapse of an entire political class. But there is only one meaningful protest that the electorate can register at the polls, and that is one that helps force the Government to call a general election in the near future. And that excludes voting Ukip.

The recent history of Ukip raises serious questions about its competence, to put it mildly. The fiasco of Robert Kilroy-Silk's involvement with the party was just one of many bouts of vicious infighting. It has sought to make capital out of the expenses scandal, but is itself no stranger to financial controversy. One of its MEPs, Ashley Mote, was expelled from the party and later jailed for benefit fraud. (He hopes to appeal the verdict.) Another MEP, Tom Wise, is facing prosecution for alleged false accounting and money laundering relating to his EU expenses. He denies the charges. Meanwhile, one of its most distinguished former supporters, the economist Tim Congdon, has left Ukip, claiming that it has been "captured by the European institutions" and neglects its British Eurosceptic supporters. More worryingly, as this newspaper reported last weekend, it has "become a haven for elements of the far Right". In David Cameron's phrase, it attracts "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

To read the full article: LINK

Godfrey Bloom: Another corrupt UKIP MEP

And yet another corrupt UKIP MEP has been exposed by the press.

From the Times:

A British MEP uses his parliamentary staff allowance to pay three assistants who are also employed at an investment company in which he is a major shareholder.

Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP representative for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, who made headlines when he claimed that women do not “clean behind the fridge enough”, employs his 20-year-old niece and two other members of staff at TBO Investments.

Mr Bloom was director of research at TBO until he was elected to the European Parliament in 2004 and remained as a consultant until two years ago. He still owns 20 per cent of the company, which was fined £28,000 by the financial services regulator last October for “advice failings”.

Emma Brader, his accredited parliamentary assistant, and Victoria Skowronek, his secretarial assistant, were both working in the York headquarters of TBO Investments yesterday, six days before the European elections. David McLaughlin, another member of his staff, is a director of TBO Investments.

Mr Bloom, 59, has used his official website to highlight the expenses scandal at Westminster. It says: “Godfrey Bloom employs no immediate members of his family on his secretarial allowance, unlike most other MEPs (non-UKIP).” It also laments the “woeful lack of candour and common sense in modern-day politicians”.

He confirmed yesterday that Ms Skowronek was his niece and lives next door to him in Wressle, East Yorkshire. Ms Brader, 26, a leading point-to-point rider, wrote on Facebook about their prospects if Mr Bloom was not re-elected: “This would mean that Vicki and I would lose our jobs and Godfrey says we’d have to go on the game, but we wouldn’t make much money because we are too old!”

UKIP confirmed yesterday that Mr Bloom was questioned by a senior parliamentary official last year about a “possible conflict of interest with the employment contracts”. Paulo Cam- pilho, head of the parliamentary assistance and members’ general expenditure unit, decided that no further action should be taken, the party said.

Mr Bloom has become one of the best-known MEPs with his views on housewives, prostitutes and pregnant employees. He has claimed that “any small businessman or woman who employs a woman of child-bearing age needs their head examined”.

He also once argued that the majority of prostitutes were not exploited. “In short, most girls do it because they want to,” he wrote in an article for the Brussels-based political magazine The Sprout in 2006.

The Yorkshire Post reported that Mr Bloom admitted having visited brothels as a Hong Kong-based businessman, although the amount of beer he consumed meant that no encounters were consummated.

TBO was fined by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for inadequate supervision and monitoring of staff providing advice to clients and for inadequate record keeping between December 2001 and October 2007.

One of the company’s current directors, Mr McLaughlin, 36, is Mr Bloom’s “paying agent” responsible for overseeing the salaries of his parliamentary staff. Mr McLaughlin is also paid about £200 a month to provide advice to the MEPs’ constituents on pensions and financial institutions.

Mr Bloom said yesterday that his eight parliamentary staff were all part-time and were paid an average of £25,000 a year out of his £140,000 staff allowance.

Mr Bloom said: “I am pretty well known as the cleanest MEP in town. All of the people who work for me are fully qualified and trustworthy.”

He said that the FSA fine was for a “technical breach” of the rules on record-keeping. He emphasised that no client money was misused.

Mr Bloom said that Ms Brader had worked for him full-time until Christmas when she announced that she planned to marry in June. He had known her since she was at Ripon Grammar School as her parents were prominent farmers but could not recall when she started work at TBO.

When she announced her marriage plans they decided it was best if she worked part-time and he recruited his brother-in-law’s daughter to become her assistant, Mr Bloom said.

Mr Bloom said that all his daily £261 subsistence allowance for attending the European Parliament was given to charities in his constituency. He said that his constituents could see the original receipts for his spending.

End of article.

If Bloom had ANY integrity he would resign. He is a disgrace to the WHOLE Euro-realist cause!

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Friday, 29 May 2009

The knives are out for Nigel Farage

The election may not yet be over but there are already moves to oust Farage.

In Brussels there have been complaints about Farage’s £2 million expenses bill and his refusal to publish a full list of his expenses.

At least two UKIP MEPs have said that Farage should go regardless of how many MEPs they get in June.

Bannerman has already started canvassing support for a post-June leadership bid and hopes that election to the EU Parliament will increase his support in the Party.

When Bannerman came over to UKIP he insisted that he be lead MEP candidate in a region of his choice. He also insisted that he be considered for the leadership. Although he failed in his first attempt to become leader he still regards the job as his by right. He sees winning a seat in Brussels as vital if he is to achieve this ambition.

The odious Paul Nuttall - Farage’s chosen successor - also intends to run for the leadership and hopes that his position as Party Chairman will win him the support of ordinary members.

That’s why Farage was so keen to give him the job.

He also regards becoming an MEP as vital if he is to stand any chance of beating Bannerman.

Farage has never forgiven Bannerman for challenging him for the leadership. He also regards Bannerman as a wet who ‘will never set the world alight’.

Some foolishly regard Nuttall as the man who will clean out UKIP’s Augean stables. The fact that Nuttall is as dishonest and corrupt as his master seems to have escaped their attention. Rather than clean out the stables he is far more likely to foul it even more!

Trevor Colman is also seen as a potential successor to Farage by many of those disillusioned by Farage and his sycophants. Many regard him as the man who would be able to clean up UKIP and persuade thousands of disillusioned ex- members to return to the fold.

Amusingly, Bannerman’s supporters are already beginning to spin against Nuttall. They claim that he is inexperienced and lacks Bannerman’s statesmanship!

Perhaps they can give us a few examples of Bannerman’s statesmanship? I must say I have never noticed him display ANY statesmanlike qualities! He is not even a good liar!

Nuttall’s supporters are saying that their candidate is ‘a man of the people’ who will win for UKIP the support of the working classes!

Yeah right!

The knives are being sharpened. It looks like it is going to be a very dirty leadership campaign!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

UKIP, Nigel Farage and corruption

And the bad news just keeps on coming!

Article By Fiachra Gibbons

The expenses scandal that has shaken Britain's political class and claimed the head of the Speaker of the House of Commons now threatens to engulf Europe.

Several British MPs have already been forced to resign from their parties for claiming exorbitant expenses for everything from the cost of cleaning the moats of their castles to hiring electricians to change a lightbulb.

