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Friday, 28 August 2009

UKIP: Paul Nuttall MEP

Paul Nuttall - Farage sycophant and Mussolini lookalike - has been trying to give the impression that he is doing a good job as an MEP.

On his website you can find the following statement:

"We can’t leave decisions this big to career politicians on the local council. This Tesco development will impact on local people, so they should be the ones to decide, by a local referendum"

So nice of Mr Nuttall to support the wishes of the electorate. So what happened on the night of the Euro elections when he showed his utter contempt for the electorate by cowardly walking off the stage after Nick Griffin won a seat?

And I am not the only one to be sickened by this odious creature and his disgusting hypocrisy.

Caroline, a poster on the British Democracy Forum made the following comment:

But if Mr. Nuttall is so keen on championing the right of local people to decide on big issues why did he support the big career politicians from Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties when they turned their backs, marched off the stage and left the room at Manchester Town Hall back in June? By joining the pro-European Union parties in refusing to acknowledge the outcome of a democratic election Mr. Nuttall displayed openly a contempt for the democratic process, and the wishes of ordinary people to decide for themselves who should represent them at European Parliamentary level.

Does Mr. Nuttall believe that people should decide on big issues, but only if their decisions are in agreement with the big career politicians of Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and UKIP?

Farage’s useful idiots were quick to defend the slimy Nuttall:

I believe that by walking of stage at the euro elections was the right thing to do, to be seen as the only person standing on stage with the nazi BNP would have opened up a whole can of worms in the national media.

The BNP stand alone in their racisit (sic) Nazism views and will with in any luck be gone from our political landscape soon.

Very laudable. But what about UKIP’s fascist friends in Brussels? Nuttall is prepared to sit with people who advocate killing immigrants and yet is unwilling to share a stage - even for a few minutes - with a man democratically elected by the people of the North West!

Caroline was clearly unimpressed by the idiots trying to defend Nuttall.

She replied:

By following the lead of the big career politicians of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat, Mr. Nuttall demonstrated his lack of respect for democratically arrived at decisions and a hostility to the wishes of local people in that particular Euro-region. That's why the article on his website advocating local decision making as regards the building of a new Tesco contradicts his position on local decision making regarding the election of political representatives.

Mr. Nuttall is not prepared to stand alone when it comes to deviating from the establishment consensus of the big three careerist parties on the issue of respecting the outcome of a democratic election. If he had remained on the stage in Manchester, and not meekly obeyed the will of the establishment parties, he might have received some criticism in the pro-European Union mass media. But it would have quickly blown over, as the major story of the election was the low Labour vote, followed by the election of 13 UKIP MEPS, and finally the BNP's breakthrough. I had believed UKIP was made of sterner stuff.

Paul Nuttall is one of the most disgusting individuals that I have ever had the misfortune to be associated with. He is a liar, a coward and a fool.

He colluded with Farage to remove Gregg Beaman as UKIP’s lead MEP candidate in the North West.

He was even prepared to fabricate complaints against Mr Beaman in order to get him thrown off the list.

He supported Farage’s recent attempts to give him dictatorial powers to remove so-called dissidents from the party.

He supports the suppression of free speech in UKIP.

He supported the removal of democratically elected members - Dr Eric Edmond and Dr David Abbott - from UKIP’s NEC. Their only crime was to raise concerns about corruption in UKIP.

He agreed to be appointed UKIP national chairman in total disregard of the membership who were not even consulted about his appointment.

He colluded in the rigging of UKIP's MEP selection process. Piers Merchant - UKIP's Returning Officer - gave him a copy of his report on the MEP selection process. In this report it was clearly stated that the process had been corrupted. Nuttall ignored it.

In Brussels and Strasbourg he is happy to sit with fascists and racists.

And he supports kangaroo courts and witch-hunts conducted against all those members who dare to question Farage’s leadership.

The man is truly contemptible. He has no scruples, integrity or decency. He will do anything to get the top of the greasy pole and stay there. He would readily stab his own colleagues in the back for personal gain - just ask Gregg Beaman!

Nuttall has no personality of his own. He is a vacuous individual who in a desperate attempt to impress people he has even tried to model himself on his corrupt leader.

He tries to copy Farage mannerisms and evens dresses like him in a pathetic attempt to emulate his hero! Just look at the photo of Nuttall in the cap!

The people of the North West made a grave error when they voted for Nuttall. He has no loyalty to them or the UK. His only loyalty is to Farage and the EU Gravy Train.

Nick Griffin has already said that intends to give at least 10% of his MEP salary to good causes in the region.

And what has Nuttall pledged to give to good causes in the North West? The answer is NOTHING!

Nuttall sees himself as UKIP’s future leader. Farage has encouraged him in these delusions and had made it known to colleagues that he favours Nuttall as his successor.

God help us if that happens! Farage is bad enough but Nuttall is even worse!

Nuttall is an empty vessel without even a trace of what it takes to become a statesman. He is corrupt and beneath contempt. Let us hope that five years from now this odious creature is given the order of the boot by the people of the North West!

To read more on this contemptible little man see: LINK & LINK

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

UKIP: Welsh UKIP councillor makes a fool of himself

Taken from WalesOnline. To see the original: LINK

A VALLEYS councillor is under investigation by his own party, following a web forum posting asking if people wanted to bed a murder suspect.

Adam Brown was one of two previously Independent members of Merthyr Tydfil Council who last month announced they were joining UKIP.

Since August 2007 the Gurnos councillor has been a regular contributor to the Bluebirds fans’ web forum cardiffcity.com

On July 18, a posting from Coun Brown’s account launched a poll on the question “Amanda Knox? Would you...?”

Amanda Knox is an American student currently on trial for allegedly murdering fellow student Meredith Kercher in the house they shared in Perugia, Italy, in 2007.

