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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire subjected to Farage smear campaign

The ongoing scandal of UKIP's involvement in the EFD group, with its hotch-potch of violent convicted racists and anti-semites, should be taken in context. It is not that long ago that the party was rocked by a "holocaust denial" scandal.

UKIP member Alistair McConnachie was expelled for holocaust denial, but his subsequent reinstatement caused a wave of resignations in the party. McConnachie once wrote " I don't accept that gas chambers were used to execute Jews for the simple fact there is no direct physical evidence to show that such gas chambers ever existed... there are no photographs or film of execution gas chambers... Alleged eyewitness accounts are revealed as false or highly exaggerated." See: LINK

Most members are decent patriotic people, and are disgusted by this kind of poisonous drivel. It is notable, however, that McConnachie was reinstated by the NEC, never renowned for its ability to act independently, now or then.

Fast forward to 2010, and another brave member who is prepared to speak out against right-wing extremism, Nikki Sinclaire. She is being subjected to a campaign of vilification from the party leadership (the real leadership not Lord Pearson).

Nikki deserves the support of every decent UKIP member.


Charles said...

No event in human history has been studied as thoroughly and carefully than the Holocaust. Thousands of thesis and dissertations papers have poured over all of the evidence, from anecdotal testimony to captured German war documents. Virtually every historian with a PhD in European History agrees that millions of Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazi Germany. One can no more "revise" this fact than one can revise the existence of gravity. Captured German documents alone account for enough evidence to convict Nazi Germany of mass genocide in any civil (not Islamic) court. You can suggest that 5.6 million Jews were killed, instead of six million. But, you cannot deny that millions of innocent Jews were murdered. The Wannsee Conference planned the killing. Nazi concentration camp records prove that it was carried out.

Whenever we stand up to those who deny or minimize genocide we send a critical message to the world. As we continue to live in an age of genocide and ethnic cleansing, we must repel the broken ethics of our ancestors, or risk a dreadful repeat of past transgressions. We know from captured German war records that millions of innocent Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazi Germany - most in gas chambers. These facts have been proven repeatedly through countless thesis and dissertation research papers. Virtually every PhD in the world will stake their career on the veracity of known Holocaust facts. Despite this knowledge, Holocaust deniers ply their mendacious poison everywhere, especially with young people on the Internet. Such deniers have only one agenda - to distort the truth in a way that promotes antagonism against the object of their hatred, or to deny the culpability of their ancestors and heroes.

Museums and mandatory public education are tools to dispel bigotry, especially racial and ethnic hatred. Books, films and presentations can reinforce the veracity of past and present genocides. They help to tell the true story of the perpetrators of genocide; and they reveal the abject terror, humiliation and degradation resulting from prejudice. It is therefore essential that we disclose the factual brutality and horror of genocide, combating the deniers’ virulent, inaccurate historical revision. We must protect vulnerable future generations from making the same mistakes.

A world that continues to allow genocide requires ethical remediation. We must show the world that religious, racial, ethnic, gender and orientation persecution is wrong; and that tolerance is our progeny's only hope. Only through such efforts can we reveal the true horror of genocide and promote the triumphant spirit of humankind.

Charles Weinblatt
Author, "Jacob's Courage"

Junius said...

Thank you for your informative comments.

Taylor Dayne said...

Alistair McConnachie has been on the euro-realist scene for over 10 years. He publishes (published?) a brilliant journal for 10 years entitled Sovereignty. It is always meticulously researched. I'd take what Mr McConnachie says over what the agenda-driven Mr Weinblatt says any day! Mr McConnachie has also explained his position on this controversial matter very clearly and transparently here