One even billed the public purse for building a house for his ducks. The furore culminated with the departure of the Speaker of the Commons, Michael Martin, the first time such a normally uncontroversial establishment figure has been forced to step down for 300 years.

But now public anger is turning towards MEPs, whose liberal expenses regime has been long the target of the country's eurosceptics. Ironically, however, it is the leader of the UK Independence Party, who want to pull Britain out of Europe, who has been exposed as the worst offender. Nigel Farage, who has called on voters to punish the "greedy" establishment parties at the European elections in nine days' time, has himself boasted of taking more than 2.3m euros in expenses from the European Parliament, on top of his salary of nearly 80,000 euros.

It comes as UKIP has risen to an unprecedented 17 per cent in the polls on the back of public disenchantment with the greed of national MPs. But now Farage's astonishing admission threatens to burst his party's bubble.

Farage, who employs his own wife as his paid parliamentary assistant, tried to limit the damage by saying that MEPs were "very expensive", but opponents have accused him and his party of gross hypocrisy. He has long insisted that the EU is too expensive, and his party has campaigned on a platform that Euro corruption is so endemic it is unreformable (below right). "We should not be paying 40 millions pounds a day to an organisation whose accounts have not been signed off for 14 years in a row," he said.

Farage insisted that he had not "pocketed" the money but had instead used the "very large sum of European taxpayers' money" to subvert the EU and hasten Britain's exit from the union. But this is far from the first time that UKIP has found itself embroiling in expenses rows, with two of its original 16 MEPs actually charged with fraud. Tom Wise, who has since left the party, and his researcher Lindsay Jenkins are both facing prison for alleged abuse of their expenses, and another former MEP, Ashley Mote, 73, was given an nine-month suspended prison sentence two years ago for falsely claiming benefits of more than £65,000. Another leading British MEP, the Tory Den Dover, has been forced to pay back £445,000 in "unaccountable expenditure". He had been accused of paying his wife and daughter nearly £750,000 from European funds.

Farage let the size of his expenses claims slip during a debate about Europe at the Foreign Press Association in London. He was asked by former Europe minister Denis MacShane what he had received in non-salary expenses and allowances since becoming an MEP in 1999. "It is a vast sum," he said. "I don't know what the total amount is but it must be pushing £2m. "

The expenses claims of European parliamentarians have come under increasing scrutiny over the last few years. The regime was seen as generally lax until the first reforms four years ago, and the lack of transparency about allowances and travel expenses in particular had become a running embarrassment. Part of the reason for the liberal regime was an attempt to make up for the glaring disparities in pay between MEPs from different countries. For the last decade or so MEPs were paid the same as their colleagues in their national parliaments, which meant that Italian members were paid nearly 130,000 euros, while those from Spain received less than a quarter of that, and those from the new member states in the east only a tiny fraction of that sum.

However, all new MEPs elected in June will get a Europe-wide flat salary of 91,984 euros - which will mean a pay cut for those from Austria, Germany and Italy - while sitting members will come under pressure to agree to the same deal. The rules on expenses have also been tightened sharply, but worries remain over enforcement, with officials only conducting spot-checks on MEPs accounts rather than systematic vetting of every claim

To view the original: LINK

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

13 reasons why you should not vote UKIP on June 4th

Craig Mackinlay, ex Vice Chairman UKIP, on internal UKIP elections: “I will not be associated professionally or personally with what has become a perverted and shambolic process. Threats from the Party Chairman . . . merely add to the stink that now surrounds this election.”

John Petley, ex UKIP researcher: "It really is now too much to expect the party to be turned round. Even removing Farage as leader will not solve it. His cronies hold all the positions of power, and there isn’t the time to winkle them all out. Sadly, for all the undoubted good UKIP has achieved, it is time for it to be dismembered. The wound is too deep. The poison has spread too widely. In 2004, UKIP had a great chance to advance the argument for British withdrawal from the EU. With the right approach, the argument could have been won irrevocably by now. Independence is so noble an objective, and there is so much to support this assertion.

So UKIP has had its chance and blown it. We are left with only one option - to start again, learning from UKIP’s successes but more importantly, its failures. "

Gregg Beaman, ex North West Regional Organiser and former MEP candidate: "As far as Farage is concerned I knew when I met him, during the Preston by-election in 2000, that he was the personification of vanity and ego with little behind that wafer thin facade. I have seen his childish temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way, when I was on the NEC and later when I was on the Elections Committee. I have seen him bully people and have stood up to him when he has tried to bully me. He must be one of the coarsest most vulgar individuals I have ever come across. The proposed changes to the party constitution are a result of the complete lack of principle of the current leader and chairman and, it must be said, the lack of courage shown by certain members on the Party's NEC."

Dr Eric Edmond, ex NEC member and former MEP candidate: "He (Farage) has packed the NEC with his unelected nominees Andreasen, Nuttall and Arnott etc clearly to push through yet more undemocratic practices and consolidate his personal hold on the party. "

John West, ex UKIP Branch Chairman and PPC " When I first joined UKIP I actually believed that UKIP was sincere in its endeavour to extricate Britain from the European Union! I must now confess that I was conned along with thousands of other trusting members. UKIP`s MEPs are now part of the problem. Thanks to their love of the good life they have forgotten about why they were elected and who they are supposed to represent. "

Alison West, ex UKIP Branch Chairman and PPC: " After four years of loyalty to the UK Independence Party, which I truly believed once showed such promise, I have come to the conclusion that its credibility and integrity have been destroyed by the corruption, egotism, greed, immaturity, irresponsibility and lack of discipline that has spread through the leadership. "

Richard North, ex UKIP Chief Researcher, writing of Farage: “He cannot tolerate anyone in the party who he feels is or might be in a position to challenge him. He prefers to surround himself with incompetents and deadbeats. Anyone who emerges who might show an independent streak, he ruthlessly eliminates, to ensure that they cannot be seen as competition.”

And again: “(Farage) . . . spends the bulk of his time manoeuvring and scheming to keep himself in the dominant position, while presenting to the world his “boyish charm.”

Bryan Smalley, Party Secretary for two years, wrote of Farage: “He is dishonest and frequently makes untrue statements.”

Anthony Scholefield, Party Secretary for three years stated: “A disturbing feature is that Mark Croucher, UKIP Press Officer, shows UKIP members’ details to Communists and Socialist Workers via Searchlight and Unite Against Fascism. Croucher reports to Farage.”

Anthony Butcher, ex NEC member: “UKIP is now a hindrance to the anti-EU movement.”

David Abbott, ex NEC member and committed Christian:Our leader issues an edict that MEP’s wives must not be on the MEP’s payroll. Then he is caught paying his own wife.”

And again: “These new revelations were on top of all his (ie Farage) more obvious defects including total amorality, bullying, adultery, and drunkenness, vengefulness and lying.”

Roger Knapman, ex Party Leader and MEP: “UKIP MEP’s met and agreed a statement of practice - first that we would not go on ‘junkets’ to other countries and secondly that we would not employ our wives. This was to prevent us getting dragged into the comfortable EU world that leads to ‘going native’. I am now very worried that this agreement is being ignored and that the attractions of the European Parliament as a career may beckon to some; where the delights of plush new office suites, Brussels titles and internal parliament or IndDem Group politics are more attractive than our original purpose.”