In a posting on July 21, Mr Brown chipped in to a discussion about rented accommodation on the same forum.

In it he said: “Simple really don’t take housing benefit tenants. Not worth the risk.”

Then on July 8 he initiated a poll called: “Does anyone give a **** about [Cardiff City manager] Dave Jones’ book...?”

Brendan Toomey, leader of the Merthyr Council Labour group, said: “If these comments were made by Coun Brown, and it looks very much as if they were, then he has slurred many of his constituents who are legitimately claiming housing benefit.

“To suggest that it is too risky for a private landlord to take on housing benefit claimants is entirely offensive.

“As for conducting a ‘poll’ regarding murder suspect Amanda Knox, it is obvious what Coun Brown is alluding to, and I find it completely insensitive and inappropriate.

“Labour will be referring him to the standards committee and I hope his national party leader will discipline him for his behaviour.”

Commenting on the Amanda Knox poll, Mr Brown at first said: “It was an example of ‘laddish’ behaviour on a football message board over two years ago.”

When it was pointed out that the Amanda Knox posting occurred last month rather than more than two years ago, he said he wanted to revise his statement, saying he knew nothing about it.

He thought a friend must have posted the comment using his (Mr Brown’s) username.

He admitted posting the messages about housing benefit and Dave Jones’ book. He claimed he had been put off letting to tenants on housing benefit after tenants living in a home he owns in Merthyr caused £5,000 worth of damage.

Last night UKIP Wales MEP John Bufton said the party would launch an inquiry into the matter.

End of article.

Oh dear. UKIP’s leadership can really pick em. It never rains but it pours!

His first month as a UKIP councillor and already he is facing an inquiry and possible expulsion from the party!

Such is the calibre of UKIP’s latest recruits!

For more see our previous article: LINK

UKIP: Dr Edmond on UKIP's election chances

Dr Edmond is a former UKIP MEP candidate and NEC member. Farage got him removed from the NEC after he tried to defend the interests of his fellow members and raise their concerns about corruption in the party- something that he was elected to do.

Here is one of his latest articles:

I am increasingly coming to the view that winning the 2010 UK General Election will be worse than losing it. The conventional view is that with finances in such a mess taxes will have to rise and public services be cut to bring some sense of fiscal probity to HMG. Without this the UK credit rating may well slip from AAA and we will have to pay a higher interest rate price to sell government debt, gilts. These necessary actions will be horrendously unpopular politically and will lead to a host of sob stories on UK TV with single mothers, the unemployed especially the young and the homeless being portrayed as victims of an uncaring government. This is an unedifying prospect for any government, particularly one with a small or no majority facing another election in 2011/12.

The over riding aim of all politicians however is to be re-elected back on to the gravy train. Margaret Beckett's claims in the DT this morning that "A career in politics leaves MPs out of pocket" is risible and shows how out of touch she is with the electorate. Does she take us for fools? The obvious conflict of interest between a desire to be re-elected and the poisoned challice is easily resolved - be relected as an opposition MP! This needs you to be selected for safe Labour seat and there may be some competition for those even after the expense claim junkies have been weeded out. The nice thing is you will then have Dave's inexperienced A listers to shoot at for a couple of years on a 'result' wicket just like at the Oval. Even Labour's bowling will look good and when Dave is skittled out for a low score, well all options are open!

The elephants in the room, the EU, Islamic birth rates and culture, the white under class living on benefits won't get a mention by the main parties. Why not? Because they are all vote losers stupid. Another sure fire vote loser is Farage's pet project to bring back grammar schools. For every child that gets into grammar school five to ten will not. So its one winner who might vote for you and five or more losers who will vote against you. I believe in selection in education but you have go to be a lot more subtle about how to bring it back than Farage's simplistic approach. The Cabal don't do subtle. They are not clever enough.

So how will UKIP fare in the UK general election? Not very well I fear. The leaders are all nicely tucked up in Brussels so there is no real incentive. There is also no District Councillor base to build on and no UKIP policies targeted at this election despite the valiant efforts of people like Alan Wood in Salisbury to build both these areas up. UKIP's core, get out of the EU policy is not a GE issue and is easy meat for its opponents who can point to the UKIP MEPs like Andreasen who is clearly not a withdrawalist.

Worse for UKIP however is that the BNP may get an MP. They have a local authority base in some areas with a number of councillors on some councils. The UK electoral system rewards this geographical concentration of support. Also the BNP core stop immigration policy will be a big issue in the General Election especially in these areas that people have to meet the effects of immigration day in and day out. They are a transparently British party, based in, and run from, and financed in UK . They don't have an Andreasen/EU flank that opponents can attack them on. They will almost certainly come second in one or two seats and thus be well placed for a further push if there is a quick second election.

All in all I fear UKIP has probably seen its electoral high water mark.

End of article. To see the original click here: LINK

Dr Edmond is quite right.

UKIP now exists solely to serve the interests of Farage and his odious sycophants.

They have been elected to the EU Gravy Train for another five years where they can waste their time on useless EU committees, take part in stupid stunts, neglet the constituency branches, pat themselves on the back at the next UKIP Conference and hang around bars and clubs getting drunk or - like Farage - cheat on his wife.

A vote for UKIP is now a vote for corruption, dishonesty and lies.

For more on EUKIP corruption see GLW: LINK

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

UKIP: More on UKIP's naughty boy

You may recall that I recently published an article on a certain UKIP MEP who had been seen leaving a ‘gay’ club in the company of a black gentlemen.

Here is the original article in full:

A UKIP MEP - one of the new intake - was spotted at 3 am this morning leaving a notorious gay club in Strasbourg

He was seen by the researcher of a Tory MEP leaving the club in the company of a black man. What Mr X was doing in a gay club at that time of the morning should perhaps be left to the imagination!

