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Monday, 28 July 2014

> Joëlle Bergeron: Her fascist past & a challenge to UKIP MEPs


Ssshhh .... Don't tell anybody, but Nigel is lying

Farage's new French colleague caused quite a stir upon joining him, of course, but the line put  out by the EFD about her Front National past was (surprise surprise) highly  misleading. Quite a few reports quoted an EFD press release which said Bergeron; "has admitted that she had joined the party with great hopes but realized that  their philosophy was very different."
This implies  that she joined the FN naively but quickly left it when she discovered what it  believed in.
The idea that any French person would be unaware of the position of the FN is simply ridiculous. However, perhaps she genuinely did not notice and it took her a while to suss it out. Quite a while, in fact, as she joined the FN in 1972, the year it was founded, and became a party organizer within just a few years, at the time which the FN was at its most extremist.
In fact, she must be really stupid not to notice, as her husband was a also senior party member.
 Like her, he joined when the party was created. He was politically active in Lorient in Brittany from 1984, as a candidate in national, regional and cantonal elections. And here's the real give away - he was a member of the Front National's Central Committee from autumn 2007.
Here is an article from 2008 detailing his Front National career.

Look, I said it before, I'll say it again, we will never sit with the FN
So the press release was clearly a deliberate attempt to deceive the UKIP membership, as well as the press and the electorate.

And now we can see how desperate Farage is to be president of a pan-European political group, and how easily he can discard his moral and political values.

The question is, how the new UKIP MEPs feel about all this, and what will they do about it? Will they continue to spout the lie that Bergeron left the FN when she worked out what they were about, or will they admit that they now sit in a political group with one of Europe's longest serving and most established fascists, from one of the EU's dirtiest and mst racist parties? Or are they, to a man and a women, either too scared of Farage to say anything, and too scared to lose their jobs by doing something about it?

Saturday, 26 July 2014

> This Rather Looks Like A Sad Reflection On British Justice!


> This Rather Looks Like A Sad Reflection On British Justice!


You may find some of the facts below; and there many downloads and screen captures which I have supporting the opinions below; of interest IF you value campaigning for British Justice, responsible & competent police and cleaning-up Ukip to make it fit for purpose!

Junius : http://juniusonukip.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/nigel-farages-useful-idiot-john-ison.html

Yours: http://ukip-vs-eukip.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/0323-ukip-official-implicated-in-theft.html

Yours: http://markcroucher.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/07-mar-2011-ukip-john-ison-mark.html

Yours : http://markcroucher.blogspot.co.uk/

Yours: http://ukip-vs-eukip.com/category/john-ison/

Croucher/ Ison blog : http://allaboutukip.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/ms-sinclaire-and-how-she-dare-not-sit.html

On the, at the time, UKip controlled BDF:

It is believed that John Ison used to post occasionally as “Paul Beech”, which is BP backwards - Bob Pacific on blog also. It was removed (changed to Dave Briggs!) I hear this was done after it was shown to a UKIP MEP in Sept 2010!

“The Common Man” (Oh so Very common!) was MC backwards - Mark Croucher. This was verified for me by a UKIP Brussels insider (Croucher admitted it) at the time.

Mjolnir post on the subject was removed by BDF Moderators!

I can’t find an internet archive of Skeptyk’s BDF entry on the subject or his sordid and dishonest blog, and my source of screenshots have gone missing! It was December 2010, and posted Gregg Beeman’s salary details, but I doubt it was Ison as he was driving to the Alps about that time, so my guess is Croucher.

The information in the downloads was seemingly obtained in a burglary of Nikki Sinclaire’s office by John Ison and I hold a copy of the eMail he sent, containing copies of the material he obtained, somedozens of scans, obtained either by burglary or at very least dishonestly, supplied to the duplicitous and dishonest Mark Croucher - who worked as Nigel Farage’s sewer rat seeking out any material that could be used by Farage and his cronies to manipulate and control people – Notably it was Nigel Farage’s son who commented to Roger Knapman that he was the only person on whom his father did not have a (black) file!

The so called evidence against Nikki Sinclaire would seem to have been obtained by theft including burglary also recordings of phone calls recorded by John Ison and edited by Mark Croucher is also available – whether the police know that the evidence was stolen and the recordings edited I know not! However after almost 30 months on bail it is clear the police have had to drop a number of their original claims against Sinclaire & the 3 members of her staff originally bailed, as they obviously have failed to stand them up even when aided by the dishonest and self serving John Ison or anyone who worked for Farage!

There is absolutely no doubt that any errors of claiming by Nikki Sinclaire (or more likely her staff and most probably deliberate claims inserted into her accounts by third party efforts to damage her) do NOT justify the prolonged period of bail used to smear her name on the grounds of ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’!

