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Friday, 30 December 2011

More UKIP Bits and Pieces

Derek Clark demonstates to Bloggers (Farage Sycophants) 4 UKIP how best to please Nigel Farage

UKIP East Midlands

Things just get worse for Dippy Derek Clark. Steve Crowther (UKIP executive chairman) has confirmed to certain UKIPPERS that the region was down to JUST 829 members by April of this year!

And why are we not surprised? Clark is ONLY interested in the EU Gravy Train. The branches can Go to Hell as far as he is concerned. Under him, the region has seen branches close, members resign or forced out and idiots selected as candidates. Remember the farce that was the Leicester mayoral election? See: LINK.

And don't forget that Clark was ordered by OLAF to pay back roughly £60,000 after he was found guilty of misusing his EU allowances. LINK

And yet more terrible election results

The 'Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP' blog has called the Brighton result "slightly disappointing". Talk about the understatement of the year! But what can you expect from a man who has had his head firmly stuck up Nigel's backside for years?

Westbourne, Brighton and Hove

Lib Dem45
Trade Unionists &
Socialists Against Cuts
European Citizens Party13

Worlingham, Suffolk



Lord Pearson's EU Bill

Pearson's new Bill for a cost benefit analysis of membership of the EU has now passed to its first stages in the House of Commons. We expect it to vanish without trace.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Farage and Nuttall v UKIP Wales: A Party at War

UKIP Wales is currently being torn apart by infighting after it emerged that Nigel Farage and the odious Paul Nuttall had decided to ditch UKIP's opposition to devolution and embrace a policy that will result in the end of the UK. The EU will be pleased. So now UKIP's leadership is willing to make the EU's job easier by weakening our nation state!

That senior members of UKIP Wales were not consulted about the proposed changes comes as no surprise! And that 'Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP' blog - also known as 'Bloggers 4 UKIP' - has publicly attacked UKIP Wales members as 'fifth columnists' tells you all you need to know about who is really pulling their strings! And quite right too! How dare the ordinary members speak out against the ideas of the Glorious Fuhrer and his Deputy!

Here is a statement from UKIP Wales. It was made in response to the odious Nuttal's poorly written devolution policy:

United We Stand...The United Kingdom. 

The United Kingdom Independence Party. 

It’s all in the name. However, we sometimes have to ask

“Which part of United Kingdom do you not understand?”

Deputy Party Leader Paul Nuttall’s policy proposal

“A Union for the Future” is a case in point...

The Devolution Settlement is a stupid mess. On that we can agree with Mr. Nuttall.

As for the rest of his proposal, we profoundly disagree both in sentiment and logic.

UKIP Wales has worked for 10 years on its policy to Abolish the Welsh Assembly and use Welsh Westminster MP’s to sort out Welsh issues One week a month would be set aside for this. 

English MP’s would have English days for English issues.

The Welsh Assembly has 10 years of nonsense, waste and policy failure to its credit and is in trouble.

We are living in exciting times. Brussels and the Euro are about to self-destruct and the Devolved Assemblies are losing credibility fast. 

It seems our Noble Cause is about to be won. Mr. Nuttall says that Scottish, Welsh and Irish devolution has weakened the Union. 

Yet he says that English devolution will strengthen it. Far from strengthening it, we believe that an English Assembly would cause our Union to shatter. He has proposed a policy document from hell. We have been anticipating this kind of proposal for several years but expected it to come from Brussels or the Welsh or Scottish separatists.

For it to come from UKIP Central is a deeply disillusioning experience.

Even those who like Mr. Nuttall’s proposal must admit that it will frighten and upset a lot of people. Why do this? UKIP occupies the perfect position right now! You can’t improve on perfect, you can only go backwards. 

So what is the point of “A Union for the Future”?

The English have, for many centuries, been very grown-up and patient on this subject. 

They have put up with, we admit it, the slightly tiresome antics of the Celtic Fringe because it was worth it in the interest of the higher cause of UNITY. We believe the great majority of the English still feel this way passionately.

