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Thursday, 11 February 2010

UKIP: Is Nigel Farage a fit sort of candidate to represent the people of Bucks?

Do the people of Buckingham really want this corrupt man representing them at Westminster?

He is under investigation by OLAF.

He rigged UKIP’s MEP selection process.

He surrounds himself with sycophants who only tell him what he wants to hear.

He ‘forgets’ his marriage vows. Just ask Annabelle Fuller!

He's well known to drink to excess.

He refuses to reveal publish his own EU expenses or allowances, whilst condemning MP's for their greed.

He refuses to answer concerns about financial misappropriation and widespread corruption within his own Party.

He employs his wife despite promising not to do so when first elected as an MEP.

He boldly condemns racism in Britain, but surrounds himself with extremists and homophobes in UKIP's EFD Group.

He refuses to publish the full accounts for the Ashford call centre.

And nor will he answer concerns over the hundreds of thousands of pounds taken from UKIP's South East regional account, laughingly described by him as 'other expenses'. That's an awful lot of paper clips and cups of coffee!

And yet Farage still has the nerve to condemn Bercow for being corrupt!

Farage does everything within his power to ensure that his own profits from being an MEP remain hidden. And this is despite his having promised to do the exact opposite when first elected as an MEP.

In May 2009, 'The Guardian' reported that Farage had said in a speech to the Foreign Press Association that as an MEP he had received and spent nearly £2 million of taxpayers' money in expenses and allowances - and that is on top of his £64,000 a year salary!

Here is an extract from an article on Farage. It was published last year but is still worth repeating:

David Aaronovitch on Nigel Farage

From The Times
September 5, 2009

"Farage: noun — from barrage out of barrer (French) to obstruct, and farrago (Latin) mess, or cattle-feed — meaning a bombardment of nonsense. Or so the dictionary definition ought to read, for the retiring leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, is a co-creator of one of the most absurd traditions in modern British political history. He is, par excellence, a practitioner of farage.

Consider. In 2004 UKIP managed to get Robert Kilroy-Silk, a later to-be-jailed fraudster and a clutch of no-marks into the European Parliament while recording 2.65 million votes. In 2009, in the wake of the expenses scandal, UKIP under his leadership sent a slightly different bunch of folk (including Barbara Cartland’s grandson, the 10th Earl of Dartmouth), claiming a breakthrough success, yet contriving to lose 150,000 of their voters.

UKIP appeals to a palaeolithic section of the Conservative vote, which — lacking any courage in its withdrawalist convictions — rightly understands that its interests are better served by Tory anti-EU rhetoric than by actually pulling out of Europe. UKIP is the largest group in a European Parliament alliance that comprises Slovakian anti-Gypsy nationalists, Dutch Christian fundamentalists, the weird quasi-separatists of the Italian Northern League and the anti-Muslim Danish Folkeparti, whose Faragian representative (one Morten Messerschmidt) has accused Muslims of being “incapable of critical thinking”.

There is nothing I like about Mr Farage’s politics and little more about his personality; it is sufficient to say that every class at a boy’s school in the 1950s and ’70s had a Farage......."

End of extract.


Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Is that photo Farage or Bertie Wooster? What a clown.

Junius said...

You said it!