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Monday, 8 February 2010

And yet more UKIP snippets: A disillusioned UKIPPER speaks out & Nikki Sinclaire in the news

And yet another UKIPPER speaks out. UKIP is becoming more dysfunctional by the day!

From the British Democracy Forum:

Does Nigel Farage really want to get out of the EU?

I do not believe the Nigel Farage & co have wanted to get out of the EU for years, it has been too much of a gravy train for the selected few. You cannot get out of the EU by being in it, the only way out is through the British parliamentary system and without anti EU MPs that will never happen.

The original stated reason for UKIP getting into the EU was to get the money from EU to support the fight here in the UK, this was a clever con and still deceives many UKIP members. For years UKIP have not made any serious effort to get into the UK parliament they have just done enough to keep the membership sweet.

Paul Nuttall MEP stated to a UKIP member, that they will only be seriously contesting one seat and will do whatever is necessary to win it, that being the one that Nigel Farage is fighting and that they only expect to get that one seat.

I believe the new leader Lord Malcom Pearson to be bright and honourable man, Nikki Sinclaire MEP to be a good honest caring person, however the majority of the UKIP leadership are either sheep or on the gravy train.

The membership is falling, there are branch chairman, branch officials and members resigning or not renewing their membership in many parts of the country, there are many calls for Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall MEP to resign, there is talk of a breakaway UKIP group forming. The whole lot may yet implode. it is all very Sad.

It is reported that that OLAF - the EU's anti-fraud office - are investigating several UKIP MEPs. The MEPs include Derek Clark, Mike Nattrass and Nigel Farage. EX-MEPs Graham Booth and Jeffrey Titford are also of interest to OLAF.

If UKIP dose implode I suspect UKIP may and like the Phoenix Raise Again from the ashes, with real honest members as officials etc.

There will surely be a witch hunt to kick out the trash, that the bent hierarchy have carefully placed to keep their iron none democratic control of the party. Maybe Paul Nuttall MEP will also be investigated and end up in the same dustbin.

You never know they may all start a Gutter Rats Party or a union for dishonest MEPs and bent officials, they would fit in there very well, they even get honorary membership!

Personally I can’t wait for this lot to really get going in the press.

End of statement.

And now this ......

Nikki Sinclaire in the news

An MEP for the UK Independence Party has been told she can stand in May's UK general election after all.

Nikki Sinclaire was accused of breaking UKIP rules after she quit its parliamentary grouping, Europe of Freedom and Democracy, accusing its partners of "extremist views".

By leaving its parliamentary coalition, the party said Sinclaire had broken party rules and could not stand again for elected office as a UKIP member.

Sinclaire had been selected to fight the Meriden seat at the next UK general election.

She told this website that after an appeal party chairman Lord Pearson had now told her she will be reinstated and can stand for UKIP in the election.

The MEP for the West Midlands, who was an unsuccessful candidate in UKIP's recent leadership contest, has accused some of the party's coalition partners in Brussels of holding anti-semitic views.

Sinclaire said she did not sign up to the party alliance when she was elected and also questioned the transparency of the group's finances.

She said, "I am obviously delighted at the decision to allow me to stand in the upcoming election although I have told UKIP I will still not sit with the parliamentary grouping."

"I want to continue within UKIP and fight for what it believes in."

End of article.

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