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Thursday, 18 October 2012

UKIP: Jon Ison and the Boys in Blue

John Ison, UKIP's man in the West Midland's, and former employee of the UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall, has a lot on his plate these days. As well as a considerable amount of attention from the boys in blue, the collapse of his region, the loss of his job, and the realisation that actually he will not be top of the MEP list in the West Mids in 2014, he was heavily embarrassed by the revelation that he has previously appeared in court accused of trying to strangle his wife.

Now the Solihull Strangler has another reason to cry into his beer. Within West Mids UKIP circles (what little is left of UKIP in the West Mids, that is!) there much hilarity over revelations by a journalist about why his first marriage broke up. Now we are not ones to gloat over another man's misfortune. In fact we feel sorry for him. For Ison was cuckolded... by another woman. The Solihull Strangler's wife left him for another chick. What that must do to a "man's" ego, we can only speculate upon. Especially if that "man" is clearly inadequate.

Oh John, it is no wonder that you are so messed up that you became a Walter Mitty character. When your life is such a failure, fantasy must be so much more comfortable than reality.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Check out the Let the People Decide website. Worth a look!
And don't forget Nikki Sinclaire's website!

Monday, 15 October 2012

UKIP: Move over Gerard!

We were extremely upset to be told that Gerard Batten is to lose out to Winston McKenzie in the London MEP lists. Winston is now Nigel's favoured choice for London. Our Nigel has always hated Batten and is determined that Gerard will not serve another term as a UKIP MEP. However, it has emerged that Wolfman McGough is less than pleased at the prospect of Mr McKenzie replacing his hero in the London region. David Coburn - fellow NEC member and London chairman - has also voiced concerns about the wisdom of selecting Winston.

So can we expect the worms to finally turn? We doubt it. Both the Wolfman and Coburn are far too cowardly to challenge Farage openly.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gerard Batten's former staffer to expose UKIP corruption in book

From Political Scrapbook:

A former UKIP staffer and parliamentary candidate at the last general election claims to be writing a book revealing dodgy goings-on at the core of the party having branded her defection from the Conservativesthe biggest mistake of my life“.

Jasna Badzak defected to UKIP in 2008, along with a swathe of Tories from Westminster, and stood in the Westminster North constituency in the 2010 elections. She then worked for six months as a press officer in the London office of MEP Gerard Batten.

In a series of messages on Twitter, Badzak has claimed that she will be making revelations about the alleged racism and corruption of top UKIP figures.
She also alleges misuse of EU parliament expenses by old Scrapbook favourite and UKIP candidate for Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner, Godfrey Bloom:

And her claims don’t stop with Bloom, and threaten to plunge the party back into the same kind of controversy experienced when former MEP Ashley Mote was convicted of benefit fraud:

Speaking to Political Scrapbook this afternoon, Ms Badzak said:
”UKIP solely exists to put a few people in the position of MEP to steal as much money as possible for themselves.”
Apparently her book will be out before the 2014 EU Parliament elections, in which Nigel Farage’s party hopes to improve on its second place coup in the 2009 poll. When contacted, UKIP refused to comment.

To read the original: LINK

Thursday, 11 October 2012

UKIP: How the MEP selection will be rigged

There has been a certain amount indignation and concern about how the candidate selection process might be rigged prior to the 2014 euro-elections. Farage has told MEPs that 'the NEC' will decide on the order of the candidates in each region very shortly before the elections, possibly as late as April 2014. The favoured few will, of course, know their places long before that, and for the disappointed and shafted it will be too late to do anything.

We can now reveal on of the ways in which the selection process is to be manipulated.
In the South West region, candidate interviews will be conducted by Steve Crowther and James Carver. However, at the right tactical moment, it will be revealed that they are both in fact prospective candidates themselves. So aspiring candidates will have the decision as to whether their names can go forward to the vote by members to get on the list by their own rivals. This is like something from one of the former Soviet States.
Depending on whether Christine Hamilton agrees to stand in South West, Crowther can expect to be either 2nd or 3rd on the list (Neil Hamilton is already assured of the top slot). Carver, however, is being lined up for a fall, as Farage and others hold grudges against him, and so he might expect one of the lowest places on the list at best.
What a disgrace UKIP has become!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

UKIP: The Swann falls

It all went horribly wrong for the Swann on what was supposed to be her big day at the Conservative Party conference!

Having boasted rather too loudly and too often about how she would reveal to the Tories what a dire threat UKIP posed to them, it was clear that she was lining herself up for a fall, and oh boy did she fall.

With less effort than it takes to swat a fly, the Tories revoked her speakers pass, thus demonstrating to all and sundry how little of a threat UKIP really poses. She was simply shut down, and had to leave the venue with her tail between her legs.

This pathetic episode is just another example of how the party has become the biggest joke in British politics

Monday, 8 October 2012

UKIP: Ms Alexandra Swann ruffles some feathers

We note that Alexandra Swann is to address a fringe meeting at the Tory conference this week, to tell them why they should be scared of UKIP.

She has been described as a "UKIP heavyweight", but since these things are relative, in the context of a party best described as "peripheral", perhaps a junior assistant is as heavy as it gets.

Sources in Brussels tell us that Ms. Swann's days there are numbered, as she is being "chased out" by two of her female colleagues in the far-right EFD group. Her expectations on returning to the late night drinking dens of the Belgian capital after the Corby by-election are very likely to be dashed. Pity that.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

We Demand a Referendum Conference

The WDAR Conference was attended by approx 75 people. The speeches were excellent and Nikki pointed out how UKIP had received more than £43 million from the EU in MEP allowances. And that's not including salary, pensions or daily benefits since 1999! She then went on to question what they have actually achieved with this money. The answer is not a lot!

