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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Paul Nuttall’s April Fool farce

My readers will recall that Paul Nuttall sent certain UKIPPERS a letter in which they were curtly informed that they must sign a declaration by the 28th April or face expulsion from the Party. See: LINK

Here is the text of the letter:


On 2nd March 2009 the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the (sic) passed the following motion:

“That the UK First Party (UKFP) be added to the NEC’s list of parties, membership of which is incompatible with UKIP membership under article 4.2 of the UKIP Constitution”.

It has been reported that you are a member of the UK First Party, which is committed to standing against the UK Independence Party in the forthcoming European Elections.

The NEC has now deemed that this is incompatible with UK Independence Party membership.

I am therefore asking you to sign the attached declaration confirming that you are not a member of the UK First Party, or that you have resigned from this party.

If you do not respond within 28 days I will take it that you longer wish to be a member of the UK Independence Party.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Nuttall
Party Chairman

DECLARATION: I confirm that I am not currently a member of the UK First Party (UKFP)
Signed ………….. Dated …………..

How very appropriate that the dishonest Nuttall decided to post this letter on April Fools Day!

So UKFP is a proscribed party for deciding to stand against UKIP in the General Election!

It has also been said by members of UKIP’s NEC that UKFP is beyond the pale for being ‘anti-UKIP’.

So what about Labour, the Greens, Lib Dems, English Democrats, Libertas, Jury Team and the Tories?

Can they be described as pro-UKIP?

I would very much like to know why UKIP’s leadership is happy to accept membership applications from card carrying Tories?

After all, didn’t David Cameron describe UKIP as "fruitcakes", "loonies" and "closet racists". And didn’t his predecessor described UKIP members as “cranks” and “gadflies“?

But apparently that’s ok according to Douglas Denny and the rest of Farage’s useful idiots on UKIP’s NEC.

Indeed, they are so proud of being branded cranks and gadflies that they not only formed a cranks and gadflies drinking club but also sell a tie bearing pictures of gadflies and cranks!

The sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of UKIP’s leadership is beyond belief!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Is there nothing that UKIP will not stoop to in order to punish it‘s critics?

I have just been informed that Tony Ellwood - Derek Clark’s former researcher - was arrested by Nottingham Police earlier today.

Eight police officers armed with special equipment stormed his Nottingham home at approx 8.30 am.

A search warrant had been obtained because certain individuals had used 'Crimestoppers' to invent lies about large scale theft of clothing and money laundering - now that second accusation sounds familiar!

Mr Ellwood was cautioned, fingerprinted, photographed, his DNA was taken and he was tested for Class A drugs .

At 6.00 pm, the Police, realising that they had fallen for a pack of lies, released Mr Ellwood without charge.

I am pleased to say that they were somewhat more humble than they had been earlier in the day.

You will recall that Tony Ellwood was sacked by Derek Clark following disagreements between the two. See LINK

Mr Ellwood, 56, has been a loyal and committed UKIP member since 1994. He was a 3 times General Election candidate, a local authority candidate and for 14 years was UKIP’s elected treasurer for the East Midlands.

As you would expect Mr Ellwood has been left very shaken by the experience.

You may be interested to know that one of Derek Clark’s staff earlier this week predicted to Mr Ellwood that he would be shortly arrested.

Now how did Clark's staff know of that fact in advance? Who else knew and for how long? Who informed 'Crimestoppers' and at whose behest ?

Should not the entire command involved in this disgraceful episode be sacked from their employment?

You can draw your own conclusions but I would suggest that you start making a few phone calls to Clark’s Nottingham office.

UKIP’s leadership has a track record of trying to punish it’s critics.

You may recall that John West made a complaint against Jeffrey Titford and within a few days his UKIP MEP video interview was posted on YouTube by Annabelle Fuller at the behest of her lover.

Derek Clark is under investigation by OLAF - the EU’s anti-fraud office.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-D2008.A1/7133/OF/2008/0240

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Another triumph for UKIP!

With just five weeks to go before the Euro elections you would have at least expected UKIP to be gaining some support.

Here is their latest electoral triumph!


Wanstead Ward

Thursday 23rd April 2009

Alex WILSON (Conservative) 1300

Kate GARRETT (Lib-Dem) 1030

Ross HATFULL (Labour) 894

Ashley GUNSTOCK (Green) 296

John EVANS (BNP) 171

Nick JONES (UKIP) 33

As Greg Lance-Watkins has said on his blog:

Thus for each vote EUkip gained 112 voters voted against them - FIVE WEEKS BEFORE the EU elections!I wonder how they would have done if they had actually done as they initially intended and stood their candidate in Bridget Rowe's Libertas UK Party - or whatever her deliberate spoiler is called. Farage's aim was to test brand recognition of Libertas through the Party they set up out of spite to try to damage Declan Ganley - seemingly because he dismissed EUkip as a spent force.

It seems they only reverted to fielding a candidate as EUkip and NOT Libertas to try to prove Junius wrong as he had leaked the facts before they could be announced by EUkip aka Libertas UK & Bridget Rowe.

Tom Wise released on bail

Taken from BBC News:

A British member of the European Parliament has denied cheating the taxpayer out of thousands of pounds in an alleged allowances scam.

Tom Wise, 60, from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, now an independent for the East of England, denied charges of false accounting and money laundering.

He appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court with his former researcher Lindsay Jenkins, 62.

They were released on conditional bail to reappear at the court on 8 June.

Ms Jenkins, of Queen Club Gardens, London, also denied both charges.

Mr Wise, a former Ukip MEP, is accused of claiming at least £36,000 in secretarial allowances in the 12 months until December 2005 under the guise of a salary for Ms Jenkins.

Prosecutors alleged he spent the money on a car, fine wines and paid off credit card and bank debts.

The offences are alleged to have taken place between 14 December 2004 and 24 December 2005.

The defendants are accused of signing official documents claiming the European Parliament money would be paid into Ms Jenkins' account when it was allegedly controlled by Mr Wise.

The second charge of money laundering alleges they then used the dishonestly-obtained cash for their own purposes.

The prosecution follows an investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and officers at Bedfordshire Police's economic crime unit.

End of article. To see original: LINK

Let us hope that OLAF now move against Derek Clark, Jeffery Titford and Nigel Farage who have also been accused of misusing EU funds.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Mark Croucher to replace Ralph Atkinson as UKIP MEP candidate?

There are rumours in Brussels and elsewhere that Mark Croucher - one of Farage’s more odious and dishonest drinking buddies - is set to be parachuted into the London MEP list following the imminent removal of Ralph Atkinson.

Croucher -pictured here with Steve Allison - was originally sacked by Farage both as a UKIP press officer and the editor of Independence.

This followed numerous complaints about his total inability to keep to deadlines, produce a magazine without hundreds of spelling mistakes, answer emails and letters or even set his alarm clock.

Even Nigel, it seems, could not tolerate Mark crawling into the office at 11.00, bleary eyed and somewhat the worse for wear after a night out on the town with his latest floozy - yes there are women out there desperate or drunk enough to go with UKIP’s answer to Homer Simpson.

The final straw came when Mark stopped turning up altogether. Nigel phoned him up only to be told that he would much rather work from home!

Nigel’s response was to give Mark the order of the boot.

As you can imagine Mark was furious and demanded severance pay.

He pointed out that he was in possession of a rather embarrassing conversation recorded on his mobile. This conversation had apparently been recorded by Mark without the knowledge of the ‘lady’ concerned - a certain Annabelle Fuller. During the recording Ms Fuller apparently refers to her sexual activities with the UKIP leader.