Robin Page, BBC Presenter: “The party created to fight centralised government, sleaze and corruption has become a mirror image of the body it professes to loathe.”

The Sun on UKIP corruption

Nigel Farage's hope that UKIP would benefit from the Westminster expenses scandal has suffered a major blow after the Sun published a damning article on corruption in UKIP.

This article will undoubtedly cost UKIP thousands of votes when their readers realise that UKIP is no different from Labour, the Tories or Lib Dems when it comes to jumping on the Gravy Train

Champions League final may shun them — because it could cost them their places on the Brussels gravy train.

MEPs have been warned by party leaders Gordon Brown and David Cameron that they have to publicly declare match tickets as part of the war on sleaze.

Now they must decide whether to attend the clash between Manchester United and Barcelona and risk voters’ claims of freeloading.

A source said: “The last thing they want is TV viewers spotting them in an executive box days before European elections.”

The UK Independence Party was warned yesterday it faced a backlash for failing to follow the Tories and Labour by giving expenses details.

UKIP, led by Nigel Farage, has been plagued by fraud and corruption scandals since winning 12 Euro seats in 2004.

A senior insider said: “The EU is deemed to be a gravy train. I believe that a lot of our MEPs have forgotten that.”

Mr Farage admitted he could not prove how he had spent his own expenses and allowances.

And the party refused to release details of how its MEPs had spent taxpayers’ money when The Sun challenged it as part of our campaign against Euro fiddling.

UKIP’s popularity soared after it claimed their goal was to save Britain from fraud and corruption in Brussels.

But of the dozen MEPs elected in 2004, one was sent to prison for housing fraud and another is being prosecuted for money laundering.

Four of the 12 now no longer take the whip amid disillusionment.

High profile chiefs Roger Knapman and TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk have also quit the party.

To view the original: LINK

Still think UKIP is worth a SINGLE vote on June 4th?

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

More guns turn on Farage over expenses scandal

Things are certainly hotting up for Farage!

Davey: Farage must explain UKIP’s missing millions

Mon, 25 May 2009

Edward Davey is writing to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage challenging him to publish his MEPs’ expense claims and to account for their shameful record of voting for perks and secrecy in the European Parliament.

When Nigel Farage first went to Brussels, he promised to publish his accounts annually ‘so the public can inspect them', but since then neither he nor his UKIP colleagues have done so.

In addition, two of the 12 UKIP MEPs elected in 2004 have since faced criminal charges for falsely claiming benefits, false accounting and money laundering. UKIP has also voted against a cap on MEPs' earnings, reforms to make travel expenses more transparent, and have backed laws aimed at keeping their expenses secret.

Commenting, Edward Davey said:

"UKIP MEPs have attacked others over their expenses while living the high life in Brussels, charging the taxpayer, and hiding the true cost from voters.

"One in six UKIP MEPs elected in 2004 has since faced criminal charges over their creative accounting. Meanwhile, UKIP turned up in the European Parliament to vote against a cap on MEPs' earnings, against reforms to make travel more transparent, and in favour of laws aimed at keeping their expenses secret.

The chair of the Liberal Democrats' Campaigns and Candidates Committee, went on to say, "It's one thing to complain about MPs' expenses. But it is quite another to point the finger while hiding the truth about yourself.

"UKIP's absent accounting, elusive expenses, and secretive attitude add up to bare-faced cheek. Nigel Farage must explain to the public where the money has gone and why they have voted against change.

Edward concluded "UKIP must end the hypocrisy and show us the money now.

"Dear Mr Farage,

Recent revelations over politicians' expense claims have highlighted the importance of openness, transparency and accountability when spending money from the public purse.

When you were first elected to the European Parliament in 1999 comments you made suggested that you understood the need for this approach. You were widely quoted as saying that: "We are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get - the excess that we are forced to take - particularly on travelling allowances.

"Why haven't you?

After ten years in the European Parliament there is no evidence that you or any of your UKIP colleagues have ever published a breakdown of your expenditure. A number of your colleagues use their websites to criticise the Parliament's expenses regime, but none accompany this with information about what they themselves have spent. Is this because you spend money in a way which you know the public would find inappropriate?

Moreover, the voting record of your MEPs suggests that, far from pursuing frugality and transparency, UKIP wants to protect its perks and cover up the evidence.

Why did you vote against the Gargani Report on the Members' Statute which proposed a cap on MEPs' earnings and reform of travel expenses so that they are based on receipts rather than the lump sum equivalent of a business class ticket?

Why also did you vote just two months ago for amendment 114 to the Cashman Report, aimed at preventing freedom of access to MEPs' expense details?

Finally, given your commitment not to "go native" in Brussels, could you explain why your parliamentary party has been plagued with such problems over financial irregularities?

One in six UKIP MEPs elected in 2004 has since faced criminal charges, with one spending time in prison and another currently facing trial. That is the equivalent of one hundred and eight Westminster MPs' being charged with crimes.

What steps are you taking to ensure that any new Members elected do not similarly fall foul of the law?

In the interests of public accountability I believe that you should give full and public answers to these questions.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Davey MP

To view the original: LINK

And still Nigel Farage refuses to publish a full list of his expenses. What have you got to hide Nigel?

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Sun exposes UKIP

In a survey based on MEPs voting for transparency and reform in Brussels - including lifting the lid on expenses - UKIP MEP's faired particularly badly. Several of them are in the bottom ten!

Included in the list are John Whittaker UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP and Nigel Farage UKIP MEP.

More stories on UKIP sleaze will appear in the press before June 4th.

To see the original: LINK

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Don't vote UKIP: The hypocrisy of Nigel Farage

Farage is a hypocrite. He condemns greedy MPs and yet is quite happy to claim over £2 million in expenses himself.

In a pathetic attempt to justify his greed Farage has said that MEPs are "very expensive". He also refuses to publish a list of what he spent the money on.

Farage, you have been exposed as a liar and a fraud. If you had ANY integrity - which you don't - you would resign.

Taken from the Observer:

The leader of the UK Independence party (Ukip), which wants to lead Britain out of the EU, has taken £2m of taxpayers' money in expenses and allowances as a member of the European Parliament, on top of his £64,000 a year salary.

Nigel Farage, who is calling on voters to punish "greedy Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs" at the European elections on 4 June, boasted of his personal expenses haul at a meeting with foreign journalists in London last week.

The admission threatens to flatten a bounce in the polls for Ukip that has seen the party climb to around 17% over the last fortnight as angry voters flock to smaller parties regarded as untainted by the Westminster expenses scandal.

During a debate about Europe at the Foreign Press Association - which was discreetly taped by the hosts - Farage was asked by former Europe minister Denis MacShane what he had received in non-salary expenses and allowances since becoming an MEP in 1999.

"It is a vast sum," Farage said. "I don't know what the total amount is but - oh lor - it must be pushing £2 million." Taken aback, MacShane then joked: "Is it too late to become an MEP?"

Farage insisted that he had not "pocketed" the money but had used the "very large sum of European taxpayers' money" to help promote Ukip's message that the UK should get out of the EU.