There has been constant speculation in UKIPPER circles about this MEP’s sexuality ever since he first joined UKIP. He has always denied being a homosexual and has repeatedly said that he is "still looking for the right woman".

I hate to disappoint him but I don’t think he will find her in that particular club!

I can confirm that UKIP’s Press Office got so upset over this damaging exposé that they immediately went into spin mode.

They even managed to get Paul Wesson - aka Aardvark - to post a denial on the British Democracy Forum.

Here is the denial:

'Seven' is the name of the bar and the bouncer is indeed a black guy who is known to many parliamentarians. Apparently it is not a gay bar.

He later added:

My Brussels/Strasbourg sources suggest other MEPs of different parties frequent the joint. They're all 'in the clear'.


we have no time, no date, no MEP name and no 'witness'.

I am saddened that Mr Wesson - a usually intelligent man - was so ready to promote UKIP’s lies and propaganda.

And if Mr Wesson had bothered to read my original article he would have seen that I did in fact give a time, date, location and witness.

Can I suggest that in future Mr Wesson checks the facts before he again decides to promote UKIP Press Office lies?

Here are the facts:

The MEP was seen leaving a notorious gay club at 3am in the morning.

The incident took place on 16th July.

The club is located in the centre of Strasbourg.

It was not the ‘Seven’ club.

He was seen leaving the club in the company of a black man.

They were alone.

The black man was not a bouncer from the club.

The witness was a researcher for a Tory MEP. He does not wished to named at this time.

The MEP’s sexuality has been in question for some time.

Now it has been suggested that the sexual activities of this particular MEP are irrelevant.

This would be true if the MEP in question was open about his sexuality.

But he is not open about his sexuality.

He has lied about his sexuality to his colleagues. He has lied about his sexuality both to the public and UKIP members. Would he have been selected as a lead MEP candidate if UKIP members had known he was a homosexual? I very much doubt it.

And he still promotes the laughable story that he is looking for the ‘right woman’ - another lie.

These lies can be added to the other lies promoted by this man - his bogus ancestry for a start.

The man is a liar and needs to be exposed as such.

We need open and honest politicians - not serial liars who frequent sleazy gay clubs in the centre of Strasbourg or Brussels.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Gawain Towler: An open letter by Greg Lance-Watkins

The following letter was sent to a UKIP member in the South West after they contacted GLW about Gawain Towler:


some time ago you asked about Gawain Towler, and what I thought of him as an MEP candidate, which I outlined in some detail.

I note that he is likely to be an MP candidate in your area!

I also note that Anthony Butcher’s much corrupted and dishonest little forum has seen fit, in its pro EUkip section, where it is accepted for pro EUkip members to lie, libel and dissemble, largely without let or hindrance; yet those who support UKIP but expose the truth about their vile leadership as EUkip are removed, either on the flimsiest of pretext or based on lies, as in my case. You may remember that I stated as a fact that Peter Reeve EUkip’s bully boy RO with the shaven head and lack of understanding of ethics or morality in the Eastern Region was under investigation by the police – which he was and a number was supplied for the police complaint; none the less the corrupt and duplicitous moderator, in support of EUkip and Anthony Butcher banned me for life having been threatened and bullied with a pack of lies from another of EUkip’s scum that has floated upward – Paul Nuttall who is a proven liar and cheat.

Back to Gawain Towler who is a particularly odious little man, beyond his mere perversions – he is a liar as shown by various ‘e’Mails I have. Sent to me by someone whom he was trying to deceive.

As you well know over a number of years I have neither interest or prejudice based on people’s perfectly legal perversions, and perversion within marriage is no concern of others outside of the relationship, save where it may be either illegal or publicly harmful particularly to children. As you will see from my comments on my blog – this is clearly NOT about prejudice or revulsion at particular perversions, for as long as they are legal. This is entirely about values and judgement, taste, trust and braggadocio.

It is my belief and contention, as it was The UKIP South West Committee’s, that Gawain Towler has shown himself to be unsuited to represent others in a political party as an MEP and I would contend unsuitable as a constituency MP.

Gawain Towler’s legal perversions are of no concern to me; though some, with a narrower view of the world, such as many Christians and all Muslims would be concerned. Towler’s alleged illegal perversions, though widely discussed, are a matter for the authorities to substantiate and act accordingly.

I would not have raised this matter again had not some on Anthony Butcher’s forum not seen fit to exercise their dishonesty to misrepresent my perfectly clear stance as some sort of delusional attack on me – sadly EUkip has attracted all too many perfectly vile and dishonest supporters who clamour like the claque of old!There are various other articles on Gawain Towler on my blog which you can find with the search engine if you wish but for starters:

and the comments thereon!

I note that on Chris Mountsey’s web site, as republished on Butcher’s squalid forum, I stand accused of libelling him! If I have I unreservedly apologise, as I have always tried to be accurate and honest and can think of no occasion where I would have wished either to libel him or to have misled others about him. Were his claim true he is of course encouraged to show where I have supposedly libelled him and I will not only make correction but clearly apologise.

Greg L-W.

To view the original see: LINK

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

UKIP: Don't do it Mr Hannan!

Daniel Hannan - Tory MEP for the South East - has been taking quite a lot of flak after he branded the health service a "relic" in a US television interview – comments that forced David Cameron on to the back foot.

I can now reveal that on more than one occasion members of UKIP’s leadership have approached Mr Hannan and suggested that he jumps ship and becomes UKIP's third South East MEP.

I understand that the offer has now been made again.

I would urge Mr Hannan to reject this offer with all the contempt it deserves.

Farage simply wants to use Hannan for quick publicity. He also thinks that by getting Hannan on board he will strengthen his position as UKIP leader.