The standards of behaviour by the police and others in these allegations give one every concern for the calibre of justice that can be expected and even a guilty verdict would not seem justice in the long run!

Clearly Justice should be seen to be done and much of the behaviour of those involved in the accusations and allegations, not to mention gathering of information and the vile gutter commentaries of a personal nature against Nikki Sinclaire by many of the low lifes associated with Ukip that this shoddy police activituy has caused is a matter not of dignity or competence on the part of the police or Ukip and its associates but a slur on both the body politic and the tennets of Justice in these United Kingdoms.

It has been suggested by a retired police Acting Chief Supt. of 30 years distinguished service that:

'....no interview / charges presented face-face + hand delivered  summons (charges) (after this period on bail+ investigation) = possible' “strong grounds for malicious prosecution charge”.

Misconduct in Public Office does carry a maximum life sentence and is presented under common law, not statute.


An easy “catch all” - but it has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt!

May I also draw your attention to:

ALSO the fact that despite his many lies and efforts to deny his crimes and seek to claim they were invented by myself Derek Clark UKIP MEP was found guilty by OLAF of extensive false claims of EU expenses and was merely ordered to repay somewhere between £50K & £100,000 and seemingly no further action was taken.

In the case of Stuart Agnew MEP UKIP no action was seemingly taken to recoup the numerous £1,000s he falsely claimed as expenses as he admitted on camera to The Sunday Times nor against David Bannerman MEP UKIP (now a Tory MEP!) similarly implicated and neither have cleared their name!

Similarly UKIP leader & MEP Nigel Farage and a previous MEP leader of UKIP Jeffrey Titford were ordered to repay monies they had falsely claimed in expenses!

It is also worthy of note that Nigel Farage has also been accused of dishonest accounting having failed to declare donations to UKIP of over £200,000 and there is also still the issue of what happened to what may have been as much as £1M collected through the Ashford ‘scheme’ which he described as 'UKIP’s best ever money maker', however the party chairman, David Bannerman spoke on a point of orderr in reasponse to Richard Suchorzewski at a public meeting in Derbyshire, conceding that less than 15% of the money raised was ever presented to UKIP!

There was it seemed extensive money laundering in that large sums of money were processed through credit card donations which were processed through the credit card machine of Graham Booth UKIP MEP’s Hotel in Torquay!

Similarly there were many £1,000s collected in buckets and if accounted at all only loosely, as the outcome of the Court case brought against UKip by The Electoral Commission, which UKip lost, though UKip turned the issue to advantage seeking to raise the money and costs by bucket collections at a series of public events and by seeking donations. Contrary to claims the donation made by Alan Bown was clearly a breech of the rules as Alan Bown had removed himself from the electoral register as, I understand a part of his divorce proceedings when he left his wife and was co-habiting with one of his betting shop manageresses. Thus the donation was not legal!

A situation bearing many similarities to the donation UKip received some years previously when they accepted a sizeable donation from the owner of a UK football club who was not on the electoral register. UKip, without complaint, refunded the money that had been an unlawfull donation and arrangements were made by thwe donor to have it re-donated in a legal manner (in that case I believe it was by his wife who was on the electoral register) - Just as could have been done relative to Alan Bown's donation.

Despite claims by dishonest or ill informed UKip members this was not a case of ElCom picking on UKip relative to the large donation made by an individual, subsequently found to be criminal, made to the Lib.Dims. as in that case they had carried out due diligence, even going so far as to contact ElCom for a ruling on the matter before utilising the money. I understand at the time of rec eipt of the money the individual was on the electoral register and neither the Lib.Dims. nor ElCom could have had any idea he was subsequerntly to be found guilty of criminality!

I was reliably informed, at the time of the start of this sorry debacle, that as soon as the tampering with her accounts took place and she was aware of it she immediately contacted the EU Payments Office and provided all the details she could and whether the EU Payments Office arranged repayment or merely wrote it off as being a paltry amount relative to the normal level of squandering of tax payer's money that is endemic in the undemocratic and corrupt EU, I know not.

On these few comments alone and the links given it becomes all too apparently clear, in my opinion, that this is little short of malicious prosecution, seemingly for political gain or pure malice, of some sort, of individuals or groups of individuals and that the lack of ethical behaviour in extending the bail period from Feb-2012 (after Nikki Sinclaire herself had made public, and I believe had reported this to the police, she had reason to believe her accounts had been maliciously tampered with by a member of staff she believed had possibly made false claims and stolen from her) until this week.

Some 29 months on bail, with no further questioning and apparently no details of the police claims supplied, is little short of harassment and could justifiably be claimed as having ensured she was not re-elected as an MEP and is thus currently unemployed, technically, with a case pending which ensures she will be unable to get responsible employment until justice has been seen to be done and her name cleared – presumably with a healthy level of compensation!

