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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

>Farage: Happy To Work With The BNP, & Opposed To A Referendum.


This came into our hands today. It is an e-mail from Andrew 'Steve' Reed, who was until quite recently Nigel Farage's personal assistant in the European Parliament. It demonstrates the willingness of Farage's office to work with the BNP. It also confirms UKIP's instinctive opposition to a referendum on membership of the EU.

Should any Faragistas ask us for evidence of the integrity of this evidence, we say only this. Sue us, you claim to know who we are, so drop us a summons. And then we will present that evidence in court!

Dear Derek
Technically, Mr Laybourne is right to describe a referendum on adherence to the EU as "treason".

As for the exclusion of former BNP-members from UKIP-membership, this was absolutely essential to avoid the deluge of ordure the pro-EU mass-media would otherwise have had the opportunity to fling at UKIP; but why should it matter, to former BNP-members, if they are denied a UKIP-membership card?  There is much they can contribute, without having a card!  What is really important here?  Having a card or making contribution?
Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed
Office of Nigel Farage, Brussels

Monday, 27 January 2014

>UKIP: Farage Lies Condemned.


The purpose and role of the Monster Raving Loony Party is to entertain us, by parodying the political elites. They do this very well.

But it is very rare that they engage with real issues. Now we see them doing exactly that with this very interesting letter from Lord Toby Jug.

What he experienced is confirmation of Goebbels assertion that the bigger the lie, the more people there are who will believe it.

Friday, 17 January 2014

>UKIP Partner 'Blacks Up' For Racist Rant


UKIP's partners in the EFD political group in the European Parliament, Lega Nord, are known for their extremism, and for the racially motivated violence of their members.

Now the media are reporting on one of their MPs in Italy, Gianluca Buonanno, 'blacking up' for a racist rant. This comes after a number insults aimed at Italy's only black minister, Cecile Kyengea, a lady of Congolese extraction.

Mario Borgezhio MEP has convictions for attacking a child, and for setting fire to the meagre possessions of a homeless immigrant. Another Lega Nord MEP, Salvini, has called for racial segregation on public transport.

Now all this might seem cowardly - attacking women, children, and the homeless. But let us remember - we are talking about Italians here, people who are not renowned for their heroism.

This is the type of scum that Nigel Farage depends on to keep his political group together. Remember, Lega Nord hold the co-Presidency of the EFD group.

This is what our forebears fought - and won - a war against in the middle of the last century. Nice people you suck up to, Farage!

Friday, 10 January 2014

>Marine Le Pen says Front National and Ukip 'closer than they would like to admit'!


In an article in The Telegraph, Marine Le Pen confirms what have been saying for some time now.

A truly tangled web is being woven, as questions are being asked in Tory circles as to whether a politician associated with FN would be suitable for a peerage. Of course, these questions are coming from those Tories who are aghast at the idea of Farage receiving a peerage. His sponsers don't care at all, they just want him to neutralise UKIP for them prior to the 2015 general election.

Actually, it would not be such a bitter pill for Cameron to swallow. Just take a look at some of the crooks and cronies that are appointed to the Lords by the political parties. Farage would not be at all out of place there.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

>Annabelle Fuller's PCC Complaint Fails.....


Complainant Name:
Annabelle Fuller

Clauses Noted: 3, 10
Publication: The Sunday Times
Annabelle Fuller complained to the Press Complaints Commission with the authorisation of Alexandra Phillips. The complainant was concerned that the newspaper had wrongly linked Ms Phillips with allegations of racism and had relied on information obtained from Facebook that was the subject of a police investigation. The complainant alleged a breach of Clause 3 (Privacy) and Clause 10 (Clandestine devices and subterfuge) of the Editors' Code of Practice.

The newspaper did not accept that the Code had been breached....
Oh dear! It seems that hardly a week goes by without another UKIPPER landing up in the tabloids for a racist or homophobic outburst. Annabelle Fuller's attempt to clear Alexandra Phillips' name seems not to have worked out so well.

Friday, 3 January 2014

>Lording It Over UKIP!


The revolution always devours it's own children, and the vipers have turned on Godfrey Bloom. It's actually a classic example of how the old adage works in practice: Bloom has been making daft, headline grabbing statements for years. It has been his traditional role in UKIP. All of a sudden, a casual remark about women being "sluts", and he is thrown to the wolves. The time for all that has passed, Godfrey, and they didn't tell you. Goodbye.

But the cheeky chappie has got in a fine retort or two. He has now let something devastating slip to the Guardian:

"Bloom accuses Ukip's leader of pursuing an "Ein F├╝hrer" leadership policy and a "No-policy" policy agenda, and claims Farage has already struck a secret election deal with the Tories in return for a seat in the Lords."

This is, of course no secret. But Bloom has now placed this officially in the public domanin. Farage will be aware that the press have been asking questions on this matter recently. The problem is, they have been asking the wrong people at Central Office. That particular cadre no more want to see this come out than Farage does. At least not at this particular moment. After the 2014 Euro elections, however, Farage knows his moment will come.