If Hannan did join UKIP he would quickly realise that the party now exists solely to serve the interests of one man - Nigel Farage.

Hannan would be expected to serve Farage's interests and ignore the interests of both the electorate and UKIP's membership. Hannan would soon learn to his cost that Farage is even more of a control freak than Cameron!

Farage is paranoid, immature and cannot possibly allow talent to flourish in UKIP. That’s why he allows the mediocre to gain positions of authority at the expense of the talented.

Farage also likes to surround himself with flawed individuals with large numbers of skeletons in their closets. He even has ‘bastard files’ on them which can be used if they start to show signs of rebellion. This is a tactic he borrowed from the Tories.

Farage stifles genuine debate and kicks out all those who dare to question his leadership. Farage is so paranoid that he is totally incapable of allowing others to share his power in case they become too popular with the ordinary members.

His stranglehold on the party is now so great that he even controls the appointment of even minor officials.

Recently a women contacted the odious Paul Nuttall and expressed an interest in working for him. Nuttall explained that he not allowed to appoint his own staff as “Nigel now deals with all job appointments”.

Bob Spink left UKIP after becoming disgusted with the way Farage had turned UKIP into a dictatorship.

Mr Hannan should remember that before making any rash decisions.

UKIP election results

So much for Nigel Farage’s claim that UKIP’s support has increased since the Euro elections!

Goldsmid Ward, Brighton & Hove DC 23th July
Green 1456
Conservative 1104
Labour 816
Lib Dem 280
UKIP 129

Denton Ward, Tameside B.C 30th July
Labour 1258
Conservative 660
BNP 358
UKIP 193
Green 164

Brinsley by-election 30th July
Conservative 416
BNP 288
Lib Dems 224
Labour 68

UKIP’s support has now dropped back to pre-Euro election levels.

Under Farage’s inept leadership UKIP is still not seen as an alternative to the old party system. UKIP is simply regarded as the party of the Euro election protest vote - nothing more, nothing less.

But does Farage really care? He has been re-elected to the EU Gravy Train where he can claim even more in expenses, sit on committees, indulge in stupid stunts, get drunk in bars and forget his marriage vows.

Such a shame. UKIP could have made a real difference. But rather than use our MEPs to promote our domestic policies - when UKIP’s leadership can be bothered to publish them - Farage and co waste their time sitting on worthless EU committees.

Farage has been an MEP for ten years but we are still no closer to seeing Britain leave the EU. So much for UKIP battling for Britain and independence!

UKIP exists to serve the ego of one man. Until Farage and his sycophants are removed UKIP will continue to stagnate.

Don’t waste your time or your vote on UKIP, Farage or his dishonest, sycophantic MEPs.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

UKIP: More on Marta Andreasen - UKIP MEP and political prostitute

Dr Edmond on Marta Andreasen

You may recall that Dr Edmond was thrown off UKIP’s NEC for daring to challenge Farage’s dictatorial leadership style and for raising concerns about corruption in UKIP’s MEP selection process.

Here are his views on Marta Andreasen - UKIP’s very own political prostitute:

Suddenly on the democracy forum people are realising the problems with La Andreasen. She does not seem to live or appear in the UK. It is not clear whether she pays UK, EU or Spanish taxes. I quote a recent posting from Aardvark, a moderator on Democracy Forum that sums up peoples concerns.

"Where is Marta living at present? Has anybody seen her at her London address recently? Where does her husband live? Has he ever declared an address in London as his residence? If not, is Marta divorced or separated? It is a strange relationship where a husband believes himself to be resident in Spain and his wife believes herself to be resident in the UK (all the overseas contractors I know are either colocated overseas with their spouses or are resident in the UK for tax purposes). UKIP, British jobs for British workers, has an ethnic Danish MEP born in Argentina and currently holding Spanish citizenship employing a Dutch researcher in Brussels who doesn't yet visit the UK on her behalf. As her constituent I do not feel she properly represents my interests having no real connection with my constituency (London isn't in the SE region for electoral purposes) or my country.

UKIP could easily have had a British MEP using Marta as his/her researcher in Brussels. He/she would have asked the same questions and made the same points in committee (it's not like the HoC where you can debate and therefore have to think on your feet). The difference being that those of us in the South East Region could have been represented by someone who lives here and knows some of the area.

I think UKIP have made a mistake and will regret their choice at a later stage."

Moderators are usually quite careful not to give their personal views on contentious issues to preserve their impartiality so this is strong stuff.

There were always questions about her previous employment record. A poster describing himself as ex-member writes:

"I am particularly glad to see the forum moderators taking the Andreasen scandal on board. I am afraid that Farage and Pearson have fallen for the simperer. I do not think Pearson was even aware that Andreasen was suspended from OECD till recently and would not be surprised if she concealed the suspension from Farage.

Perhaps the two gentlemen might be asked whether they were aware of this suspension,whether they have investigated it and would they answer the disquiet about it?"

I was on the NEC when concerns about Andreasen were raised particularly by Lynnda Robson, Gerard Batten's political assistant who herself hoped to be an MEP candidate for the London region. I cannnot improve on the email she sent to the NEC asking for Andreasen to be disqualified from standing. I quote from her summary,

"To paraphrase George Orwell: 'Why are some candidates more equal than others?' I am absolutely sure that if when I had applied I had said :

I'm not a UK resident;

I'm not a fully paid-up member of UKIP;

I can't get a CRB check;

My proposer has also proposed someone else;

I'm not on the UK electoral Register; and

I have no intention of mentioning I will be standing in two Regions

I believe I would have been very firmly rejected - and rightly so."