UKIP and the United Kingdom can, in effect, sit quietly and allow Victory to fall into our laps. We have won the arguments. Our enemies are in disarray. We see it in the newspapers and on the television every day.

There is just one danger left. “Ourselves.” It is still possible to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory. How ? By developing and promoting new, wildly radical plans to tear up the British Constitution.

Whatever you strive for in life, you must always be very clear about

“..The Aim..”

and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from it.

We put it to you that UKIP’s aim is, and always has been:-..

“To preserve the United Kingdom INTACT !”

That, of course, means we must get out of the European Union. It also means that we must resist the Balkanisation of Britain.

We urge you to reject Mr. Nuttall’s policy proposal and support our efforts in Wales to remain a very close partner in the most successful Union the world has ever known

The following pages explain UKIP’s long standing policy on devolution.

Long Live The United Kingdom !

UKIP Wales There are two Principles, which underlie everything that UKIP stands for... 

One is the integrity of the UK, and the other is independence from the EU.

All policies must be judged in accordance with these principles.

The EU has long known that divide and conquer is the only way to create its Superstate. Under the EU’s stated plans, Britain is destined to be turned into 12 regions. After Labour came to power in 1997, the first of these devolved regional assemblies were created in Scotland, Wales, London and Northern Ireland.

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall proposes that by breaking the UK into 5 Regions (London, England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) and creating an English devolved Parliament, this will be a victory for UKIP, which will thwart the EU’s ambitions.

This is not the case.

It would, in fact, complete the next phase of Brussels’ plan to break up the UK.

Brussels always works on the ratchet principle. The next move by the EU would be to foment dissatisfaction in the North of England using present financial difficulties and to promote a split between North and South.

Following that they would revive the ‘Regions of England proposal’ which failed last time. Then they would exploit any problems by installing unelected puppet regimes as they have just done in Greece and Italy.

The separatists in Wales also work on the same ratchet principle. Having just achieved more power in a biased referendum they are already asking for further powers. The lesson of history is that appeasement never works; it just leads to more demands.

Up until March of 2011, UKIP was the only mainstream political party that opposed the EU’s Regionalisation Plan for the UK.

The Party is now asking the membership if this should still be the case or if we should accept and push for separate devolved governments in the UK.

As a party, we are made up of people from all of the United Kingdom coming from many political backgrounds.

To adopt a policy that will be divisive, at the exact moment when we must be unified is folly. The EU is teetering on the brink, and diverting our efforts from our ultimate aim is madness. Britain leaving the EU is our aim, and dabbling in policies that will polarise the membership is an error of judgment.

Unless you live under one of the devolved governments, you probably are not aware of the existing UKIP policy to address devolution.

The question we are asking, is:

“What was wrong with the existing policy?”

This is set out on the following page.

It does not pander to any other pressure groups. Paul Nuttall’s proposal was co-written by Eddie Bone and Scilla Cullen who are members of the Campaign for an English Parliament.

The existing policy is simple. It will not cost any more money but will save money - less politicians to pay. The civil service is already in place, and the MPs are already elected and paid to do their jobs.

It does not tamper with a formula that has worked for hundreds of years, and it addresses the injustices that some in England feel with the current state of affairs.

How it would work MPs are elected by first past the post in the same way and from constituencies that currently exist.

For three weeks each month MPs would meet in Westminster, as at present, to debate and vote on British matters (non devolved).

On the fourth week, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs would meet in their home capital cities to deal with devolved matters.

There would be no further devolution of powers.

We would however lose the additional layer of politicians as the MPs would now do the job of MSPs, AMs and MLAs.

Purely English matters would be dealt with in England solely by English MPs.

Upper Chamber..

Every legislative body needs scrutiny otherwise poorly drafted and bad laws will result.

The House of Lords needs reform, not abolition.

English MPs.. Scottish MPs.. Welsh MPs.. Northern Ireland MPs.

British Parliament.

MPs elected from all of the UK Constituencies meet for 3 weeks of the month in Westminster.

United We Stand.

Union for the Future.

Opposes the EUs Regionalisation Policy.

Will not distract us from getting out of the EU.

Answers the West Lothian Question without breaking up the UK.

