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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

UKIP's NEC elections: A UKIPPER speaks out

We have already mentioned on here how Farage has postponed new NEC elections until after the General Election. See: LINK

This is a flagrant abuse of Party rules. But when did Farage and his odious sycophants ever bother with the rules?

More than one UKIP member is far from happy with this.

The following email was sent to Dr Eric Edmond by a concerned UKIPPER:

'The NEC elections have been postponed until after the general election. The purpose for their postponement is that Farage wants to foist membership in a Pan-European Party on UKIP. He cannot do so before the general election, as this would cause all sorts of problems with party unity in the runup to the election. The proposal is thought to be so unpopular that Farage feels that he needs to keep certain uber-loyal NEC members (who are up for election) on the NEC until the vote to join a Pan-European Party is passed. Apparently he is concerned that some current NEC members will baulk at it.

UKIP activists are beginning to notice the delay in the NEC elections. The story that will be spread about is that it was a decision taken by the NEC. However, my source has had an opportunity to peruse all of the NEC meeting minutes of the past year and nowhere has this issue been discussed. These events raise certain questions:

1. Their terms on the NEC having expired - are those NEC members who were up for re-election able to attend and vote at NEC meetings until new elections are held? Would their doing so invalidate any decisions taken?

2. If the answer to the first question is No, are decisions taken by the rump NEC without those members present valid?

3. Is it even possible under the UKIP constitution to postpone elections in this manner.'

End of email.

To read the original: LINK

Dr Edmond was a member of UKIP’s NEC. After raising concerns about corruption in UKIP he was expelled from the NEC by a Farage instigated kangaroo court.

David Bannerman - a serial liar and a man accused of attempting to bribe his way onto UKIP’s MEP list - was asked to present the charges. Nuff said!

Christopher 'Never even made it as a Pussy' Gill is one NEC member who should be seeking re-election this month. Gill is a notorious Farage sycophant and was heavily involved in the rigging of UKIP's MEP selection process.

So will Christopher Gill still be allowed to vote as an NEC member? If so, ALL decisions now made by the NEC are clearly invalid.

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