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Saturday, 6 February 2010

UKIP: The odious Paul Nuttall throws his toys out of the pram

Paul Nuttall - UKIP’s very own Mussolini - has just got back from his lovely holidays. Or should we say his excuse for not attending the NEC meeting where Nikki Sinclaire appealed against the decision to ban her from using the UKIP name.

Nuttall - like Farage - is a coward who gets others to do his dirty work.

He was less than impressed when he read the UKIP members only forum and found a report on how yet another two UKIP PPCs had resigned from the party .

In a fit of anger he threw his little toys out of the pram and attacked the forum for daring to publish such inconvenient facts. He then went on to threaten that the forum would be closed down for publishing bad news and even complaints about the leadership.

Oh dear. Paul is getting more like Benito every day!

We can’t have the truth being published can we? And we certainly can’t have the membership having their say. If they carry on like this they may even get ideas above their station and start demanding that UKIP actually becomes a democracy!

It was quite amusing to see Douglas Denny - UKIP NEC member , Cuban boot fetishist and living tribute to Himmler - attack Nuttall over his threat to pull the plug. He even promised to take the matter to the NEC if Nuttall carried out his threat and actually got the forum closed down.

Priceless! For years Denny has colluded in corruption and dishonesty. And now suddenly he decides to take the moral high ground and attack Nuttall for acting like a dictator!

Mr Denny, we could have told you that years ago. Farage and Nuttall are UKIP's very own Hitler and Mussolini. Or were you just too stupid to realise it?

We suspect that he was just too stupid.

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