Naturally oil was quickly poured on troubled waters and now Nigel and Mark are the best of friends. They are now so close that Mark even posts comments on the British Democracy Forum on behalf of the mighty Fuhrer.

In a further gesture of friendship he even allows Clive Page - UKIP Press Officer and convicted benefit fraudster - to stay at his pub. Let's hope that when the bailiffs next call on Mark they don't take Clive as well!

For more on Croucher see: LINK

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fascism in UKIP: What happens when Farage & Nuttall lose a vote

Question: What happens when Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall lose a vote?

Answer: Ignore the result and carry on regardless!

My readers may recall that Farage and Nuttall’s attempt to give the Chairman dictatorial powers failed to gain enough votes from members for it to become part of UKIP’s amended constitution.

But as you would expect Farage and Nuttall were not going to be deterred by a few misguided members who had voted against the wishes of the mighty Fuhrer.

Farage and Nuttall simply decided to ignore the result.

Over the last month Paul Nuttall has been busily sending out letters to various UKIPPERS.

In these letters they have been told that they must confirm that they are not members of UK First which is - according to UKIP’s NEC - a proscribed organisation.

Mr Nuttall has kindly added that they must reply by the 28th of April. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from UKIP.

Oh, the joys of being in UKIP.

And they say the EU is undemocratic!

Here is Bruce Lawson’s response:

17th April, 2009

Dear Member,

You have already been advised of our A.G.M. on the 23rd April at the Montgomery Institute at 7.30 p.m. - appropriately St. George’s Day. Although I will be at the meeting it will be for the last time as Chairman or member. I resigned from UKIP on the 10th April.

I was unhappy with the style of leadership and financial management of the Party when resigning as National Treasurer in October 2007. Since then the Party has become more undemocratic, seeming only to serve to put its leader on television and to secure his re-election as an MEP for a further five years on the Brussels Gravy Train.

In February, after a UKIP mailshot re rule changes, you are probably aware that some leading figures contributed to a countering letter at a cost of some £2,000. Consequently the changes proposed to Rule 14, which would have given the Party Chairman ALONE the right to expel dissidents from the party without redress, were defeated by 2,102 members voting against, 3,393 voting for - UKIP, therefore, failing to obtain the necessary two-thirds majority.

Subject to this, on the 2nd March, the democratic (!) UKIP N.E.C. decided to treat United Kingdom First members as PROSCRIBED, and wrote letters to two former Treasurers, including myself, and one long-standing NEC member, Delroy Young, asking them to effectively leave the party thus showing their true democratic colours.

It’s sad when things get so bad, but I and many others believe that forming a new party is the only way forward. We will not be opposing UKIP in Wales in the June Euro Elections, but immediately thereafter will begin to build again from a base of honesty, transparency and democracy.

My thanks to all of you who have supported the Branch and voted for me in the Welsh Assembly Election in 2007 (to achieve the second best result ever in Wales). I would also like to thank David Rowlands, who you are very lucky to have in Montgomeryshire. Good luck to you all in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Lawson

Saturday, 25 April 2009

And yet ANOTHER UKIPPER resigns!

Alison West - UKIP Suffolk chairman and PPC - has left UKIP.

Will the last UKIPPER left please turn out the light and close the door?

Dear member,

After four years of loyalty to the UK Independence Party, which I truly believed once showed such promise, I have come to the conclusion that its credibility and integrity have been destroyed by the corruption, egotism, greed, immaturity, irresponsibility and lack of discipline that has spread through the leadership.

I am disgusted and deeply concerned that my husband has been thrown out of the party for doing his civic duty by reporting an alleged crime involving a UKIP member.

As a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate I cannot, in all conscience, campaign and try to convince the electorate that UKIP in its current form is a trustworthy, viable alternative to the parties currently sitting in Westminster. To do so would be to lie.

As a voter, I would be failing in my electoral duty if I continue to support UKIP. To do so would be a betrayal of all our country was built on.Therefore, it is with the deepest sadness and regret that I now resign as the PPC for the Suffolk Coastal Constituency and Chairman of the Suffolk Coastal Branch, and as the Chairman for the Ipswich and East Suffolk Branch.

Yours faithfully

Alison West

Friday, 24 April 2009

Crisis in UKIP: Prof Smith writes to David Bannerman

My contacts at UKIP HQ have confirmed that they are now receiving resignations from the Party on a weekly basis.

Even Prof Derek Smith - a staunch supporter of UKIP - is getting rather despondent.

The following interesting email is just a another example of how UKIP is falling apart under Farage and Nuttall‘s dishonest and incompetent leadership:

Subject: Crisis at Head Office
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:52:16 +0100

Dear David

In attempting to e-mail my recent letter to INDEPENDENCE magazine, this has been repeatedly re-routed and rejected. Having now contacted Head Office by telephone to find out what goes, it appears that the Editor of INDEPENDENCE may or may not have resigned, there is no one editing the UKIP website and " ... we are uncertain about our communication channels either 'in' or 'out'".

Frankly, in the run up to important elections, this is simply not good enough. When I said exactly this, the riposte carried a strong inference of neglect of H/Q by the Leadership. I thereupon volunteered to contact you, whom I can rely upon to sort things out immediately.

Even if things are not as bad as they seem, it is obvious that morale has ebbed and someone needs to breathe new life into what many of the public will see as the Party's nerve centre. I know that it is a busy time but good communications are of the essence and it could be that there is "something rotten in the state of Denmark" or, rather, Newton Abbott. Let us hope that it is merely the stench of rotting seaweed!

Professor Derek Smith

E&E Committee

Please note my new email address as below:


I must say that I am surprised that Prof Smith's is so naive.

Bannerman is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. He is incompetent, dishonest, lacks charisma and has repeatedly lied about his ancestry.

His only interest is joining the Brussels Gravy Train on June 4th. To expect David 'twitcher' Bannerman to do the decent thing and 'sort things out' is about as likely as Nigel Farage giving up the booze or keeping his hands off Annabelle Fuller!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Junius and Dr Edmond on UKIP’s Exeter Flop

As you can see from this photo I was totally unimpressed by the speeches made at Exeter. By the end of the day I was wondering why I had wasted both my time and my money listening to the same old garbage.

Farage was his usual arrogant self. A few sound bites and nothing else.

Andreasen was a joke. You could barely understand a word she said. She was also extremely nervous and spent most of the time following Farage around like a little puppy.

Deva Kumarasiri was uninspiring, but at least he got paid for his trouble.

Stuart Wheeler was competent. It’s a pity that he has chosen to align himself - albeit loosely - with such a corrupt and dishonest leadership.

I was not in the hall for all of the speeches and so missed several speakers, including Gawain ‘don’t’ mention the blog’ Towler.

The Exeter rally was undoubtedly the last gasp of a party led by a man who, since he became leader, has led UKIP from one disaster to another.

After June 4th both Farage and UKIP will be history.

Here is Dr Edmond’s view on UKIP’s damp squib:

I did not attend this rally. I watched what has been posted on the Democracy Forum linked to YouTube. It may just be me but I did find the sound quality poor and the speeches difficult to hear. I have not seen a copy of the full speakers list but I do find it surprising that neither Trevor Colman or William Dartmouth have You Tube links on the forum or any where else. I cannot believe the two lead candidates in the South West were not speaking at this event.

I looked at the speeches by NF, Stuart Wheeler, Gawain Towler, Marta Andreasen and Deva. Of these Stuart Wheeler's was by far and away the best. It was witty and pertinent. NF's was his usual rant that we have all heard many times before. It clearly pleased the audience but will not resonate outside UKIP circles. Marta's effort was boring and dreadful, I do hope they do not push her on to Question Time. Gawain's was serious and factual but did not enthuse the faithful in the hall. Deva, the sacked bloke, the former LibDem looked out of his depth. All in all it will not do anything to persuade the uncommitted to vote UKIP.