When asked later by the Observer to justify how he could claim so much while running a campaign attacking Westminster MPs for their extravagance, Farage was unapologetic, saying that, while MEPs were "very expensive", he was entirely happy that the money had been used for the best of causes."

Last night, as Ukip circulated new party literature saying Westminster MPs had "ripped off taxpayers", Farage, who employs his wife to help run his office and pays her from his allowances, faced a backlash as opponents accused him of hypocrisy. MacShane suggested that Ukip's attempt to pose as more honourable on expenses than other parties had been exposed as shameless and hollow.

"Far from being the party of the little man in Europe, Nigel Farage's astounding £2m raid on the taxpayer shows he is up there with any other politician, happy to line his pockets with gold," he said.

Ukip's opponents now hope the admission will halt the party's advance which Farage's supporters believe could see it overtake Labour and secure second place in the European poll.

At the last European elections in 2004, Ukip enjoyed its greatest success, installing 12 MEPs in the European Parliament after securing 16.1% of the vote.

But the success rapidly turned sour as one of the dozen, Ashley Mote, was expelled from the party - and later jailed - for benefit fraud. Another, Tom Wise, is now facing prosecution for alleged false accounting and money laundering relating to his EU expenses. He denies the charges. Television presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk, who won the East Midlands for Ukip, later left to form another eurosceptic outfit, Veritas.

With the pressure on all parliamentarians mounting, Farage insisted on Friday that from next month all his MEPs would publish their expenses online. "From the moment any Ukip members get elected, all elected MEPs will provide a clear and traceable quarterly statement of their expense accounts," he said.

To view the original: LINK

Friday, 22 May 2009

Another UKIP election disaster!

Salford B.C. (Irwell Riverside) - 21st May

Lab 606 37.6%

Lib Dem 293 18.2%

BNP 276 17.1%

Con 189 11.7%

Greens 125 7.8%

UKIP 123 7.6%

Turnout 17.5%

And yet UKIP is claiming a massive increase in support since the MP's expenses scandal hit the headlines!

Perhaps the recent revelation that Farage, as an MEP, has claimed £2 million in expenses has taken the shine off his recently acquired halo!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

UKIP sleaze: The facts

It is ironic that the Party that appears to have benefited most from the great Parliamentary expenses scandal is the most tainted of all – UKIP.

Because the focus of attention has been on the three main parties at Westminster, it has left the impression that the only “clean” parties are the smaller ones. And UKIP has seen its support in opinion polls treble as it rides this wave.

But the reality is that the UK Independence Party is riddled with allegations of financial fiddles, some of them proved. Some are to do with the Party’s finances but this article deals with its MEPs.

It is worth noting that of 12 UKIP MEPs elected in 2004, only 8 remain in the UKIP Parliamentary delegation. And of the 12, one was sent to prison, one has been charged with false accounting and money laundering, two have had to pay back misclaimed money and three have faced investigations by the EU fraud-buster OLAF. In addition only one UKIP MEP has been prepared to publish all his expenses details.

Here are some facts, together with supporting evidence:

ASHLEY MOTE MEP. He was elected as a UKIP MEP for the South-East in 2004. He had been charged prior to this with housing benefit fraud. His case eventually came to court and he was found guilty. He was given a 9 months prison sentence but continued to serve as an MEP. UKIP did attempt to distance itself from Mote, but only after the charges became public. He had been a welcome candidate and had been elected under the UKIP label. (All details widely available on the web from newspaper sites)

TOM WISE MEP. He was elected as a UKIP MEP for the Eastern region. He was exposed over his expenses claims and after an OLAF investigation the information was given to the British police. He was investigated and subsequently charged with false accounting and money laundering and is due in court the day after the European election results are declared. (All details widely available on the web from newspaper sites). UKIP leader Nigel Farage has claimed that he was expelled from UKIP immediately the matter arose.

This is quite false. Tom Wise remained a member of UKIP until February 2009 when he chose to allow his membership to lapse. (Both Tom Wise and UKIP HQ should be able to confirm this). For a considerable time after the first allegations he was fully supported by UKIP, including after an internal inquiry. He was later excluded from UKIP’s delegation in the European Parliament but in a deal which also gave him promotion within the UKIP/IndDem Group (he became a vice-president). And he remained an elected UKIP MEP and a party member until earlier this year. (Former UKIP leader Roger Knapman MEP should be able to confirm all of this, as could Trevor Colman and Piers Merchant who together carried out an internal inquiry).

Derek Clarke MEP. He was elected as a UKIP MEP for the East Midlands in 2004. He is currently under investigation by the EU’s anti-fraud body OLAF. It is not known why. However there it is claimed that Derek Clark uses EP money to employ a person (Andrew Fear) who in fact works as a membership officer for UKIP in the party headquarters in Devon and who does no work for Clark as an MEP. This would appear to be against EU expenses rules.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-

Jeffrey Titford MEP. He has been UKIP MEP for the Eastern region since 1999. He has also been under investigation by OLAF. He also has previously “employed” at least one person who was in fact working for the Party in the North East, Stephen Allison, although this arrangement was hurriedly terminated about two years ago.

Jeffrey Titford: OLAF OF/2008/0764/Titford.

East Anglian Daily Times report said "last night OLAF - the European Parliament's Anti-Fraud Office - confirmed that the Essex Police decision had not ended the matter. “We have opened a file and we are taking steps to gather all relevant information for an investigation,” said the spokesman.

Nigel Farage MEP. Party leader and MEP for the South East since 1999. He is alleged to be under investigation, or has been investigated, by OLAF either in a personal capacity as an MEP or in his role as co-leader of the IndDem Group over financial matters related to the IndDem Group. OLAF were certainly making inquiries in February 2009.

Both Jeffrey Titford and Nigel Farage were caught out in the 1999-2004 Parliament for the misuse of expenses and had to pay back wrongly-claimed money. (common knowledge within UKIP)

Former leader Roger Knapman MEP, elected for the South West in 2004, is the only MEP who published details of his expenses which he did on his website about a year ago. He has consistently offered to publish all details regularly and has advocated total transparency.

He has criticised a culture of secrecy within UKIP and in 2008 resigned from the UKIP delegation at Brussels as a protest over financial management and UKIP’s involvement with the IndDem Group. However he remains a prominent member of UKIP. (Roger Knapman MEP or Piers Merchant should be able to confirm).

Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP was elected for East Midlands in 2004 but resigned from UKIP altogether early in the Parliament. One of his concerns was UKIP’s financial management. (Comments made at the time).

Nigel Farage’s expenses. Farage boasted that he had made £2m from expenses in a speech and this was later repeated by Denis McShane MP on the BBC’s Politics Today on 19 May (about 20 mins into show, available on BBC web site). Farage has quickly attempted to row back from this gaff. However his statement (http://www.ukip.org/ News Section current) is itself misleading. He claims he covers the cost of his “regional office.”

In fact his own entry in the MEP’s register of interests reveals that the office is donated. He has previously confirmed that he employs his wife (contrary to rules made by his own delegation in 2004) but has never explained precisely what his wife does and no one else in UKIP appears to know. He claims to have used expenses to travel to meetings around the UK, although NEC voted him a party budget for this purpose. (Former NEC members can confirm).


