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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom MEP praises terrorist bombing in YouTube video statement

We always knew that Godfrey Bloom was a drunk and an idiot. See: LINK

But not even we could have imagined that he could be so stupid and callous.

So now a UKIP MEP condones terrorism. It was interesting to note his comments on fascism. He should know all about that. He sits with them in the EFD! See: LINK

Sitting with fascists in the EFD is really having an affect on this moron. He is getting more like the Lega Nord every day! And Farage has the nerve to attack the BNP for being extremist!

From The Age:

A British Member of the European Parliament has been filmed at last year's climate change summit in Copenhagen congratulating the French for bombing the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in 1975, NZPA reports.

Godfrey Bloom, the UK Independence Party MEP who says climate change is "a stinking ruse to put cash and power into the hands of political elites", was filmed standing in front of the present Greenpeace flagship, the Rainbow Warrior II.

In the film he said the boat was "one of the most, most truly fascist boats since 1945 ... Well done the French for sinking [it]."

Mr Bloom claimed that he had forgotten one man was killed and the French secret service agents were convicted of manslaughter after the bombing in New Zealand, the Guardian reported.

The environmental group have accused him of "celebrating" the death of one of the Rainbow Warrior's crew, photographer Fernando Pereira in the attack.

To see the original article: LINK

You will note that the idiot Bloom has tried to claim that he was not aware that someone had died in the bombing.

It’s nice to have it confirmed by the man himself that he is both too stupid and too lazy to do his research before opening his big mouth!

However, even if true it does not excuse his support for the bombing of a civilian ship in New Zealand’s home waters.

This cretin should resign. But we very much doubt that he will as he has the full support and protection of Nigel Farage - his Brussels flatmate and drinking partner. They also share other passions but perhaps we should not go there as we have no wish to embarrass the various women involved.

After all, would you want to admit 'sleeping' with that?

Here are some of the comments posted on YouTube:


My god! People didn't actually vote for that senile, ignorant moron did they? He should resign in disgrace. But then he'd lose all his cushy perks.


Sometimes cretins walk among us wearing suits and spouting sensationalist drivel presented as knowlegeable commentary. Maybe he would have felt different if his brother or son was the one killed in the bombing


Yeah well done for sinking a ship and KILLING a photographer. That's appalling.


UKIP MEP condones murderous terrorist attack.


5stars to make it known what drivel british politicians can come up with.


He's old and senile. And most likely insecure about his penis size.


Welcome to England.


Wow, wot a knob. Does he have any idea how the 1985 Rainbow Warrior sinking and its aftermath universally really really really pissed NZers off. He should apologise to the entire country for this.


The English are sad n'est ce pas?
They fought some wars and lost an empire and now are nothing but a 3rd rate, corrupt, overpriced, cynical and desperate little country. Little men like this spend their depressing little lives looking to puff themselves up anyway they can. Like rats in a barrel. Enjoy the weather.


ignorant TWAT


what a massive dickhead


. twat .


I am a Climate Change "Sceptic" but condoning murder to fight the apparent conspiracy repulses me. Shame Godfrey. What an idiot.


I just noticed I mistyped Fernando's name the second time. You have no idea of the anger at Godfrey Bloom's callousness I was feeling as I typed this response.


Fernando Pereira, a photographer, died in the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. Fenanando had an eight year old daughter.

Have you no sense of shame Sir?

End of quotes.

Not a good way to get people to vote UKIP!

Also see: LINK

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