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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire reinstated much to Farage's discomfort

The NEC has been forced to reinstate Nikki Sinclaire as a UKIP MEP. They have also been forced to remove the ban on her standing as a UKIP PPC.

Farage is far from amused as he had made it quite clear that he wanted her out after she defied him and left the EFD group in January.

Farage had expected the NEC to do as they were told and so did not bother to attend the meeting. This is a usual Farage tactic. Let others do your dirty work but let them carry the can if it all goes terribly wrong!

Ms Sinclaire threatened to take the NEC to court over her expulsion. Such legal action would have cost individual NEC members a great deal of time and money. So for once they ignored Farage and backed down.

Macmillan-Scott’s legal action against the Conservative Party also rather concentrated their minds. He was expelled from the Tories after he ignored the wishes of Cameron and went for a high-profile EU post.

After seeking legal advice he said:

My lawyers – the best in their field – say the expulsion was unconstitutional, against natural justice and grossly disproportionate. Paul Daniels, a partner in the leading firm of solicitors Russell Jones and Walker, has advised that I have a clear action for breach of contract in the High Court. I am taking further advice, including from Counsel. See: LINK

Nikki Sinclaire would have been able to challenge UKIP using the same legal argument. In other words the NEC did not have a legal leg to stand on!

So what will happen now? Farage is furious and can't contain his anger for a minute.

And the NEC? They are trying to think how best they can spin their way out of the current mess.

Farage was the driving force behind her original expulsion. The NEC’s U-turn is a massive blow to him personally. He has been totally humiliated. And about time too!

How can Lord Pearson allow such a man to stay in UKIP after all this nonsense and backstabbing?

Farage made Pearson look a fool after he ignored the new leader’s promise to Ms Sinclaire that leaving the EFD WOULD NOT affect her position in UKIP.

And let us not forget that the odious Nuttall was also pushing for her expulsion from UKIP. He should go as well.

Indeed, it would be better if the WHOLE NEC resigned immediately. None of them are fit to represent the membership in any capacity whatsoever. Their treatement of Nikki Sinclaire was the straw that finally broke the camel's back.

Also see: LINK

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