This is what UKIP MEPs can claim in expenses. Please note the sterling amounts are approximate because of exchange rate variations. These are the latest 2009 figures from the EU for a full year:

(A) Parliamentary Assistance Allowance

To employ or contract staff in the UK. A job description must be given. The staff must work for the MEP on his duties, not be transferred to a political party or elsewhere and must not engage in election work.


(B) General Expenditure Allowance

To pay for a UK office (but not staff), UK travel, communication equipment. May not be used to cover personal expenses or political subsidies.


(C) Annual Travel Allowance

This is available for world travel and can also be used for hotels if undertaken “in the performance of their duties.” This is generously interpreted and covers most foreign jollies. Despite an agreement by UKIP MEPs in 2004 not to use this allowance, many UKIP MEPs have participated liberally in such jollies which can be incorporated into foreign holidays. This allowance may NOT be used for travel within the UK.

Amount: £3,467

(D) Subsistence Allowance

A daily allowance for when in Brussels.

£249 per day. Most MEPs will spend four days a week in Brussels or Strasbourg , three out of every four weeks on average. Annualised on that basis this amounts to £38,844.

(E) A Travel Allowance to Brussels/Strasbourg (in addition to the Annual Travel Allowance).

A fixed rate is paid calculated on the cost of travel from the constituency based on figures well above the real cost of cheap-rate travel. Thus most MEPs are able to make a substantial profit by claiming the full fixed rate but actually travelling cut-price. Profit can be as much as £800 per return journey.

Thus a UKIP MEP could make as much as £31,200 a year in profit alone.

The total allowance in this case would be around £39,000. Note this is very variable depending on the distance of the UK constituency from Brussels and the availability of cut-price flights or rail. (NB As many UKIP MEPs are over 60 they use senior citizens discounts to drive down the real cost of travel and can choose times of travel where the lowest price tickets are available).

(F) Free Medical care

All MEPs receive comprehensive free private medical care including dental treatment and free prescriptions. This also extends to spouse and dependent children. This perk includes “thermal cures,” acupuncture and transport costs. There are some limits – only 60 sessions are allowed for the following, among others: mud baths, hydro massage, electrotherapy, radar, ionisation, and only 30 sessions of aerosol therapy and irrigation.

Contact lenses are included as are hearing aids and artificial limbs as well as false teeth, gold crowns and veneers. The cost is dependent on how much medical help is needed but it does include a variety of health checks and scans for perfectly-healthy MEPs.

(G) Free insurance

MEPs receive free life assurance and accident insurance, and a generous invalidity pension.

(H) Free language and computer courses

Free and unlimited hours with teachers at EP or a fixed allowance for teachers at home (including one to one) for lessons in five main EU languages. Also free computer lessons up to a maximum amount anywhere in UK or at EP.

(I) Retirement pension

UK MEPs are entitled to the same generous pension that MPs receive. They may also top this up under the additional voluntary scheme. Under this for every £1 paid in by the MEP, the EU adds £2.

(J) Salary

And, of course, MEPs receive a salary which is the same as MPs. They do pay tax on this which of course they do not on any of their allowances, including those which openly make a profit (eg travel to Brussels allowance).


OLAF: For press enquiries :

Communication, PR and Spokesman Unit http://uk.mc276.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=olaf-press@ec.europa.eu Phone: +32-2-296.75.47 or Direction A - Investigations & Operations I (European institutions, agencies & bodies, direct expenditures and external aid) +32-2-299.87.68

UKIP HQ (based at Lexdrum House, Devon) 01626 831290

Nigel Farage (mobile) 07802 597692
Tom Wise 01525 379261
Roger Knapman 01822 860254
Trevor Colman 01626 831340
Derek Clark 01604 636002
Jeffrey Titford 07836 223090 (may be out of date)
Robert Kilroy Silk 0034 952 894301 (Spanish home)
Ashley Mote 07836 220223

Dr Eric Edmond (former UKIP NEC member) 01935 881707
Dr David Abbott (former UKIP NEC member) 01271 813455
Del Young (former UKIP NEC member) 01455 615100
Martin Haslam (former UKIP NEC member and deputy treasurer) 01444 247871 or 01444 483105
Bruce Lawson (former UKIP treasurer) 01686 668004

All above are believed to be exercised over financial sleaze in UKIP.

Piers Merchant 01805 622587 (carried out internal investigation on Tom Wise)
Andrew Fear 01626 831280 (direct line) or 01626 831290 (switchboard)
Stephen Allison 07900 803052 Home 01429 838168 or in Campaign HQ London.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

UKIP's new policy: Freedom of speech, as long as we approve of what you are saying

From UKIP's official website:

Sri Lankan-born Deva, who lost his Nottingham post office job for refusing to serve customers who wouldn't speak English, said he was shocked at the treatment of posties who had been threatened, chased and spat at as they tried to post the election material.

"Postman should always have the right to refuse to deliver something they find offensive," he said. "Particularly when the public are showing they too are offended.

"But if the Royal Mail decides to hire casual labour to help deliver the 29 million leaflets it will simply undermine the postal workers' position."

I know there is a legal obligation for the Royal Mail to deliver election material but this offensive literature is beyond the pale. I wouldn't deliver it and I certainly don't want it posted through my letterbox.

"If my two little girls see this BNP rubbish, how am I to explain to them that these people don't want them to live in the UK, where both my daughters were born?"

"It's simply disgusting."

End of quote

So would UKIP support a Muslim postman who refused to deliver leaflets advertising a Christian service? Would UKIP support a lawyer who refused to defend those he or she disagreed with politically?

A most strange policy. So UKIP is advocating that people be denied the right to see literature from a rival party. So UKIP's policy is now: "Freedom of speech, as long as we approve". Sounds like fascism to me!

UKIP quickly removed the article from their website after they realised what fools they had been.

Paul Wesson of the British Democracy Forum spoke for many when he said:

The fact that the article is off the UKIP site is irrelevant; UKIP put the article on the site as a projection of their policy. Only when the 'phones started ringing did they suddenly realise that the libertarian wing of the party is bigger than they thought despite the purges and defections. This means that UKIP is not a serious political contender, but will change policy on the hoof to win, or avoid losing, votes.

FACT: UKIP policy is to prevent the distribution of lawful political material in a democracy.

FACT: UKIP hasn't got the bottle to stick with its own policy for a few hours.

I'm very privileged to observe elections in other countries and to be allowed to comment on their democratic processes. In some countries people are gaoled or beaten up for trying to distribute leaflets. Restrictions on the freedom of opposition parties to campaign freely mean that election observers will not give a clean bill of health to an election. If we had international political observers at our elections we would fail to be declared 'free and fair' on this issue alone.

We have international obligations to allow free elections under the 1990 Copenhagen document. Restricting the distribution of obnoxious or offensive leaflets is a breach of those obligations.

UKIP has a candidate who is leaning in the direction of preventing free and fair elections. He opposes postmen delivering leaflets he dislikes, he opposes casual labour undermining the postmen. UKIP has a candidate who leans toward a totalitarian state.