No extra politicians/buildings/bureaucrats.

Maintains historic role of Parliament & MPs.

How Do They Compare?


We believe passionately in the Union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Union has brought enormous benefits to us and to the wider world. Our proposal is not regionalisation. It does not create new bodies or pander to separatist nationalists.

This is our answer to the West Lothian question, and the only way to preserve the Union.

We believe the membership of UKIP need to discuss this crucial policy at a “Constitutional Conference”, where the true feeling of the membership can be expressed.

“A Union for the Future” has the possibility of being very divisive for the Party.

After reading this counter proposal, we would be grateful if you could let us know what you think

We will collate the responses and use them to ensure that we do not adopt the “Union for the Future” without having had a fair chance to put an alternative to the Party.

You can either write to us, or email:

UKIP Wales,
29 Ponc Y Fron,
LL77 7NY

Email feedback@ukipwales.org

The more feedback we get, the greater our chance of changing a disastrous policy

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

UKIP: Is the EFD big enough for two messiahs?

Contrarianism is basically a negative approach to life, and one often associated with the ill-informed and the disenfranchised. Contrarians often also tend towards conspiracy theories in their vain attempts to fill the gaps in their knowledge and understanding of the world that revolves around, but seemingly without, them.
Magdi  Allam is a contrarian, but he falls into a different category. His contrarianism is actually similar to that displayed most often by the loony-left, a loathing of one's own identity. It's where the SWP came from, and it explains why middle class white kids sport dreadlocks and deface war memorials.
Allam is an Egyptian Muslim, who turned against his own culture in 2008 when he converted to Catholicism. He now majors on calling for a ban on building mosques, and expresses strong support for Israel. He claims that he has been targeted by Hamas since 2003.
The Catholic church in Spain has questioned his conversion, and there have been strong concerns raised about some of the 'extremist' nature of some of his comments, whilst some have raised suspicions that his conversion was more to do with his political ambitions.
When he converted, Allam, who is now an Italian MEP, adopted the name Cristiano. Perhaps he has Messianic ambitions? Well, if so he is in good company, because he has just joined Nigel Farage's EFD group in the European Parliament.
Conspiracy theories, instinctive contrarianism, and anti-Islamism - Allam is in the right place. But is the EFD big enough for two messiahs?

Saturday, 24 December 2011

UKIP: The Three Wise MEPs

And who can blame them for leaving the EFD! Would you want to associate with people such as the pro-EU/fascist Lega Nord?

Here's another example of Lega Nord's extremism.....

Following the murder of two immigrants in Florence on December 13th, Lega Nord activist Eros Domenico  admitted to being pleased with the shooting: “that’s good, we’ll have two mouths less to feed” he is quoted as saying in the Italian journal L'Espresso.

Eccola qui, la vera Lega - l’Espresso

So can we expect Nigel Farage to condemn these comments? Don't forget that they were made by a representative of a party that he is happy to sit with in the EFD. Silence can be taken as agreement.

UKIP: Christmas Greetings from Nigel's 'Yes Men'

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Christmas from Nigel Farage and his chums!

Double click on the pictures for a closer look!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dr Richard North on the continued failure of UKIP

Taken from Dr North's blog:

My former co-editor is less than charitable about the failure of UKIP to displace the Lib-dims and come away with third place in the Feltham and Heston by-election. Forum members here also question UKIP's abilities, if it cannot even motivate enough people to vote for it under the current circumstances.

When UKIP itself admits, according to diverse media sources, to losing out to The Boy's pretend veto, and we see the party's less then sure response to it, it is time to ask whether continued support is a waste of time and energy, as it repeatedly fails to register beyond the euro-elections.

We have long asserted that the main problem with UKIP is its lack of intellectual base, having observed that all successful revolutionary parties in the past have always gone through the motions of producing a intellectual "credo", sufficient to unite and motivate its members, and attract popular support.

The lack is very obvious when you think that there are no end of discussion on the nature and meaning of conservatism, of socialism, and on the "liberal" ideology – but no one would think to ask: "what is UKIPism". It simply does not exist, other than in a negative sense, a campaign uniting some of those who want the UK to leave the UK.