UKIP is clearly worried about the BNP. Farage tried to steal their clothes on immigration in his speech. All the other parties particularly Labour are playing this me to game as well. People know full well that this is the BNP core policy and if they want to vote to stop immigration they will vote BNP. Worse the ridiculous Bannerman has tried to copy the Nick Griffin poster of NG with Churchill by appearing in a similar position either on a copied poster or photographed in front of such a poster. This is a bad move. The electorate detects phoneys very quickly and when you start doing a me too on opposition ideas it does look phoney. It could get worse if Bannerman is still trading under the Campbell Bannerman badge. The media will investigate and demolish Bannerman.

I have carefully stayed away from the South West campaign so I cannot be accused of influencing ordinary UKIP members. I noted the part of Farage's speech about his ruthlessly getting rid of the bad apples. Well it looks to me like its the good apples that have been forced out, David Abbott, Petrina, Del Young to name but three and the bad apples are still there. Nigel has to have someone to blame for his incompetence as have dictators through the ages. In the last days of Hitler the true Nazis blamed their failure on the German people who were not worthy of the great leader. Sounds familiar.

To view the original see: LINK

John West & Peter Cole join Robin Page as UKFP MEP candidates

I was pleased to see that both John West and Peter Cole have joined Robin Page as UKFP MEP candidates in the Eastern Region.

Let us hope that they stop the dishonest David Bannerman - the man who has repeatedly lied about being related to Sir Henry Campbell-Banneman - from becoming an MEP!

I was also pleased to see that UKFP has two excellent websites up and running.

The national website can be found at: http://www.ukfp.org/

John West’s UKFP Eastern Region website can be found at: LINK

I wish UKFP the best of luck on June 4th!

John West’s MEP election statement

I have always been passionate about defending our national identity. That is why I am not prepared to allow Britain to become part of a centralised and undemocratic EU.

I am asking for your vote on 4th. June because I wish to serve you, my region, my country and her people. I will fight for justice, democracy and freedom.

If elected I will spend a large part of my time as an MEP working here in East Anglia. I will hold frequent surgeries for the general public.

Each month I will put part of my personal salary as an MEP into a fund that will be used to help good causes in the Eastern Counties.

I will hold conferences and public meetings in order to promote UK First Party’s domestic policies. I will hold forums where members can exchanged ideas and plan future campaigns. I will work closely with branches in order to get members elected as councillors and Members of Parliament.

In two World Wars in the last Century the cream of this nation gave their lives so that we in Britain could remain free. We cannot allow the European Union to betray their sacrifices.

If YOU & I do nothing a 1000 years of liberty and independence, justice and democracy in Britain will end.

Rest assured, I will not allow this to happen. Your vote will help me fight this evil.

Peter Cole’s MEP election statement and details.

“It is evident”, says Peter, “that the only reason certain people want to become or stay MEP’s is to be able to join or stay on the Euro gravy train”.

Peter and the other prospective MEP candidates have signed and agreed, should they be elected, NOT to go to Brussels or Strasbourg unless it is absolutely vital. They will also publicly disclose any earnings, expenses or allowances they receive. No other party is willing to do this.

Peter decided to join the consensus committee of the United Kingdom First Party after becoming thoroughly disenchanted with the dictatorial attitude of Nigel Farage and his followers in UKIP.When it was suggested that he stand as a prospective UKFP MEP candidate he jumped at the chance.

“We will fight for a better Britain” says Peter. “ We believe in accountable government, lower taxes, less interference in our daily lives and freedom from the EU. We believe in putting the British people first. Vote UKFP for a better tomorrow”.

Peter is also standing as a UKFP candidate in the Central Bedfordshire Council elections on June 4th. He will be contesting the Dunstable Downs Ward.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dr Eric Edmond on Marta Andreasen: UKIP’s political prostitute.

Taken from Dr Edmond's blog:

UKIP adopting Marta Andreasen as an MEP candidate is the culmination of the EU dream of a European state. An EU citizen, a non-national of the UK, resident in Spain, standing for a UK constituency is the ultimate fulfilment of Monnet's dream of a European nation. Farage will get the Charlemagne prize for furthering Monnet's vision by supporting Andreasen's candidacy and waiving the rules for her that apply to mere UK nationals.

Farage has been bought by the Danegeld of Jens Bonde and his IndDem group and either cannot see that he is now actively working to bring about the Monnet dream or worse no longer believes in UK withdrawal from the EU and has become a closet reformist. In either case UKIP is finished as a national withdrawal party while Farage remains as leader and his cabal dominate the UKIP NEC.

UKIP putting up Andreasen as a candidate gives legitimacy to the whole EU concept. Her publicly stated views are contrary to UKIP policy! I give a few of her public statements below:

"I have been called a Eurosceptic, but I am not one. I want to fight for a good EU project. To do that we must fight for transparency, for responsibility, for accountability. We need real reform of the EU; but the new constitution will do nothing to combat the Brussels culture of graft, secrecy and corruption that so tarnishes the European dream."

And I asked myself, to whom was I not loyal? I wonder who can say that I'm not a true European, so to speak. I have been called eurosceptic and anti-European when I risked my job for defending the interests of the citizens of Europe".

It seems clear to me that Andreasen is a reformist who believes in "the European Dream" and therefore should not be a UKIP candidate. Further EU reformist statements from Andreasen can be found in her interview with the Times. Click link below to read:

If you want to see the sort of woman she is then click below and listen to full 30 minutes sorry tale:

Reading and listening to this long whinge you realise the EU did themselves a big favour getting rid. The EU's gain is UKIP's loss. Andreasen will claim she has changed her views. The question you have to ask is what is to stop her changing her mind again once her bottom is safely on a UKIP South East MEP seat.

Farage never learns that sticking to the rules is the only and best policy to follow. He is waiving the rules again in the case of the Sri Lankan immigrant newsagent Kumarasri in the East Midlands who according to Junius has been parachuted in by Farage onto the East Midlands MEP list without any of the checks that ordinary UKIP members had to make to get on the list.

Worse, Junius reports that Mr Kumarasri, who owns two houses, will get his £800 deposit paid by UKIP and as he did not have to go through the hustings process presumably did not pay the £250 required for that either.

Junius reports that Mr Kumarasri was until a few weeks ago a fully paid up member and supporter of he LibDems. He like Ms Andreasen has presumably had a Pauline conversion at the prospect of the golden road to Brussels as experienced earlier by St Nigel of UKIP.

David Abbott, Del Young and I never claimed a penny in expenses for attending UKIP NEC meetings or in my case SWCC meetings. But then we and the other UKIP rank and file had only worked our socks off for UKIP for many years.

End of article.

To see the original: LINK

And don’t forget that she only came over to UKIP after failing to get selected by various other political parties. Even the Tories didn’t want her.

Andreasen is political careerist desperate to keep her snout in the EU trough. Such is the nature of UKIP's MEP candidates.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ralph Atkinson's fate is sealed: The letter that Paul Nuttall and David Challice did not want you to see!

Ralph Atkinson's fate would appear to be sealed, with the circulation of the following letter which seems to incriminate him in the forgery of an e-mail purporting to have been sent by David 'don't mention the underpants' Challice to Paul 'just call me Benito' Nuttall.

His position as a prospective MEP is now untenable. An extraordinary meeting of (some) of the NEC plan to deselect him within days.

