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Monday, 1 February 2010

Nikki Sinclaire: Farage and Nuttall too cowardly to attend NEC hearing

It has been a busy day! What with reports to write and trains to catch today has been just a blur!

Nikki Sinclaire presented her appeal to the NEC earlier today.

As you would expect Farage and the odious Nuttall were too cowardly to show their faces. Like most cowards they lack the courage to face those they smear.

Nuttall claimed he was on holiday. Farage didn't even bother to provide an excuse. Overdoing the booze again?

Lord Pearson was there. It was interesting to note that he did not deny his assurance to Nikki that her decision to leave the EFD would not affect her position in UKIP.

Zuckerman's performance as UKIP's resident 'legal expert' was particularly inept. No surprise there!

Why do they still use this man? His legal advice regarding the Elcom case has already cost UKIP £750,000 in fines and legal costs. See: LINK

And let us not forget his wonderful legal advice to Arnott and Reeve resulted in UKIP losing their case against John West. See: LINK & LINK

So what was the result? The NEC failed to make a decision on Nikki's future! They are going to consider the evidence and make a decision at a later date.

No doubt they will need to ask Nigel what they should do! Let us hope that both he and Nuttall come out of hiding for that one!

And our opinion? There is only one. Farage, Nuttall and the whole NEC must go!


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