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Sunday, 14 February 2010

More on Nigel Farage & the collapse of UKIP South East

We have already published details on how UKIP South East has lost 40 active branches in just eight short years. We also published details on how Farage had resorted to creating phantom branches in order to hoodwink the membership into thinking that UKIP is still thriving. See: LINK & LINK

Well, it just got worse for our Nigel!

On 11th February there were two crucial by-elections in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Farage had told his supporters that a decisive win in both wards would provide a much needed boost to his flagging campaign against Bercow.

Peter Reeve - UKIP RO, Bannerman sycophant and boyfriend of Lisa Duffy - was ordered to contact UKIPPERS across the country and request their support.

Here is the email:

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010
From: PETER REEVE reeve@ukip.org


UKIP are fighting two council By Elections in the Buckingham Constituency
Area and urgently need your help over the next few days in order to achieve the best possible results.

The results in these By Elections are an important part of the build up to winning the Westminster seat.

End of email.

Why not email Mr Reeve with suggestions as to how best Farage can serve the Nation? We would suggest that you advise him to retire!

Unfortunately for Farage the response was less than he had hoped.

It seems more and more UKIPPERS are waking up to the fact that Farage is as about as honest as a £15 note. See: LINK

And here are the results:

Luffield Abbey

Con 343
UKIP 151
Lib Dem 133
Independent 63

Aylesbury Central

Lib Dems 354
Conservative 213
Labour 67

Oh dear. Farage’s chance of getting his bum on that green leather is getting slimmer than ever.

For the people of Bucks to put their trust in Spiv Farage would be as foolish as the shipwrecked sailor who sought rescue by the Titanic.

And for some strange reason UKIP's official website has neglected to publish details of these stunning election results. We wonder why?


John Page said...

What were the results the previous time?

Junius said...

Aylesbury Central

May 2007 - Lib Dem 409, Con 283, UKIP 87.

UKIP down by 22.

Junius said...

In 2007 UKIP did not stand in Luffield.

Greg L-W. said...


Farage's lack of loyalty to people like Martin Hasslam, Buster Motram, David Lott, Steve Harris, Dave Samuel-Camps, Nikki Sinclaire and the like.

The people of the South East more than any other have seen his self serving betrayals and the liars and cheats he has gathered around him like Moran, Croucher, Andreasen, and their like.

Then paying his wife after his promises never to do so.

Huge sums of money are seemingly unaccounted time and again when £arage is involved as he treats EUkip as his personal piggy bank.

Is it any wonder his branches are in collapse?

Everyone knows he was never elected leader he conned, lied and cheated and Douglas Denny was even chucked out by the NEC for his corruption and his press office with Croucher and Fuller lied throughout that rip off as did his personal boot lickers.

£arage is a total fraud.

The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rs.

Greg L-W.