The big question is, with Fat Boy Dim out of the way, will Zuckerman - currently the subject of at least three serious complaints to the Law Society - move up to 2nd place on the London list, or is Farage preparing to parachute his old mucker from the pub into the soon to be vacant slot?

Paul Nuttall

UKIP Party Chairman

9th April 2009

Dear Paul Nuttall

As discussed, I have now seen the email that Ralph Atkinson claims to have received from Head Office, supplying him with an electronic version of the London database. Although I accept that it might be difficult to prove absolutely, I have no hesitation in stating that in my opinion (and also in the opinion of our Database Manager, Andrew Fear’s) this email is a forgery and did not come from anyone here in Head Office.

Firstly…………Had I sent such an email (which I did not) I would have begun it “Dear Ralph”, and not signed it off as: “David Challice, Office Manager etc… “ Ralph is well aware of who I am, and I would never have gone to the trouble of typing all that extra, just in an email.

Secondly………The general spacing of the email/letter is all wrong. On my own emails, I begin “Dear Bill Bloggs” and then hit return to drop down a line, as if writing a letter in long-hand.

Thirdly……….. As I have mentioned elsewhere, Andrew Fear is the only person at Head Office who ever sends out databases by email. On no occasion have I ever sent out a database electronically, so therefore it would not have been signed in my name, but in Andrew’s.

Fourthly……….When Andrew sends a database to the Regional Organisers, he always sends it in a “Winzipped” file for security reasons (also to compress it, making it easier to send). In Ralph Atkinson’s false email, the database appears as an “open” file, not winzip, and therefore did not come originate from here.

Finally……….. The damning clincher for us is that Ralph Atkinson has actually included in his forged email that we at Head Office had agreed to separate Members and Supporters from the other records contained on the London list. When Head Office sends it out, the database includes all categories including ex-members and enquirers. We do not split databases into just Members and Supporters, and had Ralph Atkinson requested it we would have refused, telling him to undertake the task himself, even had he received official clearance beforehand.

For the above reasons Head Office believes this email to be a forgery and that therefore Ralph Atkinson has deliberately tried to implicate Head Office in his own activities. For a possible MEP candidate to have behaved in such a manner bodes ill for the future and is worrying at best. Others may put it more strongly.

Yours sincerely

David Challice

If I were Gerard I would be VERY worried. Farage never wanted him as lead MEP candidate in London and is looking for any excuse to remove him in favour of Zuckerman.

Watch your back Gerard!

Tom Wise is charged

Taken from the Daily Mail:

A British Euro MP was last night charged with fiddling thousands of pounds of taxpayer-funded expenses.

Former UKIP politician Tom Wise is accused of false accounting and money laundering following accusations that he fiddled his generous Brussels staff allowances.

He is thought to be the first MEP to face criminal charges over the use of Parliamentary perks.

Wise, 60, a former policeman, was arrested in June last year after it was revealed that he had allegedly siphoned off nearly £40,000 of public money by claiming it was for a researcher’s salary.

Detectives investigated after it was claimed Wise only passed on some of the cash and banked the rest. He allegedly spent £6,500 on a Peugeot 406.

He was alleged to have pretended that his own bank account was that of his then researcher Lindsay Jenkins which is against EU rules.

He is alleged to have channelled £39,100 into it, from which he paid Jenkins £13,555.

Jenkins, 62, was also charged with one count of false accounting and one count of money laundering.

Wise and Jenkins were jointly charged following a nine-month police probe. They pair were released on bail and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court next Monday.

The £62,000-a-year MEP faces a maximum 14 years in jail if found guilty of money laundering. The maximum term for false accounting is seven years.

Wise now sits as an independent MEP for East Anglia after being dismissed from the Rightwing party.

News of the criminal charges will once again turn the spotlight on the Brussels gravy train.

Wise’s lawyer, Stephen Welfare, said: ‘Mr Wise denies any intent to deceive or any unlawful wrongdoing whatsoever and he will be fighting the allegations in court.’

He said neither Wise nor his family had profited and said there had been no loss to the European Parliament.

He added: ‘It is frankly scandalous that Mr Wise has been charged with criminal offences.’

End of article.

Paul Wesson - of the British Democracy Forum - summed up the feelings of many when he said:

Well, that finally answers that question.

There are a lot of people who have made a lot of rude and facetious comments against those who have said that Tom Wise would be charged - GLW and junius inter alia.

It seems that there ought to be a lot of apologies, but there won't be.

Fact: Tom Wise and Lindsay Jenkins have been charged.

The timing is not good for UKIP. Although TW is no longer in UKIP he was elected on the UKIP ticket. The press will have a field day. 12 MEPs elected for UKIP, 2 charged with false accounting, fraud etc. One resigned and set up his own party. The lead UKIP candidate in Tom Wise's region is already p*ssing into wind with his pretence that he belongs to a Prime Ministerial family. Honesty, openness, transparency..................

End of quote.

Well said Paul! Let us hope that OLAF now move against Derek Clark MEP and Jeffrey Titford MEP who have both been accused of misusing EU funds. David Bannerman also needs to be exposed in the press for lying about being related to a former prime minister.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Junius on Exeter: The attendance figures and the Supreme Genius of Bob Feal-Martinez

The Hope: Farage, Nuttall and their sycophants had claimed that over a 1000 members would attend the big launch of UKIP’s Euro campaign in Exeter.

The Reality: I personally - yes I was there - counted between 500 and 600. By the afternoon this number had diminished considerably.

I was quite amused to see both Bob Feal-Martinez (drawing of Bob kindly supplied by Lisa Duffy) and Michael 'don't mention Harlow' McGough claiming - via the British Democracy Forum - that there were between 700 and 800 members in attendance.

Were they counting every other person twice just to be on the safe side?

The official figure has now been given as 617. This was confirmed by one of the organisers - posting as 'Monger' - on the British Democracy Forum:

As a member of the team that organised the event, and as one of the head counters I can give you the definitive number....it was 617.

I am happy to accept this figure as I was not in the hall for the whole day.

But Bob would not let it go:

I'm not going to argue your figure however I counted the number of seats which amounted to 720, there were lots of people standing at the back and some were on the balcony, admittedly not many. There were few empty seats in the main block, I am therefore surprised at your number.

A now slightly miffed 'Monger' replied:

Glad you don't want to argue with me Bob....as you are incorrect. There were not, repeat not 720 seats. Your counting is wrong. Either you are wrong or if you are correct then I, the other counter, the University staff and the University management are all wrong. Maybe we are all wrong; perhaps I should bow to your obviously superior knowledge. I shall call the University forthwith and explain to them that they are morons, idiots and buffoons and that they should bow their stupid heads in the presence of one such as you, who can so obviously count better than every one else involved. I mean, after all, why would you be wrong? Why ever would all of us, including the staff be correct? We are naturally lower down the mathematical food chain to you, and so in future I shall expect your unerring eye on all things of this nature.

The figure I have given is the figure agreed by 2 independent counters. Perhaps we are both deliberately reducing it for some odd and out worldly reason. Maybe we are reducing the figure just so we can make you all look as though you are unable to count...maybe we are reducing the figure because we are carrying out a massive number reducing attack on ukip from the inside, insidiously spreading our number reducing gossip, trying to infect the wholesome membership with a strange perverse squeezing of figures. After all, we have every reason to do this and naturally would persist in this in the face of such sonorous tones as someone telling us, we and all those around us are wrong whilst they are right.

Or maybe the figures being bandied around the member’s forum are correct and we, the organisers who actually counted each person individually are wrong. This must be it, after all we are only a bunch of second rate idiots down here in the south west, added to which we are completely inept when it comes to figures as was proven by our shoddy management of things so far.