After all these years, however, we have failed to impress on the party that you cannot create a mass movement on the back of a negative. It is unlikely that anyone who had started a campaign in the past to leave the Austro-Hungarian Empire would have had any more success than UKIP is having now.

Yet, now has never been a better time to sell the eurosceptic (i.e., leaving the EU) message, and it would be a criminal dereliction to allow the Tory europlastics to grab the high ground and exploit anti-EU sentiment for their own electoral gain.

To that effect, I recall in 1999 (I think it was then, but I am happy to be corrected) attending a series of quo vadis meetings, to discuss the way forward.

Nothing long-term came of them – and we are perhaps seeing the result. So it maybe time to repeat the experiment and gather together interested parties to see whether there is a common, positive ideology that could unite us all, and provide a standard around which the disaffected of this nation can muster.

It is early days yet, but maybe we should be looking at the New Year, pulling together some of the leading eurosceptic activists, in public meetings, to see what comes of another series of quo vadis meetings. Whatever else, we cannot continue like this. We need to win … and that we are not doing.

I am fed up with being on the losing side.

To read the original: LINK

Also see: LINK

Friday, 16 December 2011

UKIP bomb in by-election

UKIP's Feltham and Heston candidate

It was all so predictable. Farage's useful idiots pick a joke candidate who likes to call himself 'Dr Earth'. Farage and his cronies visit the constituency, hold meetings and claim that UKIP is surging ahead in the polls. Voters are told that UKIP is set to replace the Lib Dems as Britain's third party.

"It has always been our intention to make UKIP the 'third party' in British politics and these poll results certainly suggest that we are heading in the right direction."

"We've made such fantastic inroads in Feltham & Heston so far in this short campaign, now we need to firm up that support and continue to spread the message," he said.

"After the events in Europe this week, it's clear that the real debate about Britain's continued membership of the EU is still to begin and UKIP's message is central to that, so people are listening.

"We have a great candidate in Andrew Charalambous and a tremendous team co-ordinating the campaign, now we need more feet on the streets to help them."

Nigel Farage

Leaflets are distributed and Farage basks in the adulation of his sycophants. He tells them that UKIP is on the way to Westminster.........

Another glass of wine, Mr Farage?

And then the eager party faithful gather for the result. UKIPPERS are visibly shocked to hear that they have been knocked into fourth place by the Lib Dems. And this was DESPITE Farage's assurances that Clegg's party was going to be humiliated by UKIP.

UKIP scored a pathetic 5.49% on the day. And Labour's vote went up! And yet Farage's useful idiots still try to spin a terrible result.
"It is becoming increasingly clear that UKIP is a refreshing alternative to the tired old status quo. The Lib Dems are almost a busted flush. People are turning to UKIP as they realise we are serious when it comes to putting Britain first." From the official UKIP website.

We hardly think that Cameron or Clegg will be too concerned by such claptrap. UKIP has been in existence for 17 years and yet they have still failed to get a single person election to Westminster in all that time. And let's not forget that their councillors (elected as UKIP) could fit in a small village hall!

UKIP exists solely as the means for Farage and his sycophants to get elected to the EU Gravy Train. Nothing more, nothing less. UKIP is the Nigel Farage Party.

UKIP is a spent force. We have said so on numerous occasions. And so has GLW in his blogs. See our post from November which points out that UKIP has about as much chance of getting MPs as the odious Paul Nuttall has of growing hair. LINK 

The full results:
  • Seema Malhotra, Labour - 12,639
  • Mark Bowen, Conservative - 6,436
  • Roger Crouch, Liberal Democrats - 1,364
  • Andrew Charalambous, UKIP - 1,276
  • David Furness, BNP - 540
  • Daniel Goldsmith, Green - 426
  • Roger Cooper, English Democrats - 322
  • George Hallam, London People Before Profit - 128
  • David Bishop, Bus-Pass Elvis Party - 93

