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Thursday, 25 February 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage continues to attack Nikki Sinclaire via his sycophants

And so the smears continue …..

First Farage attacks Nikki Sinclaire on The Daily Politics. During an interview he mentions her spent bankruptcy and tries to link her to the BNP.

He leaks information about her bankruptcy to one of our contacts. He hopes that we will publish it. We decline to do so.

He gets the NEC to ban her from using the UKIP name and also authorizes a raid on her UK office.

He threatens to resign from UKIP if Lord Pearson insists on reinstating her as a UKIP MEP.

And now he gets Mark Croucher - and others - to attack members of her staff. By attempting to cast doubt on the integrity of her staff he hopes to undermine confidence in her as an MEP.

Farage is now getting very desperate!

The thread attacking her staff can be found on the British Democracy Forum. See: LINK

Nigel’s latest victim is Gary Cartwright.

Gary is a staunch patriot and opponent of the EU. Despite this, he is accused of being pro-EU, a fascist, a racist, a Labour Party mole, ex-NF, gay, a cross-dresser, the third gunman in the Kennedy assassination, etc, etc.

He has also been accused of being Junius. The particular lame dog story has now been around for a very LONGTIME!

He joins the ranks of Piers Merchant, Tom Wise, John West, Robin Page, Adrian Muldrew, members of OLAF, MI5, GLW, the Holy Ghost and assorted others. All have been accused of being the face or faces behind Junius.

Croucher had originally accused Piers of being Junius. Piers had now been dead for several months. So would Mr Croucher like to explain how a dead man can continue to write articles for this blog?

Here a few facts for Mark Croucher's intellectually challenged sock puppets:

Gary is NOT the head of Junius, the editor, the author or even the head office boy!

So Croucher makes an ass of himself yet again!

Tim - Gerard Batten’s most fanatical supporter - spoke for many when he/she said:

This thread is just another NF intigated (sic) attack on Nikki Sinclaire.

Rob Mcwhirter - a long-standing UKIPPER - was also not impressed with the attempts to damage Gary's reputation:

Gary is a rock-solid anti-eu euroscpetic, and Nikkis (sic) team will be all the better for having him aboard...

And this is what our colleagues at the General Election blog had to say:

More on UKIP Paranoia

One very funny thing about observing smaller parties in the build up to the general election, is the level of sheer venom directed at each other by certain activists, this seems to be a particular problem within the UK Independence Party. When I say by certain activists I don't mean activists in one party attacking those in another, I mean those in one party attacking each other.

One of the reasons it is so virulent within UKIP is that their leader, sorry former leader, Nigel Farage, hysterically smears anybody who dares to question or disagree with him in even the most minor way, thus setting the tone for the whole party, especially his little gang of fanatical and strangely obsessive followers. His usual smear is accusing his opponent of being a BNP plant. He will then use the BNP attack in other ways. He accused one of his own MEPs, Nikki Sinclaire, of leaving the EFD Group and then sitting in the European Parliament with the BNP's Nick Griffin. The reality being that Griffin and Brons sit in the unattached area where independents sit. It was a bit like claiming that a person on the same train as Griffin, along with a hundred or more other people, actually travelled with him. It is a sly and devious tactic.

There are also the usual security service claims and the odd attempt at sexual smears, not so common from Farage for obvious reasons. But recently a poor ex-UKIP employee, Gary Cartwright, has yet again been attacked and smeared as a secret Eurofederalist. A sin on a par with paedophilia in the minds of many UKIP members. The smears about Mr Cartwright have been so many and so varied that it would be tedious to drag them all up but now, working for Nikki Sinclaire MEP, he is in the spotlight again. You see Nikki Sinclaire left the EFD Group finding it a bit unpleasant sitting with homophobes and holocaust deniers, so she and her staff are now "fair game" it seems for all kinds of smears and innuendo.

But the big attack on Mr Cartwright at the moment is the terrible accusation that he is the one and only Junius! To any watchers of UKIP the blog Junius on UKIP is an invaluable source of information, proving time and again to be extremely accurate, to the uncontrolled anger of the stranger members of the UK leadership. We suggest that you take a look by following the highlighted link.