But Bob - never one to realise he has lost the argument - resorted to his usual tactic of insults and suggestions that 'Monger' was part a sinister plot to undermine UKIP:

What this post clearly indicates to me is that whoever you are you clearly are antagonistic to the party as it stands. The aggression in your post leads me to conclude that you perhaps are a supporter of the 'old' SW guard, and objected to the Spring Rally becoming the Spring Conference. Your post merely gives ammunition, as has been seen here to the party knockers. I concede I may have been wrong but others clearly have independently seem also to have reached a similar wrong conclusion.

Monger replied:

Your leap of logic leaves me breathless.

In the SW we were quite happy to have the SW Spring Rally become the National Spring Rally; we welcomed the idea and were able to try out some new ideas which we intend using more in the future. To talk about the 'old' SW guard, as you quaintly put it, only serves to add to the impression already gained by reading your posts. The figure given was the result of not 1 but 2 counters, using both head count and vacant seat count as different methodologies to arrive at the number given.

I am not aware of previous forecasts, but we in the SW are very happy with the turnout, the support received and the way the whole event went off. We fully expected to top 600 and those of us involved in the booking and processing agreed it would not be too many greater than that.

Bob replied in his usual Manglish style:

Just for the record, unless I've missed something, I am also part of the South West. The predictions actually came from HQ and other sources. I am now even more confused, according comments re past rallies 600 plus was the norm, you have said if I read you correctly that representation from the SW was up. Well if the SW was up what happened to the few hundred that were not from the SW. I am not trying to be difficult but something is clearly amiss.

So ONCE AGAIN Bob FM makes himself look foolish. But I suppose we should all be grateful that he has finally realised that he is a somewhat confused individual.

Bob, I hate to point this out, but the rest of us noticed that years ago!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Gregg Beaman on the failure of UKIP

My readers may recall that Gregg Beaman resigned in disgust after Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall - Farage's odious little sidekick - colluded with others in the North West to remove Gregg as UKIP's lead MEP candidate. See: LINK & LINK

Here is his excellent post on why you should not vote UKIP:

I was UKIP's regional organiser in the North West from 2004 to September 2008. Last summer the UKIP members in the North West voted me their lead candidate for the June European elections. I stood down from both positions and I have explained my reasons elsewhere in this blog, but it was largely because I had realised, over two years or more, that having MEPs did absolutely nothing to further the cause of UK independence. Since then many people have asked me about how I intend to vote in June.

My current blog description points out, pretty bluntly, that I will be abstaining from the EU elections on June 4th. Other former members and/or supporters of UKIP advocate the spoiling of ballot papers. I see no point in that tactic as you have to take your ballot paper, thus increasing the turnout, to spoil it and the only person who sees your message is the poor old counter of votes who is probably so bored and tired that he/she won't absorb your message anyway. An increased turnout, even with a high proportion of spoilt ballots, will only have the EU boasting about increased democratic participation and EU wide acceptance of the glorious project. We didn't defeat Nazi Germany by joining the Reichstag neither will we leave the EU by joining its parliament.

Before 2004 I naively accepted the UKIP line that having MEPs will give the Party national media coverage, and that the associated resources that come from MEPs would enable us to make that all important breakthrough into the UK parliament. Neither has happened and I can only conclude that in the grand plan, UKIP's 2004 'success' was anything but. Indeed, since first having MEPs elected in 1999 the impact has been zero.

Losing one MEP within days of the election because of benefit fraud, for which he later served a jail term while contining to receive his MEP salary and allowances, was bad but having a second MEP, a former bobby, currently on police bail while under investigation for fraud is quite remarkable. The Kilroy Silk fiasco was just poor judgement by the party hierarchy. But losing a quarter of your MEPs since 2004 under any circumstances, let alone amid countless other sleazy tales and allegations mainly around the current leader, indicate that UKIP have gone native in quite a big way.

So what of UKIP in UK parliamentary elections? Here is a link to the details of every UK by-election since 1979. Politics is a about views and opinions, on the broader level it is about philosophies. What is fact is an election result. Election results don't lie. Another fact is that until the EU collapses, through some major crisis, or because it ceases to do the job its string pullers want it to do, no number of MEPs from Britain supporting withdrawal will achieve that aim. Only the UK parliament in Westminster can do that. The following are some significant UKIP parliamentary by-election results:

1996-(a year after its formation) Barnsley East 2.1%

1999 (June, also the month 3 UKIP MEPs elected)-Leeds 2.7%

1999 (Sep)-Wigan 5.2%2000-three by-elections average vote 2.0%

2003-Brent East 0.7%

2004 (Sep, 3 months after 12 UKIP MEPs elected)-Hartlepool 10.2%

2005-Livingston 0.4%2006-Bromley 8.1%

2007-Sedgefield 1.9%2008-Crewe and Nantwich 2.2%

2008-Henley 2.4%

These are all parliamentary by-elections where smaller parties can expect to gain a larger vote, if only as a protest, than at a general election. UKIP have peaked within months of success in both EU elections. Overall the impact of having MEPs has had no positive effect whatsoever on their results in UK parliamentary elections.

Nobody, even within UKIP, can say how many councillors they have but it can be no more than a handful. Yes, they have a few town/parish councillors but they are traditionally independent and invariably co-opted rather than elected, largely because few people wish to do the job!

So to those people who say to me 'UKIP is the only show in town' I say think again. The path to hell is paved with good intentions. People do not vote UKIP, other than at EU elections because other than EU withdrawal it has no coherent political philosophy.

Few but the hardcore EU withdrawalists put the EU at the top of their agenda when voting, as results show. Most MEPs, as well as the populace at large, accept that MEPs have little influence and no power. UKIP's researchers in Brusssels, working for UKIP MEPs, have yet to unearth real material to support withdrawal that can't be read on the internet and in Eurosceptic newspapers or magazines.

All this led me to the conclusion that voting in EU elections only helps put more people on the gravy train. Abstention is the only way for those who support British withdrawal. Voting is pointless and gives the EU a veneer of democratic respectability, whichever way you vote.

To view the original: LINK

Friday, 17 April 2009

The UKIP Exeter Rally: Don’t give the vote to evil criminals says Western Morning News!

With the connivance of the oft-inebriated and easily bullied Malcolm Wood, Fuhrer Farage has done his best in recent months to take control of the South West region. This has always been UKIP's flagship region, and we remember the stunning surge of support in 2004 for the Knapman led campaign.

But look what has happened now.... The Western Morning News has this week printed a picture of Farage, looking more than ever like Bart Simpson, under the heading "Don't give the vote to evil criminals". How appropriate that he should be standing in front of an Ind Dem logo.

And how VERY appropriate that it was published the very week that OLAF officials are in the UK interviewing various members of UKIP about UKIP MEP's alleged misuse of EU funds - perhaps this explains why Derek Clark MEP and Don Ransom - his rather dim Regional Organiser- recently spent three days in Clark’s Nottingham office destroying files and deleting email records!

That this comes just before the Spring rally in Exeter is likely to be hugely damaging to the party's image.

We might have thought that not even Farage could screw up the South West for UKIP, but well done Nigel - you've done it!

And well done Malcolm, for jumping to attention every time the Fuhrer snaps his fingers.

Remember Malcolm, when we kill Caesar, we must also kill Caesar's children.... all of them!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The blog entry that Gawain Towler did not want you to see: Towler admits he is bisexual

This interesting blog entry was removed by Mr Towler from his blog shortly after it was posted.

I wonder why?