What about the owners of the mines and the railways? Were they not offended by Labour's nationalisation policy? Should Labour have been allowed to distribute its leaflets in 1945?

WRT postal workers - they are paid to deliver the mail, not to decide whether they want to do so? The leaflet is open to view so it is obvious if it offends them. If they are allowed to succeed on this matter what is to stop them demanding the right to open and inspect mail to ensure there is no kiddy porn? Then they will decide not to deliver normal porn. Then they will refuse to deliver religious material. The posties don't know what is inside plain envelopes, but could open them to be on the safe side. I know of a Socialist government in Europe that opens all international mail to check that dissident material isn't getting into the country; there are people who would do that here if allowed.

The freedom of the BNP to campaign is critical for our democracy. Democracy is about having the opportunity to hear the alternate view, if only to dismiss it out of hand.

End of quote.

Clive Page- UKIP’s very own convicted benefit fraudster - claims that Deva's pathetic statement was not put on the website by UKIP’s press office. So presumably anyone can post what they like on there!

Pull the other one!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Nigel Farage admits to claiming £2 million in expenses

Nigel Farage has finally admitted that he has claimed £2 million in expenses as an MEP

And how do we know this?

Because it was revealed live on today's edition of the 'Daily Politics Show' by Denis Mcshane!

Mcshane revealed that Farage had boasted to him of receiving this vast amount of money at a function both attended yesterday at the Foreign Press Association.

This revelation will undoubtedly wreck any chance of UKIP gaining support in the wake of the MP expenses scandal.

UKIP is just as bad as Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems. Don’t waste your vote on them!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Marta Andreasen: Your local MEP candidate?

I would very much like know how Ms Andreasen - UKIP MEP candidate and supporter of the EU- is going to represent the people of South East England from her luxury flat in Barcelona?

Why not ask her by sending a postcard to Balmes 386‏. But don’t forget a stamp!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gregg Beaman on Nuttall and McManus

Gregg Beaman resigned from UKIP in disgust after Farage and the odious Nuttall colluded to remove him as UKIP's democratically elected lead MEP candidate in the North West. See: LINK

Here are his views on Nuttall and McManus. Both of these dishonest individuals hope to get elected to the EU Gravy Train in June:

There comes a time when enough is enough. I came home today to find the UKIP EU election leaflet behind the door. In these days of sleaze and excess by politicians it was as bad as they come. It stated:


Their lead candidate was a Tory until after the 2004 Euro elections, then he saw a chance. He has been a student for many years, only putting his PhD studies on hold to become a UKIP/Independence and Democracy Group researcher in the European Parliament. His 'work' as a lecturer was part of his PhD studies. Hardly a brickie or a postie.

Has he done any other work? Not that I know of, and I have known him since he joined UKIP in 2004.

No 2 candidate Michael McManus is described in the UKIP leaflet as "a former charity fundraiser". Well Michael, you certainly worked as a researcher for the Directory of Social Change in Liverpool briefly after your studies, but how much money did you raise? And who for? As far as I'm aware the DoSC doesn't raise any funds.

I understood Michael worked as a "researcher" for the Directory of Social Change in Liverpool. Before, guess what? Yes, he became a researcher for the UKIP/Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament. Hardly a brickie or a postie.

But then again, MEPs are worthless costly parasites. Politicos go from school to university, to Westminster/Brussels gravy train. They are all sponging parasites-unless they are UKIP.

Then that's different!

To view the original see: LINK

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mike Nattrass makes a fool of himself ..... again

I found the following email exchange between John West and Mike Nattrass most interesting.

These emails concerned John West’s statement on his recent expulsion from UKIP. See: LINK

Unbelievably Nattrass claims that he has “ contributed financially to UKIP more than I have received as an MEP.”

MEPs can earn a million over a five year period. So is Nattrass claiming to have donated a million pounds to UKIP?

I look forward to seeing the evidence!

Nattrass is a fool who deserves to be thrown out on June 4th.

To see the original emails please see GLW’s blog: LINK

Subject: Fw: RE: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP

Date: Apr 2009


In the West Midlands all applicants for the list were put on the ballot paper. Not one was turned down. This was because we had no excess numbers applying for our voting list and they were all good people, that applies to some other Regions also.

I have contributed financially to UKIP more than I have received as an MEP.

The sweeping statements in your letter fail because they are not true and the above are just two examples.

I was sorry to see that you were not selected and I enjoyed the first meeting you organised (could not make the second due to a hole in my leg!)

Based on the fact that I can see how very wrong you are over a number of these issues I must conclude that you must be wrong about the issues of which I have no knowledge.

The spin you give about Derek Clark, and those who are accused of things by people who set out to damage the party, is of no interest to me. They are innocent until proven guilty and that kind of attack is constant. From where I stand I cannot see what the UKIP MEPs have done wrong. The unusual way certain UKIP attackers view the EU rules will cause scratched heads within OLAF. You failed to say if Geoffrey had been cleared by the police. If they did clear him why would they refer this to OLAF?

If you could be more factual about Miss Fuller and less Sunday Sport, I may stand a chance of understanding your point. However I do believe that she wrongly exposed your video. Was it however a good video or did it prove whatever point she was making? I did not see it. It appears to me that you would have done the same thing yourself, based on the vitriol in your email.

As for UKIP being part of the EU establishment, the reverse is true and we are hated by them, so again how can you make a case? Suggestion ... Try sticking to the proven facts. I am one of those who was surprised that you were not selected but I am sorry to say that I can see now that I was wrong.

Subject: Fw: RE: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP

Date: May 2009


Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Dealing with the various litigations and the police & OLAF enquiries related to UKIP takes up far too much time. As you will know I am campaigning for UK First, a party founded on the principles on which UKIP was originally founded until it was betrayed by Nigel Farage and various others.

Your email reminds me of the old saying ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see’.

1. Annabelle Fuller. I am glad to see that you believe that she was the one who put the video on You Tube. You will appreciate that I do not believe that she did it without first obtaining permission from Farage. The same can be said of her farcical appearances in the Mail and Independent.

Whether or not the video was ‘a good video’ is irrelevant. As you know it was a TRAINING video and was the first time I had ever been on video (and a fat lot of training I received!). It was placed on You Tube without my permission and in clear breach of the Data Protection Act with a deliberate intent to defame me.

That you can accuse me of being prepared to stoop to her level shows the standards by which you live your life and how little you know me.

2. Derek Clark is under investigation for alleged fraud. It is not ‘spin’ as you have dishonestly claimed. It is a fact. OLAF officials have already visited Britain and interviewed several people in connection with this and the investigation data is well known.

Derek Clark is contemptible, look how he lied and colluded with Douglas Denny and Gerard Batten in the Kangaroo Court to remove Peter Baker who he then replaced with his puppet placeman.

Under these circumstances do you really think it is appropriate for him to remain as an MEP candidate, even without his betrayal of Britain over subsidiarity and aiding the EU to better control countries such as the UK! Nor considering his advanced years?

The NEC denied Tom Wise the right to seek re-selection as an MEP candidate because of the OLAF investigation into his alleged misuse of EU funds. So why has Clark not also faced de-selection? Double standards?

