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Friday, 12 February 2010

Nigel Farage and the collapse of UKIP South East

It was amusing to hear how badly Farage reacted when he was told about the state of UKIP South East.

In 2002 UKIP South East was one of UKIP’s strongest areas. There were over 70 branches with hundreds of committed activists.

And now?

There are only 30 active branches.

It is interesting to note that 46 branches are listed on the UKIP website. So what about the other 16?

Some are phantom branches created to hoodwink the membership into thinking that UKIP is thriving. The others consist of just a handful of members too old or unwilling to campaign for the Great Nigel Farage.

In eight years UKIP South East has all but collapsed.

So much for the old argument that Nigel’s presence in the region would attract new members and support for the Party!

But why should Farage really care? He is on the EU Gravy Train for another five years. And when he finally ceases to be an MEP he can enjoy that fat EU pension.

Farage may claim to be anti-EU but we can assure you all that he is really looking forward to getting his grubby little hands on that pension - something that you helped pay for with your taxes.

And Marta Andreasen? She is busy promoting her latest novel and raking in all those lovely Euros!

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