All this stuff about Dolly Draper rather takes my mind tumbling back to my time as a student. Draper, then the National President of the Young Fabians was giving a talk to the York University Labour Students. I as the Chairman of the Student Tory association ambled along to hear what was being said and ended up in the bar afterwards (Vanbrugh if I recall).

Well the Conversation went on until past closing time and fascinated by experiencing for the first time both the moral vacuity at the heart of the growing New Labour project, (this must have 1992) and its extraordinary will to power and ambition I invited Draper back to my house to continue the discussion and kip over - he had missed the last train to London.

And so the conversation continued. I was, at the time, and for a range of reasons the York Student Union L and G officer and so the issue of gay rights was broached. Draper told me that the garnering of power was the purpose of the new moves in the Labour Party, not direct intellectual consistency. He gave as an example the new version of Labour would happily junk its commitments to Gay equality if it would mean that they would gain more votes in the vital 'conservative' middle classes than it would lose in its more secure 'Islingtonian' support base.

Needless to say I was taken aback. But not nearly as much as the following exchange - which memory has kept fresh, for you will understand good reasons.

DD: So you are politically ambitious?

GT: Yes.

DD: You want to get elected to Westminster?

GT: Yes of course.

DD: Wouldn't it be fun if sometime in the future you were over on your side of the despatch box and I was on my side and we both knew that we had fucked?"

I pointed out that just because I was bi this didn't mean I was prepared to go to bed with any man who asked.

He continued pleading for about quarter of an hour until I took him upstairs put him in my bed and went downstairs to the couch.

Though pretty appalled by the hypocrisy I was prepared to let it lie there, until his reaction the following day. The next morning he was obviously deeply embarrassed by the affair, but in classic Draper mode he covered it through aggression.

DD: Don't you dare tell anybody about what happened last night" he hissed "Don't you dare or I will destroy you. I know more people in the Tory party than you. And I can make sure your career in politics is destroyed".

Well, being an Englishman of a particular sort I don't care for that sort of bullying, so I did precisely that and informed the then head of the York Labour Students. It must have got back to him, because when I saw him on Parliament Square a couple of moths later, he walked past me, and noticing me span round and spat,"I will destroy you"'.

I have followed his career with some interest ever since. And none of the recent goings on surprise me at all.

Mr Towler’s blog can be seen at

Also see GLW’s blog: LINK

Dr Eric Edmond on Paul Nuttall: UKIP's very own little Mussolini

Another excellent post from Dr Edmond.

It seems that the odious and dishonest Paul Nuttall is getting more like his lookalike every day!

Today I received a letter from Paul Nuttall saying the NEC on 6th April had rejected my appeal against my MEP deselection in my absence and that the matter was now closed. I do not accept this decision. Their procedure was illegal in every jurisdiction in the civilised world. An appeal cannot be heard by any of the same people who made the original decision. Worse, several of the NEC are on record as being completely prejudiced against me and yet Nuttall, knowing this prejudice, claimed I would get a fair hearing! Who can believe such a man?

The UKIP constitution states, "A de-selected candidate will have the right to an appeal according to rules that shall be made from time to time by the NEC." It does not state the appeal should be heard by the NEC. The authors of the UKIP constitution obviously believed the rules of natural justice and fair play would apply. Clearly this is a foreign concept to Farage and his cabal! They prefer the EU methods they have learned in Brussels. I suggested to Nuttall as it was a South West matter my appeal should be heard by our two South West MEPs who were not involved in the original decision. I am still content to do this.

Nuttall wrote on the 2nd March to two former UKIP Treasurers and one long-standing NEC member Delroy Young, that UKIP NEC, ie Farage's cabal, had decided to treat United Kingdom First members as PROSCRIBED, ie akin to BNP members. I believe Del is not even a member of UKF and even if he was what is wrong with supporting a withdrawalist party? Are similar letters being sent to those UKIPers who are also members of the Tory party. There are plenty of them and the Tories are of course are opposed to UKIP's core, withdrawal from the EU, policy.

The letter effectively asked Del and the ex-treasurers to leave the party after many years of work, service and financial donations. The fascist, undemocratic, nature of the UKIP NEC is clear for all to see.

It was the same Nuttall who in March tried to push through the constitutional change proposed to Rule 14 which would have given him ALONE the right to expel dissidents from the party without redress. Thank goodness this was defeated by 2,102 members voting against with 3,393 voting for. Nuttall therefore failed to obtain the necessary two-thirds majority. The Fascist intent however was again clear.

Nuttall was elected by no one. He has no democratic mandate. He is merely Farage's nominee and placeman confirmed by the Farage NEC Cabal. As Gordon Brown's judgement is now being called into doubt over some of the people he has surrounded himself with so eventually will Nigel Farage's judgement be questioned by the rank and file of UKIP.

I did find Junius' piece on Gawain Towler very interesting, showing how the prospect of getting one's snout in the trough can alter one's views dramatically. I give the link to it below:

Farage's judgement is again called into question by his support for Gawain Towler given that other political parties and jounalists are allegedly in possession of very damaging material about Mr Towler that could potentially derail the UKIP campaign not just in the South West but nationally. Leadership is about judgement and choice of people. Farage seems lacking in both.

To view the original post see: LINK

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The continuing stupidty of Nigel Farage: Deva Kumarasiri

I was quite amused when I was told that a Sri Lankan immigrant was to become a UKIP MEP candidate in the East Midlands.

Farage - always one for jumping on the bandwagon - had approached Deva Kumarasiri after he heard about him being sacked as a postmaster for refusing to serve non-English speaking customers.

I can confirm that many East Midlands members were far from happy when they found out that Kumarasri had become a MEP candidate in their region.

Many felt that Farage should have had the decency to consult them before announcing his candidacy.

I can also confirm that at least one MEP candidate in the East Midlands has expressed anger at the way Farage parachuted Mr Kumarasri into the list.

And can we really blame them for being angry? If I lived in the East Midlands I would also be pretty miffed that Farage has chosen a candidate based on nothing more than the newspaper headline he has generated. And has he undergone a CRB check?

We should also not forget that a few weeks ago Mr Kumarasri was a staunch supporter of the Lib Dems and was quite happy to campaign for a party that is not only committed to abolishing the pound but also wants Britain to become a province of the EU!

Mr Kumarasi is now almost a daily visitor to Derek Clark’s Nottingham office where he spends most of the day drinking coffee and doing very little else.

Mr Kumarasi is set to be one of the ‘star’ speakers at Farage’s much vaunted Exeter rally. No doubt he will regale members with tales of how he used to refuse to serve certain costumers.

Members may be interested to know that Mr Kumarasri has said that unless UKIP pay all his travelling and hotel expenses he will be unable to attend the rally.

Kumarasri has also demanded that all his MEP election expenses - including his deposit - be paid for by UKIP.

I can confirm that Farage has agreed to this.

I wonder if Stuart Wheeler is happy with the cavalier way Farage has spent his £100,000 donation?

As Kumarasri owns two houses I would have thought that he could have at least managed to find the money to pay his deposit.

My readers may also be interested to note that during one of Kumarasri’s recent visits to Clark’s Nottingham office he was heard to say that he was having trouble paying off his second mortgage.

I just hope that he doesn’t expect UKIP to pay for that as well!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Isn't it amazing what a little Dane-geld will do!

I came across this headline, and article introduction, in my archives quite by accident. Written in 2004, what makes it interesting is its publisher.

The article begins:

'The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) continues to slide into the tar pits reserved for small insignificant political creatures. The ongoing cruelties and absurdities perpetrated by its leadership have left its beleaguered membership bemused, disgusted and aghast. Its a moving story......'