4. Jeffrey Titford’s police file has been passed to OLAF at their request. His former office manager has also given them evidence concerning alleged misuse of EU funds. Titford has permitted a total misrepresentation of the facts to be made public.

That I can be thrown out of UKIP for doing my duty as a British citizen and reporting an alleged crime to the Police tells me all I need to know about UKIP’s views on justice and its standards of integrity.

5. You claim to ‘have contributed financially to UKIP more than you have received as an MEP.’

We are well aware from the media that an MEP can easily amass a clear £1 Million during just one term, over and above his expenses. So can you provide proof that you have donated a similar amount to UKIP?

I believe you are deliberately and wittingly deceiving when you make this claim.

It is widely reported that at the NEC meeting you were witnessed stating in defence of Tom Wise ‘don’t be f****** ridiculous, what do you want us to do about him – how do you think we all make our money’.

Perhaps you can advise EXACTLY where the donation of in excess of £1M is recorded and on what UKIP spent it.

6. And why did you sign a document supporting Nigel Farage’s changes to UKIP’s constitution? Are you really happy with giving Nuttall the power to throw people out of UKIP on a whim?

Are you happy that policy is frequently dictated by ‘The Political Committee’ and as Farage’s un-elected puppet chairman Nuttall has stated and confirmed at a UKIP meeting in Essex the Political Committee IS Farage and keeps no minutes!!!

7. I note that you are happy with UKIP's MEP selection process. Are you not even slightly uneasy that UKIP’s very own Returning Officer’s OFFICIAL Report said it was unsound and untrustworthy and should be rerun, implying that UKIP is not to be trusted to run their own affairs honestly?

And what about the fact that a member of your office staff became MEP candidate in the East Midlands without having to face the MEP selection panel, in direct breach of the rules as laid down by the party?

That dishonesty has become a norm in the party does not mitigate in any dishonest act nor grant license.

Please don’t deny this as it has been confirmed to me by one of UKIP’s MEP candidates in that region.

In five years UKIP MEPs have done nothing of any consequence. Where were you during the campaign against the Lisbon Treaty? Dressing up as a chicken?

Why did Derek Clark sign a document on behalf of UKIP pledging support for subsidiarity, reform of CAP and promising to work with the EU committees to improve their control over the vassal states?

At least Roger Knapman had the integrity to condemn Clark over this. You remained silent.

Mike, your public willingness to support Farage and the rest of his clique speaks volumes for your integrity and morality.

Your achievements have been all but invisible and seemingly the vast majority have been matters of self interest – I believe you should hang your head in shame at your incompetence, self indulgence and lack of achievement – NOT ONE ACHIEVEMENT has been noticed by the public at large and you and your cronies have disgraced the Euro-Sceptic movement.

As an estate agent you have clearly lived down to the lowest standards of public belief and to think you can with impunity and without shame scrabble to get your snout back in the trough for another useless term.

Yours sincerely

John West

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Marta Andreasen Reveals all!

Marta Andersen - UKIP’s very own Vicar of Bray - was surprisingly frank in a very recent chat with a British MEP. I will give you a clue as to the MEP’s identity - don’t look beyond Watford!

During the conversation she revealed that her relationship with Farage was “difficult”. She also revealed that her views on reforming the EU had not changed since joining UKIP.

She also stated that if she is lucky enough to be elected in June she intends to leave UKIP at the earliest available opportunity. Whether or not she intends to become an independent or join another party was not made clear to the MEP in question.

Of course, we should not be surprised at her comments. After all, she is an EU reformist and only came over to UKIP after being rejected as an MEP candidate by THREE pro-EU parties!

UKIP was her last throw of the dice. Fortunately Farage - not the most astute of individuals - jumped at the chance to get her on board. The fact that she had no affinity with the UK, is an EU reformist and had been suspended from her job with The OECD - allegations of racism- mattered little so long as it got Nigel another headline.

It is such a shame that all her efforts to rejoin the EU Gravy Train will come to nothing!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Farage to be the subject of an expose in a national newspaper

Last night I heard Farage speak in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Nothing new. Just the same old sound bites and the same old rhetoric.

However, there were a couple of interesting points.

Although the meeting was held in the South West our glorious leader did not mention Trevor Colman or ANY of the other SW candidates.

The only candidate he mentioned was Marta Andreasen who is standing in the South East and intends to leave UKIP if she gets elected!

During his speech he repeatedly joked about both his drinking and his womanising. He also implied that there will shortly be an expose in the Mail on Sunday and another paper.

Then he compared himself to Wilberforce, who was of course, a God fearing Christian!

Farage’s hypocrisy is sickening! I don’t recall Wilberforce cheating on his wife, drinking to excess or abusing his position of trust to make a fortune!

Who will Farage compare himself to next? Jesus Christ? After all he did claim in a recent interview with Iain Dale to have been miraculously cured of cancer.

Was it divine intervention? Is Farage really the Messiah?

I should add that there were only 150 people in the hall. Several left during his speech and at the end he failed to get a standing ovation.

UKIP’s decline continues ……..

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Michael McGough: And the lies still keep on coming

At the last Bruges Group meeting I overheard Michael ‘Wolfman’ McGough telling anyone who cared to listen that Drew Belobaba - a UKFP member - was forced to leave Canada after falling foul of the authorities. McGough (pictured here with Andrew Smith) went on to state that Mr Belobaba did this after his competence as a solicitor had been called into question.

McGough is well aware that this is a complete and utter lie. But why should we expect any different from this serial liar and cheat?

You will recall that McGough has a track record of telling lies.

In his MEP election address he described himself as the PPC for Harlow. It was quickly pointed out to him by Harlow's UKIP Chairman that this was untrue.

Piers Merchant - UKIP’s Returning Officer - also raised concerns about this. In his report on the MEP selection process he said: I have received complaints about Michael McGough, who, it was claimed, described himself as a UKIP PPC when he was not, thus seriously misleading the voters’.

Predictably the NEC ignored Mr Merchant and his report.

In any other party McGough would have been removed from the MEP list and brought before a disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute. But as this is UKIP you can get away with almost anything as long as you are prepared to condone leadership corruption.

McGough now holds his fellow UKIP members in such contempt that he even jokes about his lies. Indeed, on the British Democracy Forum he has openly mocked fellow members who have demanded that he apologise for his gross misconduct.

I am surprised that McGough did not put his name forward for the NEC. As the current NEC is full of liars, sycophants and idiots McGough would feel quite at home!

And don't forget that McGough is just one of many liars in UKIP.

Let us not forget that Bannerman has lied about his ancestry while Nuttall was prepared to fabricate complaints against Gregg Beaman in order to remove him as lead UKIP MEP candidate in the North West.

And these are the sort of dishonest people that the unsuspecting British public are being asked to vote for on June 4th.

May God help them!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Simon Muir - ex-Chairman of UKIP Bristol - speaks out

I'm fond of Chris Booker's pieces in the Telegraph, really I am, but his piece about the EU's books clearly has been got at by the Telegraph's 'Tories at any cost' team. Despite today's shadow cabinet expenses revelations, it's clear that the Telegraph will brook no dissonance - the Tories, however unfit to govern, must replace Labour at the election.

In that context, UKIP in the Euro-elections are part of The Plan: useful idiots that serve to draw off the 'skep vote, to shut them down and/or divert their energies.