Lynnda points out that 5 or 6 of UKIP's own selection rules that every other candidate had to conform to were waived for Andreasen. This was done by Gill, an ex Tory MP who was responsible for seeing the rules were observed! This was clearly at Farage's behest and Gill lamely claimed that "he was trying to be helpful"! I asked helpful to whom to which I received no reply.

More damaging politically is that Andreasen is on record as wishing to reform the EU from within, the failed policy of every UK government since Heath and directly contradictory to UKIP's core 'leave the EU policy'

The problems now emerging with Andreasen, and there will be more to come, could have been avoided if the UKIP selection rules had been applied fairly but Nigel seems to think rules are for other people like Robin Page and not his Cabal. Now there is nothing that Nigel or anyone else can do about this woman. She has her bum on a UK MEP seat for the next 5 years and cannnot be removed. Nigel has made his bed and he will have to lie in it. The sad thing is that all the decent, ordinary UKIP members have coughed up their 10 or 20 pounds to help get Andreasen into this very cushy job will have to lie in that same bed! I doubt they realised that when they voted for Nigel.

The worst thing of all is the damage she will do our withdrawal cause. She will be a god send to the Europhiles at the next UK General Election about which Marta knows little and cares less. She has what she wants.

To view the original: LINK

Monday, 17 August 2009

UKIP: Niall Warry - a thorn in Nigel Farage's side

It has been brought to my attention that Niall Warry has started his own political website. It is well worth a look. It can be viewed here: LINK

Mr Warry was at one time UKIP's national office manager. On several occasions he tried to arrange a meeting with Andrew Smith - at the time UKIP's national treasurer - in order to discuss the allegations that UKIP's accounts were less than honest. As you would expect Smith refused and Warry was later removed as office manger.

For more on the dishonest Smith see: LINK

Although Mr Warry is still a member of UKIP there have been attempts to remove him from the party as he continues to raise awkward questions about UKIP leadership corruption on the British Democracy Forum. He is also involved in the OLAF investigation into Derek Clark’s alleged misuse of EU allowances and earlier this year made a statement to two of their officials.

For more on the moronic Clark see: LINK

It is therefore hardly surprising that Farage hates Warry with a passion and would dearly like to see him thrown out of UKIP.

Last year Mr Warry’s membership renewal was in fact refused and it was only after he threatened legal action that the treacherous Zuckerman - UKIP’s legal advisor - caved in and reluctantly agreed to allow Mr Warry to renew his membership.

For more on this see GLW : LINK

Mr Warry is clearly one of the good guys. As long as people like him continue to speak out against EUKIP corruption there is still a slim chance that the party can eventually be saved from the likes of Farage, the odious Paul Nuttall and the liar Bannerman.

I wish Mr Warry the best of luck in his campaign to restore democracy and accountability to UKIP!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Marta Andreasen: UKIP's very own political prostitute

Marta Andreasen is one of the more obnoxious members of Farage’s entourage. Like Farage she is a political prostitute without a single redeeming feature.

She only expressed an interest in UKIP or it’s policies after three other parties - the Tories included - rejected her attempts to become one of their MEP candidates.

It should be remembered that Nigel Farage contemptuously ignored UKIP’s own selection rules so that Andreasen could become a UKIP candidate.

Lynnda Robson - Gerard Batten’s political assistant - made a formal complaint about this to both Christopher Gill and UKIP’s NEC. In this complaint it was pointed out that Andreasen was ineligible to stand as a UKIP MEP candidate for the following reasons:

She was not a UK resident.
She was not a fully paid-up member of UKIP.
She could not get a CRB check.
Her proposer also proposed someone else.
She was not on the UK electoral Register and had no intention of mentioning that she was standing in two different regions.

Ms Robson’s complaint was rejected. She later took UKIP to court over this issue. UKIP’s leadership agreed to settle with her out of court. For further information on this see: LINK

Andreasen is a liar, a fraud and has no interest in British independence. Consider the facts:

She was never the chief accountant of the EU.

Her claim to have been dismissed from the Commission because she insisted on proper accounting is nonsense. In fact, she failed to produce a requested report on how best to combat fraud in the EU.

She was sacked by the Commission after it was discovered that she had deceived them by not mentioning her suspension without pay from the OECD - the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

She was suspended from the OECD after allegations of racism were made against her.

She does not live in the UK.

She does not pay UK taxes.

She is a supporter of the EU. She considers herself an ‘EU reformist’.

She has absolutely no loyalty to Britain or her constituents in the South East. Her knowledge of the region that she was elected to represent is almost nil. For instance, she didn’t even know that Canterbury was in Kent!

UKIP has an ethnic Danish MEP, who was born in Argentina, currently holds Spanish citizenship and lives in Barcelona. She also employs a Dutch researcher in Brussels who doesn't yet visit the UK on her behalf. So much for Farage's claim that he supports British jobs for British workers!

One can only wonder why Farage was unable to find a suitable British born candidate with at least some working knowledge of the area that they wished to represent?

Perhaps his rumoured ‘close’ friendship with Andreasen played a part in her selection. One can only hope that Nigel’s long-suffering wife keeps a very close eye on them!

To read the full court judgement against Andreasen see: LINK

Also see GLW: LINK

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

UKIP: Gary Cartwright

I note that Gary Cartwright - Tom Wise’s former researcher - has been taking some flak from users of the British Democracy Forum.

Farage’s useful idiots have been attacking him over an article he wrote for the EU Reporter.

Here is the article in question:


In failing to act in a unified manner, and with certain member states consistently acting only in their own best interests, Europe’s relationships with Russia are being choreographed by the Kremlin. With economic relationships centring on oil and gas, Russia plays to its strengths, whilst Europe’s potential strengths, its size and wealth, are thrown away as the Union languishes in disunity.