Thursday, 15 December 2011

UKIP: Nigel Farage and Lega Nord

Matteo Salvini is the Lega Nord MEP who notoriously called for racial segregation on Milanese public transport. Like most separatists he is an avowed Europhile - his party is calling for regional autonomy, and the EU is quite keen on that sort of thing as it likes the idea of weakening existing states. Lega Nord have one slight problem, the region thay seek autonomy for, Padania, exists mainly in their own minds. Historically, it was a little used alternative name for the Po Valley until Lega Nord adopted the name for a general swathe of Northern Italy.
These dubious people, many of whom have convictions for racially motivated offences, including violence and child abuse, sit in the EFD group alongside UKIP. Indeed, their leader is a co-president alongside Nigel Farage.
Salvini is now calling in the European Parliament for harmonised customs legislation, and even for the formation of an EU Customs Agency.
How does sitting alongside EU federalists and convicted far-right criminals get Britain out of the EU, Nigel?
Are you so obsessed with the glory of being a group president and the money that filters your way from group budgets that you would sell out your party, your principles, and even your country by sitting with filth, the like of which our grandfathers fought a war against?
Farage the eurosceptic? Bullshit. Farage the professional euro-politician lining his pockets and clinging to the ambition of a lifetime career at taxpayer's expense.
Being a euro-fat cat is a far more secure career option than trading futures in African timber, it seems

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

UKIP: Another leadership cock-up

UKIP election poster

The words brewery, couldn't, organise and p*ss up spring to mind.

Dear UKIP Member

London Assembly List ballot

It has been brought to our attention that there are some flaws in the balloting process currently underway to gauge Members' preferences regarding the London Assembly candidate list.

The NEC has decided that we need to take remedial action, so:

•  We will be immediately re-running the ballot of London Members, with added security on the ballot papers. This will happen as soon as the new ballot papers can be printed (next week).

•  We will be re-editing the candidates' 150-word declarations, to ensure that no significant content or meaning is lost.

•  We will be adding a reply-paid envelope to improve turnout, and will ensure that members have sufficient time to vote; though it would be appreciated if members would return their ballot papers quickly, to account for the delays in Christmas post.

In every other respect, the process will be as previously described. The results of the members' ballot will be provided to the NEC who will approve and publish the final list.

I apologise for the shortcomings of the first ballot. In our haste to get the London List resolved, and with the sudden arrival of the Feltham & Heston by-election, we have not performed as well as we should.


Steve Crowther

Executive Party Chairman

Friday, 9 December 2011

UKIP: Peter Reeve still working for David Bannerman and the Tories

Readers of this blog will remember that Peter Reeve had a bust up with Stuart Gulleford (UKIP Chelmsford Office) after it emerged that Reeve was listed as a researcher in a Tory publication written by David Bannerman, the former UKIP MEP. LINK. It was later claimed that this was nothing than a 'courtesy acknowledgement' as much of the research had been carried out by Reeve while Bannerman was still in UKIP. This was a lie. We can confirm that Peter Reeve - UKIP regional organiser, UKIP councillor and boyfriend of Lisa 'Needs a Wash' Duffy - is STILL employed by Bannerman as a researcher.

A quick look at Bannerman's entry on the official EU website reveals that Reeve, Peter David is listed as one of his assistants. Click HERE to read it.

We wonder just how Mr Reeve's UKIP colleagues will react to this news? Bannerman is rightly regarded by UKIPPERS as a traitor and turncoat after he left the party to rejoin the Tories. Bannerman, in retaliation, has attacked the party as being nothing more than a pressure group. He also attacked Farage's leadership LINK and  LINK.

So Peter Reeve - a paid employee of UKIP - is also more than happy to work for a man who betrayed the entire membership of UKIP.

So Peter Reeve is more than happy to be listed as an assistant to the Tory MEP on the EU website. And this is despite his condemning the Tories as a"party that should be thrown out of government".

But should we be that surprised at Reeve's hypocrisy? Like Bannerman, the man is motivated by greed and ego. Integrity and honesty are alien words to such men. Remember how Bannerman once described the Tories?