The article was published in the January 2004 edition of the 'Sprout' by a certain Mr Gawain Towler. The same Mr Towler is now an MEP candidate for ... UKIP!

Isn't it amazing how a little Dane-geld gives someone a whole new perspective on things?

My readers may recall that Mr Towler was told by UKIP’s South West Committee to ‘reconsider’ his future as a UKIP MEP candidate after certain allegations were made by Mrs Towler on the family blog. He had a few days in which to resign or face de-selection.

Towler appealed to Farage and the decision to remove him was overturned. See: LINK

Copies of Mrs Towler’s allegations are now in the hands of the press and certain Tory and Labour MEPs.

Monday, 13 April 2009

UKIP funds: Here is something that Nigel Farage would rather you and OLAF didn't know!

When the EDD, the forerunner of Ind Dem was dissolved, one of the casualties looked like being the group's Secretary general, Claudine Van Grunderbeeck. Her credibility had been questioned by some MEPs, and her mentor, Jens Peter Bonde, appeared to be losing some power when the group metamorphised into the Ind Dem. Her job was on the line.

But Bonde managed to maintain his influence over the purse strings, and kept Van Grunderbeeck in her job, by arranging the appointment of a a new 'Joint Secretary General', a chap named Herman Verheirstraeten. Verhheirstraeten was a veteran of the EP, and also of indigenious politics, where he is said to have once lost a lucrative government position because of a "breakdown of trust" between himself and his boss. He knew Van Grunderbeeck well, as in her early days in the EP she was employed as his secretary. In fact, he knew her very well indeed, as they are married! The Guardian reported that "an old fashioned Brussels carve-up" was on the way (July 1, 2004).

And a hell of a carve-up it proved to be, with Bonde using his continued influence to ensure that Ind Dem (and this includes UKIP MEPs) continued to fund his wife's business venture, the EU Observer, and also his own political project, the EU Democrats. The latter group supplies staff for Libertas in Brussels, at the expense of Ind Dem (UKIP) MEPs.

But it was Van Grunderbeeck and Verheirstraeten who carved off the best slice of cash. Although they had a "job -sharing" arrangement, meaning that Ind Dem only had a functioning secretariat for two and a half days a week (less in the event of bank holidays), an arrangement was made by which pension contributions were made for both of them on the basis of full time employment for both - one job, two pensions! No wonder Ind Dem (UKIP) MEPs were starved of staff.

Both took early retirement before the end of the Parliament, and now enjoy a staggering €15,000 per month, tax free, for the rest of their lives (not to mention free private health care at taxpayers expense). Compare this to the meagre state pensions of the many UKIP supporters and donors who have stumped up cash time and time again in election campaigns, believing that they were taking part in the fight against this sort of profligacy.

This is where the money that UKIP has brought in through its membership of Ind Dem has gone to.

Their replacement is Emmanuel Bordez, a French official of the EU Democrats and a colleague of the French Libertas candidates in the Ind Dem group. We are sure he hopes for a good UKIP result in June, so he can continue to top up his own pension plan.

Two UKIP staff members have been interviewed recently by OLAF over the illegal payments to EU Observer, which despite what UKIP MEPs were promised, continued until January of this year. Verheirstraeten was named in a complaint to Brussels police over the attempted hacking into UKIP staff computers.

That investigation is understood to be ongoing.

A former UKIP member speaks out

And UKIP's decline continues.

The following letter was originally published in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph:

SIR – As a former UKIP member, it pains me to say that I believe the party’s loss of membership is due to two things: infighting among the leadership, and exasperation at the virtual breakdown in communication between head office and the branches.

So bad had this become, that, last year, a number of branch chairmen met and drew up a letter to head office, known as the Newmarket Declaration, setting out their complaints and suggestions for improvement. Unbelievably, it took Head Office 21 weeks to respond.

Now, a number of former UKIP members have formed a breakaway party called UK First, to pick up and carry forward the torch of freedom that the leadership seems to have dropped.

Richard Shaw, Dunstable,

End of letter.

UKIP is clearly finished. Anyone willing to give it a decent burial?

For more information see: LINK

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Just who the hell are Clive Page and Bob Feal-Martinez trying to kid?

I read with amusement the denials posted on the British Democracy Forum after GLW and I revealed that Ken Irvine had resigned as UKIP's Campaign Director after Farage subjected him to a tirade of drunken abuse.


At first it was denied:

07-04-2009, 04:16 PM

Peter Stewart
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 9

I've spoken to UKIP's Press Office personally and I was assured this story is wholly without foundation.

And then it was confirmed:

09-04-2009, 01:19 PM

Bob FM
Uber Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: South Marston Swindon
Posts: 3,912

I am saying there was no row, no altercation and he left of his own volition, as I understand it because he didn't feel up to the job. Giving notice when the election is less than 3 months away, wouldn't have helped the cause, perhaps that was his reasoning.

Clive Page -UKIP’s very own convicted benefit fraudster - was also quick to start spinning. I can now confirm that he phoned several individuals admitting that Irvine had resigned. However, he then went on to claim that both Greg and I were wrong about Farage being drunk. According to Page his boss had not touched a drop of alcohol all night!

Is Page really that naive? Does he really expect people to swallow such nonsense? I know that he is used to lying on behalf of Farage but this one takes the biscuit!

So according to Page Farage celebrated his birthday party without sipping a single drop of alcohol!

That is about as likely as the Pope converting to Islam or Godfrey Bloom staying sober until lunch!

Give it up Page. Stop your pathetic lies. We all know that lying is second nature to you. After all, you were quite ready to lie in order obtain housing and council tax benefits. See my previous post: LINK

Page, do yourself a big favour and shut up before you make yourself even more foolish!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

John West on Nigel Farage and UKIP corruption

Here is Mr West's damning statement on the widespread corruption in UKIP:

Many of you will know by now that I was thrown out of UKIP by a Disciplinary Committee chaired by Derek Clark MEP, who is currently under investigation by OLAF.

The original complaint was made by Jeffrey Titford - Clark’s friend and colleague. Michael Zuckerman, the Party Secretary, even continued to handle the paperwork for this hearing after he informed me that he had withdrawn from the case. The result, in my opinion, was a Kangaroo Court and not an independent inquiry. The outcome was as expected.

My only crime was to report Jeffrey Titford to Essex Police based on the details of his former office manager, Ken Bennett, who told me of alleged financial irregularities involving Titford’s parliamentary allowance.

I was forced to do this after Nigel Farage - via a third party - refused my request for an internal investigation into the allegations that Titford had misused his parliamentary allowances.

I can only guess at the reasons behind Farage’s decision. However, I note that previous requests for an independent audit into the finances of UKIP’s MEPs were also refused. Also, it is interesting to note just how violent are the attacks on anyone who questions the validity of UKIP accounts. One can only draw the conclusion that there is something to hide.

It is an absolute disgrace that a British citizen can be disciplined by a political party for acquitting his duty and going to the Police and asking them to investigate a suspected crime.

That I can be condemned by Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall, David Bannerman (and the grubby little clique that openly support them on this matter) for doing my civic duty tells you all you need to know about their complete lack of morality and sense of justice.

Farage, Nuttall, Bannerman and the rest of the clique are sending out a clear message to the members - if you are made aware of an alleged crime involving a UKIP member you had better keep your mouth shut or else!

I wonder if UKIP intends to put this very unusual law and order policy in their election manifesto?

I can confirm that the Police file on Titford has now been passed to OLAF for evaluation. Neil Thomson of OLAF has said that I may be called as a prosecution witness if they decide to proceed with the case.

