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Monday, 8 February 2010

Even more UKIP snippets: Don Ransom and Bob Feal-Martinez

Don Ransom

You may recall that Don Ransom - UKIP East Midlands RO - was convicted of drink driving. See: LINK

As you can imagine quite a few UKIPPERS in the East Midlands were not amused and demanded his resignation.

Derek Clark refused to listen and has said that he has ‘full confidence’ in his RO.

So Mr Ransom is secure in his £60,000 job - a job which is funded by the British taxpayer.

As he is banned from driving he now has to rely on taxis and trains when travelling around the region on official UKIP business. It is nice to know that the British taxpayer is helping to fund his travelling costs!

But we can't blame Derek for not sacking his RO. With OLAF on your case you can't risk upsetting the man who knows where all the bodies are buried. After all, you never know what could happen!

Derek Clark is under investigation by OLAF - the EU’s anti-fraud office.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-D2008.A1/7133/OF/2008/0240

Bob Feal-Martinez resigns ..... again!

It is always pleasing to see a sinner repent.

Bob Feal-Martinez - Farage sycophant, former UKIP Swindon PPC and Chairman - has resigned yet again.

We believe that this is the second time he has resigned or is it the third? Who can be sure? See: LINK

Here is his statement:

I came into UKIP believing in the ethos of the party. I still do believe that UKIP is the only answer to the 3 main parties. However I am tired of the abuse at a local and National level. That abuse has attacked my family, I have received unacceptable 'hate' mail. If this is the cost of wanting a Britain for all then I am not prepared to pay that cost. My family is more important.

End of statement.

Here are a few of the comments posted on the Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP blog following his tragic resignation:

A relieved member said...

Bob, My first comment on here. I have nothing but praise for the work you have done in Swindon, In fact we tried to find your pub on our way down to the Bournemouth conference in order to pick your brains.

Speaking as I find though, I found many of your posts on BDF and the official forum to be completely OTT. You have a very aggressive style, which lead to a couple? of bans on BDF, and the only ban I have ever seen on the official forum. I am sorry, but UKIP has always been a happy little ship, and your confrontational stance on every subject under the sun has sullied that atmosphere. Always sorry to see a member leave, but I doubt any party or organisation would ever be harmonious if you were a part of it!

I, to the best of my knowledge have never spoken to you either in person or online, so please do not treat this as sour grapes, Just my view as an observer. Good luck in the future.

Senior said...

Did the abuse you received come from within UKIP? I don't think the UKIP of today is the UKIP of a few years ago.

I believe we should get out of the EU, but we should be able to do that without voting for a party which aligns itself with fascists and homophobes, and punishes members for criticising it for doing so.

Greg L-W. said...

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Interesting that the last poster mentions the BDF. I say interesting because I was banned from the BDF for supporting UKIP.


Why lie? everyone knows you were warned and warned for telling lies and went a step too far when you lied about me claiming I was dishonest without any sound examples and that I was an undischarged bankrupt which was a lie as was the implication that I had EVER been bankrupt - when asked to either substantiate your lie or withdraw it and appologise you lacked the morality to do so and were not man enough to admit you had lied.

You were banned for 6 months for proven dishonesty.

The facts are easily checked - just as is the fact that you serially claim that I do not tell the truth, on any platform you can get away with your dishonesty unchallenged.

Please provide an instance where I have EVER lied, or withdraw your lies and be man enough to appologise.

I trust Stuart Par will have the integrity to leave this posting rather than collude in Robert Feal Martinez's dishonesty.

Greg L-W.

End of quotes.

We do find it quite ironic that Bob ‘is tired of the abuse’.

He was quite happy to abuse others on the British Democracy Forum and UKIP Forum and yet can't take it himself.

A hypocrite hoisted by his own petard!

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