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Friday, 26 February 2010

UKIP: More on Nigel Farage

Farage doesn’t have a hope of defeating Bercow.

And we are far from alone in thinking this:

The press are wrong to hype up Ukip's chances.

Today's Times excitedly reports that the former Tory donor, Stuart Wheeler, who was kicked out of the party for donating £100,000 to the UK Independence Party, plans to donate another £100,000 to help former leader Nigel Farage unseat the Speaker, John Bercow.

Wheeler, who made his millions through spread betting, apparently believes that if Ukip win any Westminster seat, it will be Bercow's.

In fact, Ukip are particularly unlikely to win Bercow's Buckingham seat, not least because it's the safest Conservative seat in the country. At the 2005 election, he won with a majority of 18,129 and boundary changes mean this has increased to 19,66.

As much as the press are desperate to hype this contest up, there's no chance of Bercow being defeated. Contrary to reports, this isn't one of the seats to watch at the election.

To see the original: LINK

For Farage to attack Bercow over his expenses is the height of hypocrisy.

Let us consider a few facts:

When first elected Farage promised to publish all his expenses in full.

Ten years on and we find........

1. Farage Allowances - unpublished.

2. UKIP MEP Allowances - unpublished.

3. Farage Expenses - unpublished.

4. Farage's SE Regional Accounts - £200,000 unaccounted 'other costs' - unpublished.

5. Ashford - £1m expenses - unpublished.

And here are a few further facts for you to consider:

6. Signs up for a second secret EU pension.

7. Employed his wife despite pledging not to do so.

8. Attacks the BNP for being racist and yet is quite happy to sit with associated racists, fascists, Holocaust deniers in the EFD.

9. Refuses to confirm or deny the allegation that he has been forced to pay back thousands in EU expenses. See: LINK

10. Refuses to confirm or deny the allegation that OLAF has now sent his file to the British police.

Nigel Farage - MEP, EU funded spiv, hypocrite and liar.

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