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Friday, 26 February 2010

UKIP: More snippets

Mrs Farage

We hear that Mrs Farage has asked Steve Harris for a reference. Don’t tell us that Nigel has sacked her! So much for wedded bliss!

So is she seeking pastures new? And is her departure connected to the OLAF investigation into her husband’s finances?

He used to employ her on a very generous EU funded salary. What she did for all those euros is something of a mystery. But we can confirm that OLAF was more than interested in that particular mystery!

Dr Edmond on UKIP’s NEC elections

Deferring UKIP NEC elections. Reason, "With many of the likely candidates also involved in running as candidates in the general election it makes sense to postpone our internal poll. That way these people can concentrate their time and energy on achieving success for the party without the added burden of contesting NEC elections" says Zuckerman. To stand for the NEC you have to fill in one form and get 10 signatures. It says it all about UKIP NEC that this simple overwhelms them with work. Canvassing is banned in NEC elections unless approved by Farage.

The real reason for this unconstitutional act is so Farage can get his Pan European party agreed by his current nodding donkeys. I am amazed Zuckerman, a solicitor, can put his name to such an abuse of UKIP rules.

I was approached to stand as an anti EU Alliance candidate in the General Election. I declined for personal reasons but I think this party has much to recommend it. Its candidates will be independent of party control and need only agree on one policy, get us out of the EU. The party system does great harm to our country with the general populace's choice of candidates being restricted and manipulated by party machines. UKIP's MEP selection procedure is a good example. Let us have real Swiss style democracy with binding referendums and no career politicians.

Another excellent post from Dr Edmond. To view the original: LINK

The General Election blog on Douglas Denny

As UKIP collapses the level of paranoia within its ever diminishing ranks resembles more and more the last days of the Reich.

Anybody who isn't a fanatical follower of its leader Nigel Farage, sorry former leader, and dares to question the direction of the party is labelled BNP or 'Euro-federalist'.

If you would like a taste of the sheer lunacy withn the ranks of UKIP, especially the leadership, follow this link. It will take you to the British Democracy Forum where you can read the bizarre ramblings, verging on lunacy, of one member especially who claims to be a member of the party's National Executive Council. His name is Douglas Denny
, although that could be a pseudonym for somebody trying to embarass the real Mr Denny. The Douglas Denny on the forum is known by many as Dippy Denny.

To view the original: LINK

Is there anyone out there - apart from Douglas Denny - who actually likes this man? Even his branch - what is left of it - don't think much of him.

Godfrey Bloom can’t be bothered to show

The following report is from UKIP’s official website:

Tuesday, 23rd February 2010

The Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee of the European Parliament will be voting tonight to make it compulsory to give 18 weeks of maternity pay on 100% of wages.

"This is the economics of the madhouse" said Godfrey Bloom MEP. "At this time of economic crisis this proposed legislation is stupid and wrong. I said this years ago and I repeat it now. No small businessman or woman with two brain cells will employ a woman of child bearing age".

"It is stupid because rather than increasing employment possibilities for young woman, it make them scarcer as hard pressed businesses factor in the risk of losing staff - whilst paying them for months on end. And it is wrong because it is the small businesses that create wealth and innovation. Doing this strips them of the ability to invest effectively in staff.

It is sadly typical of a legislature made up of public sector employees, lecturers and charity workers - no concept of life in the real world, yet they have the temerity to dictate to those whose hard work pays their wages", continued Bloom.

End of article.

It may interest you to know that Bloom could not be bothered to attend this meeting. He got his assistant to go.

And can we point out to Godfrey that is not 18 weeks. The correct figure is 20 weeks. But that is what happens when you get your flunky to do the job for you!

And let us not forget that one of the adverse votes only passed by one vote. Had Bloom bothered to attend he could have blocked that part of the legislation!

You may recall that Bloom got into hot water after stating that:

“No small businessman or woman with two brain cells will employ a woman of child bearing age".

But a quick check on his website tells a very different story: LINK

Also see: LINK

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