Even in January 2009, after much posturing from the European Commission following the shutting off of gas supplies through Ukraine, Prime Minister Putin was sidestepping the EU and holding private talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, and Italian energy giant ENI in Moscow. As recently as June 2009, Romania was seeking to develop its own bilateral energy partnership with the Kremlin, and Bulgaria’s nuclear programme is inextricably tied to Russian state controlled energy companies.

At a two-day summit on May 21-22, in Khabarovsk, near the border with China, the EU and Russia failed to reach an agreement on an energy pact. Whilst Czech President VaclavKlaus, whose country then held the EU Presidency, tried to put a positive spin on the failure, Medvedev expressed his satisfaction with the “strategic character of relations” between the EU and Russia.

Russia’s worst case scenario is a Common European Energy Policy. Its ‘Trojan horses’ in the EU actively work against such a common policy, with Greece (which receives not only gas but also arms from Russia) and Cyprus (an off-shore haven for Russian-owned businesses) both refusing to support the unbundling of ownership of energy companies in Europe that would weaken Gazprom and other tools of Russian foreign policy. Vladimir Chizhov, Moscow’s ambassador to the EU, and whose son Vasily was expelled from NATO headquarters in April 2009 for spying, stated in an interview with Capital magazine, “Bulgaria is in a good position to become our special partner, a sort of Trojan horse in the EU”.

The EU is a post-modernist state. It evolved as an attempt to distance itself from traditional nationalism, and all the problems of the last century that stemmed from it. The postmodernist state does not emphasise sovereignty, it places no priority on balance of power and rejects the use of force as a means of resolving disputes. It actively seeks to evolve into anew form of polity, away from the traditional concept of the nation state. Russia, on the other hand, identifies with a 19th century concept of statehood.

Ivan Krastev, chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, commented in The American Interest (Nov/Dec 2008)that “For Moscow, postmodernism is what vegetarianism is to cannibals: an irritating irrelevance.” Russia sees the EU as a temporary phenomenon, destined to failure. The Russian policy of striking bilateral agreements with EU member states is not just one of divide and conquer; the Kremlin quite simply does not think the project will stay the course. Russian observers point at the Commission’s inability to sell the Constitution/Lisbon Treaty to the people as just one sign of the weakness inherent in the entire project.

The benefits of a common energy policy are clear: how to achieve it is not so clear at present, but it must surely be the number one priority for the incoming Commission and Parliament.©

End of article. To view the original: LINK

A very informative piece. Mr Cartwright must be commended for highlighting the fact that Russia as the main supplier of gas to Western Europe is in a position to hold the nation states of Europe to ransom. This is clearly a genuine European problem that must be tacked before it’s too late.

To suggest that Mr Cartwright is now in favour of European federalism - as some have done on the BDF - is utter nonsense. He is simply arguing that the various nation states of Europe cooperate to solve this problem. That this could be done without ANY loss of sovereignty is obvious.

I would have thought that even the most stupid of Farage’s sycophants - the odious communist Mark Croucher included - would have realised that.

Mr Cartwright’s patriotism is beyond question - unlike certain UKIP MEPs.

I would suggest that Farage’s useful idiots turn their fire on Marta Andersen - UKIP’s very own political prostitute - who is not only a staunch supporter of the EU but can’t even be bothered to live in the country she was elected to represent.

For more on this see GLW: LINK

Monday, 10 August 2009

UKIP: And who's been telling porkies?

UKIP’s recently published accounts are good for a laugh.

In just one year over a thousand members left UKIP. And can you really blame them for doing so? Would you really want to support a party led by liars, crooks and cheats?

I note that donations to the party are also down.

So much for the claim that UKIP is growing in strength!

And just what happened to the hundreds of thousands of pounds that Farage and Nattrass both claimed to have donated to UKIP? See: LINK

Greg Lance-Watkins has openly said that UKIP’s accounts are fraudulent. See: LINK

I must agree with him. So can we expect the Electoral Commission to take legal action?

Friday, 7 August 2009

UKIP: Another gem from Nigel Farage's photo album

Members of the Nigel Farage Fan Club hold their first meeting in Brussels.

Members are required to agree with everything that the Great Leader says and must not laugh when Nigel tells them that Annabelle Fuller is very attractive. Nor must they laugh when Derek Clark forgets to put on his shoes and turns up at a UKIP meeting wearing his slippers.

Sadly, David Bannerman could not make it as he was far too busy looking for the right woman in a certain club in Strasbourg. I hate to tell him this but he won't find her in THAT club!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

UKIP: Stuart Agnew MEP

Stuart Agnew - pictured above -has never been noted for being the sharpest knife in the box. Farage has rather unkindly described him “as thick as shit but he has money”.

Mr Agnew has openly boasted that he bought his way onto the MEP candidates list. He also favours the introduction of GM food and as an MEP is already lobbying for the widespread introduction of GM crops.

It should be noted that he stands to make a fortune if he is allowed to grow GM crops on his land. He also favours using cheap labour from Eastern Europe at the expense of British workers.

Last week Agnew travelled to Stanford le Hope in Essex to attend a meeting of UKIP’s South Essex branch.

Ronald Hurrell - the current chairman- is to resign this month after becoming totally disgusted with the way Nigel Farage has corrupted the party.

The branch will be split into two with Clive Broad - a local businessman - taking control of one half. Mr Broad is considered very right wing and is said to dislike the left wing views of Peter Reeve who is both Regional Organiser and resident thug for the Eastern Region.

At the meeting Stuart Agnew gave a not very informative talk on the EU. A lot of his information was clearly years out of date and by the end of his speech several of those present were on the point of dozing off.

One would have thought that as an MEP he could have at least found someone to carry out some decent research on his behalf!

It was also revealed that Bannerman will open a UKIP office in Cambridge. UKIP’s Chelmsford office will remain open. Agnew and Bannerman will jointly finance it.

