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Monday, 15 February 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage and Steve Harris are getting worried

Farage has been trying to put a brave face on UKIP’s disastrous defeat in two recent council by-elections.

Dozens of activists were drafted into the area and thousands of leaflets were distributed throughout both wards.

This is from the Bucks Herald :

Mr Bercow will not be opposed by the main parties but UKIP have put forward former leader Nigel Farage as a prospective candidate.

He will have been watching the by-election keenly as it will be seen as litmus test.

The UKIP site said: "John Russell is our UKIP candidate for this by-election in Luffield Abbey which is a District Council seat on Aylesbury Vale.

"Our UKIP team has been working extremley hard, 2 colour leaflet have already been delivered with a further 2 planned before the 11th February.

"This by election is extremely important as the seat borders the Buckingham North seat."

The party held an action day two 10 days before the election in Akeley where it paid for a pub lunch for those helping to canvas the 1,000 houses.

To see the original: LINK

End of extract.

And the result?

UKIP’s vote in Aylesbury Central dropped by 22 votes.

In the Luffield Ward the Tories won the seat easily. UKIP came second with a meagre 151 votes.

Farage regarded a win in both wards as essential if he was to stand any chance of taking Bercow’s seat.

Here is his attempt at damage limitation:

"All in all I am very pleased with the result. As far as the General Election is concerned it was a very interesting test.

"Is UKIP making progress? One is not comparing like with like, but yes we are making significant progress in the constituency."

Extract from the Bucks Herald.

But that is not what you told your followers after the results were first announced. You were quoted as being 'deeply disappointed'. If only one of them had not blabbed to one of our contacts!

And Farage is not the only one getting despondent.

Steve Harris - UKIP's bungling RO in the South East -is praying for Nigel to become an MP. And the reason?

Steve was third on UKIP’s MEP South East list. If Nigel gets elected he will replace him as an MEP.

He can’t wait to get his snout in the EU trough!

And finally this from Bucks First:

Why UKIP is no alternative

Hardly a day goes by without the MP for the Buckingham constituency, John Bercow, facing fresh revelations about his expenses claims.

But in case anyone thinks UKIP offers a real alternative, they don’t!

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage has been accused of claiming a staggering TWO MILLION POUNDS in expenses from the European Parliament on top of his annual £64,000 salary.

Mr Farage admitted to the Foreign Press Association that “It is a vast sum” and added that he had used the “very large sum of taxpayers’ money” to help promote his party’s message… at taxpayers’ expense.

When challenged by The Observer newspaper to justify how he could claim so much while running a campaign attacking Westminster MPs for their own extravagance, Mr Farage was unapologetic, saying that he was “entirely happy” that the taxpayers’ money “had been used for the best of causes“.

Mr Farage, who employs his wife to help run his office and pays her from his allowances, has since been accused of hypocrisy.

Former Europe Minister Denis MacShane has said, “Nigel Farage’s astounding £2m raid on the taxpayer shows he is up there with any other politician, happy to line his pockets with gold“.

Meanwhile two former UKIP MEPs have been jailed for false accounting, money-laundering of EU expenses, and benefit fraud while another UKIP MEP has quit the eurosceptic group in the European Parliament stating, in her resignation letter, that, “My working relationship and trust with EPD co-president Nigel Farage has broken down“.

To view the original: LINK

We did warn Nigel. It was a foregone conclusion that his opponents in Bucks would expose his sickening hypocrisy in standing as an anti-sleaze candidate.

For Farage to stand as anti-sleaze is about as convincing as Hitler standing as champion of the Jews!

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