The idea, transparently simple,, is to turn the spotlight away from the duplicity and split personality that is the Tory party, so that it can fight the election with some pretence of unity, the presence (or absence) of Oliver Letwin notwithstanding.

But UKIP appears to be every bit as split and corrupt as the Tory party! The Tories haven't had MEPs arrested recently on fraud charges, nor do they have the shambles of legitimately elected party members kicked off the NEC, apparently at the behest of the leadership.

I must make it clear: I despise the EU and all its works, but that does NOT mean I am heedless about who gets my vote in the EU elections. Somebody will be elected, no matter what. They will have good media access, and salary and expenses from the public-purse - OUR money, not the EUs!

Thanks to the evils of the party list system, I can't control who that is, but I can look at the lists and make up my own mind which is the least worst. And UKIP, sadly must now go right to the bottom of the pile, below the communist Green party and the other-communist 'Respek' lot.

Why, because they simply cannot be trusted. For the record, so that these things do NOT go unremarked, here are my comments about UKIP, which so far remain missing from the Telegraph's web site:

"Before being first elected as an MEP, Nigel Farage, along with his fellow aspirants of the time, promised to publish his accounts as an MEP, supposedly to avoid just the type of expenses scandal that the Westminster lot have brought about.

"As far as I am aware he has never, ever done this. He and his cohort make a packet out of being MEPs and appear to love every minute of it, so much so that UKIP's message subtly changed when he became party leader, from the simple idea that the UK should leave the EU, to some pie-in-the-sky nonsense about UKIP's MEPs fighting for 'reform' of it, as if such a crazy idea was remotely possible.

"So now, if you live in East Anglia and you are daft enough to vote UKIP, instead of the doughty fighter Robin Page as an MEP (to understand exactly why read his blog), you'll be getting a Danish-Argentinian who lives with her children in Barcelona!"

Farage wants you to vote UKIP primarily so he'll keep his EU salary (including the uplift for leading a euro-party bloc in the EP) and his euro-expenses, probably massive, as the EP is even more corrupt than Westminster.

"I'd love to vote for an honest, genuinely non-racist eurosceptic party, but it seems there isn't one out there any more."

And that's largely down to Farage."

Still think that UKIP is worth a single vote on June 4th? For further information see: LINK

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Junius visits Chichester

I can now reveal that I decided to secretly attend the UK Renewal meeting in Chichester.

As I could not take the risk of being recognised I donned my trusty disguise and jumped into my ‘Junius Air Mobile’ for the two hour trip to historic Chichester.

For company I took a few of my personal guard and my dog -we call her Annabelle.

Upon arriving in the town I did a bit of sightseeing - please see photos - before popping along to hear Petrina and her colleagues speak.

The meeting was most informative.

Here is GLW’s excellent report on the event:

The meeting in Chichester yesterday would seem to have gone very well with delegates from the South West Region, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern Region and the South West noted.

The earlier announcement that Bruce Lawson and Peter Cole would seem to have been rather poor draw cards and the fact that they had been declared persona non grata on trying to run and manage UKFirstParty in the same duplicitous manner that they would seem to have learned in their years in EUkip.

The announcement that Lawson & Cole had been banned from attending seems not to have reached several people I spoke to earlier today, who would have been there had they known and been able.

One advantage of the general consensus at the meeting, as a result of it only been those seeking liberty from The EU and no childish displays of self importance or jockeying for a position in line for the trough!

Swine flu? No I don't think so - more like a porcine greed & fever from 'absent *******'.

The members of this attractive south coast region were pleased to hear the ideas and suggestions of Craig Chapman, from Birmingham, of The Popular Alliance, who spoke most interestingly.

Chris Elliot, the number 2 candidate from The West Midlands Region for UKFirstParty was able to introduce himself and explain their reasoning for the importance of having a decent, honest candidate standing who is opposed to EU membership when EUkip in his region particularly they have been obscenely betrayed by EUkip and particularly the dishonest and duplicitous Derek Clark.

1. Petrina largely found herself as Chairman as Martin Haslam had felt it inappropriate to chair the meeting - let us face it that could have left him in the embarrassing position of chucking Peter Cole &/or Bruce Lawson out had they tried to 'gate crash'.

2. The now rather spent status as the EX Chairman of EUkip, having to some extent try to defend the indefensible!

3. The third hat was as a Council member of CIB, where she could inform people of what they are trying to achieve.

4. As the lead candidate in the South East standing for UKFirstParty Petrina Holdsworth was able to clear up a number of the misconceptions about UKFirstParty and present a view of their suggestions for the way forward.

One great advantage of having such a meeting, based upon a consensus of like minded people it is so much easier to manage a lively and very informative exchange of views.

There was no doubt from the questions that people reflected the general consensus of the British peoples that it is not just a general contempt for politicians and their corruption but a deep seated determination for change liberated from the centralised, undemocratic EU.

The clearest example of the utter hypocrisy of the politicians was obviously Nigel Farage's personal destruction of the moral authority of EUkip's leadership with a culture of greed and hypocrisy sheltered by duplicity and bullying. Many heard Farage on the media earlier in the day banging on the cheap shot of attacking MPs for abuse of their expenses without any joined up thinking!

It was interesting that Farage conveniently overlooked his own promises to publish his expenses and income - a promise he made when seeking election with Michael Holmes and ever since.

We await these published accounts detailing how he has squandered the money and has with others would seem to have trousered well in excess of £1,000,000 in little over 5 years - over and above the money MEPs are able to steal as outlined in the media articles showing they can EXPECT to make a personal profit saved of £1M during a single electoral term!

A measure of the extent of the corruption beyond the obvious is the utterly dishonest handling of other people's money as shown by Jeffrey Titford who although he has for some years employed Chris Hudson as his personal representative, amongst other functions - salaried from tax payers money which Titford was able to access through his election for EUkip.

It may interest you to know that it would seem that Titford's incompetence and disregard for duty and tax payer's money verges on the criminal. Titford has forgotten to give Chris Hudson any work for many months yet has been happy to permit his payment from the public purse!

Finally, seemingly in disgust, it would seem Chris Hudson tendered his resignation - Titford was too idle and indifferent to even acknowledge the resignation nor did he have the basic manners to thank him for the sterling work he had done!

I gather Chris Hudson has taken up a salaried position with Declan Ganley's Tory Light Libertas the pro EU new party for Ganley's ego. Good luck Chris and I hope your new job will suit you and will last beyond the election - though I regret I can not say the same for Declan Ganley's ego trip, the politics of which are so very dishonest or those in Libertas are very stupid!

Let us hope for a great deal more cross party co-operation in the future until we are free from the EU - I do not however believe there is any place for the lack of morality and ethics displayed by Bruce Lawson & Peter Cole - such behaviour as theirs is sooooo very EU that UKFirstParty will be immensely better off when they have the integrity to leave with good grace or are forced out after the elections, when they can join with Farage who has promised to resign when EUkip get 10 or less MEPs.

The meeting in Chichester ran on longer than expected as it was proving so constructive.Well done Ruth Shoebridge in booking this meeting as UK Reform on a cross party basis.

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