Peter Reeve will also continue to be employed as RO by Bannerman and Agnew. It was also announced by Agnew that the title of Regional Organiser would be dropped as EU officials were raising concerns over the way UKIP was using EU money to fund their RO’s.

You may recall that Bannerman had made it known prior to the MEP selection interviews that he would continue to employ Peter Reeve IF he was selected lead candidate in the East. See: LINK

It is interesting to note that both David Bannerman and Stuart Gulleford failed to attend the meeting.

Bannerman is now far too busy enjoying the Strasbourg nightlife to bother with the electorate or those UKIPPERS who helped get him elected!

Gulleford is still trying to get over the shock of not being selected UKIP’s lead MEP candidate in the East. He is bitterly resentful of both Bannerman and Agnew as he feels that the lead position was his by right. Jeffrey Titford - currently under investigation by OLAF - had promised him the job and so it's not surprising that Gulleford feels betrayed.

It should also be noted that Mike McGough and Andrew Smith turned up to the meeting UNINVITED. As you would expect these two intellectual lightweights failed to contribute anything of note to the meeting.

Mike McGough’s main claim to fame is lying to UKIPPERS in his MEP election address. He falsely claimed to be a UKIP PPC. He also illustrates his profound stupidity by posting nonsense on the British Democracy Forum.

Andrew Smith is the man who continued to accept donations from Alan Bown despite being aware that that Bown was not on the electoral list. This is illegal under British electoral law.

For more on this dishonest pair see: LINK & LINK

And for more on Agnew's Essex trip see GLW: LINK

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

UKIP's latest political stunt

UKIP’s latest political stunt has backfired on them rather badly.

Here is their latest press release.

A Wythenshawe teenager is believed to be youngest parliamentary candidate ever selected in the country.

UKIP has chosen 18-year-old Christopher Cassidy to fight the Wythenshawe and Sale East seat in the next General Election.

"I have been interested in politics from an early age and became involved with UKIP and politics about four years ago,” ” explained Chris, pictured right.

“I have wanted to be an MP for a long time but thought I would have to wait until I was 21 to stand a chance of being selected. But the rules have now changed and the age has been lowered to 18."Chris, who was head boy at Sale High School, went on to study at Xaverian College in Manchester and plans to obtain a political degree.

He is both election officer and membership officer for UKIP’s South Manchester and Trafford branch.

End of press release.

So in a desperate attempt to get some publicity UKIP choose an 18 year old child to stand for Parliament!

Clearly UKIP has learnt nothing from recent events. The public are simply not interested in adolescents who want to become career politicians at the taxpayers expense.

If I lived in his constituency I would be extremely insulted that UKIP has selected a person with absolutely no life or work experience.

A quick look at Mr Cassidy’s blog is also good for a laugh: LINK But perhaps we should not be too harsh on the lad for even UKIP’s Press Office can’t produce professional looking press releases or websites.

Mr Cassidy’s blog features a picture of what looks suspiciously like a leg taken from one of Peter Reeve’s pet stick insects and includes the following fascinating information:

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

And it appears that his branch can’t even be bothered to publicise him as their candidate: LINK

When you click on his name on the candidates page you get:

The page cannot be found.

Even UKIP's staunchest supporters on the British Democracy Forum have criticised the decision to allow Mr Cassidy to become a UKIP PPC

Farage sycophant ‘Kernow’ has been less than supportive of UKIP’s latest wonder boy:

I agree! The lad may well be brilliant and make a good politician, but I doubt if those outside of UKIP would vote for him. No matter how academically brilliant you may be at 18 you've no real life experience, whatever your background. I'd also be worried as to why any lad even thought about politics at 18, I know what my interest was then!

Nuff said!

For more on Mr Cassidy see GLW: LINK

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

UKIP: The ballad of Mr Bonde or why Michael McGough is a fool

I read with interest the following article on the British Democracy Forum. The author published it under the name ‘Dirk’. Clearly he is one of the more intelligent users of the BDF.

The ghost of Jens Peter Bonde, generally referred to as the "veteran eurosceptic" still walks the corridors of the EU institutions, looking for a role.

The former communist, and author of many "user friendly" versions of EU treaties (most of which still sit in packing cases in dusty storerooms - the books are irrelevant, its who the money is spent with that matters) has backed all the wrong horses. He stepped down as an MEP leaving his puppet Hanna Dahle in his old position as co-President of Ind Dem to look after his interests. His cohorts, the husband and wife team who were collectively known as Ind Dem Secretary Generals, then got the hell out of Dodge as pronto as possible before anybody got to look over the paperwork, although Frau Secretary General delayed her retirement when it became know that OLAF had become a bit keen, and that the Belgian police were investigating incidents of computer hacking within the group. She stayed on for 6 months to cover everybody's backs for a bit.

Bonde then concentrated on his pan-European party, the EU Democrats, the staff of which were paid for out of Ind Dem - and that means UKIP - funds. Then, oh dear, the fraud investigators got a bit keen on that one as well. Sensing a few bob may be available, Bonde then threw his lot in with Declan Ganley. I remember one meeting in London when Bonde, Ganley by his side, stated that "UKIP is no longer a part of the equation". Apparently he is as loyal to his friends as King Nigel (hopefully) the last is.

So having given up his seat and sidelined the EU Democrats, Bonde got to crash and burn with Ganley, who has now left the stage. So what is to become of the old rogue and "veteran eurosceptic", I hear you ask. Well. he has been busy.