It's overwhelmingly clear now that trusting Cameron with Europe will be as misguided as trusting Blair on Iraq". June 2010

And don't forget how Bannerman attacked the Tories in a CIB newspaper. LINK. How ironic that it was published at the same time as Bannerman's defection to the Tories!

And we are not surprised that Bannerman is keen to keep Reeve close to him. Reeve has enough dirt on Bannerman to finish his career. Remember that OLAF investigation? See below.

We can confirm that Mr Reeve will have some serious explaining to do! One senior UKIPPER has already expressed concerns over the security implications. Just what information on UKIP could Reeve be passing on to his Tory boss? And just what information on UKIP is being passed to the Tories via Reeve?

David Bannerman, Peter Reeve and Stuart Agnew are currently under investigation by OLAF after Stuart Agnew MEP admitted to a Times reporter that both he and Bannerman were illegally paying Reeve out of their EU allowances. LINK

Here is the video where he admits their dishonesty. Agnew can be heard on the video admitting that Reeve does no work for them, and that he is knowingly acting illegally:

“I can tell you that Peter is paid partly by me out of my assistance allowance here partly by David Bannerman . He does very little work for us, virtually none. He is working for the party. And that’s strictly illegal.”

Salaries paid via MEPs’ assistance allowance must not fund party work.

Also see: LINK

Monday, 5 December 2011

UKIP: Gerard Batten reported to Metropolitan Police

Gerard Batten is far from having a happy time at the moment! Our readers will recall that a former member of his staff has taken the MEP to an industrial tribunal following allegations of racism. LINK

It has since emerged that Batten is now the subject of a police investigation - 6567497/11 - after serious allegations were made to officers about the London MEP. Batten is accused of making racist and anti-Islamic comments in the presence of staff members.

Gerard Batten is also the subject of an OLAF investigation - OF/2011/10/17. This involves allegations that he misused EU allowances. LINK

Could it get any worse than this? It appears so! Gerard has also been reported to the Electoral Commission after concerns were raised about his recent election expenses!

We understand that certain details regarding Mick 'Wolfman' McGough are of some interest to some of the  organisations mentioned above. McGough has been signing off Batten's accounts.

Batten intends to stand again as UKIP's London MEP. We would urge all UKIPPERS in the London region to reject him. We need a person of vision and drive in London. We need a person who will put Country before Self. We need a person untainted by allegations of corruption, dishonesty and nepotism. That is why we can't support Gerard Batten in his bid to seek a third term in office. LINK

Also see: LINK

Sunday, 4 December 2011

UKIP: An independent view of Nigel Farage

A very interesting independent analysis of what's wrong with UKIP. Written by a 33 year old after watching a selection of Farage's speeches on the Internet.

Farage clearly has a facility for theatre and oratory, but so do most well trained actors. The political role that Farage holds is the easiest role for a good orator to deliver. He will never be in government so won't ever have to take responsibility for actually implementing any of his policies (a privileged position that I bet the Lib Dems wish they could return to!), he is only standing on one issue - Europe (although obviously a multifaceted and complex issue), he does not need to build bridges with any of the political class in Europe and can therefore bark from the sidelines without any damage to his political position.

Also, it is always easier to sound convincing when speaking against a topic than it is to defending a topic, which is why many unintelligent people enjoy complaining and holding cynical views, as it's a cheap way of making those views sound more important than they actually are. This is also why defence lawyers are more respected and are paid more then prosecution lawyers, because their role is a more complex.

In short, Farage's role in the
European parliament is an orator's *** *****. He can just stand up and let rip with pre rehearsed rhetorical speeches, particularly in the current climate, where his opponent, the EU, is on its knees and looking like a joke. I'd love to have a go at that! What a luxury to be able to look world leaders in the face, Merkel, Sarcozy, Blair, Brown etc. and be allowed to rant at them for five uninterrupted minutes at a time. You could charge 100k a minute to be able to do that!

To view the original: LINK

Friday, 2 December 2011

Nikki Sinclaire: Sign the Petition!

Don't forget to sign Nikki Sinclaire's new EU referendum petition by clicking HERE. Don't be like Gerard Batten. Put your country first - not your wallet - and sign today!