Another excellent source of information on UKIP is the British Democracy Forum. This is where activists, current and former, and the more eccentric members of UKIP's leadership, indulge in fratricidal bouts of backstabbing, smearing and insulting each other. Indeed it became such an embarassment that party chairman, Paul Nuttall MEP, set up his own members only forum to keep the infighting in-house. But the last we heard it was so vicious and nasty it was driving members and candidates away, so Nuttall was threatening to close it down. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

All we can say is how grateful we are that UKIP so love to air their dirty linen in public. It gives us all a good laugh and is a constant source of useful information. As we have replied to UKIP complainants before, the reason we give so much coverage to UKIP here is because the other parties are so much more professional that they don't give us anywhere near as much ammunition. So keep up the good work.

To give you a further insight we invite you to read the following, posted by Junius in December 2009:

We at Junius note that the usual EUKIP liars and cheats are still losing sleep over the identity of Junius. Indeed, we have recently been the subject of some discussion on the British Democracy Forum.

The list is getting increasingly longer with John West, Robin Page, Gary Cartwright and Adrian Muldew being added to the ever growing list of suspects.

You may recall that Mark Croucher accused Piers Merchant of being Junius. Piers has now been dead for several months and yet strangely we are still here. We note that Croucher has yet to apologise to the Merchant family for publishing his lies.

Croucher currently posts on the British Democracy Forum as 'Skeptyk'. In a recent post he once again accused Gary Cartwright of being Junius. You may recall that Gary used to work for UKIP as a researcher.

Here is Gary's response:

Exactly what am I being accused of now?

In 2005, before the General Election, I was tasked with doing an audit of candidates. A man I will call "Mr S" had very strong BNP connections. I reported this to Farage. He told me to "drop it". More about this later....

I was accused of leaking information to Greg Lance Watkins once, by David Lott and Nigel Farage. When as a result of my own investigations into the matter I showed them that only they (and Gawain Towler) had that the relevant information at the time it was leaked, it very suddenly became "well, actually, its not something we are here to talk about". Well. at least I had found the leak...!

I was accused of selling a story about Farage's son to the Sunday Times. When I produced a letter from the ST to confirm that I was not the source, the leadership did not want to look at it... the lie had served its purpose. I lost my job as a result of that lie.

Having found a new position in the European Parliament, I was then accused of being a member of the BNP, a cross-dresser, a closet gay, and - most insultingly - of having lied about my service record. This all came from the aforementioned "Mr S" and one of his chums. The allegations turned into threats, and I had to call in the police. The harassment then stopped. Mr S's chum was an ex-con, and so they probably realised it was a good time to stand down on this one.

I was then informed that a certain UKIP MEP had been calling members in his region, and was alleging that I, and others, had been recruited into UKIP to destabilise the party. Apparently, I am an MI5/MI6 agent.

Then, whilst I was subsequently working as a journalist in Brussels, my editor was viciously attacked on the platform of a train station by a young lady working for in the offices of the UKIP Brussels clique, who objected to a story "Gary Cartwright had written". I didn't write that story... it showed me the measure of these folks. Idiots, one and all.

It gets better.

I was present when a young journalist was physically attacked by a UKIP MEP in a Brussels bar.

I was attacked by a young intern for being "Junius". His behaviour was appalling. When Piers Merchant was "exposed" as Junius, did I get an apology? No way... again, it shows us the measure of these people.

Piers is no longer with us, but Junius is still active. Has an apology been issued to Piers' family? You can guess... by now you will know the measure of these vile people.

I walked past Farage's office a while back - his pa, who I once shared an office with, was there - I try to get on with everybody, and so I greeted him. I was verbally abused in the most obscene manner, and jabbed with an umbrella.

So what am I accused of now, Skeptyk?

End of statement.

Gary's excellent post gives just a few examples of the serious problems within UKIP. To state that the corrupt and dishonest gain preferment in UKIP while the decent and honest are driven out by a corrupt leadership would be a colossal understatement!

To view the General Election blog: LINK

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