Particularly as it is clearly shown and provable, in her accounts, that Nikki Sinclaire injected a sum in excess of £120,000 of her own money from salary and other personal sources also used a large sum of fully audited money, raised through donations, to fund her work and responsibilities, as she believed them to be (viz: obtaining 220,000 signatures to her petition to HM Government which was the direct and sole cause of David Cameron being forced to hold a debate of the House of Commons relative to Britain's membership of the EU and thus the undertaking of an IN/OUT referendum, which he clearly led thwe public to believe would be binding).

It is bizarre to believe that an individual who donated a sum well in excess of £100K would then bother with some penny ante sum (by the standards of fraud in the EU by MEPs) - had she wished to gain more income a few £1.000 on mistakenly claimed travel expenses would be dwarfed by her net loss of personal monies through her donations. Even were the police able to engineer a conviction I do not believe Justice would be seen to be done and it is my opinion the entire matter is seeking to 'get egg off the face of The police' for having firstly believed the miscreants who would seem to have dishonestly and deliberately 'set her up' and for secondly having so tardily acted to bring the matter to Court even if they believe they have a case.




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Friday, 25 July 2014

The man behind the accusations against Nikki Sinclaire

Monday, 27 February 2012

Nigel Farage's useful idiot: John Ison - The man behind the accusations against Nikki Sinclaire

John Ison: Wannabe MEP and tool of UKIP's corrupt leadership

In March last year, an e-mail emerged suggesting that UKIP's Mark Croucher had been receiving information stolen from an MEP's office. The e-mail contained dozens of highly sensitive and personal documents, relating to the MEP, and was sent by John Ison to winballpizard@yahoo.co.uk. It seems that this e-mail address belongs to Mark Croucher.

Mark Croucher

-----Original Message-----
; From: John P Ison [mailto:tb10@aol.com]
; Sent: 19 April 2010 10:14

; To: 'winballpizard@yahoo.co.uk'
; Subject: Download this NOT the others!!

Previously, in September 2010, immediately before the Party Conference in Torquay, Ison was believed to have met with members of UKIP's NEC, and is believed to have colluded in making vexatious allegations against Nikki Sinclaire. The allegations were to be orchestrated, with a blog posting by political pundit Iain Dale being the catalyst by which the media were to be drawn in. Dale was not happy at being duped.

And another dimension can be added to this rather sordid little man's tale. Ison was allegedly on Paul Nuttall's payroll.

The odious Paul 'Mussolini' Nuttall

The dates between which he was employed by Nuttall are uncertain, but this suggests that the UKIP hierarchy was not only party to criminal activity, in that an official received stolen information, but that it possibly sanctioned and even paid for it.

Ison is desperate to become an MEP and is willing to prostitute himself in order to achieve this aim. Such are the filth and scum that Farage and Nuttall surround themselves with. As Nikki Sinclaire has said:

'The allegations at hand are old allegations from a disgruntled ex-employee who himself is under investigation and whose motives are entirely political to pursue his advancement in UKIP'. LINK

Monday, 14 July 2014

> Gone, but not forgotten.


We note with interest that Annabelle Fuller appears to have taken advantage of the 'right to be forgotten' by Google. This is not a bad idea in itself, however, whilst her name no longer brings up outrageous stories about affairs and false allegtions of sexual assault, the words 'nigel farage mistress' bring it all back.

So sadly, Miss Fuller will always be remembered by Google as 'Nigel Farages mistress!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

> Lies from Fuller & Croucher re Nikki Sinclaire MEP


Miss Fuller confirmed today that she was planning to quit but did not comment further.
A friend said: “Annabelle thinks it is best for her and for the party that she moves on.
"Leaving is in no way an admission on her part that she has done anything wrong. But the events of the past few days have been really difficult.
"Annabelle simply wants her life back.”
We can also reveal that ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire – who this week asked Farage why he used public money to pay Miss Fuller – was snubbed for the job his alleged mistress was given.
Mark Croucher, who was UKIP’s director of communications between 2001 and 2007, confirmed he interviewed her for a job in the party’s press office.
She was turned down because of her “abrasive personality” and Miss Fuller was recruited instead. UKIP insiders say it raises the prospect that Sinclaire asked her explosive question as an act of revenge.
The source said: “Nikki has never got over the fact Annabelle was chosen above her to work for the party. She is a woman scorned and that has come back to haunt Nigel this week.”
A UKIP spokesman added: “The comments by Sinclaire are beneath contempt and that person has abused parliamentary privilege. Sinclaire has been saying the same thing since 2006.”