I can also confirm that I have reported both Titford and Zuckerman to the relevant authorities. I have asked them to investigate the use of UKIP’s internal disciplinary process to discipline a potential prosecution witness (if any such case were brought against Titford at the behest of OLAF).

I can assure you that the matter is far from closed.

It is my view that Nigel Farage and many of the leadership of UKIP have been conning the British public for years. Their trumpeted Euro-scepticism is now no more than a cynical ploy designed to fool people into voting them back onto the EU gravy train.

When I first joined UKIP I actually believed that UKIP was sincere in its endeavour to extricate Britain from the European Union! I must now confess that I was conned along with thousands of other trusting members.

Some of UKIP`s MEPs are now part of the problem. Thanks to their love of the good life they have forgotten about why they were elected and who they are supposed to represent.

It is no wonder that EU officials now appear to regard UKIP as part of the EU establishment!That Farage ignored a number of UKIP’s own rules in order to get Marta Andreasen – who defines herself not as a Eurosceptic but an EU reformer - onto the MEP list illustrates the level of his so-called Euro-scepticism!

I find it laughable that certain UKIP members can suggest that I was supposedly waging a campaign against the likes of Stuart Gulleford in order to damage his chances of becoming an MEP list candidate!

I would suggest that these individuals get their facts right before making such remarks, indeed I suggest they locate some facts in their belligerent arguments.

In fact, if you ascertain the ‘time line’ with accuracy it shows that it was Mr Gulleford, Mr Titford and their supporters who were involved in a campaign to smear certain members who expressed an interest in becoming MEPs.

In late 2007 I received a threatening letter from George Curtis, the Eastern Counties Chairman.This was sent to me after I had organised a conference on immigration for UKIP!

In the letter I was told to watch my step or else.

I complained to John Whittaker and NEC about this but nothing was done. I was not even sent an acknowledgement. So much for Dr Whittaker representing the interests of the members!

In April 2008 Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gulleford used UKIP’s Eastern Region membership email database to send out an email to hundreds of members. In this email Christopher Hudson and I were attacked for organising a UKIP conference on law and order.

According to Titford & Gulleford we had ignored the wishes of the NEC and were holding the conference in order to promote ourselves and our friends.This was totally untrue, a fantasy grounded on not one single substantive fact or shred of evidence.

Both Gulleford and Titford were aware that the NEC had given me authorisation and encouragement to hold the conference. Both were also aware that Christopher and I were thinking of putting our names forward for the Euro elections.

That both Titford and Gulleford abused their positions in order to attack fellow members is obvious and undeniable. That this was done in order to damage our chances of being selected MEP candidates is also obvious and undeniable.

I should add that Lisa Buckle, who works in Titford’s office, confirmed to me in 2008 that the email was sent out at the behest of Stuart Gulleford.

So please don’t insult the intelligence of members by suggesting that Stuart Gulleford and Jeffrey Titford are somehow the innocent victims of a smear campaign orchestrated by me.

I have also been criticised by some members for complaining about the way the MEP selection process was handled.

But if you were made aware of rigged panels, grubby little deals between UKIP members and broken rules would you stay silent?

And let us also not forget a breach of contract with each and every candidate who paid £250.00 to be listed as candidates!

Even UKIP’s own Returning Officer has said that the process was flawed and should have been rerun.

That Gill, as the appointed party officer, failed in his duty, as did the NEC in refusing to even acknowledge the numerous complaints by members, suggests that they have much to hide.

If the selection process had been fair and the rules had been followed I would have happily campaigned for the lead candidates.

What I cannot accept is a selection process that was rigged in order to get the likes of David Bannerman - a man who has been accused of lying about his supposed close relationship to a former PM - elected as lead candidate.

Members will be aware that shortly after I complained about the MEP selection process my MEP video interview was posted on the internet in a direct breach of trust by an employee of UKIP and the IND/DEM Group.

That it was placed on You Tube by Annabelle Fuller, an employee of the Party and the IND/DEM Group, was confirmed to me by Clive Page who phoned me on 19th July 2008 at 6.50pm to deny his personal involvement in the sordid business.

That Miss Fuller placed the video on You Tube at the behest of Nigel Farage - her very ‘close friend’ - in order to defame me was also confirmed to me by Clive Page.

Members may also be interested to know that John Whittaker threatened to resign over the video leak if Farage refused to sack Fuller.

For 48 hours Farage refused to do so. However, Whittaker would not back down and Farage was forced to terminate her employment.

Farage then tried to persuade Lord Pearson and Bob Spink to employ her. To their credit both refused to do so. He then contacted the Taxpayers Alliance. They also refused to employ her.

I have been told that Fuller has now been re-employed on the sly by Godfrey Bloom MEP.

In two newspapers ( the Independent and Daily Mail) Fuller has claimed that she was forced out of UKIP due to sexism. That Farage was prepared to support Fuller’s sordid little fantasy in one of these articles clearly illustrates the man’s dishonesty and immorality.To this day I have never received an apology from anyone in UKIP’s leadership for the video leak.

We have all witnessed UKIP’s collapse since 2004 and the sharp decline in membership numbers due to Farage’s inept and talentless leadership.

High profile members have left and Bob Spink, UKIP`s former MP, now seeks to put a distance between himself and the party.

I personally feel saddened that our party has been reduced to a cult where the cry is seemingly ‘the Leader is always right!’

A true leader listens to his members. He does not ignore them.

Under the current leadership UKIP will be lucky to get more than a couple of MEPs elected in June.

UKIP should be bounding ahead by now, but they are short of funds and are now dependent on donations from Alan Bown and Stuart Wheeler.

Many of us have not forgotten that it was Farage who promised at the Leadership election that he would bring many large donations into the party. Another failed promise.

Over a five year period UKIP`s MEPs could have quite legitimately paid a percentage of their earnings into the party, as other parties do, to fund future election campaigns. However, they decided not to.

If they will not put the party first why should the party support them ?Under Farage UKIP’s internal dealings have been lacking in openness and integrity.

Farage is egotistical, paranoid and lacking in integrity. He sanctions the ambushing and expulsion of decent members and supports kangaroo courts. He condones harassment , threats and verbal abuse. He conducts witch-hunts against his assumed enemies and gets his cronies to smear his opponents as BNP supporters. His behaviour and actions would make Robert Mugabe proud!

UKIP has been led to destruction by a leader and a compliant NEC that appears to seek to destroy anyone who displays talent and initiative and thus threatens their position.

UKIP is now finished as a force in British politics and deservedly so.

A vote for Farage and UKIP is now little more than a vote for the betrayal of the British people.

Clearly a man who, it is rumoured, can’t even keep his marriage vows can never be trusted to keep his word to the British public.

However, I know that many UKIP members believe that the Party can somehow be saved if Farage is forced to resign after June 4th.

I applaud their optimism but sadly I know that their efforts will come to nothing.UKIP is now beyond help as it is not just Farage who would have to go. Many others would also have to walk the plank.

A UKIP led by Nuttall or Bannerman would still be unelectable.

It may interest members to know that I possess documents on UKIP that conclusively prove that UKIP‘s leadership is corrupt. Some of these documents have never been made public.

I regard it as my duty to release these to the public prior to June 4th.I will be doing this in order to give the voters the chance to see how UKIP’s leadership lied, rigged the MEP selection process and smeared decent members in order to maintain control of UKIP and thereby keep their grubby little snouts in the EU’s trough.

In conclusion, I would suggest that Nigel Farage and the rest of his clique would do well to heed the words of Oliver Cromwell who when faced with a corrupt and dishonest clique of self-serving MPs used these famous words:

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

End of statement.

And yet another decent member forced out by a corrupt leadership!

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