Sensing that his old muckers from UKIP might not fare so well, and that they could even end up without a group, he threw in his lot with the Timo Soini, the nutcase from the true Finns. Soini does not know many normal people, so he was glad to find a friend, any friend. Sadly for him, Bonde handled the negotiations when he tried to get into the new Tory group in the European Parliament. We turned him down for two reasons: firstly, he is bonkers. Secondly, we know Bonde well, and would not even touch him with somebody else's bargepole!So Bonde went back to his old mates, and as we all know Farage does not give a damn who who touches with his bargepole, as long as he gets a group to control, and so Soini is now in a group.

Bonde, meanwhile, is job seeking. Lord Farage of Bromley is trying to ease him out, but being a coward, does not have the guts to just tell him to go. Both are moving behind the scenes, and it is quite funny to watch. Bonde even tried to explain to one UKIPer that one of Farage's new friends, a convicted Nazi, was never really convicted, it was a bit of nothing when he was young, nothing to worry about at all. Well, Jens Peter, Morten Messerschmidt was sentenced to prison for racial offences, and then some years later was forced to resign his job for "seig heiling" in public. So desperate is Bonde for a job, he is prepared to airbrush all this out of history.

Such lovely folks Saint Nigel gathers around him.

End of article.

As you would expect Farage's useful idiots quickly crawled out from the sewers in order to defend the indefensible.

Michael McGough - pictured above on the campaign trail - was quick to illustrate his profound stupidity by posting the following statement:

What were the other options ?

Petrina Holdsworth - UKIP’s former Chairman - replied:

The most radical of options -no group ! Better to stand alone than be dragged down by mixing with this lot. They have more baggage that a pack- horse.

Whilst I accept that it might look better to be heading a group of similar minded/eurosceptic MEPs this little bunch have really nothing to recommend them.

'Honey Monster' McGough replied:

I am sure I recall UKIP getting quite good press re the new group in otherwise hostile media. By being part of this group they are (1) in a group with the benefits of such and (2) they have precluded their new associates from joining a group with the bnp and their ilk.

The press referred to the new group as the 'reasonable right'.

So Farage’s decision to form an alliance with neo-fascists was done in order to stop them forming a group with the BNP!

Well thanks for clearing that one up. So as long as the fascists join UKIP and not the BNP everything is fine!

Priceless! And McGough wonders why even his fellow UKIPPERS view his antics on the Forum with increasing embarrassment!

And I would very much like to know which newspaper referred to the new group as the ‘reasonable right’. I can’t find ANY journalist or newspaper who has described them in such terms.

Lying again, McGough?

Monday, 3 August 2009

UKIP: Another disastrous election result for Nigel Farage!

What a surprise! Less than two months after the Euro elections and UKIP’s vote has collapsed.

Brinsley by-election 30/7/09

Conservative 416

British National Party 288

Lib Dems 224

Labour 68


In a ludicrous attempt to justify this awful result Tom Wilde - moderator of the British Democracy Forum and clearly one of Farage’s useful idiots - claimed that most potential UKIP voters probably voted Tory in order to keep out the BNP!

Where does Farage finds these people? And why does Anthony Butcher - owner of the BDF - allow such idiots to run his forum? One can only wonder what qualifications you need to become a moderator? Do you have to be born an idiot or do you have to work at it?

But I would like to thank Mr Wilde for confirming one point - UKIP is not a serious political party.

For how can they possibly claim to be a serious political party when they are quite happy for their members and supporters to ignore their own candidate and vote Tory in order to stop the BNP?

A user of the Forum spoke for many when they said:

I just wonder how the UKIP Candidate and activists felt when they were told that votes would be cast for the Tories in an effort to keep the BNP out........

Sunday, 2 August 2009

UKIP: Another hypocrite joins UKIP

There has been a certain amount of jubilation in UKIP after it was announced that two Welsh councillors had defected to UKIP.

Both were originally elected as Independents.

It is quite ironic that one of the two - Neil Greer - had previously attacked councillors who changed sides without submitting themselves to a by-election!

Clearly he has a short memory. Or is he just another hypocrite? I suspect the latter.

He should do very well in UKIP!

A local reporter was less than impressed with both his hypocrisy and his betrayal of all those who had voted for him as an Independent.

AND a big week for the UK Independence Party too, as two Merthyr Tydfil councillors joined the party, giving Ukip its first council seats in the Valleys.

Adam Brown and Neil “Jock” Greer were previously independents, but who can doubt they will provide a huge boost for a party whose representatives have often had a reputation for being fruit-loops with incoherent views?

Mr Brown has passionately campaigned for a ban on the sale of chewing gum in Merthyr town centre and lives outside the borough because his house in Merthyr reminds him of his dead grandmother. Mr Greer has previously stood for the complete-opposite-of-Ukip, Forward Wales and last year attacked those councillors who switched party allegiance without submitting themselves to a by-election (which he himself is now doing).

They should fit right in, eh?

To see the original: LINK

Saturday, 1 August 2009

UK First: Congratulations to Robin Page!

I would like to congratulate Robin Page on his election as leader of UK First. Mr Page is a man of principle and integrity - a great rarity in today’s political climate!

These are also qualities that are so lacking in UKIP’s leadership where corruption and dishonesty are the norm and odious filth like Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and David Bannerman rise to the top due to their lies, deceit and dirty tricks.

UKIP is now simply the vehicle for sordid career politicians and their lackeys. Farage's decision to form a Brussels group with neo-fascists was the last straw for many members who now seek a party free from such filth.

A vote for Nigel Farage’s UKIP is a vote for lies and corruption and nothing else.

We need a viable alternative to their dishonesty and UK First could be the answer!

I am the first to admit that UK First has had problems largely thanks to the dishonesty of Peter Cole and Bruce Lawson who both tried to use to party to further their own careers.

However, with the departure of Lawson and the sidelining of Cole it now appears that Mr Page can safely steer the party away from the rocks and sail it into a bright future.

I wish both Robin and UK First the very best of luck!

For more information please see GLW’s blog on UK First: LINK