David Bannerman MEP also put in an appearance on the day.

Wolfman McGough explains to a UKIPPER the folly of attending the WDAR Conference

We note with amusement that Wolfman McGough and his slimy sidekick - John Moran - were barred from attending. The Wolfman was most displeased. We also note with amusement that the gruesome twosome were seen busily making notes on any UKIPPERS who attended. We expect the 'guilty ones' will soon be in receipt of a less than polite message from Farage HQ!

From Gary Cartwright's blog:

Campaign for a Referendum: Conference a Great Success!

Its always nice to spend a couple of days in London, even if it is a working visit.

On Thursday evening I was delighted to meet Katie Hopkins for the first time: she is absolutely the right person for the campaign, as her media appearences to date have proved. We were joined at dinner at the Victory Services Club by Nikki and a number of senior members of the team, and also Roger Knapman and his wife Carolyn, as well as former Lib-Dem councillor David McGrath and his wife, both of whom I know from the campaign to clear an illegal travellers camp in Meriden. The cross-party demographics of this campaign team give us both integrity and depth.

But the real reason for the trip was our inaugural conference in Westminster. The day began with Katie appearing on ITN's Daybreak, and by the end of the first round of speakers we were on the front page of the BBC news website. Christian Party Leader George Hargreaves, and the US broadcaster and political analyst Charlie Wolf both gave excellent speeches, adding depth to the debate on our membership of the EU and what it means for our democratic integrity.

It was a chance to catch up with old friends from various parties, including one Conservative MEP, and to meet new people.

No surprise that UKIP had at least two spotters outside, reporting back on who was attending - I suspect that a few people will be getting some unpleasant phone calls or letters from their branch chairman shortly!

Two motions were passed by conference: the first calling on HMG to establish a Royal Commission to set the terms of reference for the referendum, the second calling on the PM to call a binding referendum before Jan 1st 2014.

A great success!
To read the original: LINK

Also see: LINK

Thursday, 4 October 2012

UKIP: Gary Cartwright on Nigel Farage


From Gary's blog:
I was highly amused to see a certain party leader looking like a scared rabbit caught in car headlights, desperately explaining to a Tory chum his thoughts on a referendum in Brussels a couple of weeks ago.

I wonder what has suddenly made him so concerned about a referendum now?

Better Late Than Never!

Demanding of David Cameron a promise of a referendum "written in blood" is all jolly stirring stuff, but when the person in question didn't actually sign the petition calling for a referendum until after it had actually been presented to 10 Downing Street, those words sound somewhat hollow. But words are cheap, and easy to come by.

Unlike collecting 220,000 signatures, forcing a debate in the Commons, and provoking a back-bench revolt, all of which required great effort and some financial cost, words actually count for little unless they are backed up with deeds. UKIP's words rarely seem to be backed up with deeds. The party has descended into a world of yaa-boo politics: name calling and jeering from the sidelines. The party is simply not interesting anymore.

It amused me, although it did not surprise me, when after the first 100,000 signatures were handed in and we learned there was to be a debate on a referendum on our continued membership of the EU, no less than 3 other groups tried to take the credit for it. I remember well UKIP's feeble and half-hearted attempt at raising a petition. It appers to have acheived nothing - apart that is from an expenditure of a substantial 6 figure sum. I have often wondered where that money went...

As we approach our inaugural conference on Friday 5th, at Westminster Central Hall, I expect the usual libels and slanders that I have come to expect from the UKIP press office to start oozing to the surface. If you can't do anything, attack those who can, seems to be the strategy. Probably the only strategy UKIP has, I am afraid.

When I think of the UKIP press office, for some reason the words of Lewis Carroll: "T'was brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe..." come into my mind.
To read the original: LINK

Monday, 1 October 2012

UKIP's far-right EFD allies hit the headlines again

UKIP's allies in the far-right EFD group in the European Parliament have hit the headlines again, and as always, for the wrong reason.

Lega Nord, the party which has previously called for the 'ethnic cleansing' of gay people from Italian cities, is now being condemned for attacking the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia for recognising gay couples through a local initiative known as Registro delle Unioni Civili. this is a sort of civil partnership, valid only locally.

Italy is in crisis, and Lega Nord, a populist party is on the decline.

When fascists are faced with such a situation, they will traditionally look for scapegoats - Jews, Gypsies, or in the case of Lega Nord, Gay people.

Lega Nord is not merely a partner of UKIP in the EFD group, the party shares the group presidency with Nigel Farage.

Famously, when the convicted racist Lega Nord MEP Mario Borghezio praised the murderous fascist gunman Breivik, Farage assured the UKIP membership that he was 'suspended' from the group. This was simply untrue. Other people may call it an outright lie, which might surprise nobody.

In reality, the Lega Nord co-president of the group, Frank Speroni, holds the whip hand over Farage. Lega Nord was not prepared to even consider allowing Borghezio to be suspended from the EFD group, and Farage was put in his place. He was told, at a meeting between the two delegations, that if action were to be taken against Borghezio then Lega Nord would leave en masse, and collapse the group.

The group is important to Farage as his presidency gives him access to certain privileges. This apparently comes before principle, before UKIP's political integrity, and certainly before telling the truth to the party membership